Do You Have An Anxious Dog? Here Are 35 Things You'll Wish You Knew About Sooner

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If your dog is anxious or skittish, you know the struggle to find solutions. Of course, it's always best to speak to a certified trainer, veterinarian, or behaviorist to help you identify the cause or causes because there may be multiple. They can help you find out what's going on and develop a communication style that relieves stress for you and your fur baby. After that, check out these 35 things you'll wish you knew about sooner that can help address the source of your pup's anxious behavior.

If your pet needs a little more mental stimulation to feel less anxious, I've found the most entertaining and challenging puzzle toys. There's even a dishwasher-safe puzzle toy that's small enough to take to the dog park.

Sometimes, our dogs just want a little extra comfort, and that's where all of the soothing items on this list come in handy. There's a Thundershirt, calming essential oil spray that pairs with an anxiety jacket, chamomile-infused treats, and even a cuddly stuffed animal that mimics your love and warmth while you're away.

If you know the cause of your furry friend’s anxious feelings, this list has multiple things that will give your dog and you some soothing relief. The best part is — some of these will even help you understand and connect with them more (and some are just plain fun toys).


A Calming Jacket That's Lightweight & Comfortable

Whether it's fireworks, a storm, or stress when you leave for work that bothers your pup, this Thundershirt wraps around them and keeps them calm. It applies gentle and soothing pressure to make them feel safe. Plus, the machine-washable fabric is lightweight and comfy enough for their favorite mid-day nap.


A Snuggly, Heated Toy That Has A Heartbeat

This fluffy stuffed animal for your dog comes with a heating pack and a battery-operated insert that plays a heartbeat sound. Snuggling with this soothing toy can help separation anxiety because it mimics your warmth and heartbeat while you're away, and it works, as this toy has over 27,000 five-star reviews on Amazon. The heartbeat has settings that last up to 24 hours, and this cuddle toy comes in five cute colors.


This Pack Of Calming Treats With Melatonin & Chamomile

This 10-pack of grain-free chewy treats taste like smoked chicken to your pup and helps calm them anytime they need a little extra comfort. They're filled with soothing melatonin, chamomile, passionflower, and a clinically-studied form of ashwagandha. Plus, each pack comes with serving directions so you know exactly how much to feed your dog.


A Relaxing Essential Oil Mist To Pair With An Anxiety Jacket

Mist this paraben-free blend of lavender, Egyptian geranium, and chamomile onto the designated spot on your dog's anxiety jacket for extra relaxation benefits. It's PH-balanced for pups, made from 100% natural essential oils, and comes with 4 ounces of soothing aromatherapy for under $15.


A Pet Bed Built For Curling Up & Calming Down

For the dog that feels safe curled up next to you, this round pet bed is designed to be the perfect cuddle spot with high sides that wrap around them. The fluffy cover mimics comforting fur and comes in eight colors. Plus, the unique bed shape lets your dog burrow while providing neck support.


A Slow Feeding Mat That Promotes Puppy Endorphins

If you find your dog wandering around and a little stressed, this human-grade rubber slow feeding mat gives them an activity and a treat. Add the spreadable treat of your choice, and this dishwasher-safe mat will promote licking, which can release endorphins to soothe stress.


This Pack Of Stuffing-Free Toys For The Stress Chewer

For dogs that have a habit of stress chewing, shredding, and scattering the stuffing around your home, this five-pack of squeaker toys is stuffing-free. These toys feature squeakies in the head and tail, while the middle has a crinkle paper to keep your dog engaged. So go ahead — let your dog play without a mess.


This Slow Treat Feeder With Suction Cups For Stressful Showertime

This food-grade silicone slow treat feeder sticks to your shower tiles to give your fur baby a soothing activity if bathtime is stressful for them. It's chew-proof and dishwasher-safe for easy post-bath cleanup. Plus, its small design and versatile suction cups means you can pull it out at any time and stick it wherever your dog needs a calming activity.


This Puzzle Toy That's Compact Enough For Travel

Puzzle toys can help with your dog's stress chewing habit, but sometimes they're too large to be portable. This dishwasher-safe puzzle toy is around the size of a chew toy, so it's perfect for on-the-go anti-stress play. It’s incredibly durable, making it a great option for tough chewers, and you can hide treats inside, keeping your doggo entertained for a long time.


A Bacon-Flavored Chew Toy Your Pup Can Hold

This chew toy has a unique wishbone shape that your dog can hold onto it or prop it up with their paws while they chew. It's bacon-flavored but also comes in chicken and peanut flavors. Plus, there are five sizes to chew on, including a giant option.


A Treat Pouch That Also Has A Dispenser For Poo Bags

This compact bag has zippers and pockets for everything you need for the park, including your dog’s favorite treats. You can have snacks for encouraging and soothing reinforcement because this weather-proof nylon bag clips around your waistband for hands-free treats. It also comes with a side strap and a spot for extra potty bags.


Soft Treats For Dogs That Have A 4.8-Star Rating On Amazon

This small bag packs 500 bacon-flavored treats that are soft for gentle training. They're perfect for soothing and positive reinforcement throughout training sessions since they’re small in size but big in flavor. Plus, these easy-to-chew treats even have vitamins and calming ingredients, including chamomile and cranberries for antioxidants.


A Go-To Puzzle Toy That's Super Durable

This Kong toy is a classic for filling, licking, chewing, and bouncing without worrying about a broken toy. It gives your pet an activity that isn't chewing your shoes, is dishwasher safe, and you can pop it filled with some spreadable treats in the freezer to make the puzzle last a little longer.


This Chewing Toy That Cleans Teeth & Calms

Stick food or treats between the ridges of this chew toy, and it will clean your doggy’s teeth as they play. It gives them a calming and entertaining activity while you're busy, and the ball shape lets you play fetch together as soon as you have the time. Plus, they're made of non-toxic rubber and come in a two-pack, making this a great deal for multiple pet owners.


A Clicker Training Tool That's Quiet & Encouraging

For the dog that's skittish around loud voices and commands, this training tool makes a quiet clicking sound to gently tell your pet they did a good job. It has a loop to secure it to your finger for walks, and you can pair this compact device with soft verbal encouragement.


A Classic Chicken-Flavored Bone That's Under $10

This bone is durable and inexpensive enough to consider buying more than one, so you always have one on you for stressful chewing moments. It's chicken flavored, freezable, and it's not too tough, so even older pets or dogs with sensitive teeth can chew on it.


This Durable Toy With A Squeaker For Extra Entertaining Chewing

This durable and non-toxic rubber chew toy has the grippy texture dogs love to chew on, but it also has a squeaker, so they're entertained for even longer. It's beef-flavored, under $15, and comes in four shapes, including a fun-to-throw football shape.


A Comforting Lamb Toy With Adorable Knit Details

Give this lamb toy to your dog for a comforting stuffed animal they can chew on and cuddle with. It's complete with unique knit details, a squeaker, and you can grab it in a pack of two, so your dog has a backup of this soothing toy.


This Rubber Toy To Avoid Anxious Leash Tugging

Instead of your pup pulling on your sleeve when they get stressed, they'll have this dedicated tug toy to get all of their energy out during playtime. It's made of Kong's super durable rubber, but it also stretches a little with each pull to keep the tug-of-war game going.


A Flirt Pole To Help Run Out Extra Puppy Energy

At the end of this bungee game is a fun ribbon tassel with a squeaker that your dog will love chasing around. If caught, the fun tug-friendly design has a bungee cord that stretches. Choose from six colors and run out your furry friend’s extra energy so they will be tired out at the end of the day.


A Clever Set That Combines Tugging Toys With Plushies

This toy set is all of your your pup's favorite toys in one batch. It comes with rope toys and balls, plus a plush toy, squeaker, and rubber bone, and it all fit in the included bag. They’re great for chewing, so dogs will be entertained and soothed. Or, if your pup prefers rope toys, a 7-piece set of just rope toys is available, too.


This Anti-Boredom Treat Ring Chew Toy

To prevent stress from boredom, this sirloin-shaped toy has two slots for ring-shaped chews. Simply slip the rawhide treat rings into their holders and let your dog go to work. Plus, it’s dishwasher-safe, and the small nooks and crevices promise to help clean your dog’s teeth, too.


An Intricate Snuffle Mat That Folds Up For Storage

This flower snuffle mat is super intricate with plush petals, bells, noise-making accents, and plenty of hiding spots to engage your dog during dinnertime. Your pup can search and sniff for their food just like they're hunting, and when they're done, this mat can be folded up and put away and is machine-washable.


This Puppy Brain Game That Combats Destructive Behaviors

This interactive treat game actually teaches your dog how to solve puzzles, and with each playtime, they'll get better. As they learn, grab the next skill level because this game comes in four levels, from beginner to expert. Puzzle games such as this one help reduce boredom in dogs, and thus, helps to reduce destructive behaviors.


This Treat-Dispensing Bobble Toy That Provides Hours Of Enjoyment

Your dog can paw at, push, nudge, and throw around this treat-dispensing toy. Thanks to the weighted bottom, this toy will rock back and forth, so it's interactive while your dog plays and figures out the puzzle. Plus, this toy even fits large kibble, so you can even fill it with their daily meals.


A Compact Camera To Monitor Your Dog When You’re Away

Watch your pet remotely with this compact camera. The motion and sound detector will pick up any anxious activity like barking or pacing, so you can know if you need to head home and comfort them. Plus, you can still see your dog if the sun sets before you get home with the clear night vision feature.


A Set Of Squeaky Tennis Balls For Play & Reinforcement

Squeak these easy-to-see neon tennis balls during playtime, training, or everyday moments when your doggo is doing a good job. They come in a pack of three, fit into most ball launchers if you like clean hands during playtime, and are super durable.


A Wooden Treat Game That Helps With Mental & Motor Skills

You won't have to worry about the material of this treat game toy because it's made of sturdy, durable wood. It's complete with six sliding wood disks that reveal a treat each time your dog figures it out. This tool helps with crate training and time when your dog will be alone for a while, since they’ll be nice and occupied.


A Spiral Slow Feeding Bowl For Dinner & A Puzzle

This puzzle feeder provides mental enrichment even while your dog eats with its spiral shape design that slows down feeding time. It's dishwasher-safe on the top rack, and your pet will be entertained and stimulated instead of simply scarfing down their food. Plus, it's BPA-free and comes in three sizes and six differnt puzzle shapes.


These Training Treats That Are Simple & Protein-Packed

These versatile pup treats come in handy for positive reinforcement to stop anxious chewing, barking, and more, or they can also be used as a meal topper, too. In addition to their simple ingredients and flavors, they contain cricket protein, which saves water and reduces the brand’s carbon “pawprint.”


A Cotton Rope For Tugging & Teeth Cleaning

Your dog will floss their teeth when you guys play tug-of-war with this 100% cotton rope. It comes in six sizes for dogs of all breeds. Plus, it has three durable knots that hold up during chewing sessions and give you and your doggy some extra grip during playtime.


A Ball Launcher For Zero-Mess Play

This ball launcher is under $10 and means you can have slime-free hands for fetch-time at the dog park. It lets you throw it farther if your pup loves to run, and the best part is — they’re getting plenty of stress-relieving endorphins. If your dog is a distractible walker, you can also put a tennis ball in this launcher and dangle it in front of your dog as you go on your walk so they can have something to focus on.


A Bulk Bag Of Tennis Balls For Easy Dog Park Packing

Pack all of the fetch supplies you’ll need with this bulk bag of pressureless tennis balls to take to the dog park. This durable 18-pack comes with a mesh drawstring bag, and they keep their bounce after every park trip. One reviewer even raved, “This is the first tennis ball I’ve found that lasts!”


This Variety Pack Of Dental Chews So Your Dog Can Pick Their Favorite

This box of Pedigree X-shaped Dentastix comes in a variety pack of beef, chicken, and minty fresh so your pup can try them all and pick their favorite (but they'll most likely love them all). With 51 in a pack, they freshen breath, reduce plaque and tartar, and there are enough to last you a while.


A Book To Understand Your Pup's Personality & Communication Style

Think of this book written by an animal behaviorist and dog trainer like a peek into your pet’s personality and thoughts. It will even help you figure out a soothing communication style if they're stressed, upset, acting out, and more. One reviewer raved: "This book will help you create a strong, loving bond between you and your loved pets."

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