Having A Dog Is Hard, But Any Of These 30 Clever Things Make It So Much Easier

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by Madison Barber
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Dogs are man’s best friend for a reason: they love us unconditionally, look perpetually adorable (even when they do something naughty), and are the best companions for everything. Even though dog owners love having their pups around, they can be a handful sometimes.

If your canine is hyperactive, dirty, bored, anxious, or just, well, a dog, it can be exhausting trying to take the best possible care of them. But, because they love them so much, pet parents will do anything they can to ensure their fur baby is happy and healthy 100% of the time. That’s why they’re lucky that Amazon has everything they’ll need to do just that.

From fun, interactive toys that keep your dog occupied, to grooming tools that are gentle on their fur, to on-the-go essentials that they’ll need to keep them clean and hydrated, Amazon has everything a dog owner needs to keep them content and healthy 24/7. Whether you have a new puppy or an old family dog, a tiny toy breed or a big Retriever, Amazon has the toys and tools you’ll need to take care of your canine. Check out these 30 things that make having a dog so much easier:


This Tennis Ball Launcher That Takes Fetch To A Whole New Level

Bring this tennis ball launcher to the park and let your dog play all day without tiring yourself out. This device will launch your pet’s favorite tennis ball farther than ever before, and its ergonomic design allows you to throw it in the exact direction you want it to go and scoop up the slobbery ball without touching it. It’s simple yet it genius, which is why it has a 4.8-star rating on Amazon with over 42,000 reviews.


An Efficient Pet Hair Remover That Is Endlessly Reusable

This pet hair remover makes it easy to have your couches, carpets, blankets, and whatever else Fido has left half of its coat on, look as good as new. Just roll it back and forth on whatever you want to be cleaned, and the tapeless, battery-less roller will do its thing. Unlike other lint rollers, you just empty the collected pet hair from the waste compartment into the trash when you’re done, making this endlessly reusable.


These Treats That Hide Your Pet’s Pills For Easy Swallowing

These “pill pouches” are a genius little invention that lets you sneak your dog’s pill into the middle of a delicious, chicken-flavored treat. It’s a simple, genius solution to feeding a stubborn dog something big and unfamiliar. This treats, which are suitable for all dog breeds, have holes where you slip in a pill then close them up, totally tricking picky pups.


This Clip-On Poop Bag Dispenser That Doubles As A Flashlight

Not only is this poop bag holder compact enough to bring with you on walks with your dog, but it can attach to your dog’s leash and act as a flashlight if you’re walking at night. The roll of plastic doggy bags is super easy to rip from the dispenser, and the keychain feature lets you carry your bags hands-free. You can tie the used ones around the clip, too, until you find a trash can.


This Highly-Rated Pet Water Bottle For Hydrating On-The-Go

With over 19,000 five-star ratings on Amazon, this dog water bottle is a must-have item. This portable bottle is totally leak-proof, made from food-grade plastic, and couldn’t be easier to use — just hold down the button to dispense water. If your dog doesn’t finish all the water, press the button, tilt it back, and the extra H2O will go back into the container. This bottle is available in two sizes, 12 and 19 ounces.


A Snuffle Mat That Helps Train Your Pup’s Sense Of Smell

Though it’s common knowledge that dogs have a stellar senses of smell, this snuffle mat can further strengthen that sense while simultaneously giving your pup a fun activity to engage in. Hide your dog’s kibble or some treats within the grass-like felt, and watch your pet try and sniff out their snacks. This machine washable mat also doubles as a slow feeding bowl.


These Wipes That Give Your Dog A Quick, Sweet-Smelling Refresh

If your pet needs a quick clean that doesn’t require turning on the bathwater, these wipes will do the trick. These hypoallergenic, compostable, alcohol-free wipes can clean your dog’s paws, face, or body with just a few swipes. They have a sweet lavender scent and moisturizing ingredients like aloe vera and shea butter that keep your dog’s fur soft and smelling sweet.


A Tracker That Helps You Answer The Question: “Did We Feed The Dog?”

Never stress again about forgetting to feed or double feeding your pup with this daily feeding tracker that you can mount onto your wall via magnets or included self adhesive strips. Keep this in your dog’s feeding area and click the slider the right once you’ve fed your dog in the morning and at night, then repeat every day for the whole week. It’s a simple yet brilliant solution to a problem all dog owners have had.


A Feature-Packed Doggy Travel Bag That Has A 4.9-Star Rating

This doggy travel bag has a 4.9-star rating on Amazon, because this airline-approved carry-on bag lets you store every possible thing you and your dog could need for a trip. It has a roomy interior with a flexible divider, allowing you to organize your tote to fit your needs. It comes with two food containers and two bowls for hungry and thirsty pups. This bag is also loaded with interior and exterior pockets, allowing you to stash all the dog necessities and wants.


These Silicone Can Covers That Make Storing Wet Food Easier

If your pup munches on wet food, these silicone can covers will keep their food fresh in your fridge. These airtight, BPA-free covers are super flexible and fit on most sizes of cans yet are easy to remove and secure. They’re even dishwasher safe for easy cleaning when the can is empty.


This Training Collar With Tons Of Alerting Modes

If you’re trying to train a difficult pup, make sure you have this awesome training collar that comes with tons of alerting methods. This collar will light up, vibrate, beep, or shock (only recommended in emergency situations) during training based on your control via the wireless remote — it’s even waterproof!


An Interactive Treat Puzzle That Engages Bored Dogs

If your canine is bored and needs something besides eating your favorite shoes to keep them occupied, try this interactive puzzle that reveals treats once it’s solved. This toy is made for dogs big and small and encourages them to use their senses of smell to discover the treats you’ve hidden in each bone-shaped compartment. Durable and easy-to-clean, this puzzle is great to engage and enrich dogs who may otherwise find themselves getting into trouble.


This Wax That Provides Much-Needed Moisture To Your Pet’s Paws

Just like our hands can get cracked and dry in the wintertime, our pet’s paws can too. This paw wax from Musher’s Secret keeps your dog’s paw pads protected in any climate, preventing discomfort or damage from the heat, snow, salt buildup, sand, and more. The wax is fast-drying, hypoallergenic, and won’t stain the surfaces in your home.


A Silicone Mat That Keeps Your Floor Food-Free

Keep messes from your dog’s feeding area contained with this silicone mat that sits underneath your dog’s food and water bowls. This simple yet effective solution will catch and contain any spilled kibble, wet food, or water before it gets onto your floors, and the raised edges keep it on the mat. Cleanup is a breeze, too, since you can just wipe this mat clean and throw the durable, soft object into the dishwasher if need be. This mat comes in 11 different colors and four sizes, so you can pick and choose the best option for you and your pet.


These Teeth-Cleaning Treats That Pets Are Obsessed With

While you can pay to have your dog’s teeth professionally cleaned, many pups don’t like the process. Give them the oral care they need without the stress of the vet with these Dentastix treats, which were created to reduce tartar buildup, freshen breath, and keep your dog’s teeth clean all while they chew on them. These minty treats are a godsend to pet owners, who have given them a 4.8-star rating on Amazon.


This Dog Carrier That Little Dogs Will Love

If you have a little dog, now you can bring them around with you everywhere without needing a leash, thanks to this sling carrier. This 20-inch-wide and 14-inch-deep carrier slings across your torso with a 26-inch-long strap and can hold up to 12 pounds of puppy weight with no problem. You can even throw the carrier in the wash if it gets dirty.

  • Available colors: 6


An Interactive Toy That Dispenses Treats Or Kibble

Keep your doggo occupied with this interactive toy that dispenses their favorite treats — or a whole meal. With its weighted bottom, this toy will bobble around that will keep your pet engaged all day long, dispensing treats out of the small chamber for a fun reward. You can adjust the size of the window that the treats come out of, too, to make it easier or more difficult for your pet to get them out.


This Vacuum That’s Ideal For Sucking Up Pet Hair

If pet hair is taking over your home, then it’s time to bring out the big guns: this vacuum cleaner. This vacuum is ideal for any families or individuals with pets that have hairballs taking over their homes, given it has a super strong suction and a 180-degree rotatable floor brush that makes it easy to get into every nook and cranny of where your pet has been. It has three suction modes and fully charges in just a few hours.


An Easy-To-Mount Camera That Has A Vet Chat Feature

This pet monitoring camera lets you check on your pets while they’re at home and you’re out at work, on vacay, or running errands. It has a magnetic base and adhesive tape that allows you to mount the camera wherever you want. With two-way audio, night vision, and an option to chat with a vet in real time, this camera is a no-brainer for pet parents who are often away from their beloved animals.


These Grooming Gloves That Massage While Removing Pet Hair

This pet grooming glove is soothing for your pup, gently massaging them while de-shedding their coat at the same time. These gloves are a quick and effective swap for dogs who resist brushing. Instead of getting all over your clothes and furniture, your pet’s hair will stick to these gloves’ surface for easy removal and disposal.


A Treat Pouch That You Can Wear On Your Waist Or Shoulder

The perfect accessory for long walks or outdoor adventures, this treat pouch comfortably and conveniently carries your pet’s favorite treats around your waist or on your shoulder, giving you more options than other treat pouches. It has the capacity for up to three cups of treats and a magnetic closure that ensures none of your pet’s snacks will fall out. A convenient front zipper is the perfect place to stash keys, your ID, hand sanitizer, or other necessities.


This Uniquely-Designed Food Bowl That Forces Your Dog To Eat Slowly

We don’t blame dogs for getting excited about their daily bowls of kibble, but sometimes getting too excited can be harmful for their health. This nonslip food bowl has a funky flower design that disperses kibble throughout the bowl, making it impossible for your pup to devour tons of it at once. It promotes slow eating habits, which in turn can prevent choking, bloating, and regurgitation.


A Water Resistant Couch Protector With A Cozy Quilted Look

If you want an easy way to ensure your couch stays pet hair-free, try this chic quilted slipcover. This will keep pet hair off of your couches and is also waterproof, so your expensive living room couch can remain stain-free as well. It comes in 32 colors, five sizes, and is machine washable — a no brainer for pet parents who also cherish their couch’s well being.


A Kibble Container With A Handy Pour Spout

Unlike other pet food holders, this kibble container that has a convenient pour spout and measuring cup, taking the guesswork out of feeding your dog. Perfect for small spaces or small dogs, this portable pet container is compact and can easily fit in your pantry or by the food bowl. A lockable lid also helps to keep your pup and pests out.


This Genius Grooming Tool That Attaches To Your Shower Head

Cut down your pet’s at-home grooming steps with this bath brush that sprays water and brushes your dog at the same time. Attach this to your shower or outdoor hose, slip the button-activated scrubber onto the palm of your hand, and be amazed by how much time you save. One content five-star Amazon reviewer wrote: “I cannot thank [Aquapaw] enough for this incredible, genius product and for making bathtime a happy activity once again. My boy can now be clean and not itchy, and no longer scared of baths.”


This Puzzle Toy That Engages Dogs & Slows Down Eating

This puzzle dog feeder has 14 special food storage compartments and eight sliding doors that you can conceal or reveal to your pet during their feeding time, teaching them to eat slowly instead of all at once. They can even move the sliders by themselves with their paws for mental enrichment. This durable bowl can even stand up to big dogs, according to reviewers, and the toy is also easy to clean.


A Dry Shampoo For Dogs That Actually Works

One five-star reviewer says this doggy dry shampoo “might be the best dog product yet.” Spray this waterless shampoo on your dog, wipe the area with a damp cloth, and brush their coat once they’re dry. This is a great alternative for dogs who don’t like baths or just need a little refresh between trips to the groomer. Available in four lovely scents, this two-pack will leave your dog’s coat smelling fab and looking shiny


This Portable Paw Cleaner That Works In Just A Few Seconds

This paw cleaner is great for scrubbing your dog’s dirty feet after time spent at the park, the beach, or any other outdoor area. Just add a bit of water to this device, insert your dog’s paws one at a time, and twist them against the silicone bristles to get the dirt and debris off in just a few seconds. Available in three sizes and six colors, this washer is an easy-to-use way to keep your dog’s paws — and your floors — clean.


A Licking Pad For Pets That Need To Be Distracted

If your dog gets anxious during vet visits, trips to the groomer, or when you’re on work calls and need to focus on someone who isn’t them, this licking mat is a great way to keep them happy and distracted. Smear some peanut butter or wet canned dog food on the mat and watch your pet joyfully lick it all up. The mat suctions onto any surface, so you can bring it with you wherever you and your dog go.


A Back Seat Cover That Protects Your Car From Muddy Paws

If one of your pet’s favorite pastimes is going to the park, beach, or hiking trail, this car seat cover will prove essential. This simple solution fits in the back seats of your car, preventing your vehicle’s interior from getting muddy, wet, furry, or smelly. This heavy-duty protector comes in four colors and two sizes. Pet owners love it enough that this has received over 28,000 five-star reviews.

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