Holiday Shopping Is A Pain — But This List Of 75 Cheap, Clever Gifts Will Make It So Much Easier

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Holiday shopping can be a real doozy. You have to find a gift for all the loved ones in your life, and not only that, but you have to find the right gift. A gift that not only shows you care about them, but shows that you know exactly what they like. The best route is to get a unique and clever gift that the recipient didn’t even know they needed.

Amazon is filled with clever gifts, and they’re super affordable too, like this mini popcorn maker that hardly takes up any counter space. Or gloves that come equipped with flashlights, which are perfect for that friend who’s always working on their car. How about a gag gift for that family member who spends way too long hogging the toilet, like this hilarious bathroom timer?

In this list you’ll find charging stations that make it easy to keep your devices at 100%, skincare products that will make you feel like you’re at a spa, and unique pieces to mix up your home decor. Whether you’re buying a gift for your best friend or your distant uncle, there’s a gift for them on this list.


This Duvet Set That Is Super Cozy & Breathable

There’s nothing better than climbing into a bed with soft and comfortable bedding. With this crisp white duvet cover set, you can instantly get that cozy feeling. The five-piece set comes with a duvet cover, two pillow shams, and two pillowcases. For more of a pop of color, it also comes in navy, gray, and deep burgundy.


A Pack Of Flavored Lip Balms That Make For A Perfect Gift

Getting the right gift can be tricky, but everyone needs lip balm, especially in the colder months. This pack of organic lip balm comes in a variety of refreshing flavors, including eucalyptus mint, citrus, and coconut. With over 15,000 positive ratings, this pack of lip balm is a fan favorite for a reason.


This Sponge That Quickly Cleans Makeup Brushes

Sometimes doing makeup can feel like doing the dishes, when you have to clean the brush in between uses. This handy cleaner sponge helps remove powder makeup from all kinds of makeup brushes in just a few seconds. It’s small and portable too, so it’s easy to take with you while traveling.


This Lap Desk That Makes It Easy To Work From Your Couch Or Bed

Working from home means that you don’t have to work from a traditional desk. This convenient lap desk makes it easy to rest your laptop on a flat surface or have a place to use your notepad. It comes equipped with a slot for your phone as well as an integrated mouse pad for an easier work setup. It also comes in additional colors.


A Popcorn Machine That Makes Movie Nights So Much Better

Nothing beats movie theater popcorn — except, of course, homemade popcorn. This compact popcorn popper makes it easy to whip up a batch of your own buttery kernels. It makes up to 16 cups of popcorn, but with a small surface area, it won’t take up too much room on the countertop. It’ll also add a touch of color to your kitchen, as it comes in aqua, red, and white.


A Set Of Shot Glasses That Are Made From Pink Himalayan Salt

If you have a friend whose drink of choice is tequila, then these pink Himalayan salt shot glasses are the perfect gift. With a built-in salty taste, these shot glasses negate the need to lick salt off your hand during prep. And since these glasses are made from a real mineral, each one is uniquely different, making them a wonderful addition to your drinkware collection.


This Trivia Game That Will Spice Things Up At Your Holiday Party

Mix things up at your next party with this fun trivia game. Featuring questions about everything from the Summer Olympics to the Mona Lisa, this party game is a fun way to test your knowledge, or learn some new fun facts. “Our happy hour group has been playing it for 6 weeks. Lots of laughs every time we play,” praised one reviewer.


This Eucalyptus Bubble Bath That’s Basically Self-Care In A Bottle

Few things are more relaxing than climbing into a hot bath after a long day. This bubble bath is scented with eucalyptus and peppermint essential oils, which can be used to help relieve muscle aches and relax the body. The bubbles help moisturize the skin too, so you’ll feel like you just went to the spa when you climb out of the tub.


These Super Soft Pillow Covers With A Boho Look

Add a cozy touch to your living room with these velvet pillow covers. With unique pom-poms running along the border of the pillow, these covers — which are available in a variety of different colors — add a relaxed but chic look to your couch or bed. The cover zips on and off, so it’s easy to remove them for washing.


These Nail Drying Drops That Keep Your Polish From Smearing

Protect the nails you so painstakingly painted with these OPI drying drops. With a quick-drying formula that sets nail polish in one minute, these drops are also infused with jojoba oil and Vitamin E to give your nails and cuticles some extra care. “In under a minute, they're totally dry to the touch and impervious to dings or smudges. Gone are the days of flapping your hands and blowing on your fingers,” raved one reviewer.


A Tool That Removes Pet Hair From The Carpets & Clothing

It’s always frustrating to find pet hair in the carpet even after you already vacuumed. This manual fuzz shaver scrapes up hair, lint, and other dirt from deep within carpets, furniture, thicker clothing, and other fabric. It has a copper head, which means it’s built to last if you have multiple pets in your home.


This Wireless Charger With Over 100,000 Fans

Charge your phone more quickly and easily with this wireless phone charger. Instead of plugging in your phone to charge it, just place it on this wireless charger that works just as fast. With over 100,000 positive reviews on Amazon, this charger is quite popular. “Our phones charge quickly and it is nice not to have to plug our phones in but just lay them down onto the charging pads,” wrote one shopper.


A Mascara That Is Better Than Wearing False Lashes

No need to fuss with false lashes if you have this Lash Princess mascara. The mascara, which comes with a conic shape fiber brush, is long-lasting and creates dramatic lashes for a bold look. With over 200,000 ratings, this mascara is a number-one bestseller on Amazon. “I can honestly say I can’t stop looking at my eyelashes in the mirror every single day because of how awesome they look,” raved one reviewer.


This Door Handle Opener That Hooks Onto Your Keychain

Protect yourself from the germs of door handles in public places with this multifunctional door opener tool, which comes in gold, rose, and silver. Made from a durable metal, the small but mighty tool can be used to grip door handles, press elevator buttons, work an ATM, or perform other tasks where you want to avoid contact with surfaces. The tool is small and light enough that it can easily clip onto a keychain.


A Universal Socket Tool That’s Perfect For Someone Who’s Handy

Even the most experienced handyman can encounter a screw or bolt that they’re unprepared for. Luckily, this universal socket tool works with nuts, hooks, eyes, and other tricky bits. This tool has over 9,000 positive reviews, with shoppers praising its convenience. “I like the versatility and the time it saves from having to switch sockets,” wrote one shopper.


An Amazon Echo That Lets You Use Amazon Alexa In Your Car

Play music, make a to-do list, or ask for a traffic update with this handy Amazon Echo device for your car. With a mount that clips to your air events, this device is voice-operated, so you can speak to Alexa without having to fiddle with your phone while driving. This Echo can even hear your voice over your tunes and any type of outdoor noise.


This Silicone Face Scrubber That Gentle Exfoliates Your Skin

Clean and exfoliate your face more thoroughly with this two-pack of silicone face scrubbers. With an easy-to-grip handle and three different-sized bristles, these face scrubbers massage your skin, exfoliate your pores, and make it easier for your skin to absorb moisturizer. “I was shocked the first time I used it. My face felt like silk,” raved one shopper.


These Steam Eye Masks That Are Like An At-Home Spa Treatment

If you get dry eyes or under-eye circles while you’re sleeping, try these eye masks that steam while you’re sleeping. With a self-warming design, the mask heats itself up and produces steam, so there’s no need to use the microwave or plug the mask in. They’re great to wear while sleeping, or even if your eyes are just tired from staring at a computer screen all day.


An Airpod Holder That’s Perfect For Cat Lovers

Sure, a regular old Airpod case works perfectly well, but it’s not as cute as this dancing cat Airpod holder. With magnetic arms to keep your earbuds in place, this sassy cat stand is a fun way to display your Airpods and to make sure you don’t misplace them around the house. Even if you don’t have Airpods, the cat statue itself is still too adorable to pass up.


This Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker That Has Over 16,000 Fans

If you like listening to music in the shower or by the pool, then this waterproof Bluetooth speaker is essential. The compact and portable device can play music from over 60 feet away and its rechargeable battery holds up to 12 hours of playtime. It’s no wonder this speaker has so many positive reviews on Amazon, with shoppers praising the sound quality. “The sound is not crackling like most small speakers do even when the volume is turned up all the way,” wrote one reviewer.”


These Flashlight Gloves That Make It Easy To Work In The Dark

Everyone’s got that friend who’s good at repairs, whether it’s looking under the hood of a car or going down to the basement to check on a weird noise. These LED flashlight gloves make it super easy to see what you’re doing, even if it’s in the dark. The gloves are made out of a stretchy, breathable material with an easy on/off button.


A Cooling Blanket Made From Bamboo Fiber

If you’re a hot sleeper, you probably wake up in the middle of the night sweating, regardless of the season. This cooling blanket, which is available in various colors and sizes, is made from a lightweight and breathable bamboo fiber. “This blanket feels great and kept me cool and not sweaty,” wrote one reviewer. “You are covered, but still have the lightweight airflow.”


These Plug-In Lights That Are Activated By A Motion Sensor

Everyone needs a good night light so that if you have to get up in the middle of the night, you don’t stub your toe in the dark or trip on a dog toy. These plug-in night lights have a soft glow and are activated by a motion sensor, so you won’t even have to feel around in the dark for a light switch. Four come in a pack, and you can feel good about buying them since AUVON states that they save up to 84% of energy compared to lights without motion sensors.


These Lightsaber Chopsticks That Make Eating Way More Fun

Eating with chopsticks is cool, but not nearly as cool as eating with these chopsticks that look like lightsabers. These chopsticks come in several colors (so you can choose which side to represent) and replaceable batteries. Get a set for you and for a friend so you can have a lightsaber battle while eating dinner.


This Party Game That Will Spice Up Your Next Gathering

Mix things up at your next party or family get-together with this TableTopics game. With over 100 cards, this game asks fun and thought-provoking questions like “have you ever been escorted out by security” or “have you had a dream that foretold the future?” This game was even picked as one of Oprah’s Favorite Things, so you know it’s good.


This Water Bottle With A Built-In Fruit Infuser

Drinking lots of water is important, but it can be hard when there are so many other flavorful beverages enticing you. Add some natural flavor to your water with this fruit infuser water bottle. Add lemon wedges, kiwi slices, strawberries, or other fruit to the removable infuser in the middle of the bottle, let the fruit soak, and enjoy delicious and naturally-flavored water.


These LED Gloves That Change Color

These flashing LED gloves are a surprisingly versatile gift. Whether you give them to a kid who will have fun playing with them, or to a friend who will dance with them at a rave, these gloves are sure to be a crowd-pleaser for anyone over 10. “My kids had an absolute blast turning the lights out and dancing to their favorite songs with these gloves,” praised one shopper.


This Unique Moon Lamp That’s Great For Astronomy Lovers

Add unique lighting to any room with this 3D moon lamp. With four different size options, this lamp is great as a night light in a kid’s room, or as a fun piece of decor for any astronomy lover. The 3D-printed lamp has the realistic look of the moon, but can also change colors between lunar white and warm white.


This Fleece Blanket With Sleeves That’s Essential For Cozy Season

In the colder months, I prefer to be under a blanket at all times, so I hate when I have to take my arms out to drink or read. Luckily, this wearable fleece blanket has sleeves and a pocket, so you can go about your day without having to remove your arms from the blanket. With nearly 9,000 positive reviews, this blanket — which comes in a wide array of colors and patterns — is a favorite on Amazon, with one shopper calling it “so soft and so warm.”


A Beer Mitten That Will Keep You Warm During Tailgates

When it’s cold outside, the last thing you want to do is hold a cold beer. That’s where this handy beer mitten comes into play. Made from warm wool, these mittens have a slot for your hand that’s attached to a knitted cup holder, so you can hang on to your can or bottle without freezing your fingers off. It also makes for a great White Elephant gift.


A Word Clock That Makes Telling Time More Interesting

Nowadays, most people tell time by looking at their phone or digital watch. This light-up word clock is the antithesis of a digital clock. Instead of giving you the time in numbers, it lights up words that make telling time more of a puzzle. “I bought one for myself and loved it. I had a few friends and family see it and love it. So I have been giving this as a gift for quite some time,” raved one reviewer.


This Super Cute Ring Holder That Comes In A Dozen Animal Shapes

Keep your jewelry organized with this ring holder that looks like an elephant. It’s also available in cat, unicorn, and even flamingo, if elephants aren’t your thing. With over a dozen options to choose from, this ring holder is a great piece that is as decorative as it is useful. “This is one of the cutest things ever! I purchased for a friend’s birthday gift, she loved it!” praised one shopper.


A Handy Bottle Opener With A Magnet That Catches Bottle Caps

When opening a bottle, there’s always the risk that the bottle cap with go flying and land under the fridge. This handy wall-mounted bottle opener aims to prevent that. Now, you can easily open a drink one-handed and know that the caps will be collected on the opener’s magnetic surface. It’s an especially nice gift for someone who has a home bar or a “man cave.”


This Baking Kit With All The Ingredients To Make Cake Pops

Gather your friends for a fun baking night with this cake pop-making kit. The kit comes with pre-measured ingredients including cake mix and decorations, plus molds to make the cake pops. It even comes with a gift box so you can bake up a batch of cake pops and give them to a friend or family member as a present.


This Bathroom Timer That Makes A Great Gag Gift

Everyone’s got a family member or roommate who takes their sweet time in the bathroom. Gently remind them that they need to piss or get off the pot with this funny toilet timer. This sand timer, which would also make a great White Elephant gift, runs for approximately five minutes. It was even featured on Shark Tank. “My wife/kids bought this for me for Fathers Day and it made me laugh so hard!” wrote one reviewer.


These Owl Planters That Are Perfect For Small Succulents

Add some avian decor to your home with this set of owl pots. The six pots are around 2 inches wide and have a drainage hole underneath, which makes them perfect for small succulents. Line them up in a row or place them around the house to have an owl in every room. “Very whimsical in that they can't help but make bring a smile to your face,” praised one reviewer.


These Chilling Sticks So That You Never Have To Drink A Warm Beer

There’s nothing better than cracking open a warm beer. Just kidding — that’s the worst. Ensure that you never have to drink a warm beer with these chilling sticks. Made from stainless steel and filled with a coolant that quickly chills your drink, you’ll truly be in beer heaven. It even comes with four stainless steel ice cubes that won’t melt, which is also a treat for whiskey drinkers.


A Set Of Cooking Utensils Made From Real Bamboo

Wooden utensils are one of the most versatile cooking tools, because they’re heat resistant, nonstick, and natural. This set of bamboo utensils includes spoons, slotted spoons, and spatula. They can stand heat up to 700 degrees and won’t stain. The utensils come in a minimalist holder that’ll help you better display all of your new tools.


This Set Of Flameless Candles That Have 12 Color Options

Easily add some colorful lighting to any room with these flameless LED candles. With a remote control that changes the color, these flameless candles are a great way to safely add some color to a bedroom. You can even set a timer so they can automatically turn off when you leave the house or fall asleep.


A Necklace With A Custom Engraving Of Your Pets

The best gift you can give any pet owner is anything adorned with an image of their furry friend. These pet portrait necklaces can be custom-engraved with an image of your dog, cat, or other pet, along with their name. “I’m so glad I found this necklace. Great way to keep a picture of your baby close. I love it!” wrote one shopper.


This Faux Leather Bag With Over 30,000 Fans

Tote bags are great because you can basically fit as much as you want in them. This faux leather tote bag not only holds a lot, but it looks super chic too. With two inside pockets, you won’t have to worry about losing your keys or phone at the bottom of the bag. “Practical and sturdy. Looks sophisticated enough that I get many compliments,” praised one commenter. Plus, they’re available in almost every color imaginable.


This Toiletry Organizer With Over A Dozen Pockets

Keep your makeup, medications, and mouthwash organized with this toiletry bag organizer. With over a dozen pockets and compartments, this toiletry bag can carry and organize everything you need for your next trip. Plus, with quilted fabric and trendy colors, it looks as cute as a regular purse.


A Huge Pack Of Scrunchies That Come In Tons Of Colors And Patterns

You’ll never be without a hair tie again with this huge pack of 65 scrunchies. With fabrics including velvet and satin, and colors like metallic silver and black polka dots, there’s a scrunchie for every occasion, whether or heading for the gym or getting ready for a night out. “No matter my outfit, I'm going to find the perfect scrunchie to match thanks to the amount of them,” one reviewer noted.


A Satin Eye Mask That Can Be Made Hot Or Cold

Relax and practice some self-care with this satin eye pillow. With a gentle and calming lavender scent, this satin eye mask can be heated up in the microwave or chilled in the freezer to help relax and alleviate eye soreness. “The silky cover feels wonderful on your skin and the experience of wearing it is beyond relaxing,” wrote one shopper.


An Elegant Set Of Champagne Glasses That Are Great For Parties

The quickest way to feel fancy is to have a glass of champagne. It’s even better if you can drink it out of one of these beautiful champagne flutes. Made from lightweight crystal glass, these champagne flutes are perfect for celebrating New Year’s Eve, or just having your besties over for brunch and mimosas. These come in a square design as well.


These Date Night Idea Cards That Are Perfect To Use With Your Partner

Mix things up with your partner with these date night idea cards. Each of the 35 included cards has a scratch-off section that will reveal both a fun and unique date idea. The cards have symbols, so you can pick based on things like meals or whether or not you’re able to venture outdoors.


This Charging Station That Keeps All Your Devices In One Place

Instead of charging your phone, smartwatch, and earbuds in different locations around the house, keep the digital family together with this charging dock station. Compatible with Apple products, this device has a spot to plug in your iPhone, Airpods, and Apple Watch, so you can have everything ready to go before you leave the house.


This Notepad That Will Keep Your To-Do List Organized

Keep your tasks and chores organized with this to-do list notepad that helps you organize different degrees of importance. Making that dentist appointment you’ve been putting off might fall under the “super important” category while going to the car wash might fall under “chill, this can wait.”


This Wine Aerator That Will Make You Feel Like A Sommelier

Improve your wine-drinking experience with this wine aerator, which makes the wine taste smoother and more mellow. It works with both red and white wines. “I thought this was a gimmick but this really does change the taste of your reds!” raved one reviewer. “From high-end to the cheap stuff, this thing really works!”


A Hair Chalk Comb That Lets You Temporarily Try A New Color

If you’re desiring a bright hair color but aren’t ready to commit to changing it over permanently, try this hair chalk comb. Made from water-soluble hair chalk, the color can last up to three days, but washes out with regular shampoo. It works best on lighter hair and is also fun for kids. Plus, it comes in over a dozen color options.


This Fidget Cube That Can Help Relieve Stress

Fidget toys can be great tools for relieving stress and anxiety. This infinity cube fidget toy differs from the typical fidget spinner or stress ball because it has tons of configurations but is still small and quiet. “Don't let the small package fool you - this little cube packs a big punch!” states one shopper.


These Cozy Socks That Are Infused With Lavender & Vitamin E

Treat yourself to some extra coziness with these Dr. Scholl’s spa socks. Made from a super-soft feather yarn, these comfortable socks have sole grips to keep you from slipping. They’re also infused with lavender and Vitamin E for an even more relaxing sock-wearing experience.


These Coasters that Look Like Miniature Vinyl Records

Add a retro touch to your decor with these vinyl record coasters. Made to look like actual vinyl records, the rubber coasters can handle hot or cold glasses and even come with a holder that looks just like a record player. “These are the most adorable coasters for the musician in my life!” wrote one reviewer.


These Portable Screwdrivers That Are Super Handy

You never know when you’re going to need to tighten a loose screw, which is where this mini portable screwdriver tool comes into play. Roughly around the size of a house key, these screwdrivers flawlessly hook onto your keychain. It includes both a Phillips head and flathead screwdriver.


A Chunky Beanie With A Satin Lining To Protect Hair

Keep your head warm and your hair intact with this satin-lined beanie. Made from a warm, chunky knit material, the beanie is lined with soft satin material to help protect your hair. One reviewer wrote that “the satin inside makes it easier to manage curly hair,” making it a great gift idea for anyone who’s embracing their curls. It comes in eight great colors, including green and orange.


Some Wool Socks That Are Essential For Staying Warm

Once it starts getting cold outside, wool socks are a must. Keep your feet warm and cozy with these thick wool socks. Made from a blend of real wool, spandex, and other materials, these socks are both super warm and stretchy, making a great gift for anyone who seems to get extra chilly during the season.


This Snowflake-Shaped Multitool That Can Be Used As A Screwdriver & Bottle Opener

This handy multi-tool might look like a cute little snowflake, but it’s actually a 19-in-1 multitool that combines screwdriver heads, a bottle opener, a wrench, and other handy tools. Weighing less than 3 ounces, this keychain is perfect for keeping in the car or taking on a camping trip.


This Warm Beanie That Has Built-In Bluetooth Speakers

It’s difficult to keep headphones in while running, but this beanie with built-in speakers makes it easy to listen to music while keeping your head warm. With a rechargeable battery, this beanie can hold a charge for up to 12 hours of playtime. It’s compatible with all devices that use BlueTooth.


These Jewelry Racks That Keep your Earrings & Bracelets Organized

Jewelry has a tendency to get knotted together if you keep it all in one box. But these metal stands make it easy for each piece of jewelry to have a designated spot. With holes to hang earrings on and long rods for necklaces and bracelets, these racks are as functional as they are stylish.


These Trendy Tumblers That Make It Easy To Transport Wine

Whether you’re going camping or just going for a walk, these stainless steel tumblers are great for keeping wine, cocktails, or any other beverage at the right temperature. And the cups come in tons of trendy and eye-catching colors, like holographic silver and black and white marble.


A Makeup Palette That Will Make You Feel Like A Professional

Mix your lipstick, foundation, eyeshadow, and other products on this professional makeup palette. Made from a lightweight acrylic material, the palette is simple to hold while doing your makeup and washes off super easily. It even comes with a handy metal spatula for mixing.


This Massage Roller Stick That Helps Soothe Sore Muscles

If your muscles are often sore after working out, this muscle massage stick might be able to help — and, it can also help improve your circulation. The rolling device can give you a deep tissue massage after a tough workout, or warm up your body before exercise. “This muscle roller works some magic! I use before workouts and after, amazing muscle soreness relief!” wrote one reviewer.


These Mini Spray Bottle That Let You Travel With Your Favorite Perfume

It can be tricky to take your favorite perfume with you while traveling, unless you have these mini perfume atomizer bottles. These bottles hold less than an ounce of liquid, so they’re perfect for taking on planes while still holding more than enough perfume to wear your signature scent. They also come with mini funnels, making perfume transfer a breeze.


This Running Belt That’s Much Slimmer Than A Fanny Pack

Keep your keys and phone on you at all times, even while on a jog, with this running belt bag. With a more slender fit than a typical fanny pack, this running belt is a compact way to have your belongings close without feeling like you’re running with a weight around your waist. It comes in a few different colors and styles and has an adjustable belt strap to give you a secure fit.


A Marble Soap Dish That Adds A Touch Of Luxury To Your Bathroom

It’s easy to add small touches to your bathroom to make it feel more luxurious, like this marble soap dish. With four color options, there is one to match any decor. “This is the nicest soap dish I have ever owned. I feel like some kind of emperor or something,” wrote one reviewer.


A Pour Over Coffee Maker With A Reusable Metal Filter

Drinking coffee tends to produce a lot of waste, between the disposable cups and the disposable filters. This pour-over coffee maker allows you to brew a fresh cup of joe at home, without having to waste tons of filters. With a reusable stainless steel filter, it’s easy to be your own eco-friendly barista at home. This model also includes a cool-touch collar to help prevent burns.


An Electric Wine Opener That Makes It So Easy To Remove The Cork

Opening a bottle of wine might look easy in movies — but in reality, it often involves a struggle with the cork. This electric wine opener uncorks wine with the push of a button. It also comes with other pieces to improve your wine-drinking experience, like an aerating wine pourer and a foil cutter. This will open around 30 bottles before needing a charge.


These Nesting Measuring Cups That Look Like A Set Of Beakers

Cooking is a science, which makes these beaker-shaped measuring cups perfect for the kitchen. With flat, colorful bases and a spout that makes it easy to pour, these cups are ideal for measuring out all kinds of liquid, whether it’s a cup of water or a teaspoon of vanilla extract. Plus, they nest inside each other for easy storage.


This Smart Outlet Plug That Connects To Your Smartphone

If you’ve ever wanted to turn on a lamp from the other room or turn off a coffee maker when you’re not home, this Wyze smart plug will come in handy. The plug can connect to your smartphone through the Wyze app, so you can schedule when you want certain devices turned on or off. It even has a vacation mode so you can make it look like you’re home when you’re not.


This Insulated Lunch Bag With Tons Of Space

If you want to bring a feast to eat at work for lunch, you can with this insulated lunch bag. This roomy bag can hold the equivalent of 12 soda cans and has both a short handle and a long strap for easy carrying options. It comes in seven colors too, so you can pick one that perfectly matches your style.


This Woven Seagrass Basket That Can Be Used To Hold Plants

Add an earthy touch to your decor with this woven basket. Made from seagrass, this basket can be used for storing things like blankets or toys, but you can also use it to display a pre-potted houseplant. This basket is available in small, medium, and large.


A Himalayan Salt Scrub With A Cult Following

Up your skincare game with this gorgeously scented Himalayan salt scrub. With ingredients like sweet almond oil and lychee oil, this scrub exfoliates skin and can reduce blackheads. It has over 12,000 positive reviews on Amazon as well, making it a beauty must-have. “It exfoliates my pores and leaves my skin soft and silky,” wrote one shopper.


A Makeup Bag Made From Water-Resistant Fabric

Keep your cosmetics organized and ready for travel with this roomy makeup bag that comes in eight incredible colors. With a main compartment and five inside pockets, this makeup bag has plenty of space to keep your products together without them getting lost at the bottom of the bag. It’s even made from a water-resistant fabric that’s easy to clean, so spills are no problem.


This Blink Mini Camera That Lets You Spy On Your Pets When You’re Not Home

Every time I leave the house, I wish I had a camera watching my dog so I could check in on her. Luckily, this Blink Mini camera can do just that. This small and discreet camera connects to your smartphone and can be used for keeping an eye on pets and kids. You can even talk to your pets through the camera. If you’re looking for a home security system, these cameras may also be a good starting point.


This Gold Cocktail Set That Will Make Your Home Feel Like A Trendy Bar

Knowing how to make a great cocktail is a good life skill, but in order to do that, you need the right tools. This gold cocktail shaker set will make you feel like you’re at the trendiest bar in town, even if you’re just making a rum and Coke. The seven-piece set comes with a shaker, ice tongs, a double jigger, and everything else you need to make a tasty drink.