The Law Of Assumption Manifestation Method, Explained

It’s a way to fake out your mind to get what you want.

What is the law of assumption manifestation method?

From scripting to the Whisper Method, it seems like TikTok has a manifestation technique for everyone. And while you can’t really talk about manifesting without mentioning the law of attraction, TikTok’s latest manifestation trend dares us to take our practice a step further — by assuming that our aspirations have already come true and that it was always meant to be that way. With the help of the law of assumption, TikTok users are reframing their practice to fake out their minds and emotions to get whatever their heart desires.

Manifestation is the idea that you can attract your biggest dreams into your life through the belief that it’s already yours. Often, you’ll see this practiced using the law of attraction. So when a new theory comes out that challenges the fundamentals of manifestation like the law of assumption does, it’s totally normal to raise an eyebrow. With the help of TikTok users, #TheLawOfAssumption has gained popularity and an impressive 5.1 million views on the platform and counting, so it’s definitely worth looking into if you’re curious about a new wave of manifesting.

The law of attraction is similar to the law of assumption, in that both methods are about luring in desired energy to your life. “The law of attraction says like attracts like, meaning that if we have positive thoughts, we will always attract positive experiences into our life,” explained @ascendwithabby in a July 2022 video. This law is based on the idea of free will and that you co-create your reality with the universe.

The law of assumption, on the other hand, is “a meaning of manifesting desires by having the state of mind and the feeling that those desires, wishes, and aspirations have been fulfilled,” according to @manifestwithpersis’s August 2022 video, which has 1.5M views. Unlike the law of attraction, the law of assumption strips away the idea of free will by assuming what you want was always destined to be yours.

How To Use The Law Of Assumption Manifestation Method

The law of assumption requires you to imagine or assume the emotions and thoughts of what will come out of attaining your dreams. To do that, you’ll need to release your old beliefs and thinking patterns. For example, if you’re feeling lost after losing a job or a dramatic breakup, in order for the law of assumption to come to fruition, you need to fully liberate yourself of expressions of unworthiness, unease, or doubt — all of which might come with loss or rejection.

“You can be affirming every day that you already have this desire that you want, but if your mind doesn’t feel worthy of this desire, that’s what’s stopping your manifestation from happening,” TikTok user @valeriafune says in a June 2022 video, which has 133.3K views.

Once you get yourself into the mindset that you are worthy and capable of what you want, you can start to apply the law of assumption. You’ll need to fully embody the beliefs and emotions of the version of you that has that desire. Doing so is important, even if comes with challenges, like dragging yourself to the gym or not snoozing the alarm, like TikTok user @simplifying.sam expressed in a viral video with 2.4M views that was posted on Sept. 6.

How would you feel if you snagged that promotion at work, or moved across the country to a big city, or launched your business? What would you think and believe, or how would you behave if you had everything you ever wanted? The law of assumption is about being that future person by expressing those emotions, thoughts, and actions that specific version of you would have.

“We assume those actions and embody that version of ourselves and deeply, deeply feel what that feels like, our mind will create that experience or reality for us,” says @ascendwithabby.

The law of assumption requires you to stand firm in the belief that what you want is already yours. It relies on your inner confidence, fortitude, and mental discipline to fully materialize. Regardless of where you’re at in life, for the law of assumption to work, you need to stay devoted to the version of yourself that has everything you ever wished for.