Your Guide To Water Signs

What Cancer, Scorpio, & Pisces have in common.

A woman floats in the water. This is Bustle's guide to water signs.
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Do you tend to listen to your powerful gut feelings or err on the empathetic side? If so, your zodiac sign likely falls under the element of water. These delicate star babes are all about connecting to their emotions and finding a deeper meaning, which is why they’ve earned a reputation for being highly sensitive. They have a tendency to keep to themselves and allow their intuition to guide them, flowing through life like a gentle stream. This guide to water signs is here to help you deepen your understanding of the sentimental bunch.

In astrology, there are four different elements: fire, earth, air, and water. The classification represents how each zodiac sign relates to others in terms of how they react, make choices, and behave in the world. “The elements represent your driver to action — what makes you do the things you do,” Tik Tok astrologer Astrodim tells Bustle. “For water signs, what motivates them to take action is their emotion. If they feel moved to do something deep in their core, they will do it.”

Knowing the drivers behind your actions can help you better understand what motivates you and identify your strengths. But even if you don't have water placements in your chart, it helps to understand what makes these tenderhearted signs tick, especially if you have ones in your life. Keep reading for your guide to water signs.

What Are The Three Water Signs?

The 12 signs in the zodiac are broken up into the four elements, with three zodiac signs in each element group. The three water signs in the zodiac are Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces.

Cancer zodiac signs (June 21 - July 22) are cardinal water signs. They’re soft, nurturing, and empathic — they can effortlessly pick up on the emotions of others. On the flip side, the crab tends to be, well, crabby. Their moodiness can easily get the better of them.

Scorpio zodiac signs (Oct. 23 - Nov. 22) are fixed water signs and have a reputation for being sensual, deep, and extremely passionate. But watch out for their poisonous pincer — if they aren’t using it to keep themselves guarded, they won’t hesitate to defend against attacks on what they love most.

Pisces zodiac signs (Feb. 19 - Mar. 20) are mutable water signs who are known to be creative, intuitive, and connected with the mystical world. However, they have a tendency to get swept away by their own daydreams, making it difficult for them to separate reality from fantasy.

Water Sign Traits

Water Signs Are Private

Connection with others may be important for water signs, but it’s also crucial that they have their space to recharge and connect with themselves, too. “Because water signs tap into their emotions, they have to be careful who they can be vulnerable with,” says Astrodim. “This awareness makes them quite private; only sharing themselves on their terms and with people they trust.”

Water Signs Are Intuitive

Water signs are known for following their powerful instincts — which usually turn out right. That's because they’re extremely sensitive to the vibes around them. “People often say that water signs are psychic and magical. It’s almost as if they are always in the know!” says Astrodim. “Because they are so in sync with their emotions, it’s easy for them to pick up emotional and energetic changes around them.”

Water Signs Are Moody

Don’t let their sweet and sensitive nature fool you — water signs are dynamic when it comes to their emotions, and they won’t hesitate to show how they’re feeling. “Even the stillest waters make movement and so do the emotions of water signs,” says Astrodim. “Water signs are aligned with emotions and because of that their feelings hold a central theme in their lives making them more sensitive to their changing emotions.”

Water Sign Compatibility

Astrodim says it’s best to consider how these elements behave together when discerning compatibility between the elements. For example, water and fire are polar opposites, so astrologically, these two elements may struggle with power dynamics or find it difficult to meet in the middle.

Are Water & Water Signs Compatible?

Since they share a lot of the same motivational drivers, water signs can effortlessly understand one another on a deep level. “Water signs together hardly need words to communicate [...] they’re in each other's dreams and might even communicate telepathically,” Erin River Sunday, an astrologer, tells Bustle.

On the flip side, too much water can be emotionally overwhelming and may lead to misunderstandings. “There’s a danger in assuming they can always read each other's minds, but if kept in check they will share an abundance of emotional support and the kind of love people write poems about,” says Sunday.

Are Water & Air Signs Compatible?

Water signs are motivated by their intuition and feelings. While logical air signs tend to follow their curiosity, they have a tendency to write off hunches that are based on emotions or a gut feeling, which can cause friction between them and a water sign partner. “Water and air are usually around each other as their own independent element when there is a storm,” says Astrodim. “That’s usually how it is when air signs and water signs are together. Water can negate logic in order to feel and air would rather set aside their emotions for reason.”

Are Water & Fire Signs Compatible?

Opposites attract, right? Not so much when it comes to this pairing. Water signs may be too fixed in their comfort zone and struggle to keep up with a fire sign’s lively and spontaneous energy. “Water and fire together can manifest a need to blow off some steam because of the drastic differences between them,” says Sunday. “Look out for parent/child dynamics here and know that this combination is more likely to be a steamy fling than something long-term.”

Are Water & Earth Signs Compatible?

When water and earth signs team up, they tend to pick up where the other lacks in a harmonious way. Water signs help earth signs look inward to find solutions, while earth signs help center water signs when the emotional climate gets too heavy. “This combination might feel like being stuck in the mud, or maybe making a delicious mud pie!” explains Sunday. “These elements are complementary and while fireworks might be lacking, this pairing will appreciate the steadiness and security they provide each other.”