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How To Make BeReal Private So Only Your Real BFFs Can See Your Pics

Because your most spur-of-the-moment selfies deserve to be classified.

How to make your BeReal account private.

BeReal is quickly becoming the buzziest (and most meme-able) social media platform of 2022, beloved for its forced candidness. However, the app — which prompts users to take a front and back-facing photo of whatever they’re doing at a random time every day — can obviously feel a bit intrusive. As in, their ad literally shows someone snapping a pic on the toilet. Though you might feel comfortable showing your friends how boring your life is as you post the same WFH setup every day, you might not want everyone else on the app to see your content, so there is a way to make your BeReal private.

Since BeReal offers a Discover tab, which shows public BeReal posts from all over the world, you might be especially worried about your photos getting unwanted viewers. But don’t BeScared (get it?!) because securing your BeReal account can be as simple as taking one single photo a day. Here’s how to make your BeReal account private.

How To Make BeReal Private

If you’ve been fretting over who was been viewing your embarrassing selfies every day, first, take a deep breath. The good news is, every BeReal account is private by default. So, unless you’ve indicated otherwise while posting or changing settings on your account, all of your posts are automatically set to be viewed only by your friends.

If you want to check whether you have set your BeReal posts to friends only, head to your latest post and tap the three horizontal dots below “Add a caption.” Tap “Options” in the bottom right. If you posted your BeReal to the Discover feed, there will be a “Remove from Discovery” option. You can tap this to remove the post from the Discovery page while still ensuring it will show up on your friends’ feeds. If you don’t see this option, and only see the option to delete your BeReal, then this means that you did not post it to Discovery. Phew!

To be sure that you don’t post to Discovery in the future, wait until the next time it’s “Time to BeReal.” Once you’ve snapped your BeReal, you should see an option above send that says “My Friends Only.” You can tap this option to change it to Friends and Discovery or keep it as is.

Finally, you can rest easy knowing you’re only being real with your IRL friends.