Here's How To Get A Clubhouse Invite

It's the ultimate waiting game.

by Lauren Grant
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By now you’ve heard and seen the internet buzzing with word of a new app called Clubhouse. Only, you have no idea what it does and you can’t seem to get an invite to join it. In a few words, Clubhouse can be described as a “24/7 virtual panel” where you can sit in and even participate in the live audio of other creatives, industry professionals, and even celebrities like Oprah and Drake. But exactly how do you get invited on Clubhouse? To put it simply, you need an invitation.

What Is The Clubhouse App?

Due to the coronavirus pandemic forcing almost 30% of the country to work from home, many people felt as if they were missing out on pivotal social moments, like networking. Clubhouse solves just that. The social app is a new type of networking tool that allows users to join virtual rooms where speakers take the “stage” to have discussions that can literally be about anything. Social movements, debates, artist talks, and even Shark Tank-style talks with venture capitalists have all hosted chats on the platform. By centering the app around voice, Clubhouse believes this takes a lot of the networking pressure off as you can literally be doing anything while tuning in or participating in one of the virtual rooms (a refreshing breath from all those Zoom chats, no doubt).

How To Score An Invitation To Clubhouse

In addition to the app still being in its beta phases, it’s only available on iOS devices (sorry, Androids) and the only way to be invited in is by a current user. Yes, Clubhouse is that exclusive and once you’re in, you too will only be extended one invitation for another lucky soul somewhere (just make sure they’re an Apple user). However, if you’re determined to get invited ASAP, some of the best ways to put out the call are to scour other social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. Putting out a simple tweet or story with the hashtag #Clubhouse can go a long way. Besides getting a direct invitation, if you have enough friends already on Clubhouse, chances are that by downloading and reserving your username, the app will pick up on who you already know and send you a direct invite. If you find your efforts lost, then you’ll be finding yourself doing what everyone else is: waiting.

On the other hand, if you find yourself getting that long-awaited golden ticket, then your whole networking world is about to change. Clubhouse offers the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded individuals and even speak with venture capitalists and celebrities directly. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows, though. You’ll need to be sure your online persona is squeaky clean (aka don't be a bully) because Clubhouse etiquette has recently been called into question due to anti-semitic comments and racism. A few users have come forth with their stories on how the social platform needs to set stricter rules against hate speech. Recently celebrities like Kevin Hart have also come under fire from one of the chats that turned dicey toward Black women. However, through all the controversey, once you’ve gotten the invite, the wait is well worth it.

Clubhouse has announced its official launch, but in the meantime, you can vicariously live through friends who have made it on the app until that ever elusive invite finds its way to your DMs.

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