Meet The HomeGoods Lemon Stool Going Viral On TikTok

Simply the zest.

It was only a year ago that pretty much all of TikTok was head over heels for the uber-quirky HomeGoods strawberry stool. Now, there’s a new fruit on the block. In true summertime spirit, a bright yellow lemon stool has taken center stage as far as fruit-themed home decor is concerned. Picture a large ceramic stool that looks exactly like a freshly picked lemon and can be used as an end table, chair, or even just a standalone piece. This, my friend, is the viral HomeGoods lemon stool that everyone and their mother is talking about.

Recently, there has been a surge in maximalism, a home decor trend that can best be defined by a ton of bold, one-of-a-kind patterns and pieces being thrown together to create an aesthetic that is larger (and more colorful) than life. Seeing how maximalism embraces funky furniture pieces and decor, items like this citrus table fit perfectly into the aesthetic regardless of season. This means you can enjoy the summery look of lemon year-round and still have a place to put your latest read and coffee mug. Glorious.

For reference, videos with the hashtag #lemontable on TikTok have garnered a whopping 2 million views and the hashtag is packed to the brim with sightings of the legendary lemon. While the TikTok-viral lemon stool doesn’t appear to be available on the official HomeGoods website, that hasn’t stopped customers from scouring the stores to find this rare gem of a furniture piece. Take the following as a sign to head to your local HomeGoods and check every aisle for this work of art that is going fast.

Why, yes. Yes, you should. In user @kaarinjoy’s June 28 TikTok, the sheer excitement is palpable. After asking viewers if she should buy the end table, one user aptly responded, “It’s already in the cart.” True.

User @emcal09 wrote in the comments section of her June 19 TikTok that the stool was $70. Plus, viewers were equally as obsessed with the find. “Yellow is generally associated with happiness. A nice pop of yellow can help an entire living room,” one commenter wrote.

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