6 Steps For A Successful Healing Manifestation Ritual

Step one: Find a quiet place to be alone.

by Kristine Fellizar
Healing manifestation rituals to try
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Chances are you’ve heard of manifestation rituals. Whether you’re doing candle magic, practicing gratitude, or simply daydreaming, manifestation rituals can help you attract the life you want. However, saying you want to manifest something versus actually doing it can be easier said than done. If you’ve been doing everything in the book and have seemingly gotten nowhere, you may want to consider trying a healing manifestation ritual.

“A healing manifestation ritual is a ritual that helps you uncover and remove the obstacles that are keeping you from tapping into your manifesting capabilities,” Dr. Andrea Shakarian, a spiritual energetic healer, tells Bustle.

It differs from regular rituals because it’s much more therapeutic in nature. “In a healing manifestation ritual you are discovering parts of you that have been suppressed or unconscious, causing you to have limited manifestation capabilities due to old programming,” Shakarian says.

These rituals can be done at any time and work best when you’re in a space that’s comforting to you. While anyone can do a healing manifestation ritual, those who can benefit most are those who have a history of trauma, hold self-sabotage patterns, feel stuck in life, or tend to struggle with turning their dreams into reality.

The good news is, these types of practices are fairly easy to do and there are different techniques you can try. It’s important to find one that works best for you. With that, here are some healing manifestation rituals and ideas, according to experts.

Get Into A Meditative State & Ask Yourself If You Feel Worthy Of Love

Think of this as a starting point. It doesn’t hurt to acknowledge the areas in your life that need healing. According to Shakarian, you can do this by finding a quiet space where you can be alone and uninterrupted. Then, get into a meditative space by breathing in for the count of four, holding for four, and then exhaling for four. Repeating this three times will put you into an “alpha brain wave state,” which is ideal for the ritual.

Then, reflect on where you feel “limited” in your life. This could be in love, friendship, career, health, or spirituality. Afterward, ask yourself if you feel worthy of love.

“Wait and see how your body responds,” Shakarian says. “You may hear a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ in your mind, or you may feel your heart space or other areas of your body contract or open up. If your answer is no, then you are ready to proceed with the exercise.”

Ask Your Guides For Direction

While you’re in a meditative state, put a hand over your heart and another over your lower abdomen. Shakarian says crystals can also be placed over these areas as well. Then, ask your spirit team for guidance on why you may have feelings of feeling unworthiness.

“See what comes up,” she says. Let go, don’t force anything, and just listen closely. You may hear an inner voice that says, “Because I never received affection from my parents” or “I’m constantly being compared to my sibling.” Once you “hear” the answer, write that down on a piece of paper and place that under the crystal over your heart. This final detail of this step can help open you up to the healing process.

State Your Intentions Out Loud

It’s one thing to hear an inner voice or repeat positive affirmations in your head and it’s another to actually say them out loud. One thing you can do as part of your healing manifestation ritual is to state your intentions out loud. For example, “I am ready to let go of the belief that I am unworthy of love because I never received affection from my parents. But now I’m releasing this from my body, mind, and spirit.” Shakarian says you can tap a crystal as you breathe in and then do rapid “‘ha ha ha’ breaths” on the exhale for 10 seconds. Then, repeat this process three times. “I refer to this as a cleansing breath,” she says.

Keep A Self-Appreciation Journal

In order to heal and clear blockages that may be preventing you from manifesting the life you want, it’s important to have self-love and acceptance. One thing you can do to achieve that is to keep a self-appreciation journal handy. Ryan Haddon, spiritual coach and Head of Programming at Sage + Sound, suggests writing down five things you appreciate about yourself daily. This can be anything from the cute outfit you picked out that day to a compliment you gave that made your partner smile.

Your journal will be like “holding up a mirror to the qualities you embody and might take for granted,” Haddon says. “In doing this, we are healing the part of us that usually focuses on not being enough, our lack, or our perfectionism.”

Run A Purifying Bath

If some self-care is in order, running a purifying bath can help “clear your body and energetic field.” According to Haddon, this is a healing manifestation ritual that not only feels good but can be deeply soothing. You can use magnesium salts and clay to “draw out impurities,” as well as essential oils. “Allow yourself to soak off all that no longer serves you, and create that intention for yourself, so your entire system can recalibrate,” Haddon says.

Light A Candle

Lighting an intention candle like the Sanjali Candle, which is infused with palo santo to purify, wild rose to decrease stress, and night blooming jasmine for balance, can help you get into a space where you’re able to meditate and state affirmations. Haddon suggests looking at the flame, putting your hands on your heart, and repeating positive statements. Find an “uplifting phrase that aligns you with the best and highest aspect of yourself,” she says. Keep it short, simple, and sweet so you can easily repeat it during your ritual.

“Any and all of these rituals can remind you of what we can so easily forget: that we are worthy and valuable and that we need to take the time to slow things down to remember to connect to ourselves,” Haddon says. “Going through the motions with a dedicated ritual or practice helps us anchor into the most important relationship we will ever have: the one with ourself.”


Dr. Andrea Shakarian, a spiritual energetic healer

Ryan Haddon, spiritual coach and Head of Programming at Sage + Sound