Stop Everything, Nutella Biscuits Now Exist

But they're quite hard to get your hands on.

Nutella Biscuits

I know a surprising amount of people who've actually never tried Nutella. And to them my message is always the same: you have not lived. In the UK, we're a nation of Nutella lovers, and enjoy the hazelnutty spread on our toast, in porridge, and on baked goods, too. If you're a big fan, then you'll be happy to learn about a new Nutella treat from the guys at Ferrero. And here's how and where to buy Nutella biscuits in the UK.

The delicious treat is a new addition to the world of Nutella, and sees a delightful crunchy biscuit meet a generous layer of the spread. In short, these biscuits are the perfect accompaniment to your afternoon cup of tea, and I challenge you to only eat one at a time.

The bad news I must deliver is that these aren't the easiest of confectionary must-haves to get your hands on. Currently, they are available in mainland Europe and in the Republic of Ireland in supermarkets and corner shops. And while I for one hope that that changes VERY soon, there are ways to snap the biscuits up if you don't mind paying a little extra cash.

The ultra-committed can bag some by visiting Amazon, where a pouch will set you back £6.52. You can also grab a multi pack of three for £18. Not exactly as cheap as buying your weekly pack of Digestives from Tesco, but still, go big or go home.

Alternatively, while we wait for these biscuits to drop in the UK, it's worth remembering you can buy Nutella B-Ready bars, which are wafer-style treats with a layer of Nutella in them. These you can buy pretty much everywhere, and they will only cost you £2.30 for six. Score.