April Fools' Day

11 Funny April Fools' Day Pranks You Can Play On Instagram

It’s the perfect time to fake the vacation you’ve always wanted.

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If you’re not near family, friends, or coworkers this April Fools’ Day, it might be hard to get some practical jokes in. So, really, the best thing to do is use social media to your advantage. There are some funny April Fools' Day Instagram pranks you should definitely try out this year.

You’ll want to stay away from the more cliché social media pranks, since they've been done one too many times. You know what I'm referring to: the posts where you pretend to be pregnant with a sonogram that isn't yours, or the photo of yourself wearing a giant fake diamond ring, pretending you got engaged. You’ll also want to avoid any prank that's going to hurt someone you care about, because that's just not funny.

And why do that stuff when there are so many other options out there? It's easy to prank people on Instagram, because you don't need to convince them to their face — you can giggle as much as you want while doing it, because you're behind the scenes. You also get to prank a whole bunch of people at once. So, check out these funny Instagram prank ideas, and start figuring out which one you're going to use.


Fake A Wild Vacation

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Want to make everyone jealous of you? Spend a day or two tricking everyone into thinking you're going on an elaborate vacation out of nowhere. Pick a really cool destination and find other images online or on Instagram you can post, pretending they're your own. If you're good with Photoshop, put yourself there too. Act like you're away on your Story also, like posting a photo of you holding your passport. At the end of the day, make it clear that you were totally joking with a selfie of you at home.


Post Fake Spoilers For Popular TV Shows

Do you want to make everyone who follows you very angry? Make up a fake spoiler about a really popular TV show, and post it in a way that ensures everyone will see it. Make it believable — maybe use a popular fan theory — and act like you have a link to a source. You can even say it in your Story so that people are forced to hear it.


Use Photoshop To Make It Look Like You Met A Big Celebrity

If you're good at Photoshop, you can try convincing everyone who follows you that you met a really, really cool celebrity that you love. Try to do a little research to make sure some people believe you, and make sure your Photoshopping skills are on point.


Pick A Friend And Like Or Comment On Every Single One Of Their Photos

If you want to prank one friend, go through their feed and comment on or like every single one of their photos. They'll get about a million notifications. It's harmless fun!


Copy Famous Instagram Photos To Confuse Your Friends

Think about some of the biggest Instagram posts out there: pretty much anything Kendall Jenner posts, for instance. Copy the ones you're comfortable copying and post them like it's no big deal. Your followers will either be completely confused about what you're doing, or they'll recognize the photos and laugh.


Use A Filter And Make It Look Real

These days, Instagram’s story filters are looking more and more realistic. That being said, it gives you the chance to play a trick on your followers if you post a photo with a bald filter, thin eyebrows filter, or even face tattoos. With the right angle and lighting the filter will look totally IRL.


Post, Like, 15 Photos In A Row To Drive Everyone Crazy

An easy way to prank everyone on your timeline is to post about 15 photos in a row, all of similar things. Of course, this could also make you lose followers, so proceed with caution.


Act Like You Have A Big Announcement To Make, Then Never Address It

Put everyone in suspense by posting a photo or video on your Instagram feed or your Story acting like you have a huge, important announcement to make. Tease the announcement throughout the day to make sure they're all thinking about it. Then just... never say anything, and act like nothing ever happened.


Post A Fake Instagram DM

You’ll need some Photoshop skills once again for this one, but it’s a little easier than making it look like you actually met a celeb. Instead, fake an Instagram DM or a post like that you can add to your story so it looks like you were acknowledged by your fave.


Debut A New “Tattoo”

Your feed is the place for all of the parts of your life you want to show off... so why not show off some new ink? You can draw on yourself, use a detailed temporary tattoo, or edit a photo to look like you got a new tattoo. Even better if you make the design really silly so your followers get a laugh.


Log Into A Friend's Profile And Mess With Them

If you know the password to your friend or partner’s account, and you don't think they'll be too mad about it, log in and mess with them. Like other people's pictures, leave funny comments, and post something silly. Just don't do anything that could seriously mess with them. This is supposed to be fun, not mean.


Make Up A Long, Crazy Instagram Story, Then End It With A "Just Kidding"

Waste everyone's time with an Instagram Story about something extremely out of the ordinary, like that you ran into an alligator on the streets of New York City. At the end, finish with "Just kidding!" Everyone will groan.

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