22 Genius Things That Fix Red Bumps & Other "Gross" Shaving Problems

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No matter how careful you are while shaving, you’ve probably encountered red bumps at some point. Don’t worry, though — I’ve also been there, and it’s completely normal. But your skin doesn’t have to become irritated with every swipe of a razor. Luckily for both of us, there are tons of genius things on Amazon to fix red bumps and help prevent them altogether.

But first, what exactly are these “red bumps” that I’m talking about? To put it simply, they’re shaven hairs that haven’t broken through the skin, but have instead curved inward while trying to grow. Some ways to help prevent them include using clean razors and replacing them often — but treating the affected areas with moisturizing lotions and antibacterial serums (like aloe vera and tea tree oil) can also help. If you’re in need of a razor refresh, rest assured that many of the ones I’ve selected for this list are suitable for sensitive skin, and several even feature hydrating, aloe vera-infused lotion strips.

Now, let’s move onto the “gross” problems that might come hand in hand with shaving. I’m talking about the puddle of water that your razor might be lying in, or even the dusty pocket in your travel bag that it’s tucked into. If you can relate, make sure to check out the variety of razor mounts I’ve made sure to include. They’ll keep your blades up and away from standing water, allowing them to dry faster. And if you’re always on the go, there’s also a set of protective razor covers in here. The zinc strips inside will help keep your blades sharper, for longer — even if they go in wet.

Shaving doesn’t always have to end with irritated skin. With so many genius things that fix everything from ingrown hairs to unprotected razor blades, there’s no reason not to give at least a few of these a try. Your skin will thank you for it.


This Exfoliating Brush That Helps Prevent Ingrown Hairs

If used before shaving, this brush can help prevent red bumps caused by ingrown hairs. It works by exfoliating your skin and releasing trapped hairs so that you can get a closer shave — and it does so without the help of any cleansers or serums. The best part? It’s safe to use all over your body, including your bikini line.


This Popular Aftershave To Help Prevent Redness & Red Bumps

It only takes a thin coat of this aftershave, and the cruelty-free formula will help minimize any redness or razor bumps. You can use it on your legs, underarms, bikini line, as well as your face — but the manufacturer recommends testing a tiny bit on your skin for an hour to make sure you’re not sensitive to it.


The Genius Travel Kit That Lets You Shave On The Go (Without Running Water)

You don’t have to pack soap, razors, and any of those other shaving accessories — just take this kit with you on your next trip. It comes with a razor and a refillable water bottle so you can prepare your skin for a close shave — but the coolest part is the built-in moisture bar to help prevent irritation and dryness.


The Shaving Pedestal That Makes The Whole Process Easier

Instead of leaning your foot onto the soapy bathtub ledge while shaving, install this pedestal into your wall and prop your leg up. It’ll help you shave hard-to-reach places without balancing in the water, and it’s made out of sturdy alloy metal.


A Moisturizing Razor With A Built-In Bikini Trimmer

With five curve-sensing blades that contour to your body, this razor helps you get an extra-close shave. It’ll even help moisturize your skin along the way, and the hydrating serum at the top and base of the shaver head can leave your skin feeling soft for up to two hours post-shave. Plus, it even features a waterproof bikini trimmer.


The Covers That Protect Razor Blades From Dirt

Pop one of these covers onto your razor head to help prevent any bacterial growth. They’re also great for helping prevent accidental nicks, and each one even features a thin zinc strip on the inside to help keep your blades sharp.


The Non-Comedogenic Shaving Gel Made With Oat & Vitamin E

Not only will this non-comedogenic shaving gel keep your pores clear, but it’ll help prevent razor bumps as you shave (thanks to its therapeutic formula containing oat and vitamin E). It’s smooth and silky, making it easy for your razor to glide along your skin. Plus, it’s dermatologist-recommended.


A Cooling Roll-On Solution To Remedy & Prevent Razor Bumps

Whether you’ve got razor bumps or if you’re trying to prevent them, this serum can help soothe your skin. Simply roll it over the area you’ve just shaved, and it’ll ease any irritation. It’s also great for helping prevent ingrown hairs, and the roll-on applicator makes it easy to spread anywhere.


This Travel Razor That Comes In A Protective Case

You don’t want your razors to get clogged with random fibers as they jostle around your suitcase — so grab this travel razor. Each order comes with three blades, while the protective travel case is large enough to carry one, plus a small handle.


This Aloe Vera Gel For A Nourished Post-Shave Feel

If your skin tends to feels a little dry post-shave, this aloe vera gel is a must-have. Unlike some moisturizers, it absorbs ultra-quickly into your skin without any greasy residues. There are zero parabens, dyes, or fragrances — and if you look at the ingredients, the first one listed is organic aloe vera. One customer wrote, “I typically use it on my bikini line after shaving and a few days following. Keeps dry and potentially itchy skin at bay.”


A Brand New Pack Of Razors Designed For Sensitive Skin

With a hydrating strip at the top of the shaver head, these razors glide effortlessly over sensitive skin to create minimal irritation. Each order comes with one handle along with four shaver head refills — and one reviewer even raved that they “give a very smooth leg shave and also they tend to last a lot longer before needing replacement.”


The Ingrown Hair Pads Made With Witch Hazel & Green Tea

Many ingrown hair serums aren’t suitable for use around your bikini area, whereas these pads are specifically made for it. Witch hazel works as an astringent to cleanse skin, while green tea delivers a hearty dose of antioxidants — and they can even provide light exfoliation.


A Himalayan Salt Body Scrub To Exfoliate Razor Bumps

Whenever I feel a few ingrown hairs on my legs post-shave, I like to follow up with an exfoliating body scrub like this one. Not only is it made with real Himalayan salt, but the lychee oil also works to moisturize skin to help keep it from drying out. One customer wrote, “I suffer from blackheads and ingrown hairs due to shaving [...] and this is the only thing that has smoothen my skin out!”


A Red Bump Eliminator Made With Salicylic Acid, Aloe Vera & More

This serum is chock-full of hydrating ingredients to help counterbalance its exfoliating abilities. Salicylic acid works to unclog hair follicles (to help reduce red bumps), while aloe vera helps moisturize skin. Plus, it’s even completely cruelty-free and dermatologist-tested.


This Whipped Shaving Cream That Doubles As Bath Soap

This whipped shaving cream works twofold: it’ll help moisturize skin and work as a cleansing body soap in a pinch. The formula is completely cruelty-free — and one person wrote, “It makes your skin soft when you use it to shave with. I get no bumps or razor burn and I live how this smells.”


A Razor Holder That Sticks To Shower Walls

You always want to keep your razor high and dry to keep the blades clean — so grab this holder. The suction cup on the back makes it easy to stick to shower walls, and the gripper clip adjusts to fit most razors. Many reviewers wrote how it “works perfectly.”


A Sleek Chrome Stand Made To Hold Up Your Razor

Plated with stylish chrome for a timeless look, this stand is an elegant place to keep your razor — and the weighted base ensures that it won’t tip over. Most razors will fit between the prongs, while reviewers appreciated its “good quality.”


This Sharpener That Works On Disposable Razors

Tired of wasting money on disposable razors? Unlike sharpeners, this one is designed to work on regular blades and disposables. Not only can it help you save money, but it can even extend the life of your disposables by up to 50 shaves.


A Solution That Helps Keep Blades Sharp

This razor guard solution can help keep your blades sharp for months — and since it’s also antimicrobial, it’ll even help protect them against any bacterial growth. It’s formulated to work with all razors, and each order comes with a cup you can mount in the shower.


The Shower Mirror That Holds Your Razors & Shaving Cream Bottle

Not only does this mirror give you a second angle to work with while shaving, but it also features space for your razors and shaving cream. The suction cups on the back allow for simple installation, and the frame is made from stainless steel that won’t rust over time.


A Pack Of Washcloths For Warm Compresses Over Red Bumps

To help bring ingrown hairs to the surface and remedy red bumps, you can press warm wash cloth over the affected area. These cloths are made of soft cotton and are machine washable. Not to mention, one pack comes with 24 of them, so you probably won’t run out anytime soon.


These Razors With A Soothing Aloe Vera & Vitamin E Strip

Many razors feature a lubricating strip of some sort, but this set of 10 from Bic takes it a step further by infusing that strip with nourishing aloe vera and vitamin E. They’re suitable for all types of skin — including sensitive — and the textured rubber handles help you maintain a firm grip in the shower.