This Disney-Themed House Tour Has Over 13 Million Views On TikTok

There’s even an Aladdin-themed bathroom.

by Mia Mercado
Qilai Shen/In Pictures/Getty Images

A dream home is a wish your interior decorating makes. Such is certainly the case for this Disney-themed house that’s going viral on TikTok. It’s magical! It’s whimsical! It is exactly the house your childhood self would have wanted.

Kelsey Hermanson, the mastermind behind the Disney house, has given us a peek into her family’s home on TikTok. Her feed is essentially Disneyworld meets HGTV, the exact intersection of childlike and very adult. One Disney house tour video has over 13.3 million views and shows some of the details that make the home feel even more enchanting.

There’s the Magic Castle-esque master bedroom, which features a chandelier fan (a fandelier, if you will) and wall art inspired by the bubble scene in Cinderella. For the latter, Hermanson used clear ornaments and cutouts from an old Cinderella book to recreate the scene. There’s the Lilo and Stitch living room, which pays homage to other beachy films like The Little Mermaid and Moana. There’s even an Aladdin-themed bathroom, complete with magic lamp faucet.

Whether you’re a Disney diehard or not, you’ll admire the precision in the decor. Her Instagram (@KelseyMichelle85) has close-up shots of some of the small details you’d otherwise miss, like this Mickey Mouse soap dispenser that squooshes out soap in the shape of Mickey mouse.

What’s perhaps most impressive about the home is the fact that Hermanson and her husband make much of the decor themselves. She’ll find antique furniture and repaint it in accordance with the room she’s redecorating, transforming a nightstand into something fit for a princess.

In the captions for most videos and photos, Hermanson shares where she found the featured pieces, how much they were, and what extra details she added. While Hermanson certainly utilizes existing Disney decor from places like Etsy, The Disney Store, and Amazon — her Amazon shop shows materials she’s bought for things like her Mickey Mouse topiary — the magic of the home is in how she puts everything together.

Hermanson even changes up the decor for holidays, she tells Buzzfeed. She breaks out the Coco decorations around Halloween. The front yard gets a Frozen makeover for Christmas. If there is a way to incorporate Disney into a celebration, Hermanson and her family have found it.

While you may not be able to go to Disneyworld IRL, you can live vicariously through Hermanson’s Disney home on TikTok and Instagram. Just try not to bibbidi-bobbidi-break your bank account if you're inspired to start Disney decorating.