37 Gifts Your Brother Will Actually Love

He’s always the hardest to shop for.

by Chelsey Grasso, Brittany Leitner and Alexis Morillo
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The best gifts to buy your brother
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Surprisingly, brothers can be some of the hardest people to shop for when it comes to holiday presents. Stuck on what to get your favorite sib? Worry not, because we’ve compiled gifts for your brother that he'll actually like. Whether he's your big brother or your little brother (or heck, even your twin brother), there's going to be something here that you know he'll instantly fall in love with — be it stormtrooper cufflinks or a wooden flask.

You may know your brother from the inside out, but that doesn't make shopping for him any easier. Or, you may not know your broski as well as you'd like, and that's OK too. Regardless of what boat you're in, this gift guide is likely to help you out no matter what your budget might look like.

Sometimes you just need a little inspiration to get you going on your holiday shopping. The items included here will certainly give you that. From clothing and cooking goods to technology devices and personal accessories, there is something here for every brother (and every budget!).

1. A Bottle That Elevates A Bar Cart

If your brother is on the nice list and is a certified Tequila Guy, this is a must. This tequila is light and fresh and can be served with just a slice of orange to bring out all of its natural notes. Plus, your bro probably needs an impressive bottle displayed on his bar cart, so let it be this one.

2. Verizon Stream TV

If your sibling is a professional marathon-watcher, Stream TV is a dream come true. With easy access to Netflix, HBO Max, MLB TV, and more in one device, you may not hear from him for days after you exchange gifts.

3. Stormtrooper Star Wars Cufflinks

If your bro is a Star Wars nerd, then these stormtrooper cufflinks are the way to go. There's no turning back.

4. Classic Sunglasses

Ray-Bans never go out of style. These are fun because they're not your typical black-on-black duo, but instead, mix things up a little with green lenses.

5. A Car Service For Every Vacay


Turo is like the lovechild between a vacation home rental and a car rental service. Hosts list their cars for users to rent and they can choose their preferred model right on the homepage. Sometimes, the service even offers unique experiences — like the Elfmobile option to spread festive cheer or the Jonas Brothers collab where fans were able to meet their favorite brothers and drive their cars. Yes, really. Buy your bro a gift card for him to try out the service himself here.

6. A Custom Oak Whiskey Barrel

This is just so cool. A miniature oak barrel that will help whiskey achieve its peak flavor? Yeah, your brother will think so too.

7. A Beanie For Running

Sometimes beanies can come off as sloppy, but this one is an exception. Simple, sleek, and beautifully designed — your brother needs one.

8. Fresh Headphones

You’ll be the coolest sister in the world after he unboxes these on Christmas morning.

9. A Personal Massager

If your brother loves working out, this is the perfect thoughtful gift for his gym bag.

10. Travel Notebook

If your brother is the note-jotting type, then get him an awesome notebook like this one made specifically to record his travels. Toss in a pack of nice pens or pencils to complete the gift.

11. A Patterned Scarf

This oversized scarf will keep your brother warm and stylish all winter long.

12. A Screen Projector Kit

This is a great idea if your sibling recently moved into his first apartment with his buddies.

13. Personalized Tie Clip

Sometimes, simplicity is the best. These stainless steel tie clips are something he’ll definitely appreciate.

14. A Cool Pocket Square

You have to admit — your brother can look pretty dashing when he wants to. A pocket square like this one is a quick and easy way to upgrade his look, instantly.

15. Hot Sauce Gift Pack

Spice up his life with this three-pack of hot sauce variety bottles.

16. A Cozy Hoodie

Upgrade the tattered hoodie he’s had since college with this cozy pullover.

17. A Woody Candle

This "Hearth" scented candle by Nest Fragrances gives off hints of fire, ember, and frankincense.

18. A Luxe Travel Kit

For the bro on the go, this gift is complete with essentials for their showers.

19. Dog Breed Neck Tie

If he’s a dog lover, this fun necktie is for him.

20. Bluetooth-Enabled Record Player

Everybody needs a turntable these days. Vinyls are officially "back.”

21. A Mod Calendar

With a unique calendar of sheets they can tear away as each month passes, they have no excuse for forgetting your birthday this year.

22. Top-Notch Chocolate

Made up of 70% cocoa, chocolate doesn't get any more real than this.

23. Wooden Flask

Handcrafted, you can tell this flask isn't your ordinary run-of-the-mill product. So thoughtful of you!

24. Gingerbread Man Socks

Brothers need socks too, and these are festive and fun.

25. A Yellowstone Puzzle

If your brother loves national parks, he’ll love this 200-, 500- or 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle set where he gets to recreate the Grand Prismatic Spring.

26. Leather Wallet

This two-toned wallet has a sleek design and an awesome appearance. It's also pretty inexpensive, considering its leather quality.

27. Slip-On Sneakers

If your sibling’s a fan of all things spooky, consider these top-rated Vans featuring glow-in-the-dark eyes.

28. Wooden Charging Dock

This chic iPhone charger will up your brother's apartment aesthetic instantly.

29. Skewer-Less Kabob Grilling Baskets

If your brother likes to grill, then these kabob grilling baskets were made for him. No more losing veggies to the fire.

30. Pickle Cookbook

For the pickle-obsessed brother, Grillo’s Pickle Cookbook is a must-have. In this recipe book, their favorite food is the star of the show, from a pickle-brined fried chicken sandwich to pork rind fried pickles with white BBQ sauce. Make sure you’re there to taste test the results.

31. Thermal Running Hoodie

If your sibling is a runner, consider this top-rated midweight layer for their outdoor miles. Not only will it keep them warm, but the comfy hoodie is odor resistant, too.

32. Mini Instant Camera

If your brother loves capturing the moment, gift him this mini instant camera. It may be pocket-sized, but this top-rated item has a built-in flash, a selfie mirror, and a timer, and is rechargeable via USB.

33. A Fancy Shaving Kit

Introduce your brother to the world of expert shaving with this pack that comes with shaving cream, a shaving brush, aftershave balm and pre-shave oil, and sandalwood.

34. A Trusty Pair Of Boots

Blundstone boots will last your brother a lifetime and are a durable alternative to the basic Chelsea boots he might already have.

35. A Classy Belt

Nothing will make your baby bro feel more adult than a classic leather belt.

36. Pinky Ring

Don’t underestimate the cool factor of a pinky ring. Your brother may not think to rock one on his own, but if you gift him a neutral one like this tiger’s eye it might become his go-to accessory.

37. Comfortable Travel Clothes

If your brother is constantly on a plane, some comfortable travel clothes that still look put together are a gift he’ll surely appreciate.

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