13 Halloween Costumes That Are Basically Pajamas

by Brittany Bennett
Party City; Walmart; Kigurumi Shop

Halloween, though fun, can be one uncomfortable holiday. Tight costumes, itchy costumes, costumes that don't match the weather outside at all — it's tough to dress up and actually be festive. In case you're not down with spending the evening in uncomfortable knick knacks, though, don't worry: there are Halloween costumes that are basically pajamas out there. Because why would you spend an evening with a pile of candy in front of you any other way?

Just because you're going to be in pajamas does not mean you're sacrificing being cute on this notorious dress-up day. Comfortable is cute, especially when you're rocking an adult onesie. Honestly, would you want to wear anything else as you galavant from one Halloween party to another, collecting all the fun size candy bars offered in giant mixing bowls?

Adult onesies are warm. Late October typically isn't. This is just another reason why wearing a costume that's basically pajamas is the wisest, most adult wardrobe decision you could make this Halloween. In your youth you probably battled with your parents over the idea of wearing a turtleneck under your superhero costume. But as a responsible, don't-want-to-get-sick adult, the more skin is covered the better.

Thankfully the market is stocked with onesies for adults. Whether you want to be a bear, a unicorn, or a Jack-o-Lantern you'll be a comfortable bear, unicorn Jack-o-Lantern, on account of you will basically be wearing pajamas.

Stitch Adult Pajamas Costume

These are literal pajamas. Not basically. Literally. But they double as a costume because once you put your hoodie up, boom, you're Stitch from Disney's Lilo & Stitch. Ohana means family and onesie means comfortable. The material is plush and warm and loose. It'll be easy to move in and is the most ideal outfit for the pounds of candy you're planning on consuming.

Adult Elephant Union Suit

Be the elephant in the room with this Elephant Union Suit. Put your hood up and your trunk forward if you'd rather eat mini Milky Way bars in peace, or, you know, if you want to take a snooze on the couch in the middle of the party. You'll be tempted to because you'll basically be in pajamas anyways.

Adult Zipster Black Cat One Piece Costume Plus Size

One thing is for sure: you'll be the coolest cat at the Halloween party. And the most comfortable. Just make sure you don't doze off for a quick ~cat nap~ in the midst of activities, though, you'll certainly be tempted to. This onesie pajama costume situation is perfect to curl up in.

Adult Zipster Jack-o'-Lantern One Piece Costume

Keep it classic with a Jack-o-Lantern onesie costume. Though marketed as a costume, the onesie is made of fleece with stretchy wrist and ankle cuffs which, in my opinion, also makes them the perfect pajamas for late fall through winter. This isn't a wear once and forget about it kind of costume. This is a multi-use piece of clothing fit for the pajama drawer.

Adult Zipster Bat One Piece Costume Plus Size

If you're not in the mood to figure out all the little pieces to make up a costume, may I present to you: the bat onesie. Full of detail — including bell sleeve esque wings! — this costume does not disappoint. You'll be in the Halloween spirit, even tempted to hang out upside down, while also being in pajamas. This is a major win.

Leg Avenue Women's Hooded Cozy Fawn Halloween Costume

It's not technically a onesie, but I believe it still constitutes as basically pajamas. This long, fleece, zip up hoodie can be paired with leggings or whatever stretchy pants you keep in constant rotation. You'll be dressed as a baby deer. It's cute. It's comfortable. It's perfect wear for Halloween to sleep.

Piglet LandRosy Adult Onesie Halloween Costumes Sleepwear

Costume sleepwear is my new general aesthetic, I think. This year Halloween parties and slumber parties can be confused as the same thing. Arrive as the fleece Piglet of your ~dreams~ and have no trouble dozing off after one too many caramel apples.

Sea Otter Kigurumi

Is this the cutest costume ever? Sorry, babies dressed up for their first Halloween. The answer is yes. Make this a costume a couple's costume by ordering two. Otters are adorably known for holding hands while they float to avoid drifting off from each other. DO THE SAME IN THESE COSTUME PAJAMAS! You'll be cuddling or cuddled up from night to morning.

Angelina Unisex Plush Unicorn and Animal One-Piece

The unofficial rule is: there must be at least one unicorn at the party. Be that person. Why? Because you'll basically get to wear pajamas for a night out. And after experiencing the bliss of showing up to a party in loose fitted, fleece clothing you'll wonder why every party isn't a pajama party.

Women's Plus Size Astronaut Jumpsuit Costume

Mission: Halloween Comfort is about to take off. Be the most comfortable party attendee in the galaxy with this astronaut jumpsuit. It may not be made of fleece, but it's a onesie, and aren't all onesies practically pajamas? I think yes,

Care Bear's Plus Size Hoodie Costume

Hello, yes, I am about the oversized hoodie costume. Be a bear — a Care Bear more specifically — and be adorabear while you're at it. You are bound to bring joy with you when you show up in this faux fur hoodie and spandex leggings number. You may also be the envy of anyone who has chosen not to wear pajamas for the evening. This costume is what we call a life hack, people!

Rugrats Chuckie Micro Fleece Green/Blue Orange Onesie

Bring back that '90s nostalgia by dressing up as your favorite cartoon character. This zip up union suit is meant to sleep in. Conveniently, because it's a Nickelodeon design, it doubles as a costume. Sleep, lounge, trick-or-treat in it. All are appropriate uses. At the end of the night, like a baby, eat your candy and go to bed.

Adult Chicken Kigurumi Animal Costume Pajamas

Don't ~chicken~ out from wearing pajamas out for Halloween. This costume-sleep wear comes complete with claw slippers. Claw slippers! From head to toe you will be the most comfortable chicken in the coop, I mean, at the party. Bonus points if you arrive with a dozen eggs for the host.