How To Get Rid Of Mosquitoes In Your Backyard

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Having outdoor space is amazing, but an onslaught of biting mosquitoes can make it impossible to enjoy the fresh air. Luckily, there are many effective ways to get rid of mosquitoes in your backyard, including repellents, fans, and products that prevent them from breeding in the first place. Your best chance at truly getting rid of mosquitoes is to use a combination of different tactics.

First, there are several ways to eliminate mosquitoes. Since they thrive (and hatch) in standing water such as marshes, ponds, and even puddles, you can add tablets containing Bti bacteria to the watery areas of your yard to target mosquito larvae. If you want to get rid of full-grown mosquitoes, you can choose mosquito traps or zapper lanterns that emit mosquito attractants such as carbon dioxide or Octenol. For major infestations, you might want to use a pesticide spray on your plants such as one that contains pyrethrin, a chemical that targets mosquitoes’ nervous systems. However, the pesticide can cause skin irritation so you’ll need to take extra care when spraying your garden, and it can be harmful to beneficial insects. It can also be dangerous for pets.

To keep mosquitoes away, you can also shop for candles and incense made with citronella and other essential oils that have been found to repel mosquitoes. As an alternative to scented candles, there are devices that use allethrin (a synthetic version of a natural insecticide found in chrysanthemums) that create a zone of protection around you without fragrance.

Finally, other simple solutions include mesh netting that you can drape around a patio table and an outdoor fan that helps disperse the mosquito-attracting carbon dioxide emitted by humans and makes it harder for insects to fly near you.

Knowing how to get rid of mosquitoes in your backyard will pave the way for a relaxing outdoor season. Pick and choose the tools that will work best for you and your space below.

1. Place This Scent-Free Repellent Device On Your Patio Table

More than 25,000 Amazon shoppers have given this Thermacell mosquito repeller a five-star rating. The sleek device is powered by a fuel cartridge, so there are no batteries or power cords required, and it uses heat-activated, unscented allethrin repellent mats to create a 15-foot zone of protection. Every device comes with a fuel cartridge that will last for 12 hours and three mats that are effective for four hours each. Choose from 16 colors and finishes to match your outdoor style. To keep your backyard mosquito-free all season long, you can easily order additional fuel cartridges and mats.

One helpful review: “We have used this very often in the backyard and always come inside with 0 bug bites! Absolutely no scent, we don’t have to use bug spray on our bodies or light candles this works so well!”

2. Drop These Tablets Into Ponds, Birdbaths & Other Standing Water

Drop one of these mosquito dunks into your pond or birdbath to destroy mosquito larvae and stop the breeding cycle. Each tablet is made with Bti bacteria, and it begins working within hours of being dropped in the water. Every tablet can treat 100 square feet of surface water and will last for at least 30 days. The dunks have amassed more than 6,000 five-star ratings, and they're nontoxic for fish, pets, and humans.

One helpful review: “I have a pond in my yard and threw one of the dunks in the pond. The next day I had family over in the backyard and everyone raved about NOT getting bit by any mosquitoes. I was in heaven. Its been a few weeks since then and still no mosquitoes.”

3. Tackle Serious Infestations With This Insecticide For Your Yard & Garden

This insecticide concentrate contains pyrethrin to target the nervous system of mosquitoes and is safe to spray on vegetables, trees, flowers, and other plants in your yard — though you’ll want to follow the instructions for safety. The concentrated formula will need to be diluted with water and applied using a low-pressure sprayer or sprinkler can. In addition to mosquitoes, this insecticide protects plants against aphids, beetles, webworms, leafhoppers, and other insects, and it even eliminates bugs on contact. The popular spray mix is backed by more than 1,500 five-star ratings and can be used up until the day you harvest your vegetables. Reapplication will vary based on where you’re spraying, so be sure to check the directions.

One helpful review: “I am a mosquito magnet and have never been able to enjoy the outdoors without spraying down. After using this product, it has changed how I live outdoors. No mosquitos as long as I spray every 3 weeks or after a rain.”

4. Drape This Netting Over Your Sun Umbrella

One of the easiest ways to keep mosquitoes and their bites away is to drape netting around your sitting area. Made from tightly woven polyester, this mesh net can be draped over a sun umbrella with a diameter of 7.5 to 11 feet, creating a barrier that lets you lounge outdoors in peace. The net provides 9 feet of coverage from top to bottom and has a double-zipper closure. On windy days, you can fill the hollow base tubes with either water or air to weigh them down and keep them in place. The netting provides enough room for up to six people.

One helpful review: “I installed this a few months ago, and I live in Mississippi where the mosquitoes are PLENTIFUL. I installed it, went inside and watched the mosquitoes DESPERATELY try and get it, but they couldn't. It was like living in another world.”

5. Place This Mosquito Trap In Your Outdoor Area

Though it can take about five weeks to see a noticeable change, this mosquito trap works to break the breeding cycle of mosquitoes, so you’ll feel the impact all season long. The trap has a titanium dioxide coating that emits carbon dioxide to attract mosquitoes. Once the insects are near, a fan works to trap them in a basket, which reviewers empty about once a month. The trap also attracts other bugs with a UV light that you’ll need to replace about every four months. The weather-resistant trap plugs into a standard 110-volt outlet and will protect up to 1/3 of an acre. It should be placed at least 20 to 40 feet away from a sitting area. The pole stand is included.

One helpful review: “Impressed by it so far! We placed this out in our backyard by our pool. Hundreds of mosquitos trapped just after a couple days!”

6. Light These Candles Infused With Mosquito-Repelling Essential Oils

These mosquito repellent candles are made from a mix of soy and beeswax and are infused with the oils of rosemary, peppermint, cedarwood, citronella, and lemongrass, which smell amazing and deter mosquitoes at the same time. Each candle has a burn time of 30 hours, and these natural repellents have earned more than 2,500 five-star ratings. Choose from packs of two, three, and six.

One helpful review: “My backyard is a mosquito haven. I have tried a lot of products— and nothing works. I absolutely LOVE this candles. They smell great and work!”

7. Use This Repellent Device That Doubles As A Lantern

Another great device from Thermacell, this repellent lantern emits a soothing glow powered by an LED light. It uses a heat-activated allethrin mat to create a 15-foot zone of protection around you for up to four hours at a time, too. The repellent device works with the included fuel cartridge that lasts up to 12 hours and three insect repellent mats are included. You can also use it in repellent-only mode without turning on the light.

You can stock up on mat refills and additional fuel cartridges, though the LED light cannot be replaced. You’ll also need three AA batteries (not included) to operate the light.

One helpful review: “I bought this for use during an outdoor dinner party. I couldn’t believe it actually worked! Not a single bug all evening.”

8. Hang An Electrified Zapper On Your Porch

This bug zapper comes with an Octenol cartridge to attract mosquitoes and an electrified grid to destroy them. The water-resistant zapper covers up to 1 acre of your backyard, and it’s earned more than 12,000 five-star ratings on Amazon. Best of all: The bugs just fall to the ground so you don’t need to empty a container. To operate, you’ll need to plug the device into an outlet. You’ll need to replace the Octenol cartridge after 30 days of use. Additionally, the zapper uses a UV light to attract other flying insects, and you’ll need to use a replacement bulb about every five months.

One helpful review: “We have a really bad mosquito problem in our area in the summer. But with this zapper we were actually able to play outside this summer. We even had neighbors comment that they felt more comfortable going outside too thanks to the effectiveness of this zapper!”

9. Burn These Incense Sticks With Citronella & Other Oils Mosquitoes Hate

Made with citronella, cedarwood, lemongrass, and peppermint oils, these incense sticks can be placed directly into the ground to protect ankles and lower legs from bites. After blowing out the flame, each stick will provide up to 45 minutes of protection, so you’ll get almost 40 hours of repellent time in one affordable 50-pack.

One helpful review: “I used 4 of these sticks as I weeded my garden for over an hour. As I moved from one end of the garden to the other, I moved my sticks with me. I had no mosquito bites whatsoever!”

10. Install An Outdoor Fan That’s Weatherproof

Not only can this wall-mounted outdoor fan keep you cool in warmer weather, it’s also an effective way to keep mosquitoes away. The fan has a water-resistant rating of IPX4, meaning it’s protected from splashes at any angle, and it has a sealed motor that can withstand wetter weather. There are three fan speeds to choose from that can be adjusted with the fan’s chain control. This model measures 14 inches, but the fan is also available in 18-inch and 20-inch sizes, and it has a 6-foot power cord. A wall mounting kit is included. What’s more, it’s backed by a 4.7-star overall rating after more than 3,000 reviews.

One helpful review: “Great fan for the outdoors. I use it on my back porch under an arbor. It’s a fantastic way to keep cool in the summer as well as keep gnats and mosquitos away when you’re sitting outside.”