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What Makes A First Date Go Bad?

Millennials discuss the conversations that make them want to jump ship.

We don't want to sound dramatic, but there's literally nothing worse than a bad first date. The lack of chemistry, the bad food, the uncomfortable silences, the weird thing the other person does that isn't objectively bad but just bothers the sh*t out of you — when it comes to romance and relationships, a bad first date can make you want to give it all up completely.

According to a study done by the dating app eHarmony, a lot of it has to do with science. When people arrive to a first date, their nerves and emotions are running high with anticipation, even if they've done it a million times before. The three biggest fears people have are conversation, attraction, and confidence, eHarmony notes.

The latter two are easy enough to determine within the first few minutes of a date (and if those things aren't there, they aren't there). It's the conversation that's the tough part. In fact, bad conversation can torpedo an otherwise normal, fun date with a quickness.

So, what kind of topics make a good date go bad? Bustle sat down with a group of single millennials for an episode of Digital Love, our series all about dating in the digital age. According to our group of participants, talking about an ex is always, always a vibe-killer, as is revealing too much past trauma too quickly. On the other hand, keeping things too neutral and superficial can also make a date flop, so don't be afraid to open up a little bit.

Hear more about what single millennials believe makes a good date go bad in the video above.

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