40 Genius Things On Amazon That Make Your Home Look Better With Almost No Effort

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It seems like the urge to spruce up your place comes in two flavors: one, the yen to do a complete overhaul because you suddenly find yourself tired of everything around you, and two, the desire to add just a couple things to your space for a quick and easy upgrade. Unsurprisingly, Amazon has solutions for both scenarios, so check out this roundup of things that make your home look better with almost no effort.

Before you get started, consider whether you’re in the market for a visual or a functional redo. If it’s looks you’re after, these throw pillow covers come in a rainbow of colors that make it so easy to transition a room throughout the year — all you have to do is zip them over your existing pillows. You might also love this peel-and-stick subway tile backsplash that will transform your kitchen, and a lighting kit you can install under your cabinets for a professional-looking feature to your home.

After more organizational items? Not a problem. Try this storage ottoman that has space for concealing all the stuff that collects in your living room, or how about this bamboo charging station that corrals all your electronic devices as they’re powering up?

Dorothy really said it best, didn’t she? “There’s no place like home.” Make yours your favorite destination with some of these genius items today.


These Pillow Covers That Come In Dozens Of Colors

Available in a full spectrum of colors ranging from jam to chocolate, these pillow covers are perfect for changing up a room any time you feel like it. Made from cozy velvet, they have hidden zippers for an upmarket touch, and come in a wide variety of sizes for use throughout the house.

  • Available sizes: 9
  • Available colors: 28


A Sink Caddy That Keeps Sponges Smelling Fresh

Don’t let your sponge start smelling funky because it’s languishing at the bottom of your sink getting mildewy— get this sink caddy instead. It keeps your sponge handy but lets it air out so it won’t have a chance to pick up any odors. Made from rust-resistant stainless steel, it also keeps your sink clutter-free, so you can work more efficiently.


The Eraser Sponges That Make Cleaning Quick & Easy

Even the toughest stains are no match for these thick and durable eraser sponges. Use them on the crayon markings that show up on your walls, the rust- and lime-stained grout and porcelain in the bathroom, and the grease on your stove from spills. You can even use them on your white sneakers to make them look brand new.


This Peel & Stick Subway Tile For Your Kitchen

This peel-and-stick backsplash gives you subway tile in your kitchen, but installs in just minutes and doesn’t cost a bundle. They’re heat- and moisture-resistant so they’re totally suitable for use behind your sink and your stove.


A Towel Holder That Gives You Extra Space In The Bathroom

Get some extra space in your bathroom with this towel holder that mounts to the wall, where it holds up to six spare towels. A great way to get more storage in your linen closet, it’s crafted from rust-resistant steel wire and comes in a variety of different colors, like bronze, chrome, and soft brass.

  • Available colors: 9


These Containers That Organize Your Pantry

I drool over pantries that are totally organized, unlike mine, which just looks like I stuffed everything in there, then closed the door hoping nothing would fall out. With these food storage containers, it’s easy to get a picture-perfect pantry. The seven BPA-free containers are airtight, and they even come with reusable chalkboard labels, so you can identify your goods.


This Wall Repair Putty & Tool That’s Easy To Use

Repair nail holes and other damage with this gadget that’s a spackling compound, putty knife, and sanding tool all in one. Dubbed “a renter’s dream” by one five-star reviewer, it makes nail and screw holes practically invisible with just minutes of work, and the white compound gives you a flat surface to paint over as needed. You can easily nail or screw into the hole again with confidence, too.


The Shelf Dividers That Keep Closets Organized

Keep sweaters, towels, handbags, and more organized in your closet with these shelf dividers that slip onto your shelves to keep items neatly stacked. Constructed with durable fabric over steel frames, they adjust for a perfect fit over most standard shelves. They’re ideal for use in your bedroom, your linen closet, or laundry room.


A Lighting Kit That Adds A Touch Of Luxe To Any Room

Lighting really does make or break any room, and this lighting kit is an easy way to achieve the former. Suitable for use under kitchen cabinets or bookshelves, this kit offers the look of designer lighting at a budget-friendly price, and installs simply with ultra-strong adhesive. The set is controllable with the included remote and features dimmer and timer functions.


This Mail Station That Keeps Your Entryway Organized

Keep everything neat and organized when you walk in the door with this mail station and key holder that’s perfect for your entryway. It features a rack to collect the mail, a small floating shelf for displaying photos or trinkets, and four double-sided hooks to collect keys, dog leashes, scarves, and mittens. Made from wood, it’s available in three finishes,


These Dividers That Whip Your Drawers Into Shape

Made from renewable bamboo, these dividers can tackle clutter in any drawer — yes, even your junk drawer — and whip it right into shape. They expand from 17.5 inches to 21.5 inches, so you can customize them to fit. Plus, the ends are backed with rubber feet to keep them in place. These are terrific for office use, too.


This Broom & Dustpan Set For Quick Cleanups

This broom and dustpan set snaps together and stores upright, so you can keep it in your pantry or utility closet for quick cleanups. Even better, the dustpan is outfitted with thick rubber bristles that clean the broom’s bristles, so hair, dust bunnies, and other debris won’t get stuck.


The Wood Furniture Repair Kit That Conceals Damage

Conceal scratches and water and heat marks on your wood furniture with this kit that practically restores it to like-new condition. The set includes wax crayons as well as markers in a variety of shades ranging from light pine to mahogany, so you can gt a perfect match. You can even use this on floors and doorframes, too.


These Smart Bulbs That Have Endless Color Options

Make a party at home with these smart bulbs that offer 16 million colors in addition to a variety of warm and cool white options. They’re smart home assistant-compatible, so you can utilize voice commands, and they also work with an app for control away from home. You can set schedules, turn the lights on and off to make it seem like you’re home (even when you’re not), or flip a lamp on from your car so that you’re greeted by a well-lit house when arriving home late.


An Adjustable Plant Stand With Midcentury Vibes

Adding houseplants to your home is always a good idea, and this planter is the perfect vessel to hold some greenery. Best of all, it’s adjustable, so round pots from 8 to 12 inches will fit. It’s made from bamboo and available in four colors, so you can get the one that works best with your space.


These Stainless Steel Wipes That Make Appliances Look Like New

Stainless steel appliances just seem like magnets for fingerprints and grease marks, don’t they? These stainless steel wipes are specially designed to quickly and easily return that spotless shine to your appliances, so they look as flawless as they did on the showroom floor.


The Basket That Can Be Used A Million Different Ways

It whisks away your kids’ toys stylishly, it’s the perfect container for your prized fiddle leaf plant, and it’s great for extra blankets and pillows next to the couch — whatever you use it for, this basket, it will stand up to the task and look good doing it. Crafted from woven rope, it’s available in seven natural colors.


An Area Rug With Distressed Style

Add texture and warmth to any room with this area rug that gives you a slice of distressed vintage style. Available in nine colors as well as a wide variety of shapes and sizes, it’s versatile for use in any room, and is stain-resistant and easy to clean. Your friends will think you paid a bundle for this one, but it’s under $30 on Amazon.

  • Available colors: 13


This Fur Remover That Actually Gets Off All The Pet Hair

If you have a furry friend at home, you know how difficult it is to get all the pet hair off of your clothes and upholstered surfaces. This roller really does the trick: It features a cotton velveteen surface that picks up hair and whisks it away into the storage chamber, where it’s kept for disposal. The chamber releases all the lint and hair easily into the trash, so you can use the roller again and again.


The Duvet Cover That’s So Soft

Giver your bedroom a splash of color — or opt for a neutral like ivory or kahki —with this duvet cover that’s made from soft and ultra-durable cotton microfiber. This material washes like a dream right in your machine and has four corner ties to keep it secure over your comforter. It comes with matching pillow shams to complete the look. The best part? It’s well loved by thousands of reviewers.

  • Available sizes: twin, full, queen, king, California king
  • Available colors: 18


A Storage Ottoman That Makes For A Stylish Hiding Spot

Before company comes, you can quickly shuffle any clutter away in this storage ottoman that’s both roomy and stylish. The tufted top is amply padded, so you can use it as extra seating, and it also works well as a foot rest. Choose from dark gray and navy in cube or bench styles.


These Solar Lights That Do Wonders For Your Home’s Curb Appeal

There’s something so upmarket about outdoor lighting, and this set is not only easy to install, but solar-powered, too, which means it’s eco-friendly and easy on the wallet. You just plunge the stakes into the ground at the desired height then let them soak up the sun (no need to call an electrician). For every four to six hours of rays they get, they’ll give you eight hours of automatic illumination at night.


The Cleaning Solution That Removes Hard Water Stains & So Much More

Eco-friendly and non-toxic, this cleaner is the answer to glass and fixtures that have been marred by hard water stains and soap scum (even if it’s been there for years). It even cuts through baked-on grease and food on your cooktop, and the long-neglected glass panel inside your oven door. Simply apply at full strength then add some elbow grease with a brush or microfiber cloth — good as new.


A Shower Caddy That Gets All Your Products Organized

Corral all of your bath products so that they’re not a trip-and-fall hazard on the floor of the shower floor with this two-tier caddy. Designed to fit in the corner of the shower, it comes in black or silver finishes, and mounts easily with hooks backed with super-strong adhesive.


This Rack That’s Perfect For Hanging Yard Or Cleaning Tools

Get your yard and cleaning tools off of the floor of your garage with the help of this rack that holds up to 35 pounds of your stuff. It features five clips for long-handled tools like brooms, mops, and rakes, as well as six hooks that can be used for items like gardening gloves, scrub brushes, and rags.


The Smart Dimmer That Works With Your Home Assistant

Set the mood like a boss with this smart dimmer that works via voice control when paired with your Amazon Alexa or Google Home assistant. Plus, you can turn the lights on or off or adjust brightness and set schedules from anywhere in the world, thanks to the accompanying app.


These Artificial Succulents That Are Guaranteed To Thrive

This set of mini succulents will add life to any room — but the best thing about them is that they’re easy to keep alive since they’re artificial (but look just like the real thing). They’re planted in wooden pots with realistic-looking faux soil, and they look great on bookshelves, windowsills, or gathered together as a centerpiece on the table.


The Lights That Give Any Mirror A Hollywood Upgrade

You’ll feel like you’re ready for your closeup when you’re mirror is decked out with these lights that glow you right up. These ultra-bright LED lights are a breeze to install with their adhesive backing, and they can be trimmed to size with scissors. They even have a dimmer, so you can control the exact degree of illumination.


A Rack That Organizes Your Cookware

Get your bakeware, pans, and cutting boards organized with this pantry rack that’s made from ultra-sturdy steel. Three compartments give you room to hold multiple items upright, and the rubber feet ensure the whole thing stays in place — even when you’re removing the heaviest pan.


This Absorbent Bath Mat That Feels Really Good Underfoot

With its fluffy microfiber loops, this bath mat is my absolute favorite ever. Thanks to an inner spongey layer, it feels luscious underfoot as you step out of the shower, and the material dries quickly so that it fluffs up again in record time. The nonslip backing keeps it in place, and the whole thing machine washes like a dream. Oh, and there are 16 colors to choose from, too.

  • Available sizes: 5
  • Available colors: 16


An Expandable Rack For Coats, Purses & Hats

Expandable wooden racks like this one were popular back in the ‘70s, but look just as chic and modern today. The size-adjustable rack is easy to hang on the wall, and the long pegs hold your items without letting them slip off. It’s available in a fresh light wood finish, as well as white and retro dark wood.


This Organizer That Makes Your Vanity Look Like A Makeup Counter

Get all your makeup corralled into one place so that it’s easily accessible with this organizer made from shatterproof acrylic. On the bottom, it features four drawers — two large ones topped by two smaller ones — to store flat items like eye shadows and compacts. The top section is divided, so you can store your brushes, lipsticks, and more.


The Floor Polish That Conceals Scratches

Formulated with micro-filling technology that repairs scratches in your hardwood, this floor polish is a quick and easy way to restore the shine to well-worn wood. Suitable for use on any finished hardwood surface, it adds gloss without leaving behind a sticky residue, and actually protects your floors from further damage as well.


These Peel & Stick Floor Tiles That Make Any Room Pop

Give your kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room an instant refresh with these floor tiles that couldn’t be easier to install: Just peel and stick. You don’t have to worry about grout or any special floor preparations, just trim the tile sheets to fit, then peel off the backing. The durable vinyl material is water-resistant, and the material washes well for easy upkeep.


A Wine Rack That’s Both Storage & Accent Decor

Simple and rustic, you can stow your extra bottles of wine in this wine rack that looks good enough to double as decor. It fits 10 bottles for easy storage on your countertop or in your pantry, and when it’s not in use, it folds down to half the size to save space. It also makes for a terrific gift housewarming gift, along with a bottle of your favorite red to get the rack started.


The Gauzy Blanket That’s Just The Right Weight For All Seasons

Available in three calming neutral shades, this gauzy muslin throw blanket adds a touch of luxe texture to any room, and is the ideal weight for cuddling up in any season. The soft, lightweight cotton material is hypoallergenic and ultra-breathable, and while it’s cozy, you won’t overheat while you use it. Enjoy machine washing it then simply hang to dry.

  • Available colors: 3


The Charging Station That Keeps Electronics Organized While They Power Up

Give your electronics a good-looking home while they’re powering up with this bamboo charging stand. It comes with a charging base and has plenty of room for multiple smartphones and tablets, in addition to a specially-designed area for your earbuds and smart watch. It comes with a set of short cords specially designed for use with this base.


This Scrubber That Deep-Cleans Tight Spaces

It may look like an electric toothbrush, but this power scrubber is actually an effective cleaning tool that reaches into tight corners to clean difficult stains with just a fraction of the elbow grease. Scrub grout, bathroom fixtures, and even your car wheels with minimal effort on your part.


A Lamp That Has A Built-In Outlet & USB Port

This lamp doesn’t just illuminate your room, but it’s also outfitted with an AC outlet and USB port, so you can plug in and charge devices and other appliance. Boasting clean lines and a warm fabric shade, the lamp comes with a light bulb that has three light temperature modes for your convenience.


The Holder For All The Remotes On Your Coffee Table

You have a remote for your TV, one for your sound bar, one for your stereo, one for your lighting system, one for your blinds... can you even see your coffee table anymore? Reclaim that real estate with this remote control holder that organizes your devices and keeps them where you can always find them (as opposed to getting lost between the couch cushions). It’s even tiered so that you can see all of your devices at once. Choose from four colors to suit your space.

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