6 ‘GoT’ Daenerys & Jon Couples Costume Ideas For Halloween You Can Start Planning Now


While it's always fun to come up with your own amazing Halloween costume that will get you tons of compliments, sometimes it's even more fun to dress up with someone else. Couples costumes are always a good idea for Halloween, and there is definitely no shortage of ideas out there when it comes to pop culture inspiration — especially if you're a Game Of Thrones fan. The series ended its run in May 2019, and though its ending wasn't considered the best in terms of payoff, its iconic characters are still A+ choices for Halloween costumes. For instance: If you and your bae are GoT fans, perhaps consider Daenerys and Jon Halloween couples costumes? (Of course, even though these are generally thought of as "couples" costumes, that doesn't mean you have to do them with your significant other. You can do them with your best friend too, if you want — they're still fun!)

Yes, Daenerys and Jon are a slightly controversial duo for fans of the series, not only because it turned out that they were related, but also because Daenerys and Jon didn't exactly have a happy ending in the last episode. I won't spoil it for anyone who somehow hasn't seen it or heard about it yet, but... it was rough. Suffice it to say that there are a lot of people who don't think these two should have ever been together, and so your couples costume will definitely get a reaction!

Here are a few Halloween costume ideas based on Daenerys and Jon that you should definitely consider trying out:


Daenerys And Jon In Season 8


The relationship between Daenerys and Jon really got kicked up a notch in the last season of Game of Thrones, when they were fully in love with each other. Put a fresh spin on these two popular costumes by dressing as the two when they snuck off, with the dragons, to make out in front of a frozen waterfall. If you really want to nail Daenerys' look, this cosplay costume from Etsy is perfect, but it's also very expensive. Here's a less pricy option:

As for Jon, he's pretty easy to mimic:


Daenerys And Jon In All Black


Another option for Daenerys and Jon is this all-black warrior look that Daenerys is showing off. Daenerys started dressing in more black clothing towards the end of the show as opposed to her lighter-colored dresses from earlier seasons as her personality began to change. And Jon is, as usual, in dark armor with a fur cloak over him.


Classic Daenerys


If you want everyone to know exactly who you're dressed as, you can opt for this classic Daenerys costume: the blue dress and cape and beige pants and boots she wore for much of the series. Then your partner can choose the classic Jon Snow look below.


Classic Jon Snow


It's pretty easy to dress as Jon Snow, since his look is extremely consistent. Has there ever been a moment in the show when he didn't wear black armor, black boots, and either a black or brown cape over his shoulders? Probably not!


Daenerys At The End Of Season 8


Another way to go for Daenerys' dark warrior looks from the end of the series is with this costume, which is really affordable and looks pretty much exactly like Daenerys' outfit at the end of season 8. Plus, it will keep you warm!


Jon Snow in Season 8


One slight variation on the Jon Snow costume is to ditch the fur cloak and just wear the armor he wears during battles. He also wore this a lot during the last few seasons, so this is a good costume to pair with the above Daenerys all-black look.