If You Don't Know What To Give, Here Are 60 Gifts You Can't Screw Up

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Sometimes, the perfect gift idea comes to you – and sometimes, well, it just doesn't. It’s not your fault that your partner is picky, that your dad says he doesn’t want anything, or that you drew the name of your second cousin you barely know for your family's annual gift exchange. If you don't know what to give, there's always Amazon — where there’s a great gift for every type of person under the sun.

So many people work from home now, which makes this lap desk great for someone who likes to take their Zoom calls from the couch. Any pet lover can appreciate this endlessly reusable lint roller designed specifically to pick up dog and cat hair. The best kind of gift is one that brings people together, like this karaoke microphone with built-in speakers that will get the party going. Or how about this amazing beach bag that has a built-in spout for dispensing wine.

Whether you’re looking for a Secret Santa gift for a colleague, a present for your best friend, or a treat for yourself, there is something on this list for everyone. From kitchen gadgets to bedding to adorable accessories and nifty items you didn’t even know you needed. Just scroll to see what great gifts are in store.


A Set Of Cubic Zirconia Studs That Look *So* Expensive

Add some sparkle to any outfit with this set of cubic zirconia stud earrings. The set comes with five different sizes, so you can go with a subtle touch of bling or make more of a statement. Reviewers rave that these affordable earrings are comfortable and don’t irritate sensitive ears, making them a great option for all kinds of folks.


This Life-Changing Silicone Brush That Gently Massages Your Scalp

Give your loved one’s scalp a little extra TLC with this silicone scalp massager. The gentle bristles massage your scalp for a more thorough and relaxing clean. And with over 90,000 positive reviews, this brush is a bona fide fan favorite.


The Handy Multi-Tool That’s The Size Of A Credit Card

This wallet-sized multi-tool will mean your giftee is always be prepared for whatever life may throw at them. Equipped with a ruler, bottle opener, screwdriver, box opener, and 14 other handy tools, this multi-tool is made from steel, so it’s strong and durable.


A Set Of Cult-Favorite Satin Pillowcases That Are So Comfortable

These super smooth, luxurious satin pillowcases are incredibly comfortable to sleep on. As a bonus, they can help protect hair from breaking and skin from drying out, as they don’t absorb moisture like regular pillowcases. These machine washable pillowcases are an Amazon favorite, with over 41,000 five-star reviews.


This Notebook With Endlessly Reusable Pages

Waste less paper with this genius reusable notebook. Just write in the Rocketbook notebook, scan the notes or drawings using the Rocketbook app, and then wipe the pages clean to start fresh. Once scanned, the files can be uploaded to Google Drive or DropBox for easier organizing. This notebook will last for years and years, which is why it has 40,000 five-star ratings on Amazon.


A Cozy Beanie That Happens To Have A Flashlight In The Front

This beanie is warm and cozy — but that isn’t it’s starring features. It comes with a built-in light with four levels of brightness in the front, which can illuminate your path, whether you’re walking around your neighborhood at night, working in the garage, or shoveling snow. Available in 18 different colors including neutrals like black and gray as well as fluorescent yellow and light pink, this hat is the best-selling beanie on Amazon.


These Fan Favorite Hair Ties That Don’t Snag

Not everyone can say they have a favorite hair tie, but shoppers love these spiral hair ties — they’ve earned over 35,000 rave five-star reviews on Amazon. Why do people love these so much? The coil design and plastic material keep your hair securely pulled back without pulling, and they also prevent the always-dreaded ponytail bump.


A Fabric Defuzzer With Over 68,000 Fans

This Conair fabric defuzzer can help remove pilling, lint, fuzz, and other damage to favorite sweaters and blankets. It can be used on all sorts of things, too, including couches or pillows. And with over 68,000 positive reviews, this little gadget it a fan favorite. “I’ve started asking if my neighbors need anything depilled. I’m going to buy one of these for everyone in my life,” raved one shopper.


This Mug Warmer That Keeps Your Drinks At The Perfect Temperature

This mug warmer keeps your coffee, tea, cocoa, or other toasty beverage hot but not scalding. This heater keeps at a constant temperature of 131 degrees, so your tea your coffee will always be warm, and it has a handy LED indicator that tells you when it’s in use. The glass surface wipes clean easily and the non-slip mat makes it safe to use.


These Blue Light Glasses That Protect Your Eyes (And Are Quite Stylish)

You spend so much time looking at screens, and it’s important to protect your eyes. Whether you’re working on a computer or watching TV, these durable, comfortable blue light-blocking glasses will help protect your eyes from UV light and relieve eye fatigue. Plus, they come in a ton of fun colors and patterns, like trendy clear, pretty pink, and classic tortoise shell.


A Set Of Fan Favorite Bed Sheets That Don’t Wrinkle

This set of bed sheets are made from a super soft microfiber material that doesn’t wrinkle, so you can give the gift of a crisp and comfortable bed without an iron. Reviewers call these the best sheets they’ve ever slept on, and they have over 80,000 five-star reviews.


A Portable Power Bank That Has Over 36,000 Fans

It doesn’t feels good to run out of battery on your phone when you’re on the go, and that’s where the Anker portable charger comes into play. This slim power bank can slip right into your pocket or purse, which makes it great for travel or days when you’ll be out of the house from morning ‘til midnight. This universal power bank holds a lot of charge, and can take an iPhone 12 from 0% to 100% twice over.


This Hydrating Face Mask That Looks And Smells Like Funfetti Birthday Cake

Skin care can be fun, and this wash-off face mask proves it. It has the texture of soft serve ice cream and looks and smells like birthday cake frosting infused with rainbow sprinkles. Beyond looking so adorable, this K-beauty mask is packed with nourishing, hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid, glacier water, and squalane.


This Small But Mighty Knife Sharpener That Is A Best-Seller

This handy knife sharpener can extend the life of your tools. It features sharpeners a coarse side for seriously dull knives and a finer side for quick touch-ups, breathing new life into your knives. The compact sharpener is small enough that it can easily be stored away when not in use.


A 3-Pack Of Exfoliating Masks That Will Make Your Feet Feel Brand New

Don’t forget to include your feet in your skincare routine. These foot masks use all-natural ingredients and botanical extracts like aloe and salicylic acid to moisturize and exfoliate your feet, removing dead skin and callouses one week or so after use. “I have tried so many things to soften my feet and nothing really lasted before this. Now I get new baby soft feet!” raved one reviewer.


A Bendable Neck Pillow That Makes Traveling More Comfortable

Whether you’re sitting in a cramped plane seat or on a long road trip, this bendable travel pillow can be adjusted so you can sleep upright, against a window, or lying down. This travel pillow is also easy to clean; it features a machine washable cotton cover.


A Tea Mug That Has A 4.9-Star Rating On Amazon

This isn’t your average pretty mug — this ceramic mug comes complete with a tea infuser that is made of stainless steel, allowing the tea leaves to infuse in hot water without getting debris in your drink. This long, deep mug also helps keep your drink warmer for longer, and the ceramic lid is the perfect way to top off your tea when you want to drink it a little bit later.


A Collagen Hair Treatment That Gets Rave Reviews

Give your friend’s hair some extra shine with this collagen hair treatment. It uses soy protein extract, allantoin, ceramide 3, and collagen to repair hair damaged by heat or sun. With over 17,000 five-star reviews, this product is beloved by haircare fans.


A Set Of Measuring Cups And Spoons That Are Built To Last

Some measuring cups and spoons have numbers written on them that wear off over time, but these stainless steel cups and spoons have the measurements etched on, so they’ll last for a long, long time. These are hefty, durable, and nest inside each other for easy storage, which is why they’ve amassed an impressive 4.9-star rating on Amazon.


A Lap Desk That Makes Working From Home More Comfortable

Working from home can be tricky if you don’t have a designated desk space. This padded lap desk gives you a more convenient and comfortable work setup. With a convenient designated spot for a laptop, a mousepad, and a slot to hold your phone, this lap desk allows you to work comfortable even from your bed. The smooth, flat surface also helps to prevent your laptop from overheating, helping it to run optimally from 9-5.


This Hand Warmer That Is Endlessly Refillable

Hand warmers are typical disposable, but this Zippo refillable hand warmer lasts indefinitely. It can be filled again and again with hand warmer fuel or lighter fluid — and it’s pretty easy to do so thanks to the handy fill cup. This sleek, slim hand warmer can provide heat for six to 12 hours, making it great for campers, football fans, and outdoorsy folks.


An Electric Can Opener That Works With The Touch Of A Button

Using a traditional can opener can be difficult for some, but no can of beans is out of reach with this compact electric can opener. The battery-operate device is small but strong enough to open any can with the simple touch of a button. “This can opener is so easy and dare I say fun?” wrote one shopper.


A Set Luxe French Soaps That Come In 9 Beautiful Scents

The bars in this set of nine soaps are infused with moisturizing shea butter and feature scents like rose petal and honey almond. They’re great for displaying on a soap dish or keeping in the shower. Plus, they’re made in France using old-world techniques, so you can feel extra fancy. Everyone uses soap (hopefully), which is what makes this a perfect gift.


This Memory Foam Pillow With Over 15,000 Fans

A good pillow is important for a restful sleep. This memory foam pillow is made from breathable, hypoallergenic materials, and filled with a comfortable foam that molds to your body as your sleep. This pillow has over 15,000 positive ratings, and one reviewer even wrote “I've spent over $100 on pillows before and never have I had one this great.”


A Classic Cast-Iron Skillet With Over 94,000 Fans

Cast-iron skillets are an essential for home cooks, and this pre-seasoned Lodge cast iron skillet comes ready to use right away. Sear meats on the stove, roast vegetables in the oven, or even make a deep dish pizza like a pro in this versatile pan. This classic cookware is a fan favorite; it has over 94,000 five-star reviews on Amazon for its even heat distribution and high-quality construction.


These Lenses That Help You Take Pro-Level Photos On Your Phone

Smartphones have pretty good cameras nowadays, but to get unique photos with a fisheye or kaleidoscope effect, try this phone camera lens kit. With 11 different lens organized in a handy carrying case, this set will take beautiful photos that will launch your Instagram grid to the next level.


A Kit That Gives The Gift Of Fresh Herbs All Year Long

Fresh herbs are a nice touch to any meal, and with this indoor herb garden kit, there will always be a supply at the ready. The kit comes with essentials to start your garden, including compostable pots, compacted dirt, and organic seed packets for thyme, parsley, sage, cilantro, and basil.


This Mirror That Hangs In Your Shower & Won’t Fog Up

Shaving is really the kind of task where you want to be able to see clearly while doing it, but that can be tricky if the mirror is foggy. This anti-fog shower mirror solves that problem. It can be hung on a hook in your shower, so it’s easy to install and easy to remove for cleaning.


This Faux Crocodile Skin Purse With Serious Y2K Vibes

Those small purses from the late ‘90s and early 2000s are back in style again. Hop on the trend with this vegan leather purse that fits perfectly on your shoulder. With a faux-crocodile skin design, this purse is compact yet still roomy enough to fit all your essentials. Plus, it comes in over a dozen colors to match your giftee’s exact style.


A Best-Selling Keyboard Wrist Pad That’s Made Of Comfy Memory Foam

This memory foam wrist pad sits in front of the keyboard and mouse so your wrist can rest comfortably, and it’s the No. 1 wrist rest on Amazon with nearly 20,000 five-star reviews, so you know this really works. Made from lycra, the pad is easy to wipe off and clean, and it features a non-slip bottom to stay in place while you work away.


A Set Of 6 Ceramic Coasters That Come With A Holder

Keep your tabletops safe with this set of ceramic coasters. The water-absorbent material prevents condensation from forming on surfaces, and the cork bottoms protect wooden furniture from scratches and rings. These coasters aren’t just practical, they’re pretty. They feature a faux-marble design and come with their own stand, so you can keep the coasters tidy when not in use.


These Slippers That Feel Like Walking On A Cloud

When wearing slippers around the house, you don’t necessarily want a heavy, clunky shoe. These slide slippers are made from a lightweight material yet feature a grippable rubber sole. Your giftee will feel like they’re walking on a cloud with the plush terry cloth coating and memory foam that offers plenty of arch support.


This Insulated Cooler That Keeps Your Cans Chilled

Keep your beers, seltzers, and sodas ice cold with this stainless steel can cooler. With double-wall vacuum insulation and a twist-off lid, this cooler is ideal for taking to the beach or on a picnic. It comes in over a dozen fun colors, so everyone in your crew can have their own.


This Compact Umbrella That’s Wind-Resistant

You won’t be caught in the rain with this compact, windproof umbrella. With a reinforced fiberglass frame, teflon coating, and vented double canopy, this umbrella is built to withstand heavy rains and strong gusts of wind. It opens up with the easy press of a button, which means you can have cover in an instant when that storm hits.


These Stemless Wine Glasses With An Iridescent Shimmer

Add a bit of sparkle to your loved one’s glassware collection with these iridescent wine glasses. With a light colorful tint, these stemless wine glasses are truly special; they’re hand-blown yet durable, making them an ideal gift.


A Set Of Cozy Fairy String Lights That You Can Control With A Remote

Add a cozy touch to any room with this set of fairy string lights. Each strand features over 60 feet of lights, and these warm fairy lights can be controlled with a remote to adjust the brightness, twinkling, and other settings. The lights even have a USB port, so you can plug them into your laptop or battery bank for portable illumination.


This Weighted Blanket That’s Great For Restless Sleepers

This weighted blanket is filled with 15 pounds of small glass beads, and unlike other weighted blanket this doesn’t require a cover as it comes covered in plush polyester available in neutral shades of gray or navy. The square stitching ensures that the beads are evenly distributed, allowing you to have the perfect amount of pressure for a restful night’s sleep.


This Garlic Crusher & Mincer That Looks Like An Adorable Dracula

Crushing and mincing garlic is a time-consuming task, but this fang-cy vampire-shaped garlic crusher makes the job go by quicker. Press on his head to crush garlic or give it a twist to mince it in an instant. It’s effective and adorable — what more could you want?


A Compact Hair Remover That Is Easy Enough For Beginners

Razors and waxes can be a hassle if you want to remove body hair. This Braun epilator makes the process easy with its technology that gently removes hair at the root. This product is a fan favorite with over 9,000 positive reviews. “I should have been using this for years!!! I cannot say how much I love it,” wrote one shopper.


This Bamboo Cutting Board That Helps Prevent Cross-Contamination

This eco-friendly bamboo cutting board is durable and long-lasting, but that’s not even the best thing about it. This set comes with seven color-coded plastic mats designated for poultry, veggies, bread, and other food staples to help make clean-up easier and prevent cross-contamination. The mats conveniently store in the bottom of the cutting board, making this a great staple to add to kitchens of all sizes.


A Grippable Ice Scraper With A Seriously Smart Design

After a snow or ice storm, there’s always the annoying task of scraping ice off your car windows. This ergonomically-designed brass-edged ice scraper fits in the palm of your hand unlike scrapers with long handles. The two-sided scraper has plastic teeth on one end that chip away at ice and a sturdy brass edge for the extra stubborn chunks. You can use it in a back-and-forth motion to get this annoying task done quicker.


This Light-Up Vanity Mirror That’s A Best-Seller

In movies, people are always doing their makeup in front of glamorous, well-lit vanity mirrors. You can get a more affordable version of that setup with this makeup mirror. With 21 built-in LED lights surrounding the center mirror, 180 degrees of rotation, and smaller mirrors on the side that give you two- and three-times magnification, this mirror makes it easy to get a good look at your face while applying makeup.


This Bath Pillow That Makes Relaxing In The Tub Even More Comfortable

If you’re into taking baths, then you know the luxury of a pillow to rest your neck on to make the experience even more relaxing. This bath pillow fits onto the tub with suction cups, and it won’t slip while you’re soaking. It’s made from a comfortable mesh material that dries quickly and it’s machine-washable, so there’s no need to worry about mold.


This Strategy Board Game With A Serious Cult Following

It’s never too late to be introduced into the world of Settlers of Catan, which has been a hit among board game fans for over 20 years. Grab a couple friends, build a community, and gather resources in this incredibly fun strategy game that has a 4.8-star rating on Amazon.


This Electric Kettle That Has A Sleek Matte Finish

Kitchen appliances aren’t always aesthetically pleasing, but this electric kettle has a sleek matte finish that will make you want to put it on the counter. Made from stainless steel with cork accents, this kettle has an elegant gooseneck spout for an easy and mess-free pour.


A Wooden Utensil Set That Won’t Scratch Your Pans

Some kitchen tools, like metal spatulas, can scratch the bottom of your pans. These wooden utensils are totally harmless to all your pots and pans and heat-proof too, so you can cook with confidence. The six-piece set comes with serving utensils, a spatula, and other tools. Plus, they’re made from a pretty eco-friendly wood that will look great sitting on your counter.


A Beach Bag With A Built In Spout For Wine

Anyone who brings wine to the picnic is sure to be the life of the party. Your giftee can fulfill that role with this beach wine purse with a built-in compartment that holds 1.5 liters of wine — that’s two whole bottles. The bag has a spout on the side so you can easily and discreetly dispense drinks. This stylish beach bag can also be used without the wine pouch, making it a great go-to for any occasion.


This Console That Adds Much-Needed Storage To Your Car

Cars never seem to have enough cup holders, and the ones you do have tend to get filled fast. This front seat console makes it easy to add extra storage to your car. The console has two cup holders plus another compartment for your phone, wallet, or anything that needs a spot in your front seat.


A Bamboo Sushi Making Kit That Lets You Make Better-Than-Takeout Rolls

Try your hand at crafting your own salmon rolls with this sushi making kit. Made from real bamboo, this kit includes two rolling mats, a rice spoon, a rice spreader, and five sets of chopsticks so you can make restaurant-quality sushi at home. It’s made of high-quality, strong bamboo and cotton strings and is meant to last a long, long time. Amazon shoppers love this sushi making kit and have given it a 4.7-star rating.


A Set Of Reusable Straws That Snap Open For Easy Cleaning

Reusable straws are great for the environment, but they can be a hassle to clean. However, this set of silicone straws have a snap closure so you can open them up for easy cleaning, solving a modern day problem. “They couldn’t be easier to snap open and clean, dry, then easily snap back into shape to use again,” wrote one shopper.


A Gadget That Makes Movie Theater-Worthy Popcorn Without Oil

Eating popcorn is one of the best reasons to go to the movies, but it’s also super oily. This compact popcorn maker pops up to 16 cups of corn with hot air instead of oil and does so in just a few minutes. It also features a handy butter melting tray on top so you can add fresh butter to your popcorn before snacking.


This Cleaning Kit That Keeps Shoes Looking Fresh

Between rain, mud, and snow, it’s hard to keep shoes clean. This shoe cleaner kit has everything you need to remove dirt and bring your shoes back to life. With a scrubbing brush and cleaning solution, this cleaning kit works on kicks made from canvas, leather, suede, and other materials.


This Wireless Karaoke Microphone That Has A Built-In Speaker

This wireless microphone connects to your phone or computer with Bluetooth and has a built-in speaker, so everyone can hear your best karaoke voice. You can even switch between songs, adjust the volume, and add some stadium-worthy echo effects to your voice right on this microphone. With over 38,000 positive reviews, this microphone is a hit.


This Waffle Iron That’s The Perfect Brunch Accessory

Having waffles is the best way to start the day, and it’s much easier when you can make them at home with this Cuisinart waffle maker. This machine features a nonstick surface that makes removing your cooked waffles from the maker to your plate a breeze, and it’s compact so it’s easy to store when not in use. Over 13,000 shoppers have given this waffle maker a five-star rating on Amazon.


This Cooling Blanket Made From Bamboo Fibers

Sometimes finding the right blanket to sleep with can feel like a Goldilocks situation — you’re either too warm or not warm enough. This cooling blanket is the best of both worlds. Made from a breathable bamboo fabric, this blanket helps keep you cool at night, while still retaining enough heat so you’re not chilly.


This Easy-To-Use Wand That Sanitizes With A UV Light

Using a UV light, this sanitizing wand can disinfect even the germiest surfaces. It’s super user-friendly and portable, too. “It is small and portable making it easy to take to doorknobs and light switches as well as fit into a backpack, diaper bag or purse,” praised one shopper.


This Pet Hair Remover With Over 80,000 Fans

Just because your friends love their pets, doesn’t mean they love having cat or dog hair all over the place. This reusable lint roller picks up hair from couches, clothing, and other surfaces without the use of sticky tape, adhesive paper, or batteries, meaning you can use this product for a long, long time. With over 80,000 positive reviews, this lint roller is a certified fan favorite.


This Detailed Coloring Book That Has A 4.8-Star Rating

Coloring books are a great way to keep relax and take your mind off the day. This magical-themed coloring book transports you to another world with its drawings of castles, tree houses, floating cities, and other whimsical images. Colorers love this book and have given it 4.8-stars on Amazon.


A Bougie Hand Soap Scented With Bergamot & Orange

Having a good-smelling soap in your bathroom is such an easy way to feel a little bougie. Gift this orange and bergamot-scented hand wash, which uses ingredients like neroli blossoms, cedarwood, and ylang-ylang. “The fragrances of all the products are like fine perfume. So I can feel like a princess when I wash my hands,” praised one shopper.


A Dino-Shaped Pasta Spoon That Works Remarkably Well

Whoever said that you shouldn’t play with your food has never seen this Pastasaurus spoon. The bright green spoon has an adorable dinosaur face and a set of teeth to help you scoop and serve pasta. It’s not just cute, it’s functional; the teeth can grip even heavy homemade fettuccine, according to reviewers, which is why this pasta server has a 4.9-star rating on Amazon.