How To Get Free, Unlimited Coffee From Panera Through Labor Day

Panera's coffee subscription program is free until labor day.

The only thing better than coffee is free coffee. And the only thing better than free coffee is unlimited free coffee. Lest you think such a delight doesn’t exist, Panera’s unlimited coffee subscription is free if you sign up by Friday, July 4. The only thing that stands between you and free coffee is a few keystrokes.

Panera’s unlimited coffee subscription initially launched on Feb. 27 of this year. For $8.99 per month plus tax, members can get as much hot coffee, iced coffee, and tea as their caffeinated hearts desire. (The only small caveat is you have to wait two hours between refills.) Now, Panera is temporarily waiving that monthly fee, letting people get free unlimited coffee until Monday, September 7. Meaning, if you sign up by Friday, July 4, you can get free iced coffee through Labor Day.

Here’s how to get free Panera coffee for the next couple of months:

Then, you’ll be able you get any size and flavor of coffee once every two hours with unlimited refills in-store. You can also order through Panera’s website or the Panera app and pick up your free coffee with Panera Curbside or contactless delivery. You just need to sign up by July 4 to get the free Panera coffee subscription, which is good until Sept. 7.

On June 16, Panera Bread tweeted out a poll asking if people want free unlimited coffee summer? If they got at least 500,000 votes in favor for free coffee by June 22, they’d make it happen. As you might expect, the internet responded with a resounding, “YES!!!” Over 87% of the votes were in favor of free coffee, but I would love to speak to the nearly 75,000 people who said, “nah, I prefer to pay.” (Panera’s justification for those “no” votes was a dig at Starbucks.)

A medium Panera coffee typically costs a little more than $2. So, if you get more than five regular coffees per month, the subscription plan is worth your money. Even if you only get a couple coffees a month, the free subscription program is still worth it on account of it being... completely free. In theory, you could get 12 cups of free coffee per day. Should you? Probably not, but you still could.

Aside from the two-hour wait time between refills, the only other minor caveat is that the coffee subscription unfortunately doesn’t apply to cold brew iced coffee, espresso beverages, or cappuccino beverages. So, you'll just have to enjoy your unlimited regular-degular coffee. I'm sure you won't be too upset as you sip on your free iced coffee every two hours.