7 Games Like Wordle To Play Online

Need. More. Word Games.

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If the new year has brought with it an obsession with five-letter words, you might be in the market for more games like Worlde — because sadly, you can’t Wordle all day. The daily mystery word guessing game doesn’t allow you to spend too much time playing, as everyone only gets one identical puzzle to play a day. So after you’ve solved the game in genius time (or failed miserably with no green squares) you probably want to put your diction buzz to good use on some similar games.

While Wordle is unique in the fact that everyone has the same word of the day, and only gets six tries to guess it, there are many apps and URL-hosted word games to play after Wordle that are similarly fun to play and intellectually stimulating. What’s more, many games like Wordle allow you to play as much as you want, have various levels and accomplishments to aim for, and let you to play with friends. Add some new word games to your anti-boredom arsenal so you can play a quick round while you wait for the train, or opt to play in lieu of a mindless social media scroll. Sure, it might not be as meme-worthy to share your score on Twitter, but these brain busters will keep you guessing after you’ve got your five green squares.

Here are seven games to play while you wait for Wordle to refresh.

1. Spelling Bee

Spelling Bee

If you’re a subscriber to The New York Times, you have free access to Spelling Bee, a word game that looks incredibly simple, but is actually pretty difficult. In Spelling Bee, you’re given a “hive” of seven letters to make words from, all of which must use the center letter. There’s at least one word a day that uses all seven letters, and you rack up points to reach the “Genius,” or winning level. If you guess all the words for that day, you win “Queen Bee.” Like Wordle, Spelling Bee refreshes just once a day, but unlike Wordle, you have unlimited guesses to make as many words as possible.

2. Spell Tower

Spell Tower

With Spell Tower, players find words in the tiles to clear piling columns and avoid reaching the ceiling, Tetris-style. Players are rewarded for finding long words with bigger clearings. You can share your score on social media by tapping the Share icon when you’re done, if bragging rights is half the joy of playing for you. Spell Tower is free in the App Store and Google Play.

3. Kitty Letter

Kitty Letter

If you like your brain busters with a heaping scoop of absurdist humor, embark on the Kitty Letter quest. This two-player game calls for competitors to unscramble words to gain ammunition and power to fight each other. The faster you solve the word problem, the better you protect yourself against villains like bloated deer, dog spiders and cats with swords. Download Kitty letter free in the App Store or Google Play.

4. Word Forward

Word Forward

With Word Forward, you have a 5x5 grid featuring a variety of letter combinations that you use to make real words. Instead of gaining points for the quality of words, like big or complicated zingers, this game gives you points for the quantity of words you can make, Boggle-like. Word Forward is available in the App Store or Google Play for $2.99.

5. Word Master

Word Master

Word Master, a browser-based game, has a very similar vibe to Wordle. You have six guesses to land on the correct word. After each guess, correct letters will turn green if they’re in the correct spot; yellow if they’re in the word, but not that spot; or gray to indicate it’s not in the word. The only difference between Word Master and Wordle is that you can keep playing with multiple puzzles in one day.

6. Letter Press

Letter Press

If you like your word games with heavy competition, you’ll love Letter Press, an unlimited game you can play with friends or random opponents on the internet. Unscramble tiles to spell words, get bonus points for extra long words, and chat with players in real time. Available for free in the App Store and Google Play.

7. Hello Wordl

Hello Wordle

Well, it was only a matter of time before Wordle-alikes arrived. Hello Wordl operates the same way as OG Wordle. The only difference is that you can change the amount of letters that are in the words (up to 11 letters), and you can tap Random in the upper left corner to get more words in one day. This is a great place to practice your word recall so that you’re in fighting shape for your official daily Wordle.