52 Genius Things For Your Home You Didn't Know You Needed

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If you ask me, one of the best things about shopping IRL is discovering things you didn’t know you needed. Sometimes, those must-have purchases are found at the end of an aisle or on display in a department you pass on your way for what you came for. For a long time, I didn’t know just how easily this element of surprise can be found online, too. But it’s true: You can find plenty of genius things for your home that you didn’t know you needed online if you know where to look.

To help you get started, we’ve put together a list of amazing Amazon finds that can enhance nearly every corner of your house. Organizers of every shape and size? Got you covered. Kitchen gadgets that make some of most dreaded tasks more enjoyable? Yep, they’re here, too. Consider it a catalog of potential gifts for yourself — because, treat yourself— and for your loved ones, too. They’ll not only make you feel efficient, but also super smart for buying them and treating the future-you.

Plus, your home will look as great as it feels. Scroll for the items you never knew you needed.


This 3-In-1 Vacuum That Makes The Chore Easier

This budget-friendly 3-in-1 vacuum from Bissell is a stick, handheld, and stair vacuum all in one. Plus, it has a crevice tool for tight corners and furniture gaps and there are no bags needed, so it’s easy to empty out.


A Pan Organizer That Keeps Them Upright In Your Kitchen

It’s not always easy to keep our pots and pans neat. A specially designed product like this pan organizer can certainly simplify the chaos. You can use it vertically or horizontally and store up to five pans or lids. It comes in bronze, silver, white.


This Lightweight Stool That Doubles As A Drawer

If you ask me, anytime a regular household item is adjusted to include storage, it’s an upgrade. In the case of this cushioned stool and storage combo, you’re getting a neutral white stool with a spongey soft top and a pull-out drawer. It works great as a vanity seat or even by your front door.


An Innovative Corner Shelf That’s Eaasy To Install

Did you know you can use awkward corner space in your home? This 5-tiered corner shelf is just over four feet tall, and it’s super versatile. It comes in seven different colors from a rich walnut shade to a rustic blue. Plus, all necessary hardware is included for installation, which reviewers say is super easy.


This Utensil Holder That Keeps All Your Essential Tools Within Reach

If you’re short on space, this hanging utensil holder may be a game changer for you. It has a total of 10 hooks that hold up to 25 pounds. Two are positioned on the wall mount side for heavier items, and there are eight more on a rotating attachment that are perfect for spoons and spatulas (or even keys and other essentials).


A Trifold Vanity Mirror With Lights & Other Extra Features

This adjustable trifold tabletop mirror is a clutch addition to any vanity. Not only does the large center panel offer 21 built-in LED lights for touch-controlled illumination and dimming, but one of the side panels also has two-times and three-times magnification. Plus, the stand has a tray compartment, too.


This Wood Restoring Product That Extends The Life Of Your Cabinets & Furniture

If your cabinet is looking a little worn out, don’t fret: This cabinet and furniture restorer can help bring it back to life. Only one application is necessary, and the microfiber applicator is included. Plus, it’ll have your cabinetry looking shiny and new.


A Digital Kitchen Scale That Takes Your Cooking & Baking To The Next Level

You can take the guesswork out of measurements with a digital food scale and bowl. It works with wet and dry ingredients and is made from a durable stainless steel. Plus, it also allows you to convert to your preferred unit of measurement, making it easy to adapt recipes as necessary.


This 2-Sided Hot Pot That Helps You Make Delicious Meals

If you’re new to hot pot cooking, a two-sided pot such as this one allows you to prepare two kinds of broth for your preferred meats, seafood, and veggies. This particular 12-inch stainless steel hot pot has a built-in divider, along with a glass lid with insulated handle.


These Mug Stackers That Give You More Space In Your Cupboards

If you go through coffee mugs like they’re going out of style (ahem), then a coffee mug organizer that allows you to store extras is essential. Available in orange, blue, and black and sold in packs of six, they can be positioned and adjusted to allow mugs and glasses of different sizes to stack on top of each other.


An Essential Oil Diffuser That Looks As Nice As Your Rooms Will Smell

This essential oil diffuser does much more than simply help your room smell good. In addition to its misting and humidifier capabilities, there are seven different colored light options, brightening and dimming modes, and a timer setting. You can also choose between two wood shades for the base.


This Oversized Wall Clock You Can Read From Across The Room

Unlike the tiny built-in microwave and oven clocks, this 3-D digital wall clock has 9.7- and 15-inch numerals that light up. You set and adjust it with an included remote control, and the brightness is adjustable too. It’s powered by USB, and it holds a battery to keep track of time during power outages.


These Remote-Controlled Candles For All The Vibes Without The Flames

Not only do these flameless candles come in multiple sizes, but there is a rainbow of colors you can pick from, too (the gold is especially gorgeous). The pillars are made of real wax, while the smaller votives are plastic — and all of them have LED lights that can be set to stay on or flicker.


A Mannequin Hand Jewelry Display So Your Favorites Always Have A Spot

If you’ve ever looked at your jewelry storage situation and thought, “I wish I could see what my jewelry looked like on a hand,” then you should sit down for this one. This mannequin hand display allows you to show off your rings and bracelets (and necklaces, if you get creative). Two sizes and three colors are available.


This Super Slim Outlet Cover That Cuts Down On Unruly Cords & Wires

Products like this slim electrical outlet cover and power strip can help conceal cords and cables coming from your electronics. It comes in 3-, 6-, and 8-foot cord lengths (all of which don’t need tools for assembly), and with options for standard or universal outlets.


These Elegant Glass Coffee Mugs So You Can See Your Delicious Drinks

Enjoying a warm beverage from a glass mug is no longer limited to coffee shops. This set of six glass mugs works with hot and cold drinks, and hold nearly 11 ounces of liquid. They’re also easy to take care of since the tempered glass material is suitable for the top rack of dishwashers.


A Set Of 2 Floating Wall Shelves For Hanging & Holding Your Necessities

These two coordinating floating wall shelves can provide both form and function to your kitchen (or whichever room you opt to hang them). The shelves themselves are 17 inches long and just short of 6 inches deep, and each has a lower rack for towels or hooks (10 are included). According to buyers, hanging is a cinch — and the necessary hardware is included, too.


These Drawer Organizers That Turn Your Sock Drawer Into A Thing Of Beauty

Messy drawers are a thing of the past when you have these practical honeycomb-shaped drawer organizers. Each offers 18 slots (plus sections created on the outside of the organizer, too). You can buy them in sets of two, four, or eight, to store socks, underwear, makeup, scrunchies, and more.


This Clever Hair Tool Holder To Streamline Your Getting-Ready Routine

If you ask me, an aluminum hair tool organizer should come pre-installed in bathrooms everywhere. With two cups, a small shelf, and a coil that’s perfect for the nose of your dryer, this mounting shelf will make a big difference to your space while still looking sleek and contemporary (thanks to its sleek silver color).


These Adorable Twinkle Lights With Geometric Diamond Accents

There are string lights, and then there are diamond string lights. You can opt for a 6.6-foot string of 10 lights, or a 10.3-foot string of 20 lights. They’re great for sprucing up a space for an event or special occasion, or even hanging for everyday use. Plus, they’re battery powered, so you’re not limited by plug-ins when you choose the perfect spot.


A Stylish Reversible Throw Rug That Completes Any Space

It’s not everyday that you come across a stylish reversible throw rug that’s both hand-woven and machine washable. With navy and white colors and measurements of 21 by 34 inches, it’s a practical and versatile choice for homes with various interior design styles.


This Knife Sharpener That Makes You Feel Like A Professional Chef During Meal Prep

Sometimes, a dull knife can completely derail dinner prep — so a knife sharpener can be a necessity in the kitchen. Three different slots combine to make dull straight-edge knives like new again. Plus, at just under 9 inches long with a sturdy handle, it’s easy to both store and use.


These Sleek & Shiny Salt & Pepper Grinders

Nearly every table has these seasonings, so of course it’s a good idea to have nice salt and pepper grinders. Each of these two identical mills offer stainless steel cranks, clear glass containers, and the ability to adjust grind sizes. A silicone funnel is also included, which makes for easy refills.


A Snap-On Strainer That Saves You Steps In The Kitchen

This clip-on strainer takes up a fraction of the space a full-sized bowl colanders, and it keeps noodles and your other cooked foods from cooling when you transfer them. It comes in five bright colors so that it’s always going to be easy to spot, and it’s made of durable silicone.


These Stick-On Grippers That Turn Unused Cabinet Doors Into Spice Racks

You can keep your spices and seasonings organized and available while saving precious kitchen space with these stick-on spice racks. Each strip has room for four jars (which you can trim if necessary). Three strips are included in each set, so you can hold up to 12 spices with them. The necessary adhesive is included, too, making them easy to mount.


A Luxe Hammock Chair For The Most Leisurely Seat Of Your Life

The tree branch isn’t included, but everything else you need to set up this relaxing hanging hammock chair is — right down to the hardware, cushions, wooden bar, and rope chair itself. It comes in four colors, and there’s even a side pocket to hold your phone, book, and other essentials.


This Minimalist Wine Rack You’ll Love Having On Display

A wine holder should be good at holding wine, of course — but there are certainly bonus points when it looks as chic as this minimalist geometric wine rack. It’s available in two colors — gold and grey — and in two sizes: one that holds seven bottles and one that holds 10 (which comes only in gold).


These Velvet-Lined Pants Hangers That Instantly Elevate Your Closet

If you ask me, hanging clothes is superior to folding in many ways — so a 30-pack of velvet pants hangers can be a serious upgrade to a closet. This set is offered in black, white, grey, and pink — and the best part? They have versatile clips for pants, shorts, and skirts. However, they also have a shape that still works for tops and jackets.


A Cereal Dispenser That Will Make All Your Snack Dreams Come True

In my opinion, getting cereal out of a sleek food dispenser is much more fun than pouring it out of a boring box. Plus, this one is offered with single and double container options in white, silver, red, or black. And don’t worry: If you’re not a cereal person, they still work great for other dry foods and snacks.


These Bamboo Toaster Tongs That Remove Your Bagels For You

These bamboo tongs can help you remove breakfast from your toaster, since they’re perfectly sized to grab bread and bagels out of the slots. Even better, they come in a set of two — and each one has a magnet at the top of the handle so it can attach to your fridge for simple storage.


This Cutting Board That Comes With Color-Coded Mats

This bamboo cutting board offers the best of both worlds when it comes to preparing your food. Seven mats are included, each in a different color and with an icon label. Plus, they’re dishwasher safe, so clean-up is easy. So many customers wrote that it’s “good quality,” and it currently has a 4.7-star rating on Amazon.


These Fruit Hammocks That Are Way More Fun That Bowls

Try not to get jealous of your produce as it hangs out in these darling fruit hammocks. They come in packs of two and hooks are included, so the hardest part will be deciding where you want to install them (they work especially well under cupboards). Each hammock can hold 10 to 12 full sized fruits and vegetables.


A Specialized Tool That Makes It Super Easy To Core & Slice Pineapples

This pineapple corer and slicer simplifies an otherwise tedious kitchen chore. It makes a great gift for the foodie who has everything already — not only because it’s efficient and easy to use, but also because it comes in 12 different colors, including mint green and purple.


This Super Cute Honey Pot That Will Delight You & Your Guests

You’ll look for excuses to put honey in and on your food with this glass honey pot in your kitchen. It has three separate glass pieces: the jar, the dipper, and a coordinating lid that has a cutout for the dipper handle. If you’re not normally a honey fan, it also works well with syrup.


A Dishwasher Magnet So You’re Never Stuck Wondering About Your Dishes

If you or your housemates happen to be forgetful (or your current dishwasher status light cannot be trusted), you might benefit from a dishwasher indicator magnet. It’s cute and subtle, and it can be placed against your fridge or dishwasher. You can also use the included adhesive to place it wherever your heart desires.


An Organizer For Purses & Bags That Hangs Neatly In Your Closet

There will be no more piles of purses cluttering up your closet when you have a hanging handbag organizer. At just over 3 feet tall, it accommodates up to 10 purses with compartments that are perfect for bags of all sizes. It’s a neutral beige color and can be easily hung and removed, all thanks to the included stainless steel hooks.


This Manual Cheese Grater That Gives Off Vintage Vibes

Available in charming blue, green, and red colors, this rotary cheese grater not only looks cute, but it also works well at grating, slicing, and shredding your favorite foods. Three stainless steel drum blades are included, so you’ll always have the right attachment available. It also comes with a brush for cleaning and is dishwasher safe.


A Set Of Garment Bags That Help Protect Your Favorite Clothes

You can use these hanging garment bags at home, when you travel, or whenever you want to protect your favorite clothes. You can get a set of eight or 10 bags, and multiple sizes are available so you can fit everything from sleek dresses to full suits to winter jackets.


This Organizer For Glasses & Sunglasses That Shows Off Your Whole Collection

You’ll never again worry about losing your favorite sunglasses when you have a designated spot for them. This sunglasses organizer, which is made of clear acrylic, comes in different sizes to accommodate between 10 and 12 pairs of sunglasses. It works for regular eyeglasses and other products, too.


These Rolls Of Double-Sided Tape For All Of Your Indoor & Outdoor Hanging

You know all that art you’ve been meaning to hang? You’ll be able to do it in just a few minutes with this transparent, double-sided tape. You get three rolls in each package — and with 7 feet per roll, you’ll get a total of 21 feet of product. The best part? It’s removable and reusable.


A Book Stand That Double As A Tablet Stand

Enjoy hands-free reading of all kinds with this bamboo book stand. It accommodates books of all sizes (including cookbooks), magazines, and even tablets. The angle is adjustable, and rotating arms hold your page with light pressure. Three different sizes are available, and it folds up for easy storage in between uses.


An Over-The-Sink Drying Rack That’s A Complete Game-Changer

This clever roll-up dish drying rack literally creates useful space out of thin air, allowing dishes to dry and drip straight into the sink. Offered in two sizes, it’s made of stainless steel and comes with a detachable basket for utensils. It also works for rinsing fruits and veggies.


An Aerator That Turns Any Faucet Into A Face-Washing Station

Gone are the days where you are limited by the laws of gravity when it comes to your faucets. This faucet aerator, which comes in two different styles of attachment, connects to your household sink and allows you to steer the direction of your water flow, making for easy face washing and more.


This Tiered Lazy Susan So Everything You Need Is Within Reach

The name may be “lazy Susan,” but a rotating shelf actually does some important work, providing space and a spin mechanism that means you can easily find and spot your items. Each tier has a round shelf that’s roughly 10 inches in diameter, and the versatile, practical bamboo material works well in and out of cupboards.


A Cold Brew Coffee Maker That Keeps Your Favorite Drink On Hand

If you ask me, few things are as utterly delightful as a waiting batch of cold brew in the fridge. This glass cold brew maker has a stainless steel basket insert for your coffee ground or tea leaves. The best part? Drinks stay fresh for up a week thanks to the airtight design.


These Pillow Protectors That Help Extend The Life Of Your Pillows

If you’re in need of a way to protect your pillows from wetness, look no further. These protective pillow covers manage to be both waterproof and breathable, making for a comfortable night’s sleep. They zip on and off pillows, are machine washable, and come in three sizes (standard, queen, and king).


A Magnetic Window Screen To Let Fresh Air In & Keep Bugs Out

Open windows and fresh air can be delightful, but not when unwanted bugs or dust gets into your home. These magnetic window screens are made from fiberglass mesh, and they come with all necessary parts for installation. Three different sizes are available, and they work with most window types.


These Wall Protectors That Help Prevent Dents & Dings

These adhesive wall protectors are meant to help prevent damage from swinging door knobs. They’re made of rubber — and while they’re only available in white, you can paint them to match your wall. Plus, the adhesive is included, making for easy application that you can do within seconds.


This Genius Invention That Keeps Your Washer From Smell Like Mildew

If you have a front-load washing machine, you might be familiar with the musty unwanted odor that can occur. This Laundry Lasso helps by keeping the door open — but only a bit, so the door stays (mostly) out of the way and still allows air to flow. Plus, the suction cup adhesive method makes it easy to use and adjust as you see fit.


A Bed Skirt That’ll Add To Your Decor

A bed skirt is a quick and easy way to upgrade the look and feel of your bedroom or guest room. This option from Utopia Bedding comes in four neutral colors (white, black, grey, and beige), and in four standard sizes (twin through California king). And since it’s machine washable, it’s durable and easy to take care of.


This Adorable Sticky Note Holder You’ll Be Eager To Work Next To

Cat lovers, assemble: You’ll never lose your sticky notes again when you have this purr-fect cat-shaped sticky note dispenser on your desk. It’s sized for classic 3-by-3-inch square sticky notes, and it works best with the accordion style pads. And, bonus: It comes with a notepad so you can start using it the moment you unbox it.