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5 Ways To Help People Impacted By Hurricane Ida

The best places to donate.

Here's how you can help those impacted by Hurricane Ida.

On Aug. 29, category 4 Hurricane Ida made landfall in Louisiana. In a single day, over a million people across the state lost power. Children’s Hospital New Orleans is relying on backup power as of Aug. 30, and Louisiana State Police have told residents that if they’re stranded, it may take a long time for help to reach them. Even though the storm’s impact is yet to be fully assessed, there are many local community organizations helping with Hurricane Ida relief efforts.

Already-existing grassroots collectives led by people who live in impacted areas can often be the most effective places to donate. When groups have pre-established connections with their local communities, it can be more immediately helpful for them to dig right in and assist with aspects of community healing that non-local organizations might be unaware of. Whether that means accepting guidance about offering disaster relief assistance from people who have survived catastrophes before or donating directly to community groups, taking the lead from those who are on the ground is important.

If you’re looking for hurricane safety information to share on your social media or have a few dollars to donate to Ida relief efforts, check out these five ways to help people impacted by Hurricane Ida.


Donate To The Another Gulf Is Possible Collaborative

Led by women of color and spanning from Texas to Florida, the Another Gulf Is Possible Collaborative will be distributing donations directly to Indigenous, Black, and brown people and groups directly impacted by Hurricane Ida. You can donate online here.


Share These Hurricane Safety And Emotional Support Resources

The Another Gulf Is Possible Collaborative has also compiled hurricane safety resources on their site. Consider sharing these for helpful info on keeping babies and children safe during disasters, advice on reaching out to loved ones who are impacted by hurricanes, and guidance on the best ways to help your community after a disaster.


Support New Orleans Artists And Elders

Feed the Second Line is a New Orleans organization dedicated to helping local artists and community elders get their weekly groceries delivered to their homes. All of the donations that they collect throughout September and October will directly support community members who are being impacted by Hurricane Ida. You can send your donation or sign up to become a regular contributor here.


Signal Boost And Donate To Voice Of The Experienced

Louisiana-based grassroots organization VOTE (Voice Of The Experienced) was created and is led by formerly incarcerated people. VOTE is currently keeping its local community apprised of Hurricane Ida updates, from the latest on cell phone outages to currently-open, pet-friendly shelters. You can retweet to make their updates as accessible as possible to people who need them, and you can donate to support their labor here.


Donate To The United Houma Nation

The United Houma Nation is supporting its tribal citizens impacted by Hurricane Ida across the southeastern coast of Louisiana. You can donate to help aid these relief efforts here.