White Chocolate Nutella Is A Thing & You Can Make It At Home

A kind Instagrammer has shared their recipe with the world.

Arx0nt/Moment/Getty Images

It goes without saying that Nutella is the king of chocolate spreads. Sweet, chocolatey, hazelnut heaven in a jar. It can't get much better than that, right? Well what if you messed with a classic in a good way and made a white chocolate flavoured Nutella? OK now I've got your attention let me tell you all about it.

Sadly this isn't a product that you can buy off the shelves, you've got to make it yourself, but the recipe behind this delicious spread is easier than you might think. And, if you're super crafty, you can even take the time to make a fake label for the jar — if you don't eat it all first, of course.

The recipe comes from German Instagram user Vera Patarcic, and is translated to English by @thesnackcontroller who shared it on their page. They said the spread is an absolute crowd pleaser and "15/10." Adding, "you can pour it on cheesecakes and dip doughnuts in it and just all round pour that on EVERYTHING." So here's what you need to make the spread.


  • 2 blocks of Milky Bar
  • 1 bag of white chocolate Kinder Schoko-bons
  • Hazelnut butter
  • Hazelnut syrup
  • Sunflower oil

Once you've gathered the ingredients, making white Nutella is almost too easy.


  1. Crush and melt your Milky Bars and Schoko-bons
  2. Mix in hazelnut oil
  3. Add a scoop of hazelnut butter
  4. Stir in a dash of hazelnut syrup
  5. Finish with sunflower oil

As there are no preservatives in the jar, the spread it might go a little solid but, according to @thesnackcontroller, but if you heat it up it's good as new. If you feel like reheating is beyond your remit (no judgement) you can always add a little extra sunflower oil to keep it at a more traditional consistency.

Now all you have to do is nip to the shops and get to making this delicious treat. Stocking filler, anyone?