Housekeepers Swear By These Clever Things That Make It Easier To Keep Your Home Nice

Simple ways to keep your house nice.

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Few things feel as good as walking into a clean, organized home after a long day of work. But if your home always feels messy or if you have trouble finding the time to clean it up, that’s not a problem. I’ve reached out to a handful of professional housekeepers who were more than happy to share their favorite tips on how to keep your home looking nice.

From versatile organizers to specific cleaning tools, there’s a little helpful something in here that can be applied to every home — but if you want to see more, then you’ll just have to keep scrolling.


These Easy-To-Install Dividers That Help Shelves Stay Organized

Organized shelves can quickly devolve into a jumbled mess. Luckily, these dividers help keep stacks of clothes, linens, and more from bleeding into each other. “We absolutely love this as our small towel closet as well as our shared closet is now more organized,” Paulo Filho, the owner of Celestial Cleaning Service, tells Bustle. “I first saw this in a client’s house and thought it was genius! Ordered one as soon as we walked out of our client's house. We love it at home!” And since they’re designed to slide onto nearly any shelf, there’s no need for any drilling when it comes to installation. Choose from two colors: platinum or bronze.


A Hanging Organizer That Adds 10 Shelves To Any Closet

If you don’t have any shelves at all, this organizer can be a different organization option for your closet. It adds 10 shelves to your closet, five of which are slide-out drawers — and there are even small pouches on the side where you can stash socks, scarves, or any other small items. Choose from four colors: black, grey, java, or white.


The Rustproof Shelves To Help Organize Your Shower

Are your shower walls getting cluttered with bottles? Filho recommends these shower shelves as a solution. “This shower caddy is amazing,” he tells Bustle. “We are now able to move up all shampoos and conditioners to the caddy from the tub floor and sides. It's made it a lot more organized.” They can also hold up to 15 pounds, and installation is a total breeze using the included adhesive — no need for any drilling. Choose from two finishes: matte black or polished silver.


A Versatile Soap Dispenser That Can Mount Into Corners

If those shelves don’t suit your style, consider transferring all those liquid soaps into this dispenser instead. Three chambers give you room to store body wash, conditioner, and shampoo, while wide mouths make for easy filling. The best part? It’s so versatile that you can configure it to hang flat on your shower wall or in a corner — and the included adhesive eliminates the need for drilling.


This Hanging Shoe Organizer That Helps Open Up Closet Space

Finding somewhere to store your massive shoe collection can be tricky, especially if your closet is on the smaller side. The solution? “Another must-have is the shoe organizer,” says Filho. “If you're like me, then you have 10+ shoes and need to keep up with the situation ASAP. Here is a great addition for organizing shoes.” And not only does this particular organizer have space for up to 12 pairs of shoes, but it also hangs over any standard-sized door to help minimize the amount of space it takes up inside your closet. Choose from five colors: light grey, black, orange, grey, or jade green.


A Hanging Shoe Organizer That Has Space For Extras

If your closet door isn’t suitable for that previous shoe organizer, this one is designed to hang on any standard closet rod. Reinforced seams give it some added durability, while breathable polypropylene walls help keep your shoes from absorbing unwanted odors. Plus, it even features mesh pockets on either side where you can stash jewelry, flip-flops, belts, and more.


These Organizer Bins That Can Help Reduce Food Waste

Losing food in the back of a disorganized fridge is one of the easiest ways to waste money — so grab these bins. Not only can they help your fridge stay organized, but each one also features handles in the front and back so that they’re easy to pull out whenever you need something. And if you still need a little convincing? “We absolutely love these for our fridge and pantry,” says Filho. “Like I mentioned, we have a small home so we must utilize all of our spaces effectively and these clear organizing bins do just that!”


A Shatterproof Organizer For All Those Loose Soda Cans

If you need more fridge organization for your soda cans, why not put them inside this organizer? It can hold up to nine standard-sized cans, or up to 14 slim ones — and the shatterproof plastic won’t break if accidentally dropped.


This Divided Lazy Susan That Helps You Reach Items In The Back Of Your Fridge

There’s no need to go digging into the back of your fridge when you have this lazy Susan, as a gentle spin is all it needs to bring all any items stored in the back around to the front. Dividers in the middle help you keep everything organized — and since there’s a nonslip liner inside, it’s much less likely that anything will topple over as it spins.


A Microfiber Cloth That Doesn’t Need Cleanser To Be Effective

That grimy rag you’ve been using to wipe down surfaces probably does an ok job. But if you’re looking for something more effective? Jennifer Rodriguez, the Chief Hygiene Officer at PRO Housekeepers, tells Bustle that microfiber cloths are “ideal for delicate surfaces.” She then goes on to explain, “These cloths are great because they don't leave streaks or lint behind. The best part, they are reusable.”

This cloth in particular doesn’t even need cleanser to be effective — just get it damp with water and it’ll help get your surfaces sparkling. And since it can absorb up to five times its weight in water, dirt, and dust, you shouldn’t have a problem tackling an entire room’s worth of mess without having to give it a wash.


These Swedish Dishcloths That You Can Use All Over Your Home

You can stop wasting money on paper towels and upgrade to these cotton Swedish dishcloths. While they aren’t made of microfiber, they’re still reusable options when it comes to cleaning up messes. They’re gritty when dry yet soft when wet, making them suitable for scouring pans, dusting shelves, and every dirty job in between. And unlike some dishcloths, these ones won’t leave behind streaks when cleaning glass.


This Squeegee That Delivers A Streak-Free Shine On Glass

Even the cleanest homes can look dirty if your windows and shower doors have streaks. Thankfully, Rodriguez has another easy fix: “Squeegees are great for cleaning windows, shower doors, and other glass surfaces,” she tells Bustle. “They can also be used to remove pet hair from carpets and upholstery.”

With that in mind, this squeegee features a soft silicone blade that easily clears away everything from streaks to water droplets. Each order includes two additional replacement blades — just in case the one you’re using gets a little too dirty to use — and the soft handle helps you keep a comfortably firm grip when in use.


The Stylish Dividers That Can Help Declutter Drawers

Cluttered drawers can make it hard to find the items you’re looking for — but a good set of dividers can help keep all that clutter organized. If you need a few use case examples, Rodriguez says that “you can use them for the kitchen, clothes, or office supplies.”

These dividers in particular are made from sleek bamboo, and can even be wiped down with a damp cloth when dirty since they’re water-resistant. A spring-loaded tip extends out from 17 to 22 inches in order to create a snug fit inside your drawers, while rubber grips on both ends help keep them firmly in place without shifting. Choose from three finishes: natural, grey, or white.


These Organizer Bins That Are Perfect For Small Items

Whereas the previous drawer dividers were great for larger items, these organizing bins are ideal for office supplies, makeup tools, or nearly any other type of small item. You can configure them however you like, making it easy to fit them in drawers of all shapes and sizes — and the nonslip bottoms help keep them from shifting out of place whenever the drawer opens or closes.


The Stylish Chalkboard Labels That Can Help You Stay Organized

Always forgetting what items go where in your home? Rodriguez suggests using labels to stay organized, as they “can be used to label storage bins, drawers, and other items to help keep everything organized and easy to find.” And not only are these particular chalkboard labels cute to look at, but they’re also reusable — just wipe them with a damp cloth to erase whatever you’ve written. Each order also includes a white marker.


A Label Maker That Comes Loaded With Over 600 Different Templates

Not only does this label maker come loaded with more than 600 different templates, but the downloadable app also makes it easy to customize your labels with graphics, symbols, icons, and more. Plus, its rechargeable battery can last for up to a full month before it needs to be plugged in again.


These Heavy-Duty Brushes That Scrub Deep Into Tight Spaces

There’s a reason why Irina Nikiforova, the owner of Rocket Maids, recommends these brushes when it comes to giving your home a thorough clean. “This set is a must-have for deep cleaning or if you have an old house and want to get rid of some tough spots,” she tells Bustle. “These are ideal for the hard-to-reach areas. Depending on what you need to clean, you may choose from [a] soft, medium, and hard brush. It can be used in the bathroom or kitchen for tough spots.” Each order comes with three brushes made with three different types of bristles: nylon, steel, or brass.


This Caddy That Can Help You Save Time When Cleaning Up

Making multiple trips to and from your utility closet can eat up a lot of time — instead, just keep all your essential cleaning tools inside of this handy caddy. Nikiforova says that a “storage caddy is a useful thing to carry all your cleaning supplies around the house,” and that “it’s a good idea to keep all supplies in one place for storage but you may also easily take the caddy whenever you clean [...].” Its built-in handle makes it easy to carry around your home, and you even have the choice of two colors: gray or clear.


A Mop & Bucket System That Keeps Your Hands High & Dry

Rather than getting your hands wet with dirty mop water, Nikiforova suggests using this “[...] mop and bucket system that allows you to dry mop hands-free.” She goes on to say that you can “just use the bucket to make the mop wet and squeeze it in the same bucket” — but if that isn’t enough, “it [also] comes with microfiber attachments so the mop can be used on any kind of floor and won’t leave streaks like a string mop.” And since the microfiber attachments are machine-washable, there’s no need to waste money buying additional replacements.


The Microfiber Floor Mop That Makes It Easier To Reach Under Furniture

This microfiber mop is another reusable option when it comes to cleaning your floors. The head swivels 360 degrees so that it’s easy to maneuver around furniture, and each order comes with two reusable mop pads that can be tossed into the wash for easy cleaning. Plus, its telescopic handle stretches out to 60 inches so that it’s easy to reach every nook and cranny around the house.


A De-Shedding Brush That’s Suitable For Cats & Dogs

Tired of seeing tumbleweeds of pet hair floating across your floors? Jessica Samson, a cleaning expert at The Maids, tells Bustle, “One of the most clever things you can do to help keep your home nice is to de-shed your pets at least once a day. This will save you so much time and energy cleaning your home.”

Not only is this de-shedding brush suitable for use on all sorts of pets, but it’s also incredibly easy to clean out. Simply press the button on the handle, and the bristles will retract so that all the collected hair falls right off. Plus, the bristles are made from stainless steel — so the chances of them rusting are incredibly low.


This Pet Hair Remover That Gets Furniture Looking Clean As New

Furniture, carpets, curtains — this pet hair remover is a must-have for stripping away pet hair from practically any fabric surface. Hundreds of tiny bristles latch onto loose hairs before stuffing them into the built-in dustbin. And once the dustbin is full? Just press the button on the handle to empty it out.


A Surface Steamer That Comes With 7 Interchangeable Cleaning Heads

Some cleanup jobs take a little more elbow grease than others — but that’s where this steam cleaner comes in handy. As for why it’s such a good buy, Karina Toner, the operations manager at Spekless Cleaning, tells Bustle, “I’ve personally found this to be especially handy when cleaning off sticky residues from surfaces, as well as deep cleaning car interiors!” This one in particular even comes with seven different attachments to help you tackle any job: three round bristle brushes, one grout tool, a flat scraper, a jet nozzle, as well as an angled concentrator tool. And unlike some cleaners, it doesn’t require any cleanser — plain water will do just fine.


The Automatic Trashcan That Helps Trap Unwanted Odors

With an odor-absorbing filter and locking lid, this trashcan is a solid pick for anyone looking to keep their kitchen smelling (and looking) clean. But if you still need a little convincing? Toner tells Bustle that these extra features “[...] can help to reduce the spread of germs and make it easier to keep your home clean and hygienic.” Plus, the stainless steel exterior is even resistant to fingerprints.


A Large Woven Basket That’s Perfect For Hiding Clutter

Looking for cute ways to hide clutter? Then search no further than this large woven basket. Toner tells Bustle that “the woven design adds a decorative touch to your space while also keeping your items organized and out of sight” — and there are even handles on either side so that it’s easy to carry from room to room. Use it to hold throw blankets, hide dirty clothes, or even as a cute spot to stash kids’ toys.


These Rope Baskets That Fold Down Flat For Easy Storage

Whereas that rope basket is ideal for large items, these baskets are great for hiding clutter on shelves, desks, vanities, and more. The thick cloth base and reinforced handles give them some extra durability — and unlike some rope baskets, they’ll even retain their shape if you decide to fold them down flat when not in use. Choose from more than 20 colors.


The Floating Shelves That Bring A Modern Touch To Any Space

Don’t have enough floor space for a bookshelf? Toner recommends putting up these floating shelves instead. “I personally use these in my kitchen to store and showcase cookbooks, decor, and a few plants,” she tells Bustle. “It really adds a modern touch to your overall home decor, while also maximizing wall space and providing easy access to your belongings.” They’re sturdy enough that they can hold up to 22 pounds each, and come with solid dual-pipe iron stands to keep them mounted in place without any wobbling.


These Floating Shelves That Are Already Styled To Look Good

Not only are these floating shelves already styled to look good, but they also feature multiple little nooks and crannies for all sorts of items. Hang them in your kitchen as a cute spot to store spice bottles, or even add them to your bathroom so that your skincare products have a chic spot to sit. The best part? Since they’re made from lightweight MDF, getting them up and mounted on your walls should be a total breeze.


The Foldable Bins That Help Minimize Closet Clutter

It’s OK if your closet has a few items you’ve completely stopped wearing. With that in mind, Christina Giaquinto, a professional organizer and brand ambassador of Modular Closets, has a suggestion: “Keep a donation bin in your home, especially your closet. As you come across items in your home that you no longer need, you can add them to the bin which ensures your home stays nice and decluttered.”

And if all the bins you have are too large to fit on your closet shelves? These ones are compact, foldable, and even feature a foldable front flap so that you can see what’s stacked underneath without disrupting the rest of the pile. Their thick, durable walls also help them keep their shape, helping ensure that they’ll last for years to come.


A Double-Pronged Hook That Can Handle Humid Bathrooms

Giaquinto has an easy fix for the next time you’re low on storage space: “Hooks are a simple way to maximize space and keep your home nice!” she tells Bustle. “Whether it is behind a door, inside your closet, or on your walls, hooks do wonders to organize and simplify your space.”

Not only is the corrosion-resistant finish on this hook perfect for humid bathrooms, but it also features two prongs instead of one, giving you double the storage space. The best part? It can easily hold up to 20 pounds, making it suitable for everything from scrubbers to heavy winter coats. Choose from three colors: matte black, chrome, or gold.


This Adjustable Rod That Adds *So* Much Storage Space To Closets

Though it may be tempting to remodel your closet, Giaquinto has a cheaper alternative. She tells Bustle, “Upgrade your closet to maximize its storage capabilities!” Giaquinto continues, “For example, just by changing your single rod closet to double hanging, you instantly double the space. The most transformative thing you can do to organize when you do not have a lot of space is to redesign the system.”

Luckily, this adjustable rod can expand from 18 to 30 inches, making it easy to fit into closets of nearly any shape or size. Zero tools are needed in order to hang it up — and the tough steel frame can easily handle even the heaviest garments.


A Dry-Erase Calendar That Helps You Stick To A Cleaning Schedule

Forgetting to clean your home on a regular basis almost guarantees that it’ll start to look dirty. The solution? Rose Hargrove, the founder and CEO of Wellness, Cleaning, & Lifestyle Services, recommends that you “designate cleaning days and what you clean that day so you’re not overwhelmed feeling like you always have to clean everything” — and this dry-erase calendar can help. The squares are completely un-dated, making it easy to use no matter what time of year it is. Each order also includes a set of six colorful markers, as well as a bonus shopping list where you can jot down ingredients as you run out of them.


The Ultrasonic Diffuser That Comes With 10 Popular Essential Oils

Getting your home to smell nice doesn’t have to be a struggle. In fact, Hargrove recommends using “a diffuser to keep your home smelling fresh without the harmful chemicals” — and this diffuser even comes with 10 of the most popular essential oils so that you can start using it right out of the box. Its large water reservoir can keep it running for up to eight hours, while a color-changing LED light helps you set a relaxing mood. Plus, the faux wood grain makes it look way more expensive than it is.


A Faux Leather Ottoman With Hidden Storage Space Inside

Can’t quite figure out why your home feels dirty? “Rooms also look better when there's less stuff visible,” explains Christina Hidek, a professional organizer and decluttering coach. “But some rooms don't have closets or built-ins, so that's when it's time to add hidden storage.” She goes on to recommend that you “add a storage ottoman or two to your space” — so take a look at this ottoman. Not only does the top lift up to reveal tons of storage, but it’s also made from sleek faux leather. And with a weight limit of up to 250 pounds, you can even use it as a seat when guests are over.


This Rotating Spice Rack That Comes With Sleek Glass Jars

Spice bottles can take up a ton of space inside your cabinets. Instead, consider storing them on a spice rack to help save space. “Not only do these keep spices organized but they can help prevent you from accidentally ‘seasoning’ the countertop by eliminating the risk of knocking things over,” explains Olive Cantor, the owner of Centennial Super Maids. “Besides keeping things tidy, it can also help make cooking a little easier.”

This particular spice rack can rotate 360 degrees so that you shouldn’t have any problem reaching your spices regardless of where they’re stored. It also comes with 12 glass jars that you can fill up with whatever spices you like, as well as a set of labels to help keep everything organized. The best part? The jar lids feature three different openings for sprinkling, shaking, or pouring out your spices, making it easy to add just the right amount to your meals.