Hands Down, These Are The 43 Best Things We Bought In The Last Year From Amazon

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With thousands of products instantly available right at your fingertips, a good recommendation can be invaluable when you’re shopping online. Not only do they help guide you towards worthwhile products, but you can almost always rest assured that your money won’t be going to waste. But if your friends and family are all out of tips, don’t worry — the items on this list are hands down the best things on Amazon we’ve bought in the last year.

And with such a variety of products to choose from, I can almost guarantee that you’ll find yourself using few of them on a daily basis. Take the sliding shelf as a prime example. With industrial-grade ball bearings, it effortlessly glides in and out so to help you reach items in the far back of your cabinet — and it’s even made from tough steel. But if that isn’t enough, there’s also an adjustable rack that adds storage to doors, warm globe lights for your patio, as well as a spiralizer that creates delicious veggie noodles.

It’s almost too easy to accidentally waste your money online, but checking out these staff-recommended products is even easier. Keep scrolling to see some of the best things we’ve bought all year — because that sliding shelf isn’t going to buy itself, you know.


These Disposable Face Masks That Reviewers Adore

These black face masks are made from non-woven fabric to help keep you protected, and they’ve got elastic ear bands to keep them secure (along with an adjustable nose clip). One reviewer even wrote that “they are very comfortable.”


This Mandoline That Catches Veggie Pieces As You Go

Tired of slicing up all your ingredients by hand? Allow this mandoline slicer to do the work for you. Each order comes with six interchangeable blades that let you spiralize, slice, grate, and ribbon ingredients. Plus, they’re made from stainless steel that’s resistant to rust.


This Silicone Mat That Helps You Measure Pastries

Not sure how large your pie crust is? Use the measurement markings on this mat to figure it out. The mat itself is made from food-grade silicone that won’t stick to your unbaked goods — and since it’s flexible, you can also use it to roll out dough.


These Carbon Filters That Add Protection To Face Masks

Slip one of these carbon filters into your face mask for some extra protection against dust, pollution, and more. You only need to replace them once every week, and many reviewers raved about how this pack of 100 is a “great value for the money.”


The Sliding Shelf That Adds Storage To Cabinets

Made from commercial-grade steel, this sliding shelf is a must-have if you’re looking to tidy up messy cabinets. Not only does it make it easier to reach all your items, but the industrial-grade ball bearings allow it to smoothly glide in and out — and there’s no mounting required.


A Pack Of Reusable Silicone Straws For Shorter Glasses

Whereas some reusable straws are designed to fit into tall tumblers, these short ones are perfect for wine and cocktail glasses. They’re made from BPA-free silicone, and each order also comes with a pipette brush to help you scrub the insides clean when dirty.


A Set Of Shelves That Slide Into Tight Spaces

Slide these shelves into that little gap between your washer and dryer; it’s the perfect place to keep all your detergents and sprays. Many reviewers raved about how it’s “easy to assemble,” with one going so far as to write, “I was amazed at how much this holds.”


A Handheld Spiralizer That Turns Veggies Into Noodles

Carrots, zucchini, cucumbers — this spiralizer can turn all of them and more into delicious vegetable noodles. It’s made from tough ABS plastic that won’t crack under pressure, and even dissembles for easy cleaning once you’re done cooking.


The 8-Tier Door Rack With Adjustable Shelves

You can easily add storage space to any door in your home using this rack — and it’s especially great for kitchen pantries. You have the option of either mounting it to the door or hanging it over the top. And unlike some racks, this one features adjustable shelves.


A Set Of Insulated Boxes That Hide Cluttered Cables

Do you have a knotted jumble of wires you’d like to hide? Make sure to check out these cable organizers. Not only do they conceal messy wires, but they’re also large enough to accommodate power strips. Plus, the ventilation shafts on either side help prevent overheating.


These Globe Lights That Cast A Romantic Glow

Add these globe lights to your living room, and they’ll cast a romantic glow to help you relax after a long day. The bulbs are also weatherproof so that they’re safe to use outdoors — and many reviewers wrote about how they turned out to be brighter than expected.


The Travel Bottles That Clip Onto Your Carry-On

Since each one of these travel bottles comes with its own clip, you can easily attach them to your carry-on when flying. They’re great for everything from cosmetics to shampoo — and the leakproof seals help keep your bag safe from accidental spills.


The LED Light Bars You Can Stick Nearly Anywhere

Need a little extra light to see where you’re going? Allow these LED light bars to help illuminate the way. They feature built-in magnets that easily sticks to metal surfaces. Plus, each order also comes with adhesive so that you can also install them under cabinets, in dark hallways, or nearly anywhere else.


These Shower Steamers That Release Soothing Essential Oils

Prefer taking showers to soaking in baths? Similar to bath bombs, these steamer pucks release soothing essential oils as they dissolve. Each order comes with six scents, including lavender chamomile, lemongrass citrus, rose cherry blossom, and more.


This Moldable Glue That Can Handle Tough Jobs

Not only can you mold this glue to repair everything from shoes to kitchen cookware, but it’s also waterproof — just in case you need to fix something outside. You can even use it to insulate wires up to 24 volts, and it’ll adhere to practically any surface: ceramics, wood, plastic, glass, and more.


A High-Pressure Shower Head With A Handheld Attachment

When you’re trying to get extra-clean after a hard workout, use the handheld attachment on this shower head to thoroughly cleanse every part of your body. The primary rainfall head features six different water pressure settings — and since the hose is made from stainless steel, it’s also resistant to rust.


These Leggings That Are Completely Squatproof

With more than 20,000 positive four- and five-star reviews, it’s no wonder that these leggings are one of the best purchases I’ve made in the past year. Not only is the four-way stretch fabric squat-proof, but they also feature pockets on both legs. And with dozens of colors to choose from, it should be easy to find a pair that suits your style.

  • Available sizes: X-Small — Large, X-Large — 3X-Large


A Memory Foam Pillow That Lets You Adjust The Loft

If this pillow feels a little too tall for you, don’t worry — you can easily remove some of the shredded memory foam filling to give it a lower loft. It’s also hypoallergenic, and the cover is made from breathable bamboo fibers to help keep you from overheating at night.


The Tiered Basket That Puts Fruit On Display

Hang this tiered basket in your kitchen for a cute place to keep fruit. It’s made from tough steel that’s been plated in chrome — and you can even disconnect the chains if you’d like to use the baskets separately. Plus, many reviewers raved about how it helped free up precious counter space.


A Knife Sharpener That Comes With A Protective Glove

Dull blades can make cooking difficult, even for professional chefs — so grab this sharpener. It features three slots that sharpen, repair, and polish your knives, while the cut-resistant glove that comes included helps keep your hands safe from accidental nicks.


This Turkish Beach Towel Made From 100% Cotton

With more than 30 rich shades to pick from, you may as well grab a few of these Turkish beach towels. They’re made from 100% cotton to help you dry off after a dip in the ocean, and they’ll take up less space in your beach tote than ring-spun towels.


A Back Scrubber That Exfoliates As It Cleanses

Don’t twist and bend into awkward positions just to wash your back — save yourself some stress by using this scrubber instead. The handles on either end make it easy to rub it back and forth across your back, while the loofah-like fabric helps exfoliate to leave your skin feeling oh-so soft.


The Moroccan Oil Treatment That Helps Keep Your Hair Smooth

It can be tough to strike the balance between calming unwanted frizz and making your strands feel greasy, but this Moroccan oil treatment manages to do it. Not only does it help tame frizz while infusing shine, but it even helps detangle knotted hair. But if that isn’t enough, more than 30,000 reviewers awarded it either four or five stars.


A Pack Of Scented Candles With 8 Different Fragrances

Looking to get the most bang for your buck when it comes to scented candles? These ones are available for less than $30, and each one is large enough to burn for up to 15 hours. Choose from scents like lavender, green tea, oolong milk, and others.


This Bath Pillow That Supports Your Neck & Back

Unlike some bath pillows that only support your head, this one features a second panel so that your shoulders can also rest comfortably against the side of the tub. It’s covered with breathable mesh fabric to help it dry quickly — and the suction cups on the back help it stay firmly in place.


A Bath Mat Made To Resemble Chic Cobblestones

Adding this cobblestone-style bath mat to your tub is a cost-effective way to upgrade any bathroom. The suction cups on the bottom prevent it from lifting up when the tub is full, while the nonslip top helps keep you sturdy. Choose from three colors: grey, beige, or blue.


A Serum That Leaves Your Hair Silky-Smooth After 8 Seconds

It only takes about eight seconds for this wonder water serum to leave your strands feeling silky-smooth — and the formula is even free from silicones as well as parabens. It’s suitable for use on all types of hair, including color-treated.


This Hot Brush That Volumizes As It Dries

Curl this hot brush into your roots, and then wait a few seconds as the warm air works to lift them up and away from your scalp. The heat is adjustable up to three levels, while the tufted bristles help keep your head protected from accidental burns.


A Floor Mat That Can Help Prevent Fatigue

Not only can standing on a floor mat help prevent fatigue in your legs, but this mat in particular is made with high-density foam to help reduce pressure in your back. It’s also stain-resistant — just in case you spill something — and works just as well in your home office as it does your kitchen.


A Pair Of Yoga Shorts That Are Cool & Breezy

Too warm for leggings? These yoga shorts are a fashionable alternative that won’t leave you feeling restricted. The high-waist cut pairs well with everything from crop tops to tanks, while the longer inseam helps keep your thighs from chafing together.

  • Available sizes: X-Small — Large, X-Large — 3X-Large


An Air Freshener That Eliminates Unwanted Odors

Unlike some air fresheners that only mask unwanted odors, this one eliminates them so that you’re all you’re left with is the refreshing scent of Gain. Plus, each order comes with enough to last for up to 45 days — and the formula used doesn’t contain phthalates.


Rechargeable Lightbulbs That Work During Power Outages

Use these emergency lightbulbs like any ordinary LED bulb — but do so with the reassurance that if you lose power, the bulb can run off of its rechargeable battery for three to four hours, and can be turned on or off via its included switch. You charge the bulb by using it when you don’t have a power outage (it takes 8 to 10 hours to reach a full charge) and then it’s charged and ready for any potential future emergency. The bulb gives off 850 lumens of light when powered by an AC outlet, and 500 lumens when it runs on its own battery power.


A Plus-Size Cami That’s Cute & Soft

Take it from all of the customers who’ve called this cami super soft : It’s definitely worth buying. It’s not just comfortable, though, since it features details like lace and a criss-cross detail above a plunging v-neck that make it ideal for both going out as staying in.

  • Available sizes: Large Plus — 5X-Large Plus


Super Thick Blackout Curtains For Total Darkness

If you don’t want any daylight entering your room to interfere with your sleep, you need these true blackout curtains, which have a thick black backing to ensure they block out 100% of the daylight. Though the curtains are lined with dark fabric, they actually come in a bunch of different colors, so you can choose the one that best matches your decor. Each set of curtains comes with two panels, which have silver-toned grommets you can use to hang them on a rod. In addition to shielding you from sunlight, they also insulate against noise, heat, and cold — everything you could possibly need to create a comfortable sleeping environment.

Choose from a number of different sizes, ranging from 63 to 108 inches long and 42 to 70 inches wide.


These Smart Light Bulbs That Are Compatible With Alexa

Pair these smart light bulbs with Alexa or Google Home, and you’ll be able to control them using voice commands — all from the comfort of your couch. There’s no smart hub required, and you can even dim them to help create a relaxing ambiance.


A Ring Light With A Built-In Phone Mount

Whether you’re filming a TikTok video or chatting with friends, this ring light tripod can help brighten the picture. It feature three lighting colors (warm white, cool white, and daylight), and the brightness is dimmable up to 10 levels. Plus, the built-in phone mount keeps your hands free.


The Lap Desk With Space For A Mouse & Phone

Not all lap desks are the same. This one features a built-in mouse pad, as well as a slot where you can stash your phone. The dual-bolster cushions contour to the shape of your lap to help keep you comfortable, and the smooth top helps siphon away hot air so that your laptop doesn’t overheat.


A Stylish Lanyard That Keeps Your Phone Close By

Misplacing your phone all the time? Wear it on this lanyard the next time you go out, and you’ll always know where it is. It’s designed to work with nearly any case — and the quick-release buckle makes it easy to pop your phone out once you’re home.


These Resistance Bands Made Without Latex

When you can’t pull yourself off the couch to hit the gym, these resistance bands can help you get your muscles burning without ever leaving the house. Each order comes with five bands in varying intensity levels, and they don’t contain any latex.


This Crop Top That’ll Become Your Everyday Go-To

I reach for this American Apparel crop top on a daily basis. Not only does it look great with high-waisted lounge pants, but I can even wear it straight from the couch to the gym without having to change. And if you’re going out, add a stylish choker to dress it up — it’s that versatile.

  • Available sizes: X-Small — Large


The Dispensers That Foam Up Liquid Soap

Not only do these dispensers give a chic touch to any vanity, but they also transform liquid soap into cost-effective foam to help you save money over time. They’re made from sleek glass — not plastic — and many reviewers raved about how thick they are.


This Aeropress Espresso Maker That Doesn’t Need Electricity

Whether you’re at home or out in the wilderness, this coffee and espresso maker can help you get your morning dose of caffeine. The rapid brewing process helps keep your brew from developing a bitter taste — and it’s large enough to make up to three cups per batch.


A Wall-Mounted Caddy For Your Shower

With more than 20,000 Amazon reviews and an overall rating of 4.8 stars, this wall-mounted shower caddy is a fan favorite bathroom storage solution. And it’s easy to see why — the stylish and functional piece is made from rustproof stainless steel (in your choice of black or silver) and is super spacious, with a basket for shower products and hooks for hanging loofas, washcloths, and razors. It attaches to the wall with super powerful adhesive that’s easy to remove, making it renter-friendly as well.

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