8 Dos & Don'ts To Keep In Mind For The October New Moon

Get ready for total lunar chaos.

Get ready for a little lunar chaos! The October 2022 new moon solar eclipse arrives on Oct. 25 and enters in mysterious Scorpio. La luna is forcing us to face our hidden desires, secrets, and pent-up emotions, so you'll want to prepare with these dos and don'ts.

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DO: Prepare For Big Changes

Eclipses are known to throw curveballs, but that's especially the case now that the moon heads into transformative Scorpio. Expect the eclipse to bring up surprises including hidden feelings, well-kept secrets, and a change of heart.

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DON’T: Start New Projects

New moons typically serve as a great time to start fresh. But with eclipse energy throwing a wrench in our plan and shifting our moods and thoughts altogether, it's better to revisit unfinished projects and see how you can transform those instead.

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DO: Look Inward

New moons are a time of rest, so it's a good idea to use this energy to restore your metaphorical batteries and reflect on your spiritual metamorphosis through journaling, therapy, or meditation. Don't be afraid to get deep to keep with the Scorpio theme.

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DON’T: Manifest Your Desires

Unpredictable eclipse energy isn't the kind you want to use when you do your routine new moon rituals. Rather than write your intentions or plant seeds for your manifestations, it's a great time to review your previous manifestations.

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DO: Step Into Your Inner Power

Since Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, the eruptive planet that represents our dark side (hello, power and control), this is a powerful lunation to muster up authority. Take charge, speak your truth, and don't back down from challenges.

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DON’T: Suppress Your Emotions

Underneath Scorpio's intimidating exterior is a soft, emotionally intuitive water sign. Rather than stifle your emotions or overanalyze them (looking at you, air signs), the new moon is a great time to speak up and clear the air in your relationships.

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DO: Connect To Your Sensual Side

Venus, the planet of love and romance, will also be entering Scorpio's territory on Oct. 23. Whether with a partner or through solo play, this lunation is a perfect time to get intimate. Unleash your desires and explore your erogenous zones.

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