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Here's How To Get More Matches On Dating Apps

A group of single millennials discuss what it takes to get people to swipe right.

If you're single and scrolling through dating apps, there are certainly some profiles that stand out more than others. Maybe it's the pictures, maybe it's the witty two-line profile, maybe it's the dog in one of the photos that you hope belongs to them. Whatever the case may be, there's always a clear reason you swipe right on someone. And, if it's a match, you can't help but wonder: what made the other person swipe right on you?

Unsurprisingly, a lot of what makes a person swipe right has to do with the photos. According to a survey we took, men are more likely to swipe right on photos of women in nature and, of course, swimsuits. Alternately, women are more likely to swipe right on photos of men with dogs, but they also love a good nature shot or two. However, most experts agree that showcasing a diversity of photos is the wisest move to make — after all, it's a split-second snapshot of your life, so you have to make it as compelling as possible.

And what about bios and clever profiles? Our research found that 60 percent of dating profiles have 30 words or less, and 23 percent of dating profiles don't have a bio or any words at all. If this sounds like your profile and you're wondering why no one seems to swipe right, there's a reason: profiles with bios are four times more likely to get a match.

To further investigate what causes people to swipe right, we asked a group of singles how they're building their profiles and what they're looking for. Their interviews are part of Bustle's Digital Love, a series that pairs research with real answers to explore dating and relationships in the digital age. Watch the video above to learn more.

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