How To Access All The Old Bios You've Had On Instagram

Prepare to cringe.

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One of the truest tweets that ever tweeted was when someone said that hell is just when they make you hang out with yourself from four years ago. It's too horrible of a thought to even imagine. But if you're curious about what it would be like to hang out with the old you, you can now get a little slice of the action. There's a way to see your old Instagram bios and it's... well, it's as bad as you expect. We have reached peak cringe.

Seriously, whether you went in on the song lyrics, posted some truly emo passive-aggressive hints at your crush, or spoke only in emojis, you can now relive all of the horrors of your youth. In fact, all you need to do is to explore your profile settings a little bit and you can unearth a world of embarrassment. Go into your "Settings," then click on the "Security" option (on Desktop, it's "Privacy and Security"). Then, choose "Access Data."

And there, that's where the treasure is. You can click "Former bio texts" to see every version of your bio that's existed to date. You can also click on "Former usernames," "Former full names," and "Former links in bio." Basically, you can re-live it all — even the things you wish you could forget.

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Some folks have been tweeting about their experiences and they seem to be just as embarrassed as you would expect them to be.

All I can say is, I'm so glad they haven't found a way to retrieve all of my old AOL Instant Messenger bios and away messages, because that would truly be the saddest of the sad.For a generation who grew up on Instagram, this is as close to some dark home truths are you can get.

Let accessing your old bios serve as an important reminder, because the internet never forgets. All of your emojis, all of your song lyrics quotes, all of your fitspo — there's always a chance it can come back to rear its ugly head again and remind you just how cringe-worthy you were years ago. It's a fate we all must face. The Insta gods demand it.

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