7 Dyson Vacuum Dupes Under $200

Say goodbye to pet hair.

Dyson vacuum alternatives

The time has come: you need a vacuum, like yesterday. (Cue the memes about how you know you’re officially an adult.) Maybe it’s your first-ever cleaner or maybe it’s your tenth and you’ve generally just had really bad luck. Either way, you want something that’s efficient, long-lasting, and won’t take up all the room in your tiny hallway closet. Surely, you’ve heard of Dyson — and for a good reason, people love the household brand that’s known for its strong suction, deep cleaning ability, and top-notch pet hair removal. But its appliances aren’t exactly cheap, and its cordless vacuums currently range from $350-$950. Plus, its top-rated, most-reviewed model will cost you $650.

Luckily, there are plenty of inexpensive cordless stick vacuums with similar features that customers are raving about, whether you’re looking to get rid of dust under your couch or clean up that pet hair all over your hardwood floor. Below, find Dyson dupes under $200 for all your cleaning needs.

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This top-rated lightweight vacuum, which has 20 minutes of run time, stands on its own — making it perfect for storage. The device easily converts into a handheld vacuum and comes with a crevice tool and upholstery brush, so you can finally clean under the pillows on your couch.

Top Amazon Review: “I love everything about this vacuum. It works great, it’s super small. Highly maneuverable. Charge lasts for a long time for me in my small two bedroom apartment. Works great on kitty litter and pet hair. This machine is awesome! I would recommend it to absolutely anyone, especially those with pets and cats. I keep it tucked away in a closet and pull it out to get crumbs in small stuff off the floor and to clean around the litter box. I charge it periodically and keep the filter and dust bin cleaned.”

Customers love this top-rated cleaner that has 55 minutes of runtime, citing its front-facing dust bin that allows the vacuum to lie flat, its lightweight design — a floorhead that’s angled for different surfaces and bristles that can pick up all types of debris and pet hair — and it’s 3-speed control, which works on hard surfaces, area rugs, and carpets.

Top Amazon Review: “I researched many many vacuums for my new home and decided on this. I wanted to give it a few weeks of consistent use before reviewing.. I absolutely love this vacuum. We tested our 2 old vacuums to this and this one picked up soooo much more hair on our rug and carpet. It’s very light, I have a broken hand and have been able to use this very easily. I love all of the attachments it comes with, I had no issues with the bin coming off like some people did and I feel like I’m a pretty aggressive vacuumer. All in all, it’s great for all types of floors and very happy I decided on this and not a Dyson.”

It’s easy to see why this cordless vacuum, with a 45-minute run time, a flexible head that has a front LED light, powerful suction, and an upgraded filtration system, is rated 5 stars. In addition to a compact design and wall mount, it comes with tons of accessories — a mini motorized brush head, a flexible hose, a soft roller brush, and more.

Top Amazon Review: “Honestly, I've bought 3 vacuum cleansers before but none of them works as good as this one! I am quite surprised that it is so easy to handle! I highly recommend the INSE S6 Stick Vacuum Cleaner Light Blue. I used it on my floor, carpet, and cushion. I also like the fact that it goes under my chair and sofa with ease. I was amazed at the solidity of the plastic on this vacuum. For being as lightweight as it is, it doesn't feel cheap and like it is about to break. Suction was adequate, there are two modes, the lesser suction was not great but I suppose it would be great for cobwebs and light dustings. This is just right for me and I can't say any negative about it and I hope I could use it in the long run.”

If you’re looking for a multifloor cleaner, consider the RapidClean Pro, which works on hardwood, tiles, vinyl, laminate, and low pile rugs. The vacuum, which offers 40 minutes of runtime (just like the Dyson V8 and Dyson V8 Absolute), has a resting nook that lets you prop the device up on countertops and furniture.

Top Amazon Review: “With this stick vacuum I can easily vacuum the house in 30 minutes or less. It picks up everything and doesn’t break your back to get to anything. We have two German Shepards and two cats, but you can’t tell now. It’s 100% worth the price and is actually pretty cheap compared to the other cordless/stick vacuums I was researching. If you’re hesitant on buying, here’s your sign to try it.”

Thanks to its power and versatility, over 12,000 people have given this Shark vacuum 5 stars. Its two-speed brush roll is designed for both carpet and hard floors, and customers say it’s perfect for cleaning up every bit of pet hair.

Top Amazon Review: “This is for sure the best vacuum cleaner I’ve ever had. It holds charge for a long time. The fact that it’s cordless, lightweight, and turns with barely any effort makes it so easy to vacuum and actually enjoyable. Super efficient and easy to use. Works great on both thick carpet and wood floors. Gets every bit of pet hair up and debris. So glad I bought this.”

There’s a reason this cordless model has 4.6 stars. It’s equipped to remove dust, pet hair, dog food, and more. Plus, customers say it’s quiet, lightweight, and thanks to its flexible floor brush — which can swivel 180° sideways and 90° up and down — it’ll get all those hard-to-reach areas. Oh, and it just so happens to be 75% off right now.

Top Amazon Review: “I have been using it daily for about a week now and I am so happy with my purchase. I can vacuum my entire house, usually takes me about 15 minutes, and I still have plenty of battery life. I can usually get 3 days out of a battery charge using the lower suction setting. Would recommend for pet owners!!!”

Due to its lightweight design, maneuverability, and three modes of suction power, customers gave this brushless motor cordless vacuum a top rating. Plus, with a V-shaped LED roller brush made of rigid and soft bristles, the cleaner can get everything from animal hair on hard floors to dust in dark corners.

Top Amazon Review: “I've had this vacuum for about a year now and I love it! It's a great dupe for the Dyson which I've been able to test out at family and friends' houses, except this was only a third of the price! No issues with suction, charges quickly, and the accessories it comes with are very helpful and probably my favorite aspect of this purchase. I like that the ‘head’ comes off easily to use just the tube part of the vacuum, and how easy it is to adjust/change/lock the height of it. We don't have anywhere to hang it up, so when we're not using it, we "shrink" it down to take up less space. Very easy to clean the vacuum itself too — the cylinder with the debris is able to be opened in more than one way, so that you can get all the dust out.”