If One Of These 65 Clever Gifts Doesn't Make Them Happy, Nothing Will

These gifts will hit the mark, from silk pillowcases to drops that remove sulfites from wine.

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My family is ridiculously difficult when it comes to buying gifts because everybody has different tastes. And if I happen to ask what they'd like, most of them will just say "Oh, I'm happy with anything." But no matter how many virtual shelves I scour, I always find myself coming back to all the clever gifts you can find on Amazon.

Just how clever are the gifts that I'm talking about? Not only are they ultra-affordable, but a ton of them even help solve life's little problems. Maybe your mom has an overflowing purse that won't stay tidy — in which case, just grab the soft insert that adds nearly 10 pockets to any bag. And if you know someone who loves hitting the gym, there are also water-resistant earbuds along with a smart water bottle that reminds you to take sips.

I love my friends and family, but that doesn't mean I'm trying to spend weeks upon weeks obsessing over the perfect gifts to give them. If you feel the same way, don't fret; there's a clever little something for everybody in this list — even that one stubborn uncle (we both know who I'm talking about).


This Hair Straightener That Can Help Tame Frizz

Not only is this hair straightener incredibly affordable, but it also features ceramic heating plates that help smooth strands as they pass through, taming frizz and leaving your hair looking oh-so shiny. The best part? It’s also great for travel, as dual voltage allows you to use it practically anywhere in the world.


The 50-Pack Of Disposable Face Masks That's 13% Off Right Now

This value pack of 100 disposable face masks is made with a three-layer fabric for added protection and comfy, elastic ear loops for a snug fit, these masks have won over thousands of Amazon reviewers, with one describing these as "light and comfortable." No wonder they have a 4.7-star overall rating.


A Silicone Shampoo Brush That Massages Your Scalp

Just add a dollop of shampoo to this brush, and then let the soft silicone bristles scrub deep into your scalp to massage away dirt and grime. The handle on the back helps you maintain your grip in the shower, and it's ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in both hands.


This Foot Bath That Turns Your Bathroom Into A Spa

Know someone who’s really into skincare? Then they’ll likely appreciate this facial steamer, as it can help open up your pores so that serums and cleansers are more thoroughly absorbed. The water tank is large enough to keep it running for up to 30 minutes — and each order even includes a set of stainless steel blackhead tools.


This Extra-Large Cushion That’s Perfect For Meditation

Whether you’re practicing mindfulness or yoga, this meditation pillow is a must-have. It’s covered in soft velvet, giving you somewhere comfortable to sit as you ease into certain stretches — and the 100% natural buckwheat filling helps keep you properly supported. Plus, the cover is removable in case it ever needs a wash.


A Pizza Stone That Won’t Smoke In The Oven

Unlike some pizza stones, this one is made from black ceramic that won’t start to smoke at high temperatures. It’s also grease- and burn-resistant, with a non-stick glaze that helps your pizza develop a deliciously crispy crust — and it’s so tough that you can even use it on the grill.


This Multifunctional Alarm Clock That Projects The Time

For those nights when seeing the time from your sleepy supine position can offer peace of mind, then this projection alarm clock should do the trick. Able to adjust 180 degrees, the LED display has three brightness levels and can be seen within 30 feet. Multifunctional, this clock can also play the radio, charge your phone with a USB port, and set dual alarms.


A Bathtub Caddy Tray Made From Organic Bamboo

With adjustable sides that are designed to fit most tubs, this caddy is a must-have for the next time you're relaxing with an extra-long soak. There's space for your book, candles, soap, and even a glass of wine. Plus, it's made from organic bamboo that's coated with a water-resistant lacquer.


A Heated Seat Cushion With Extra Lumbar Support

Warming up your car in the morning can take more than a while, whereas this heated seat cushion will get you feeling toasty in just a few minutes. It's covered in plush velour that feels oh-so soft against your skin. Plus, the temperature is adjustable (depending on how cold you're feeling).


This Milk Frother For Delicious Morning Coffees

Looking for an easy way to upgrade your morning cup of Joe? Search no further than this frother. It only takes a few seconds to whip up milk for your cappuccino, latte, or coffee — and it's powerful enough that it can even beat eggs for a quick omelet.


The Blink Mini Smart Security Camera For 29% Off Right Now

Get notifications on your phone when motion is detected with this super easy-to-install Blink smart security camera. It also lets you have a conversation over the camera thanks to the two-way audio feature. For less than $25 while it's on sale, it's an easy way to add peace of mind to your home, even if it's just to check on your pet. Want a little more? You can also purchase the Blink Mini camera with an Echo Show 5 for $49.99 (originally $124.98), a savings of 60% for the bundle, too.


A Silk Pillowcase That Can Help Reduce Unwanted Frizz

Because silk creates less friction against your hair than cotton, a silk pillowcase like this one can help reduce unwanted frizz, or even morning bedhead. It's made from 100% Mulberry silk with a hidden zipper to keep your pillow from slipping out, and there are dozens of colors to choose from: yellow, blue, red, pink, green, and more.


The Makeup Eraser That Only Needs Water

No serums or cleansers required: Simply get this makeup eraser damp with water, and it'll effortlessly remove everything from foundation to waterproof mascara. It's especially great for anyone with sensitive skin, and the soft polyester fibers are completely cruelty-free as well as hypoallergenic.


The Sun Visor That’s Polarized For Extra Coverage

Tired of squinting into the sun when you’re driving? Then this visor is a must-have, as its polarized surface filters out glare to help you see when the sun is shining into your face. It’s designed to fit inside nearly any car, as the elastic straps allow for easy installation — and many reviewers wrote about how it works great in the late afternoon.


A Set Of Socks That Help Moisturize Dry, Cracked Feet

With moisturizing lotion built into their fibers, these socks are great for hydrating dry feet. Plus, you can even wear them while you're sleeping. The toe-free cut keeps your feet comfortable as you roll around in bed, and they're made from soft, breathable cotton to keep you from becoming too warm.


The High-Tech Ring Video Doorbell 3 That's 30% Off Right Now

See who's at the door, get notified when someone buzzes, and even chat with them via your phone or computer with the Ring video doorbell. This model comes with customizable motion settings and privacy controls, and it's backed by a 4.6-star overall rating after more than 18,000 customers have weighed in. Get it for 30% off for a limited time.


A Chilling Container That Won't Dilute Your Coffee

Pouring hot coffee over ice cubes will quickly dilute its flavor, whereas this chilling container doesn't rely on any ice floating around. It comes with an insert that should be kept in the freezer — and when you're ready to chill your beverage, pour it into the outer container and then place the frozen insert inside. Then, your drink will cool down.


This Soft Blanket That Has Cozy Sleeves

Made from premium microfiber, this blanket features cozy sleeves to help you stay warm when your home is feeling drafty. It's also fade-resistant as well as anti-pill. Plus, many reviewers raved about how it feels "soft and warm." Choose from various different colors and styles, including some with kangaroo pockets and sherpa fleece linings.


The Nourishing Cream Made With Snail Extract

Formulated with 92% snail extract, this moisturizing cream is chock-full of nourishing ingredients to help hydrate dry, parched complexions. It's also fragrance-free and can help improve elasticity within your complexion.


This Squishy Dough To Help You Squeeze Your Stress Away

Not only can you pinch, squeeze, and stretch this therapy dough to your heart’s content, but it’s also infused with a soft, calming scent that reminds you of a warm day at the ocean. Keep it on your desk for the next time you’re feeling fidgety, or even take a quick sniff to help relax your mind after a stressful Zoom meeting.


A Stylish Bath Mat Made From Sleek Bamboo

Bring a touch of the spa to your bathroom with this mat. It’s made from sleek bamboo, with a water-resistant finish to help keep it looking good through hundreds of showers — and there are even non-slip gaskets on the bottom to help keep it from shifting out of place.


The Electric Coaster That Keeps Your Mug Warm

Not only does it prevent water rings on your table, but this electric coaster also heats up so that your mug of coffee, hot chocolate, or tea stays warm — even if you're taking your time drinking it. The temperature is adjustable up to three levels, and the automatic shut-off kicks in after four hours.


The Amazon Eero Mesh Wi-Fi Router For 30% Off Right Now

If your Wi-Fi connection isn't as strong as you'd like it to be (or if there are a lot of areas in your house where it simply doesn't work), add this editor-approved eero mesh router to your setup. On its own, it can cover a 1,500-square foot radius inside your space — but it can also be connected to your existing internet service and extend the coverage. You can even control it with your phone, which makes it that much easier to use. Not to mention, it currently boasts over 5,200 reviews and a 4.5-star rating.


A Handheld Massager That Soothes Sore, Aching Muscles

With 10 independently-moving balls working to soothe your aches and pains, this handheld massager feels great no matter where you press it against your body. The handle is ergonomically designed for a comfortable grip in either hand, and it's compact enough that you can even keep it with you for stressful days at work.


This Cozy Body Pillow That’s Filled With Memory Foam

Unlike some body pillows, this one is filled with shredded memory foam, allowing it to contour to your curves for added comfort. The cover is made from breathable bamboo fibers — and many reviewers wrote about how it’s “worth the money.” The best part? Air is able to circulate throughout since the memory foam filling is shredded, helping hot sleepers stay cool throughout the night.


These Brightening Eye Masks Made With Real 24-Karat Gold

Tired eyes are no match for these masks, as each one is fortified with real 24-karat gold that can help brighten skin. They also contain hyaluronic acid that delivers a nourishing dose of moisture — and they can even help soothe away puffiness after a poor night of sleep. Plus, the individual packaging makes it easy to take them with you when traveling.


The Headphones That Double As A Cozy Eye Mask

Pop these headphones on the next time you want to listen to music while you fall asleep. Not only do they block out light, but the speakers are also covered in soft fabric that won't leave your ears sore. They're also wireless, and the rechargeable battery lasts for more than eight hours.


These Eye Makeup Brushes That Cover All The Bases

Whether you’re applying shadow or drawing delicate winged tips, these eye makeup brushes can help you do so with stellar results. Each one is made with densely-packed synthetic fibers, delivering even application without letting much (if any) pigment shake off onto your cheeks — and all seven brushes even come packaged in a neat travel case.


A Pack Of Shower Steamers Made With Essential Oils

You'll find watermelon, grapefruit, and lemongrass essential oils in these shower steamers, making them a must-have for anyone trying to de-stress after a long day. Just plop one down onto your shower floor, and they'll gradually dissolve as they release their soothing scents.


A Cooling Gel Eye Mask That Feels So Soothing

Keep this eye mask in your refrigerator, and it'll be ready to soothe tired, puffy eyes at a moment's notice. Many reviewers also raved about how great it feels during a headache, and the flexible gel beads on the inside conform to the shape of your face for added comfort.


A Smart Essential Oil Diffuser That Doubles As A Night Light

Just add a few drops of your favorite essential oils to this diffuser, then sit back as it releases soothing poofs of mist into the air for up to 16 hours. You can also connect it to your smartphone to control it via the free downloadable app — or even pair it with Alexa to turn it on and off with voice commands. Plus, it doubles as a night light and you can change the color of the glow whenever you want to.


This Memory Foam Cushion That Helps Your Spine Stay Properly Aligned

Set this seat cushion down on your office chair, and it'll help keep your spine in the proper position so that you don't grow sore throughout the day. It's filled with premium memory foam that contours to the shape of your body for added comfort, and the ergonomic "U" shape allows space for your tailbone.


These Gloves That Work With Touchscreens

You don't have to take your gloves off to use your phone when you're wearing these touchscreen-friendly ones. The thumb, index, and middle finger work with your phone, tablet, or even the electronic payment screen at the grocery store — and they're lined with cozy fleece to keep your hands warm.

  • Available sizes: Medium, Large


A Platform That Turns Your Sink Into A Makeup Counter

Unfold this makeup organizer mat over your sink, and it'll instantly increase the amount of usable space you have by providing a sturdy surface for you to work with. It's designed to fit over most sinks — and one reviewer even raved, "I spent a few months in a place with only a pedestal sink, and this was a lifesaver!"


The Drops That Remove Sulfites & Tannins From Your Wine

Give your next glass of red or white a few of these drops — and within 20 seconds they'll help reduce the amount of sulfites and tannins in your wine. The bottle is portable and discrete so that it's easy to keep in your bag, and each one comes with enough for about 55 glasses of wine (or nine bottles).


A Washer That Gets Your Makeup Brushes Oh-So Clean

Are your makeup brushes caked in foundation and pigment? Then you'll definitely want to check out this miniature washer. It's designed to fit most brushes, and it only takes a few seconds for the spin cycle to cleanse the bristles (just make sure you have one AA battery on hand).


A Repairing Cream That Can Help Strengthen Dry Cuticles

Dry, flaking cuticles are no match for this cream, as it’s loaded with all sorts of hydrating ingredients. Aloe vera and shea butter work to soften your cuticles, while vitamin E delivers a nourishing dose of antioxidants — and the nozzle applicator helps keep mess to a minimum. Plus, many reviewers appreciated how it “absorbs quickly” into skin.


A Charging Station That Comes With Cables

It's almost too easy to accidentally knock your phone onto the ground while it's charging on a counter, so put it in this charging station instead. There's enough space for up to six tablets or phones, it comes with three lightning, one usb-C, as well as three micro-USB cables.


This Vegetable Chopper With 4 Interchangeable Blades

Trying to get dinner on the table in a hurry? Save some time by using this chopper to slice and dice all your vegetables. It comes with four interchangeable blades made from stainless steel, and the non-skid base keeps it stable as you apply pressure to the lever arm.


The Car Console Organizer That Offers More Storage (& An Extra Cup Holder)

Tired of dropping stuff between the front seats of your car? Slip these pockets into that gap, and you'll have space for your phone, keys, coins, charging cables, and more. They're made from durable ABS plastic that's been covered with high-quality faux leather, and there’s even a small hole in the bottom to hide your charging cable (in addition to an extra cup holder).


A Set Of Whiskey Stones Made From Sleek Granite

Using ice cubes to chill your whiskey will gradually dilute it, whereas these sleek whiskey stones will cool it down without adding any water. They work great as a gift for a loved one (or even yourself), and each order comes with eight stones, two glasses, as well as two coasters.


These Bamboo Bowls That Are Perfect For Spices

Not only are these stylish bowls made from eco-friendly bamboo, but they’re also a definite upgrade to the outdated salt and pepper shakers you have sitting out on your kitchen table. The lids swivel on and off, eliminating the possibility of accidentally misplacing them — and many reviewers wrote about how they’re “well made.”


A Set Of Easy-To-Use Magnetic Eyelashes

There's no need to use messy glue when you have these magnetic eyelashes, as the magnets on the band instantly adhere anywhere you've drawn the magnetic eyeliner. Each order comes with five pairs of lashes, as well as one tube of magnetic eyeliner.


The Bluetooth Speaker You Can Use In The Shower

Your phone speaker probably isn't loud enough to truly enjoy music while you're in the shower — so grab this Bluetooth speaker. The waterproof exterior combined with the suction cup on the back means you can stick it directly on your shower wall, and the battery even lasts for up to 12 hours.


An Organizer Insert For Your Overflowing Purse

Slip this felt organizer into your purse, and you'll instantly have eight pockets where you can stash your phone, pens, documents, or even a travel mug. It comes in a variety of sizes to fit bags and purses of practically any shape, and you've got options when it comes to colors: beige, black, coffee, and more.


This Fryer That Uses Air Instead Of Oil To Cook Your Favorite Snacks

Frying up some tasty chicken tenders or fries doesn't have to be messy; just pop them into this air fryer. It creates the same deliciously crispy texture on your food using only a fraction of the oil, and the compact size is even great for tight kitchens.


An LED Strip Light That Can Help Reduce Eye Strain

Staring at your television in the dark can put strain on your eyes, so why not add this LED strip light to the back? Not only can it help reduce strain, but it’s also powered via USB so that you can easily plug it into the back of your television — no need to clutter up a plug. Each order also includes double-sided adhesive for easy installation.


The Inflatable Lounger You Can Take Practically Anywhere

Swish this lounger through the air to fill it up with wind, and you'll instantly have a convenient place to sit no matter where you are. It rolls down into a convenient travel sleeve once you're ready to get up, and it comes in 10 colors and designs.


The Projector That Casts The Night Sky Onto Your Ceiling

People of all ages can appreciate this night sky projector, as the soothing lights and swirling stars create a relaxing atmosphere that's perfect for any bedroom. It also works great as an accent light for home theaters or spas, and it comes in two colors: green or blue.


The Memory Foam Pillow With Thousands Of Positive Reviews

Not only is this memory foam pillow incredibly soft, but it also features cool-flow technology that allows air to circulate throughout to help keep hot sleepers from overheating. It’s supportive regardless of what position you prefer to sleep in — and with thousands of four- and five-star reviews, it’s clear that Amazon shoppers found it a worthwhile purchase. “I am not joking when I say I smile when my head hits this pillow,” wrote one reviewer.


A Chopper For Mixing & Mashing Meals

It doesn't matter whether you're cooking ground turkey or mashed potatoes — this chopper tool can help get everything mixed and mashed so your meal cooks evenly. It's BPA-free as well as heat-resistant, and one reviewer even raved, "I liked the fact that I could use this utensil to help break up bacon that I had diced during the cooking process."


The Dispenser Container For Batters & Mixes

Add your batch of brownie or pancake batter to this container, then squeeze the trigger handle to dispense it into your pan without any drips in sight. The measurement markings on the side let you keep track of how much you've used, and it's even completely BPA-free.


This Compact Travel Mirror With A Handy Backlight

Ever try to do your makeup on a dark plane? It's not easy — unless you have a backlit mirror like this one on hand. The LED lightbulbs simulate natural sunlight so that your foundation looks consistent no matter where you are, and you'll never need to worry about replacing them since they have a lifetime of up to 20,000 hours.


A Heated Eyelash Curler For Dramatic Looks

With an ergonomic curled design that reaches every eyelash, this heated curler is an easy way to add volume to limp lashes. The temperature is adjustable up to three levels (low, medium, and high), and you can easily charge it via USB.


The Cup Holder That Clamps Onto Your Desk

Don't risk spilling drinks all over your computer; keep them safe and out of the way in this cup holder. The clamp easily attaches onto most tables. But if you're not sipping on anything, it also works great for phones, stationary, or even a small flower pot.


A Digital Alarm Clock That Charges Phones Wirelessly

Place your phone down on this digital alarm clock, and the built-in wireless charger will power it up while you nap. Available in four shades (gray, pink, purple, and white), you can even adjust the brightness to one of five different levels so that it doesn't keep you up at night.


This Smart Notebook You Can Use Over & Over

Don't waste money on a regular paper notebook — save yourself some green with this reusable one instead. You can scan your notes into your iCloud, Slack, Google Drive, and more — and the pages wipe clean with the included microfiber cloth. One pen comes with every order — but it'll work with any pen, marker, or highlighter in the Pilot Frixion line.


A Flat Iron With Titanium Plates That Helps Reduce Unwanted Frizz

It doesn't matter whether your hair is thick, thin, wavy, or curly — this flat iron can help you achieve that sleek look you're going for. The heat is adjustable up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, but the best part is that the titanium plates also help tame unwanted frizz while infusing shine.


These Wireless Earbuds That Come In Their Own Charging Case

As long as you use these earbuds in conjunction with their charging case, you'll be able to enjoy up to 45 hours of music before they need to be plugged into a wall outlet. They can also withstand some water, so no need to worry about them getting wet in the rain.


A Travel Pouch That Can Hold Water Bottles Of Nearly Any Size

Not enough space in your bag for that water bottle? Attach this pouch to your bag, and you’ll instantly have extra storage space for any bottle up to 40 ounces. It’s made from heavy-duty fabric, with a rust-resistant zipper that’s designed to last — and there’s even an extra pocket where you can stash snacks, tactical supplies, cash, or any other small essentials.


A Set Of Packing Cubes To Keep Your Suitcase Organized

Tired of opening up your suitcase to find a mess of wrinkled clothes? These packing cubes not only help keep everything organized, but they're also great for helping to compress your clothes so that you can fit more in your suitcase.


This Hanger Organizer That Keeps Your Collectable Caps In One Place

You don't need to fill up an entire shelf to store your hats — simply clip them onto this organizer. It fits onto any standard hanger to help you save space, and there are enough clips for up to 10 hats.


This Bib That Keeps Your Sink Clear From Trimmings

Don't let your sink clog up with trimmed hair — just use this bib to help your pipes stay clean and clear. It easily attaches to your mirror using the included suction cups, and the neck straps are adjustable so that you can choose how high or low it hangs.


A Can Cooler Made From Insulated Stainless Steel

Tired of your drinks turning warm before you're able to finish them? Then slip your next beer, soda, or any other canned drink into this vacuum-insulated sleeve. It's made from stainless steel that helps keep your can chilled for up to 12 hours, and the silicone base helps prevents scratches on tabletops.


This Spoon Rest With Space For A Lid

Not only does this spoon rest help keep your counters clean while you're cooking, but it also features a stand where you can rest a pot lid. The stand detaches for easy cleaning, and the entire piece is made from rust-resistant stainless steel.

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