Here's How You Can Win Free Nutella And A Trip To Italy

by Mia Mercado
Nutella is giving away free Nutella in honor of World Nutella Day.
picture alliance/picture alliance/Getty Images

With all the post-Super Bowl frenzy and pre-Oscars buzz, you may have missed that today, Wednesday, Feb. 5, is an extremely importation holiday: World Nutella Day. In honor of this momentous and delicious event, Nutella has launched a nation-wide contest to win free jars of Nutella, as well as the chance to win a trip to the birthplace of the chocolate-hazelnut spread: Italy. You know the only thing that would make free Nutella taste better? Eating it while on a free vacation to Italy.

Starting Wednesday, Feb. 5, you can enter to win the five-day trip to Italy on by filling out their standard form. If you’re 18 years or older, you’ll just need to enter your birthday, name, and contact information. Then, hit submit, cross your fingers, maybe eat a spoonful of Nutella or three, and wait to hear good news. They’ll be contacting the one winner on or around Feb. 14, which is fitting as Nutella is most of the population’s love language.

If “free trip to Italy” didn’t have you sold, perhaps the tentative itinerary will. The winner and one guest will be flown to Milan where they will begin a five-day excursion of drinking wine, touring the Ferrero factory (where Nutella is made), taking cooking classes, enjoying a private tour of Turin, Italy, and visiting the “The Last Supper” mural by Leonardo da Vinci. Your accommodations and airfare are taken care of. You’re on a trip to Italy on Nutella’s dime. What a time to be alive and eating Nutella.

Now, let’s get back to that aforementioned free Nutella. Like all good things, there is a slight catch: Ferrero is making us work to get those free jars. In order to unlock the 20,000 coupons for free Nutella, people in every state across the U.S. need to come together over our shared love of Nutella. On Twitter, Instagram, Nutella’s Facebook page, or all three, share a picture or message showing why you love Nutella and tag it with #WNDGiveaway and your state (e.g. #Kansas or #KS). Once 50 posts from each of the 50 states are counted, fans will be able to visit to redeem their coupon for free Nutella while supplies last.

At the time of publication, 21 states have yet to meet the minimum 50 posts, per the Nutella illustrated map. East coast, you're good great. California, Texas, and Pacific Northwest: so glad we could count on you. You are among the 29 states who have had at least 50 posts with #WNDGiveaway, bringing us one state closer to 20,000 jars of free Nutella. Mountain Time Zone, check on your people. Dakotas, get your Nutella together. Alaska and Hawaii, I know you’re way out there but we need you. There is free Nutella at stake, people.

You have until Thursday, Feb. 5 at 6 a.m. E.T. for both the Italian vacation and the free Nutella giveaway. Please group text your friends and family accordingly. A blessed Nutella to all and to all a good hazelnut.