You Can Now Turn Into Your Favorite Emoji On Instagram DM

Become the heart eyes emoji.

Instagram launched new selfie stickers for DM.

Prepare to take your Instagram selfie game to a whole new level. Thanks to a slew of new messaging features, you can send selfie stickers on Instagram via DM. Consider this fair warning to your frequently-messaged friends.

In September 2020, Instagram launched a bunch of new messaging features after announcing it’d be merging its messaging services with Messenger, Facebook’s messaging platform. (Because Facebook is Instagram's parent company, this merge was only a matter of time.) Along with new capabilities like cross-app messaging and features like Vanish Mode — AKA Incognito Mode but make it DMs — Instagram now allows you to send selfie stickers via DM.

You’ve been able to turn static selfies into stickers for some time now. However, this latest update allows you to make a GIF-like reaction emoji of your very own face, which you can save and use in Instagram Stories or send your DMs. The new selfie stickers essentially combine Boomerangs, emojis, and selfies to make a customized sticker that features your face.

Using the new selfie stickers is super simple. First, you'll want to make sure your Instagram app is up-to-date. Once you've done that, you're ready to unleash your selfie stickers onto the app.

Mia Mercado/Bustle

1. Go to your DMs.

You can open an existing thread or start composing a message.

2. Tap the sticker icon.

Once you're composing a message, you'll see the sticker icon on the right-hand side of where you type to chat. It kind of looks like Face from Nickelodeon. Sorry, you won't be able to unsee that now.

3. Tap the selfie sticker.

When your Sticker tab opens, you'll likely see the selfie sticker in one of the first few rows. It’s the heart-eyes emoji. If it isn't popping up or you don't want to scroll forever, you can just type “selfie” in the sticker search bar.

4. Selfie away.

When you select the selfie sticker, you'll see your face pop up in front of the gradient background. By tapping on that circle, you can change your background color and switch from color to black and white. You’ll also have options to emoji-fy your face. Become the heart eyes. Embody the fire emoji. You can change the background color on those as well by tapping in the circle.

5. Send that selfie sticker.

Once you take your selfie, you'll see options to retake, send, and save. If you save your sticker, you'll see if pop up anytime you open the selfie sticker maker, whether that's in DMs or in your Instagram story.

Mia Mercado/Bustle

The selfie sticker is ideal for when you want to accurately convey your cry-laughter, when you need to express your celebratory joy with the party horn emoji, or when you just need some time to kill. Happy selfie-ing!