Here Are The Cheapest, Most Clever Things For Your Home On Amazon & They're Selling Out Fast

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Maintaining your home can get expensive quickly. From remodeling to cleaning to caring for your furniture, there’s a lot to do to keep your space in tip-top shape. But it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg to make small improvements to your home that have a big impact. In fact, little upgrades are often the easiest and best bang for your buck.

So if you’re looking for new outdoor lighting ideas, products that make cleaning fast and simple, or storage solutions for every room in your house, there’s something here for you in this list. Below are some of the most clever and affordable home products you’ll wish you bought sooner. So don’t wait a minute longer, because they’re selling out fast.


This Helpful Magnet That Eliminates Dishwasher Conundrums

Never place a dirty glass into a clean load of dishes again with this dishwasher magnet. The stainless steel magnet is reversible, with one side reading “clean” and the other “dirty,” so you’ll always know the state of your dishes. Because each side is a different color, it’s simple to check from a distance, and it’s waterproof too.

  • Available colors: 2


A Set Of Frames That Open Up Any Room

If you’re short on natural light and looking to fake that airy feeling on a budget, try these window frames. Made from rustic-looking pine, these frames can be oriented both horizontally and vertically. You can choose to hang them on a wall, or simply lean them against a console table as decor.

  • Available colors: 3


These Stick-On Bulbs That Replace An Electrician’s Visit

Skip on costly re-wiring with these stick-on lights. They’re battery operated and can be easily installed with either screws or 3M adhesive. Offering up a warm, white glow, these lights are also controlled by a convenient remote control that lets you power them on, select the brightness level, or even set a timer.


The Classic-Looking Boxes That Will Amp Up Your Movie Nights

Throw an authentic film premiere party in the comfort of your home for just $15 with these movie night popcorn boxes. Each order comes with 20 6-inch paper boxes with classic red and white stripe detailing. They also make great favors for gift bags and more.


A Compact Charcuterie Board That Comes With Everything You Need

Proper serving ware for entertaining can cost a bundle, but this charcuterie board is both chic and reasonably priced. Made from eco-friendly bamboo, this board features grooves for displaying your snacks, plus a drawer featuring four different charcuterie utensils. Just add cheese.


The Clip-On Light That Spruces Up Your Patio

For just $25 you can add a convenient ring of light to any patio with this umbrella light. Simply used the built-in clamps to install the light at your desired height and enjoy 75 hours of lighting from this battery-operated lamp. It can be controlled by the remote from up to 50 feet away, allowing you to dim the brightness, set a timer, and more.


This Bamboo Drawer Organizer That Expands To Fit Your Needs

No need for a kitchen cabinet reno to create more space, just try these drawer organizers instead. Made from sturdy bamboo, these organizers are expandable, allowing you to go from seven to nine slots in seconds. The 17.5-inch long compartments on the side are especially useful for storing oversized utensils.


A Set Of Airtight Containers To Organize Meal Time

Store your leftovers, pack your lunch, or meal prep with these storage containers. They feature a silicone-rimmed lid and locking tabs to deliver an airtight closure, and you get seven pieces in a set for just $15. They’re also safe to use in the microwave, freezer, or dishwasher.


These Adorable Magnets With The Look Of Push Pins

There’s no need to sacrifice charm for convenience with these magnetic push pins. They have the look of old-fashioned tacks with the ease of magnets so you can mark your travels on a magnetic map, hang lists on the refrigerator, and more. They’re a bargain at just $15 for a pack of 50 pins.


The Wooden Bath Mat That Turns Your Shower Into A Spa

Upgrade from your old bathmat to this bamboo mat that makes your bathroom look like a tranquil spa. It dries quickly and features rubber gaskets on the bottom to help ensure it won’t move out of place. It can be placed both indoors and outdoors, too.


These Useful Bags That Can Store Tons Of Items

Why shell out for built-in storage space when you can spend $35 on these vacuum bags instead? They come six to a pack and can reduce the volume of items like bedding and off-season clothing by up to 80%. Simply attach a vacuum to the triple seal valve and suck out the excess air. It even comes with a convenient travel pump.


A Tea Box That Adds A Touch Of Charm To Your Kitchen

Elevate your morning, afternoon, or evening tea routine with this wooden tea box. Made from sleek bamboo, this box features eight adjustable compartments and a drawer to give you plenty of storage. Plus, the lid has a magnetic seal and a transparent window so you can easily keep stock of your supply.


The Bottle Organizer That Pulls Together Messy Cabinets

Get your unruly shelves under control with this water bottle organizer. The racks are made from durable plastic and can hold three bottles at a time, with the ability to stack for even more storage. They’re even safe to use in the refrigerator. One reviewer describes their experience using them as “the most organized my water bottles have ever been.”


An Affordable Cleaner That Makes Shoes Look New

There’s no need to spend tons replacing your shoes when you can simply spruce them up with this shoe cleaner kit. It comes with the classic pink cleaning solution that’s safe to use on leather and nubuck, plus a brush for ensuring a clean finish. Just dilute a few drops, scrub it in, and you’re good to go.


This Shower Seal That Helps Prevent Leaks & Splashes

Stop leaks in their tracks with this shower door seal. The rigid PVC grip fits easily around the bottom of your door, while the flexible PVC fins glide underneath as it opens and shuts, all while stopping water from dripping out. You can even cut it to fit, ensuring you have the perfect length.


An Attachable Bidet Without The Hassle

Why buy and install a bidet when you can get this bidet attachment for just $28 instead? It comes with a water supply adapter, a hose pipe, and all the washers you need to install it in just minutes. Plus, it’s earned an impressive 4.5-star rating after over 17,000 reviewers weighed in.


The Pet Brush That Will Rid Your Home Of Excess Fur

No, you don’t need a pricy cleaning crew to tackle your pet’s shedding, just this pet brush. It features a rubberized handle with an ergonomic grip for easy brushing and bristles that are soft enough to keep your dog relaxed but strong enough to work out mats. It comes in four different sizes.


This Cute Medicine Box That Locks For Extra Security

It’s important to keep prescriptions safely stowed, and this medicine storage box can help. The interior features six dividing trays to organize bottles or even documents, while the outside boasts a combination lock to help keep your items protected. It’s compact enough to fit into small places, like shelves or under the bed.

  • Available colors: 4


A Pocket-Sized Solution To Tough Stains

Stains can easily make your home look cheaper, but this red wine stain remover can give your fabrics an upgrade for just $8. It can be used on many different fabric types, from linens to couches to carpets, and comes free of phosphates, dyes, or allergens. Just spray it on, blot it up, and you’re done.


This Sleek French Press You’ll Want To Display

Spruce up your morning routine and your countertops with this french press coffee maker. Made from BPA-free plastic and featuring a stainless steel filter, this attractive press can brew up to 12 ounces of coffee at a time and look sharp while doing it. Snag it in one of four neutral and bold hues.

  • Available colors: 4


The Reusable Bag You Can Use For Just About Anything

This reusable storage bag is a home game changer. Because it’s made of 100% silicone, you can use it in the freezer, the microwave, the dishwasher, and even for sous vide cooking. Since it has a pinch lock seal, it’s also great for storing makeup and personal care items. Reviewers love it too: it has a 4.7-star rating after over 29,000 people weighed in.

  • Available colors: 23


This Toilet Night Light That’s Both Practical & Fun

This rechargeable toilet night light features motion sensor capabilities to power it up when you’re nearby, while the LED bulb itself can be set to 16 different bold colors. It’s designed to stay on for two minutes after activity is detected and is chargeable via USB.


A Pack Of Streamlined Closet Organizers That’ll Help Control The Clutter

At just $15 for a pack of three, these closet organizers are a steal. They feature reinforced sides to keep their shape, plus a clear plastic window so you can easily keep track of your items. They’re stackable, allowing you to customize them based on your space, and they even come with handles so you can easily move them around.


The Broom Holder With Tons Of Storage

No kitchen closet? No problem, because this ultra-affordable broom holder is here to organize your cleaning supplies. It features five spring-loaded rubber slots to hold brooms and mops, plus six hooks for smaller items like dustpans. Plus, the organizer can support up to 35 pounds of weight, too.


These Food Storage Containers That That’ll Help Keep Your Pantry Fresh

Keep your crackers, pasta, candy, cereals, and more super fresh with these airtight food containers. You get seven containers of varying sizes with locking lids for just $24. They’re made with BPA-free plastic and even come with reusable labels so you can keep everything organized.


A Rotating Tray That Makes Your Makeup Look Like Decor

If you’re looking for a way to store your makeup while still keeping things streamlined and chic, this makeup organizer is for you. Made from transparent acrylic, the storage tray rotates 360 degrees so you can easily access your supplies. The crystal-style detailing at the top adds a fashionable touch, too.


The Genius Drying Rack That Won’t Hog Counter Space

Ditch the clunky countertop racks and try this rolling dish rack instead. Made from stainless steel and silicone, this rack can be placed directly over the sink to drain your items, so you won’t be left with a drippy mess on surfaces. Plus, it rolls up for easy storage when not in use.


These Brushes That Turn Your Drill Into A Power Cleaner For Just $16

Power tools can get pricy, so make them work double duty with this set of drill brush scrubbing attachments. The set comes with three nylon bristle brushes: a flat brush, a rounded brush, and a small brush for detailing — all of which easily affix to the end of your existing drill. It can be used on tile, porcelain, and more.

  • Available colors: 6


A Handheld Shaker That Makes Dressing Your Salad A Breeze

This handy little salad dressing shaker makes mixing, serving, and storing homemade dressing a cinch. The cap comes off so you can easily add your ingredients, and the spigot has a cap so you can shake it up without fear of spills. Finally, the spout makes it easy to dress your salad without splashes. The shaker holds 1 cup of dressing.

  • Available colors: 2


The Versatile Exercise Bands That Bring The Gym To You

For just $13, you can snag this set of exercise bands that can target several different muscle groups. Made from rubber and measuring 2 inches wide and 12 inches long, these bands come in a range of resistance levels from extra light to extra heavy. They’re useful for stretching and muscle building alike and come with a convenient carrying case.

  • Available colors: 3


This Clever Gadget That Solves Your Pickle Problems

Never struggle to claw out the last pickle from the bottom of a juice-filled jar again with this condiment fork. Featuring a stretchy silicone loop that easily affixes the holster to the top of most jars, this fork also has stainless steel prongs allowing you to spear pickles, olives, and more with ease. For just $9 you can avoid briny fingers forevermore.


This Showerhead That Comes With A Dose Of Vitamin C In The Nozzle

This unique showerhead includes a compartment for a vitamin C cartridge to infuse each shower with its benefits. It can help brighten and improve skin’s appearance and more. Plus, the shower head itself is high pressure but also saves water thanks to laser-cut holes.


The Heavy Duty, Deep-Cleaning Gadget For Under $40

For hard-to-reach, deep cleaning needs, try this heavy-duty steam cleaner that doesn’t have a heavy-duty price tag. It uses hot water and multiple attachments — from brushes to nozzles and more — to lift stuck-on grime. And because it only needs water to run, it’s completely chemical free.


A Set Of Mats That Help Protect Your Fridge From Spills

Why spend ages scrubbing stains out of the crevasses of your fridge shelves when you can line them with these refrigerator mats instead? For just $7, you get six vinyl mats that stay in place and are easily removed when you need to wash them. Use them in the fridge, as drawer liners, or even as placemats.

  • Available colors: 2


These Genius Scissors That Make Cutting Herbs So Simple

Chopping herbs can be time-consuming and annoying, but these herb scissors make it quick and easy. Using five stainless steel blades, these scissors cut your herbs into perfectly even slices or pieces in much less time. The set even comes with a safety case for the blades and two jute bags for herbs.


This Simple Plug That Disguises Unsightly Cords & Outlets

If you hate the look of dark cords and outlets against light surfaces, this outlet concealer can help. It’s a super thin plate that plugs into your existing socket, covering it with a sleek white finish. Your cords can plug into the attached surge protector that you can easily tuck away. It’s available in multiple lengths.


The Clever Knife That Makes Easy Work Of Hard Butter

Make breakfast a breeze with this pack of butter-spreading knives. This unique stainless steel knife has three distinct functions. It features a serrated edge for slicing, a perforated side for dredging up ribbons of butter, and a flat surface for spreading. It has an ergonomically designed handle, too.


A Chic Shower Shelf For Just $21

You can retire your old plastic shower caddy and level up to this basket-style shower shelf. Made from rust-proof stainless steel, this shelf has storage as well as hooks and installs via adhesive — so you won’t need to drill into your walls. It comes with a polished finish and is even scratch resistant, too.


This Customizable Rack That Helps You Make The Most Of Your Storage Space

Optimize all the storage space under your sink with this expandable organizer rack. It has two levels, allowing you to utilize all that unused vertical space. Plus, the width is expandable and the shelf can be raised or lowered, so it can shrink or grow to meet your space needs. It’s made from durable alloy steel.

  • Available colors: 3


The Handheld Gadget That’ll Make Your Clothes Look New

Repair the look of pilling sweaters with this fabric shaver. It’s fully rechargeable via USB and features rotating stainless steel blades that remove lint and pills. The honeycomb screen protects your garment while in use. It’s designed to be used on bedding, couches, clothes, and more.


These Deep Pocket Sheets That Are Made To Last

Level up your linens with this deep pocket sheet set. Made from ultra-soft microfiber, these sheets won’t fade in the wash and are stain- and wrinkle-resistant, too. They come in tons of colors and are very well rated, with over 300,000 reviewers weighing in to give them a 4.5-star rating.

  • Available colors: 42


A $9 Fix For Scuffed Furniture

Don’t shell out big bucks for furniture repairs, just cover up your scratches with these furniture markers. Available in six different shades commonly used in wood furniture, these markers come in a set that also includes wax crayons for filling in gaps. Choose from shades like cherry, maple, and more.


The High End-Looking Candles That Are Flameless

Get the look of natural candles with the safety and convenience of bulbs with these flameless candles. They’re battery powered and can last for 300 hours, and the LED bulbs create a flickering effect like a real candle. Plus, you can control them with a remote that allows you to set the brightness and more.


This Pan Organizer That’ll Clear Out Extra Space In Your Cabinets

Don’t let your cabinets become an unruly mess of kitchen utensils; just use this pan organizer rack instead. Made from strong iron with a black finish, this rack features eight shelves that can be aligned in multiple ways. You can use both sides vertically or place it on its side to store pans horizontally.