The Funniest British TikTok Stars To Follow Now

Prepare for endless hours of laughter.

by Bustle UK
Klaus Vedfelt/Getty

When you think of TikTok stars, the first names that come to mind may be Charli D'Amelio, Riyaz Aly, or Caitlin Reilly, but there are plenty of talented UK TikTok creators you should know about too. Creators like Holly H, who has gained a huge following (16.6 million and counting) with her make up tutorials and day-to-day updates, or twins Jamil and Jamel Neffati who treat their 12.3 million followers to pranks, challenges, and their takes on viral trends.

But, of course, where British TikTok creators really shine is in the comedy department. The platform is full of UK teens, millennials, and even families, showcasing the dry wit and self-effacing humour Brits are famous for. These accounts have really kept us going at a time when we've needed humour and moments of joy more than ever.

Singers such as Nina Nesbitt have arrived on the platform to deliver hilarious jingles, while YouTube stars like Mark Ferris have transitioned over seamlessly to deliver funny voice overs. Other TikTok Brits who've helped us through the hard times include people such as Austyn Farrell and Jeremy Lynch, both of whom create original content that'll have you giggling even in your darkest of days.

Whether you're looking for songs, spoofs, or hilarious impressions, this edit of UK TikTok accounts — chosen by our own Bustle UK writers — will remind you just why we're some of the funniest lot on the planet.


I identify with the Sarel Madzebra deeply. The TikTok creator describes herself as the "CEO of cry laughing" and her account as "80% rants and 20% vibes." Between her hilarious anecdotes to *barely* coping in lockdown, she’s a relatable queen. – chosen by L'Oréal Blackett

Follow @cocosarel.


With her dulcet West Midlands tones, Rika is up there with my fave TikTok ranters. She’s campaigning for us all to give up our bras in lockdown, “because we can’t be expected to wear a mask and a bra at the same time.” “Free the titty and protect the city.” – chosen by L'Oréal Blackett

Follow @Manrikakhaira.


I’m mainly here for the facial expressions, the endless tubes of Pringles, and the non-stop hilarity. – chosen by L'Oréal Blackett

Follow @_ehiz


You know you’ve got a pretty banging TikTok account when you’ve coined your own catchphrase. Follow Akafi Ali’s account for some funny commentary and watch him ask “Are you serious? Ooof!” – chosen by L'Oréal Blackett

Follow @Ajafiali


This professional dancer has clearly got his TikTok dance moves down, but I’m mostly a fan of his very relatable skits about lockdown life. – chosen by L'Oréal Blackett

Follow @tegaalexander


The singer songwriter has amassed over 533,000 followers with her dry sense of humour and singing skills. Her lockdown remix of “All Of My Favourite Things” hits way too close to home in the best of ways. Nesbitt even got the attention of Reese Witherspoon, who posted her reaction for all her followers to see. – chosen by Alice Broster

Follow @ninanesbitt


With 7.2 million followers, Amelia Gething is one of the biggest UK TikTokers out there. I first came across her on the BBC’s female-led sketch show The Amelia Gething Complex, and have since become a fan of her Spanish Princess series, where Gething dresses up as Ursula Pole and Mary Boleyn, aka. The Tudor bad bitches. – chosen by Alice Broster

Follow @ameliagething


Vicky Banham’s tribute to Lizzo’s “Boys” had me giggling all night long. It appeared on every one of my group chats, too. Beyond her funny clips, she’s also an amazing artist and shows her skills off by painting onto her skin. Her Mother's Day tribute is out of this world, too.– chosen by Alice Broster

Follow @vickybanham


Not only does she star in Oops I Missed The Bus on CBBC, but I also find myself scrolling through Laura Bubble’s TikTok on the regular. Her brand of humour is mostly silly, but fun, and has gained her over 1.1 million followers. – chosen by Alice Broster

Follow @laurabubble


When I’m not laughing out loud at Abi Clarke’s posts, I’m in utter awe at how she can come up with so many brilliant sketches. From acting out what it’d be like if a doctors surgery was like a vets, to the ex-boyfriend showing up at your gig, she’s got serious range. Her parents feature in some of her content too, which is both wholesome and hilarious. – chosen by Alice Broster

Follow @abiclarkecomedy


Steph Mcateer’s humour is very uniquely British. From listing the celebs she’d love to see on I’m A Celebrity to the smells from secondary school that are literally burned into your memory, she’ll have you screaming “me too.” Her video about the most iconic moments of British TV also reminded me of when Gino D'Acampo said “If my grandma had wheels she’d have been a bike” and for that I’m forever grateful. – chosen by Alice Broster

Follow @stephmcateer


YouTuber Mark Ferris has a cracking TikTok account and routinely covers sounds from old episodes of The Only Way is Essex. Seriously, his Gemma Collins impressions are so bang on. Scroll through his feed for the ultimate LOLs. – chosen by Rebecca Fearn

Follow @markferris


Ola and her family of five are just the cutest on TikTok. As well as hilarious lip sync videos, their page is packed full of heart-warming, charming moments that’ll make you smile as well as giggle. This video of her daughter Mayah proves how much of an internet star she will be when she grows up. – chosen by Rebecca Fearn

Follow @thepelofam


You’ll most likely have seen a video by Jeremy floating around somewhere; the viral TikToker seems to have really made it this year, particularly after his tongue-in-cheek coronavirus content. With 5.1 million followers on the platform, you can understand why he’s kind of a big deal. – chosen by Rebecca Fearn

Follow @jeremylynch

Farrell’s videos really picked me up during the first lockdown. He has a bunch of hilarious, happy content, but my favourites (and his most successful) are the videos of him dancing in the middle of the street while dressed up as some of the world’s most iconic songstresses. Think Dolly Parton, Christina Aguilera, and Tina Turner, to name but a few. – chosen by Rebecca Fearn

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