How This Couple Went From 9-5 Burnout To RV Living In Spain

Elisa Llera and Chris Roy turned their life into an international road trip.

by Danielle Alfredo
A couple driving through Spain in an RV

Elisa Llera and Chris Roy had their future mapped out with plans to buy a house and settle down. When Llera experienced a scary illness due to 9-5 burnout, the pair decided to make a drastic change, instead. They purchased an RV, downsized their belongings, and started renovating. After two years of planning and DIY projects, Llera and Roy hit the European road in their contemporary eclectic home on wheels.

With their new lifestyle and furry friend in tow, this couple has been able to work less, and savor the little things more. Since they both work remotely — Llera as a copywriter and YouTuber and Roy as a product designer — they aren't nearly as tied down as they used to be (literally... their home can move). They both have learned to live more sustainably and appreciate their natural surroundings. Not even a mid-slumber, indoor rain shower could make this couple resent their Spanish adventure.

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