Extremely Useful Things People Call Their Most Amazing Finds Of The Year

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Truth be told, my spending habits have gotten a little out of hand lately. One look at my bank account typically elicits reactions ranging from “WOW” to “Seriously? You’re supposed to be an adult.” I’m trying to do better — which is why I’ve come up with a rule for myself. I’m allowed to buy all the necessities, but when it comes to fun stuff? It has to be something that’s extremely useful, like all of the Amazon products you’ll find below.

Just how useful are the things you’ll find in this list? For starters, people have been calling them some of their most amazing finds of the year — and nearly every item is highly affordable. That means you can pick up this cold brew coffee maker, these smart bulbs, and a pair of baking mats all for less than $75. Or, if you like sleeping in on the weekends, there are also blackout curtains that get your room really dark — and they even have thousands of positive reviews.

Frankly, I should’ve bought some of these useful products years ago — and I’m seriously eyeing those baking mats right now. So what are you waiting for? Keep scrolling for more amazing finds.


This Can Opener That Does The Work For You

Have limited mobility in your hands? This can opener requires zero twisting whatsoever — simply attach it to the top of any can, then press the button to have it start slicing its way around the lid. Plus, it only takes four AA batteries (not included) to operate.


The Rack That Can Handle Pans, Baking Sheets, & More

I have a rack similar to this one in my cabinets — it’s completely transformed how I organized my bakeware. There are enough slots for up to three frying pans, though they’re wide enough that you can store multiple cutting boards and baking sheets inside of each. Choose from two finishes: bronze or silver.


A Dish Brush That Also Squirts Out Soap

You don’t need to use a ton of soap to get your dishes clean — just press the button on top of this brush, and it’ll squirt out a perfectly-portioned amount to help reduce waste. The best part? There’s also a scraper on the backside for extra-stubborn bits of food.


This Pitcher That You Can Use To Make Cold Brew

You don’t have to buy expensive cold brew from the store — just make your own at home using this pitcher. The base is narrow enough that it’ll fit onto most refrigerator doors, and the stainless steel filter is both reusable, as well as resistant to rust. Choose from three colors: black, stone, or white.


A Wi-Fi Extender That Helps Boost Weak Signals

Spotty Wi-Fi ruining your video playback? Try giving that weak signal a boost with this extender. Setup only takes a few short minutes after plugging it in — and unlike some Wi-Fi extenders, this one is universally compatible with nearly any wireless router, gateway, or cable modem.


The Mini Griddle That’s Surprisingly Versatile

You aren’t limited to solely pancakes when it comes to cooking on this miniature griddle — it’s so versatile that you can also make stir fry, cookies, and more. And at less than 2 pounds, stashing it away once you’re done is just as easily said as it is done.


A Drain Protector That Can Help You Save Money

A visit from the plumber can cost hundreds of dollars, whereas this little drain protector is available for less than $15. The domed shape allows it to fit overtop both flat as well as pop-up drains, while the flat edges sit flush with your tub so that hair doesn’t escape through.


These Wireless Earbuds That Let You Jam Out For Hours

Not all wireless earbuds are created equal — this pair features a powerful battery that lets you jam out to music for up to six hours on a single charge, or 30 when used with the charging case. The best part? They’re also waterproof in case you happen to drop them in the pool.


These Smart Bulbs That You Can Control Using Voice Commands

Don’t feel like getting off the couch? Pair these smart bulbs with Alexa or Google Home, and you’ll be able to turn them on and off using convenient voice commands. Or, if you don’t have a smart assistant, you can also use the downloadable smartphone app to turn them on/off, set schedules, and more.


A Set Of Shelf Liners Made For Refrigerators

If you can’t get those sticky spills clean off your refrigerator shelves, these liners are a great way to hide mess. You can even put fresh produce directly on top of them — no wasteful plastic baggie required — and each liner is non-slip, oilproof, as well as waterproof.


The Draft Stopper That’s Easy To Install

Drafty doors can lead to higher energy bills. Luckily, these draft stoppers are so easy to install you’ll wonder why you hadn’t thought of them first. Simply peel the adhesive backing, then stick it wherever you need — the water-resistant design will keep it staying put, even in poor weather.


A Spatula That Helps You Scrape Jars Clean

If you’ve still got stuff stuck to the insides of your jars, this flat spatula can reach inside and help you scrape out every last drop. The silicone head is both BPA-free as well as flexible, allowing it to contour to the walls so that you don’t miss anything — and it’s even heat-resistant up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit.


This Travel Mug That’s Leakproof

Tired of spilling coffee when you’re on the go? This travel mug is both leakproof as well as spillproof, which can help keep your work pants clean when you’re in a rush. The insulated walls keep drinks hot for up to five hours, or cold for up to 12 — and the petite base is made to fit into most cupholders.


These Baking Mats That Replace Parchment Paper

I’m always forgetting to buy parchment paper when I’m in stores, which is why I started using baking mats — just like these. They’re made from non-stick silicone that won’t latch onto cookies when baking, and they’re even oven-safe up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit. Each one is sized to fit a half-sheet pan.


An Outlet Cover That Adds Storage Where You Need It

Instead of letting your phone charge on that dirty floor, why not let it rest on top of this outlet shelf? It’s so sturdy that it can hold up to 10 pounds, which means you can also use it to hold small speakers. Installation only takes a few minutes — and you have the choice of two colors: black or white.


This Wildly Popular Popcorn Maker That’s A Must For Movie Night

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve burned my popcorn to a crisp in the microwave (or burned my fingers in the process) — luckily, this fan-favorite popcorn machine makes it easy to make perfectly cooked popcorn each and every time, and the silicone construction keeps your fingers safe from burns. The microwave-safe machine is big enough to hold up to 15 cups of popcorn — perfect for a movie night with your family and friends — and the collapsible bowl is easy to store when not in use. “This popcorn popper changed my life,” one shopper raved. “Absolutely incredible in every way. The best tasting popcorn, Little to no effort, easily cleaned and takes up zero space to store.”


A Power Bank That Can Charge 2 Devices At The Same Time

Not only do these power banks feature two USB ports so that you can charge multiple devices at the same time, but they’re also small enough to fit inside your pocket. They also have one USB-C and micro-USB port each. And unlike some power banks, these ones are powerful enough to charge an iPhone X more than two times.


These Storage Containers That Help Keep Ingredients Fresh

Salt, flour, pasta, vanilla wafers — you name it, these storage containers can help keep them fresh while in storage. The lids are airtight, and their indented shape allows you to stack the containers on top of each other. Choose from two colors: blue or black.


The Accessory Bins That Help You Save Space

Got a pile of hair ties or bobby pins on your vanity? Tidy up with these accessory bins. You can stack them on top of each other to help save some space, and the lids are even rimmed so that you can store things on top as well.


A Pair Of Lights That Only Turn On When Someone Is Around

Don’t stumble around in the dark when you get up at night — let these little lights help illuminate dark hallways, bedrooms, and more. Each one features a built-in motion sensor so that they only turn on when someone is around, and they’ll automatically turn off after 20 seconds. Plus, installation is as easy as plugging them in.


This Mirror That Won’t Fog Up In The Shower

Not all mirrors are created equal, and this one is extra special since it doesn’t fog up when installed in the shower. The suction cup on the back will attach to nearly any smooth-surfaced shower wall, and there’s even a little hook on the bottom where you can store a razor.


A Pair Of Grocery Bags That Are Insulated

Don’t let that tub of ice cream melt before you get home — keep it safely stashed away in one of these insulated grocery bags. They’re made from high-quality material that can support up to 45 pounds, while zippered lids help keep all your items safely tucked inside.


The Paper Towel Holder With A Shelf For Spices

Perfect for cramped kitchens, this paper towel holder features a shelf on the top where you can store spices, oils, and more. It’s made from tough steel, with a rust-resistant finish to keep it looking good over time, and one reviewer claims that it’s “so helpful for holding little items.”


A Steamer That Erases Wrinkles From Fabric

If I’m being honest, most of my clothes have at least a few wrinkles on them — that’s why I have a handheld steamer similar to this one stashed away in my closet. Both this steamer and the one I own are small enough to take with me when traveling. Plus, this version even produces up to 15 minutes of steam when full.


These Floating Shelves With A Rustic Touch

Made from solid Paulownia wood, these floating shelves are an easy way to create a fun accent wall, or simply add storage in your bathroom. The metal brackets give them a rustic touch — and each order comes with drywall anchors included so that you can hang them up right out of the box.


A Set Of Hangers That Can Help You Save Space

Able to hold up to five garments each, these space-saving hangers are must-haves for overflowing closets. You can hang them vertically to make the most of your closet space, or horizontally so that it’s easy to see each individual garment — and reviewers even raved about how they’ve made a “huge difference.”


This Plastic Bag Holder That You Can Mount Inside A Cabinet

Chances are, if you’re someone who saves and reuses their plastic bags (as we all should be doing!), they’re likely being stored in a jumbled mess somewhere — maybe under your sink or in a closet. But this genius bag holder and dispenser solves the age-old problem of what to do with all those plastic bags that, somehow, inevitably build up. You can mount it neatly on a wall or inside a cabinet, and Amazon reviewers say installation is a breeze. For less than $25, it’s one of the best purchases you can make.


A Shower Head That Works As An Overhead & Handheld

You’ve got options when it comes to this combination shower head — use the overhead sprayer when bathing after a long day, or get a deeper, up-close clean using the handheld. Installation can be done without using any tools, and the water pressure is also adjustable up to five levels.


This Portable, Collapsible Trash Can To Keep Your Car Tidy

According to over 8,000 five-star ratings, this collapsible trash can — which has an adjustable strap so you can hang it over the back of the headrest — makes a huge difference in keeping your car tidy. This large-capacity trash can is durable, sag-proof, and clocks in at 3.5 gallons; and thanks to its waterproof liner, you can toss liquids inside without worrying about leaks. (When you’re ready to empty it, you can just pull the liner out, rather than dealing with the entire trash can.) Since it’s so lightweight and portable, it’s great for taking on hikes, too.


A Charger That Powers Your Phone Wirelessly

Tired of hunting around for that charging cable when your phone dies? As long as it’s Qi-enabled, you can place it on top of this charging pad to power it up — no wires required. You can also use it with AirPods (unlike some wireless chargers), and there’s no need to remove your phone case in order for it to work.


The Colander That Expands To Fit Overtop Your Sink

Pop this colander overtop your sink, and you’ll instantly have a convenient place to wash veggies, fruits, or even strain pasta. The sides expand so that they can fit over sinks up to 19 inches wide — and you even have six fun colors to choose from.


These Blackout Curtains That Let You Sleep In Late

If the bright morning sun is always waking you up too early, try hanging up these blackout curtains. Not only do they block up to 99% of light, but they also work to insulate your room against the weather outside. Choose from dozens of colors, as well as more than 10 sizes.


A Mount That Lets You Use Your Phone Hands-Free When Driving

Trying to use your phone while driving is terribly unsafe, so why not grab this handy mount? The suction cup arm firmly secures to your dashboard — and since it has a telescopic arm, you can easily adjust it to whatever angle you please.


This Garlic Press With A Built-In Cleaner

The hardest part about preparing garlic is stripping away that outer shell, which is why this press features a built-in cleaner that pushes the peels out when crunched. And since it’s made from tough zinc metal, there’s no need to worry about it warping under pressure.


A Dish Rack Made From Eco-Friendly Bamboo

Not only is this dish rack made from eco-friendly bamboo, but the 14 slots are also large enough to fit full-sized plates. It folds flat once all your dishes are dry — and there’s even a secondary rack underneath for all your cups and mugs.


The Broom Holder That Helps Organize Your Utility Closet

Got a utility closet that’s become a mess of brooms and mops? Make sure to take a look at this organizer. Five slots give you room to store mops, brooms, shovels, or even sports equipment — and the rubber ball grippers can also support up to 7 pounds of weight without slipping.


A Tub Of Pink Stuff That Cleans Nearly Anything

You name it, this tub of pink stuff can probably clean it — saucepans, grills, ceramic tiles, sinks, outdoor furniture, and more. The formula is completely vegan, and the “stuff” is sold in a two-pack, so you’ll be set for ages. Plus, one reviewer wrote that “I have tried so many cleaning solutions to get out hard cooking stains on my stovetop and nothing worked! This stuff took it right out without a problem!”


This Lazy Susan Turntable With A Second Level

Lazy Susans are an easy way to add storage to cramped cabinets — and this one even features a second level, allowing you to store twice as many items. The height can also be adjusted to fit smaller or taller spaces, and the non-slip feet on the bottom keep it from shifting around.


A Silicone Cooking Rack For Your Instant Pot That Also Works As A Trivet

Whether you need to elevate food inside your Instant Pot or put a hot pan down on the table, this popular silicone rack has got you covered. It drains away grease just as well as it protects your table from scorch marks — and it’s dishwasher-safe.


This Organizer That’ll Home All Of Your Wraps And Foils

Don’t let your wrap boxes take up tons of drawer space — keep them tucked away on this organizer instead. The shelves are wide enough to fit up to three boxes, and it’s small enough that you can easily tuck it away in the corner of your kitchen, or inside of a cabinet.


These Lights That Turn Mirrors Into Hollywood-Style Vanities

This vanity mirror kit is one of my all-time favorite buys ever. The lights are backed with adhesive so that you can stick them right to your mirror, and the smart on/off switch even lets you adjust how bright they are — a must-have for any plain vanity.


A Smart Garage Door Opener You Can Control Remotely

Can’t remember if you shut your garage door? This smart garage door opener can be controlled using a downloadable smartphone app, allowing you to close it on forgetful days, as well as open it up for guests or deliveries. Plus, you can even set it so that you receive notifications when the door opens or closes.


This Stand That Lets You Watch Videos On Your Phone Hands-Free

You don’t have to hold your phone up when making video calls — just pop it into this stand instead. It also works great for watching movies and shows hands-free, and can be used with nearly any phone. Plus, it’s made from high-quality aluminum rather than metal.


A Toothbrush Holder That Helps Keep Bristles Clean

Leaving your toothbrush out in the open can lead to dirty bristles, so why not keep them inside of this holder instead? There are enough slots for up to five brushes, and there are even two built-in dispensers for toothpaste. Choose from three colors: grey, blue, or pink.


The Automatic Soap Dispensers That’s Completely Touchless

Grab this automatic soap dispenser, and it’ll squirt out a perfectly-portioned amount of soap with a simple wave underneath the spigot. Unlike some dispensers, this one allows you to adjust how much soap is squirted out — and the water-resistant base helps protect the battery from corroding. You can buy it in four different colors.


A Lighting Kit For Your Next Video Conference

Put yourself in the best lighting possible during your next video call with help from this ring light. The light clips onto your monitor or laptop, and features five different temperature settings: warm warm, warm white, natural white, daylight, and cold white. Plus, the brightness is adjustable up to five levels.


These Gap Fillers That Add Storage To Your Car Seats

Add these gap fillers to the crevices between your car seats, and you’ll instantly have storage space for your phone, wallet, sunglasses, and more. One reviewer even raved that “I can finally have my phone plugged in for Apple Car Play and not have to put it in a cup holder!”


A Set Of Shelves That Are Perfect For Tight Spaces

Slide these wood shelves into a tight corner to make the most of all the space in your home. The shelves can be adjusted to accommodate taller items, and assembly is simple with help from a screwdriver. Choose from two finishes: natural or brown.


The Deodorizers That Are More Effective Than Baking Soda

Got unwanted odors wafting through your fridge? These deodorizers are made with activated charcoal that helps absorb the gasses produced by food — and it’ll also help absorb humidity to help produce stay fresh.


A Keyboard Cleaner That Latches Onto Dirt

Smush this cleaning gel into your keyboard, between your air vents, or even into your camera lens — it’ll gently stick to crumbs, hair, dust, and more, leaving your items clean without any scratches. Plus, you can reuse it until the color turns dark.


A Microfiber Towel That Can Help Protect Your Hair

If you’ve noticed that your hair is suffering from some intense heat damage, you might want to switch over to a microfiber towel to help dry your hair after a shower. This set from Hicober Store comes with three towels, so you’ll never run out. Lightweight and suitable for all hair types, you’ll wonder how you lived without these. Four different color packs are available.


A Towel Bar That Can Rotate 180 Degrees

Want to add a little style to your bathroom while also utilizing the space you have? This swivel towel bar is a great way to do both. Customers have also used the bar outside of their bathrooms as well, either as a tie rack or an innovative way to hang clothes. “Good value for money,” one reviewer said.


A Food Scale That’ll Help Every Meal You Make Become A Masterpiece

There are a ton of benefits when it comes to food scales. If you’re into baking and cooking, a scale is the best way to ensure you’re accurate with your ingredients. It’s also great to help portion meals. This model is accurate, easy to clean, and small enough to store anywhere. It also comes in eight colors, so you can match it with your other kitchen appliances and devices.

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