How To Use Limitless Snaps In Snapchat
by Lily Feinn
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Ever wish that you could gaze lovingly at a favorite Snap for an extended period of time, no screenshot necessary? Well, the latest Snapchat update may have just answered your prayers with a brand new feature: Limitless Snaps. Simply learn how to use Limitless Snaps in Snapchat and your "snapsterpiece" need no longer be constrained by the countdown clock, allowing your friends ample time to appreciate whatever hilarious image you've shared.

The new feature was announced to Snapchat's 158 daily active users on Tuesday, May 9. Users will now notice an "infinity icon" within the timer for photo Snaps; select this option and your Snap can be viewed for as long as your friend decides. The feature is part of a larger update which includes additional Snap enhancement tools such as a Boomerang-esque "Looping Video" option, a "Magic Eraser," and an emoji paintbrush to doodle on your Snaps in winky faces and hearts. Limitless Snaps is not a saving feature, however; these Snaps will still be deleted after your friend taps to close out, thus preserving the ephemeral nature of the app (though it does give the receiving party ample time to take a screenshot of their screen — so, as always, be careful what you send).

So, how can Snappers give their next epic pic time to sink in? Here's how to use Limitless Snaps and beat the clock:


Update The Snapchat App

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To unlock the host of new Snapchat features on your mobile device, you will need to update to the latest version of the app. Head over to the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store and click on "updates" to download this month's version. If you don't see the update available right away, don't worry! Rollouts of new features for social media apps can sometimes take a few hours or even days, so just keep checking back.


Take A Worthy Snap

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Once Snapchat has been updated, find the perfect subject (probably yourself, no?) and take a Snap worth a thousand words... and even more seconds. After capturing your Snap, you will notice a few small changes to the editing setup. The creative toolkit that usually appears in the upper right hand side along the top of the screen will now appear vertically, running down the side of the screen. While the original doodle, scissors, type, and sticker tools haven't changed, Snapchat is preparing to launch even more creative tools in the future, so get ready for some exciting things to come.


Set The Timer For "No Limit"

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After the editing of your photo is complete, tap the timer icon, now located at the bottom of the vertical toolkit. You will see an "infinity" icon appear at the top of the list of viewing duration options. Tapping "no limit" gives your friends as much time as they want to view your current Snap, instead of the usual maximum of 10 seconds.


Send Your Snap

Tap the arrow in the bottom right corner and a notification of your Snap will appear in your friend's inbox. Once they tap to view the Limitless Snap, they will no longer have to worry about a second hand counting down. Happy Snapping!