If You Have No Idea What To Give, Check Out These 75 Wildly Popular Gifts Under $25 On Amazon

When you’re stumped, these gifts have your back.

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In my mind, no matter who you're shopping for, a gift should be one of two things (preferably both): It should fulfill a want or need that its recipient has never expressed, or be insanely practical and useful in an everyday sense. And luckily for you, this list addresses gifts of both varieties.

There’s this electric wine opener, for example, or a bubbling foot spa for your pedicure-obsessed friend. And if you don’t vibe with either of those ideas, there are 73 more listed here. You can check every name off your list without breaking the bank on these under-$25 gifts that Amazon customers absolutely love.


This Lipstick That Adapts To Your Lips’ PH For A Custom Color

This Winky Lux flower balm isn’t your average lipstick: It glides on clear, and reacts to the pH in your lips to create a shade of pink that perfectly suits your skin tone and coloring. It has a slew of hydrating ingredients, all of which are vegan and cruelty-free. Even the pickiest beauty lover on your list will love this balm — it’s like a custom, magical lipstick.


This Beverage Chiller That Turns Hot Coffee Into Iced In 1 Minute Flat

People who drink iced coffee well into the dead of winter will love being able to make their own at home using this beverage chiller. It simplifies the process greatly: No prepping hot coffee 24 hours in advance to chill in the fridge! Just pour freshly-brewed hot coffee directly into the HyperChiller and in 60 seconds, you’ll have a chilled beverage ready to pour over ice. Their patented design is dishwasher safe, and holds up to two servings of coffee without re-freezing.


This Bluetooth Headband That Is Great Sleep, Workouts, Travel, & More

Whether you like to fall asleep with background noise or you hate using traditional headphones while exercising, you need these wireless bluetooth headband. It fits snugly around your head and has two ultra-thin speakers inside that play music, podcasts, and audiobooks right into your ears. It’s comfortable enough for sleep and workouts, and you can easily pause, play, and skip from the front of the headband. After removing the speakers and control pod, this headband is machine washable.


A Wireless Charger That Has Over 100,000 Positive Reviews

Tech nerds are sure to appreciate this wireless charger for phones and headphones, so they can charge their devices just by setting them down. Compatible with most smartphones as well as wireless headphones, this charger fits nicely on a bedside table or desk. It even charges most phones through their case, and includes a green LED indicator light that lets them know their device is charging. These are just some of the reasons this tiny charger has over 107,000 positive reviews on Amazon.


These Elegant Satin Scrunchies That Won’t Pull Your Hair

This set of six satin scrunchies are soft on your hair and won’t pull or tangle, which is why they have a 4.6-star rating on Amazin. These come in a variety of muted shades that are perfect for accessorizing — they’ll even look nice around your wrist. They’re suitable for all hair textures, and won’t leave dents or damage your locks in any way.


These Non-Slip & Super Dainty Metal Hair Clips

These metal hair clips are way more durable than the plastic ones we’re all used to, but they’re still just as trendy with their gold finish. They might look chic and delicate with their dainty designs, but these claw clips have a super secure non-slip design.


These Toe-Less Socks That Deeply Moisturize Dry, Tough Heels

These moisturizing heel socks slide over dry and cracked heels and are lined with jojoba seed oil, olive oil, and vitamin E to deeply moisturize the skin. These are best used overnight in combination with their favorite foot lotion and are washable and reusable over and over for years. It’s like a pedicure while you snooze.


This Digital Meat Thermometer That’s Waterproof

The chef in your life will surely appreciate this digital instant read meat thermometer. It reads temperature from the stainless steel probe in just three to five seconds, and is accurate within 0.9 degrees. A glowing LCD display allows you to easily read the temp, even outdoors or in the dark, and the battery powered device folds up with a magnetic back and hook for convenient storage.


A 5-Pack Of Warm Wool Socks That Have A 4.6-Star Rating

Contrary to childhood belief, socks do make a great present, and this five-pack of thick wool-blend socks are perfect for the holidays. They’re soft, breathable, and cozy, and come in five vintage-inspired colors. Reviewers rave about how warm and well-made these are and particularly remark that these stockings make for great stocking stuffers.


A Cool Storage Solution For Your Coffee Beans

If you know a lot of fresh bean aficionados, then this Bean Envy canister will make the perfect gift. Made from rust-resistant, premium-grade stainless steel, this canister will change up anyone’s coffee game for the long haul. It even comes in four colors, so you can grab one that matches your friend or relative’s kitchen.


This Beaded Bracelet That Spells Out A Secret Message In Morse Code

Share a secret inspirational message with your BFF using this morse code bracelet, which uses sterling silver beads to spell out “Bad Ass” or 32 other meaningful phrases. The adjustable bracelet is a subtle way to show your love and lift up your mom, a friend, or a sibling. It too comes in a sleek, giftable wooden box, and you can even add two to your cart so you and your loved one can match.


This Key Finder That Makes Finding Lost Items As Easy As Pie

Your most scattered loved ones will appreciate getting a this key finder. Unlike other key finders, you don’t need a smartphone to set this up. Just install the batteries into the six receivers, loop or stick them onto your keys, purse, phone, remote, or other easily-lost items and press the coordinating color button whenever you can’t find that pesky item. A loud beep will help guide you to your belongings, saving you from tons of frustration.


These Magnetic Measuring Spoons That Will Last Forever

The right set of measuring spoons can make all the difference in your cooking or baking. These dual-sided magnetic measuring spoons are the only set you’ll ever need: They have both US and metric measurements ranging from 1/8 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon, and are narrow enough to fit in most spice jars. The stainless steel material is rust-resistant and durable, and they nest together magnetically to make storage easy. This set also includes a leveler, so you can measure with total accuracy.


This Multi-Use Tool That Does 15 Functions In One

Campers, new homeowners, and handy folks of all kinds will love this 15-in-1 portable pocket multi tool. It can cut wires, file nails, remove a hook, open a can or bottle, and even screw in screws, all in one device. Give it as a gift for their toolkit, backpack, or glove box so they’ll have it when they need it most.


A Reed Diffuser That Comes With Real Flowers

This beautiful floral reed diffuser has over 7,000 five-star reviews on Amazon for its ability to fill your home with fragrance for a long, long time. Choose between many breezy, refreshing scents such as cotton breeze, black cherry, white jasmine, and more. The set also comes with a real, preserved flower that sits in the diffuser with the reeds for ambiance and decor. Each reed stick lasts about two days, and can be flipped upside down or replaced when the scent weakens.


This Derma Roller That Leaves Skin Exfoliated & Glowy

If someone in your life is a skin-care fanatic, then you need to get them this highly rated derma roller. Used once or twice a week, the micro needles work to gently exfoliate dead skin, helping serums absorb better and giving the skin a glowy finish. “It's easy to use and provides noticeable improvements in skin texture and tone,” reported one shopper.


A Fun Card Game For All Ages With A Schoolyard Twist

Uno meets Nerf in this fun party game for the whole family. Throw Throw Burrito claims to be “the world’s first dodgeball card game,” and involves collecting points while dodging the foam burritos thrown at you from across the table. It’s made for two to six players ages 7 and up, so you’ll definitely want to have it on hand for holiday gatherings.


This Wine Set That You Can Travel With

If there’s a wine lover in your life (or if you’re a wine lover yourself), you might want to take a look at this wine chiller gift set. The set comes with a bottle and two 14-ounce wine glasses that you can easily travel with. The bottle’s lid has a safe screw top, so it’s unlikely to spill or leak if you toss it in a backpack. It’s great for picnics, or just to bring to a hotel during a summer vacation out.


This Skinny Tumbler That Any Athlete Would Love

There’s no better feeling than finding the tumbler that’ll eventually be your go-to when it comes to cold drinks. This skinny stainless steel tumbler set is great for athletes or people who just need to remember to hydrate. Four tumblers come per pack, and you can get these in 13 different colors.


This Funny Blanket That Looks Like A Tortilla But Is So, So Soft

Now you can literally wrap yourself up like a burrito with the help of this double-sided blanket that’s actually designed to look like a tasty tortilla. It’s made from warm and soft fleece fabric, and is 60 inches across — the perfect size for a mid-day nap or for cuddling under while watching TV. This hilarious yet functional blanket is a best-seller on Amazon and has a 4.8-star rating and over 43,000 positive reviews.


A DIY Cold Brew Maker That’s So Easy To Use

Whether you’re looking to save money or you just enjoy the ritual your own coffee, this cold brew maker comes with everything you need to keep yourself fully stocked. The glass carafe comes in a generous 47-ounce size, and the handle and spout combo make it easy to pour. You’ll also get a funnel and measuring scoop for seamless setup.


A Backpack For Boaters And Kayakers That’ll Keep Their Supplies Dry

Do you know someone who’s often by the water? Whether they spend their summers at the lake or simply love hiking in all weather conditions, this waterproof dry bag is sure to be a hit. Its see-through PVC fabric is puncture-resistant and watertight. It’s a great place to safely keep valuables while out in nature. And, it’s available in multiple colors.


This Timeless Pashmina Shawl That Is Lightweight Yet Cozy

This sleek pashmina shawl worn as a scarf will keep anyone warm and dressed to the nines through any snow or wind chill. You just can’t beat the super soft fabric, and the oversized length and width means this can be repurposed it in warmer weather as a light shawl. It comes in a wide variety of colors, all with fringed edges, and it’s light enough to pack in a purse or suitcase for travel.


This Exfoliating Sugar Scrub That Smells Fantastic

When was the last time you really scrubbed your feet? Sometimes, gifting a really extravagant body scrub is less about the scrub, and more of a reminder to a loved one that they need to take some TLC time for themselves. That said, this will definitely get used since it’s excellent when it comes to exfoliation and smells heavenly.


The Amazon Fire TV Stick For Easy Streaming

I’m not the most tech savvy, so I always appreciate others making those kinds of decisions for me. Invest in the latest generation of the Amazon Fire TV stick for your favorite clumsy-thumbed family member, and they’ll be happy to have such simplified access to all their favorite streaming platforms. They’ll even be able to watch live TV and listen to music, and the remote is Alexa-enabled and supports voice control. It plugs in neatly to any HDMI port, so it’s out of sight and easy to take from place to place.


This Icy Face Roller That Soothes Skin & Gives You A Massage

The ESARORA ice roller offers pain relief and a skin treatment all in one. Freeze the roller head before use, then roll gently around the face to calm red or inflamed skin, help ease pain from migraines, and decrease puffiness. You can use it all over your body to relieve stiffness and soreness, and even ice minor injuries.


These Elevated Everyday Gold Hoops With A Twist

You could easily find a pricier version of these twisted rope hoop earrings elsewhere, but with this pair, you’ll save some money without sacrificing on style. They’re 14K gold plated with a sterling silver hypoallergenic post, and come in yellow, white, and rose gold in two different sizes. They’re the perfect pair of everyday hoops that can be easily dressed up or down — so naturally, they make an amazing gift.


This Indoor Security Camera That Works With Alexa

The gift of home security is priceless, and the Blink mini smart camera will set you back just $20. The Alexa-enabled 1080P HD indoor camera detects motion and has two-way audio that lets your giftee monitor the inside of their home at all times. They’ll get alerts sent to their phone when motion is detected, so they can keep an eye on kids, pets, or just the house itself while they’re away.


These Ultra Cozy Fleece-Lined Slippers That Are A Best-Seller

The gift of something cozy, like these fleece-lined memory foam slippers, will always be a hit, as the 34,000 five-star reviews on Amazon prove. Rubber soles mean they have traction indoors and out, and a high-density memory foam sole supports tired feet. They’re conveniently slip-on, and will keep your giftee cozy and relaxed all winter long.


A Silky Pillowcase For Luxurious Bedding Vibes

This machine-washable and durable pillowcase is obviously a good choice because it has a silky finish to add a luxurious vibe to your bedding. There’s a built-in hidden zipper, so this gentle pillowcase stays secure on your favorite pillow, but the zipper also won’t tug your hair.


A Super Soft Throw Blanket That Has A 4.7-Star Rating

If you’ve got anyone whom you’re just not sure what to get for the holidays, this sherpa fleece throw blanket is a perfect choice: After all, who doesn’t love being cozy? It comes in 26 colors ranging from neutral shades of gray and navy to bright yellows and reds, and is a cult-favorite product on Amazon with over 55,000 reviews and a 4.7-star rating.


A Handheld Milk Frother That Helps Make Coffee Extra Fancy

Up your friend’s at-home latte game with the help of this best-selling handheld milk frother. It adds that professional-looking touch to your morning joe, with a stainless steel wand that makes rich, creamy frothed milk in seconds. It even comes with a stand, so they can show it off on the counter next to their coffee maker.


This 2-Pack Of Exfoliating Towels That Reviewers Love

I prefer exfoliating cloths like these exfoliating shower towels to loofahs, because they’re easier to rinse clean and better for targeting specific areas of the body. Just add your usual body wash, and the towel will create a rich lather that leaves your skin soft and clean. The two-pack of towels comes in soft, medium, and rough exfoliation levels, and you can choose from a variety of colors.


An Adjustable Spice Grinder That Has High Tech Design Features

Spice up your life with this electric grinder mill. Made for sea salt or peppercorns, it has a larger spice container than most electric grinders and adjustable grinding levels. Any home chef or foodie will appreciate the one-handed operation, as well as the blue LED light that can illuminate your plate in dimmed light settings.


This Useful Egg Cooker That Makes Breakfast A Breeze

Make breakfast egg-sactly how way you want it without fussing over a hot stove or Googling “how to poach an egg” for the fiftieth time. All you need is the Dash rapid egg cooker. It can make hard boiled, soft boiled, poached, scrambled, and other types of eggs, and all you have to do is load it up and push a button. It’s a must-have for large families, someone moving into their first apartment, or those who just really, really like deviled eggs.


These Work Gloves With Built-In Flashlights

Doing repairs on your home or car is a lot easier with proper lighting, and these flashlight gloves make it easy to see. The fingerless gloves have LED lights on the thumb and index fingers, so you can use both hands instead of having to hold a flashlight. They’re made from a stretchy and flexible fabric, and come with four AAA batteries.


This Super Cute Bow Backpack That Makes A Perfect Purse Replacement

This mini backpack certainly fits my criteria for a practical gift that’s also adorable. Made from high-quality PU leather, this backpack comes in 12 bright and neutral shades and has tons of compartments of various sizes for carrying all your everyday essentials. Your recipient is sure to love swapping out their everyday purse for it, and reviewers report that it holds up well to daily wear.


This Electric Wine Bottle Opener That Wine Lovers Will Use Every Day

Forget the corkscrew: You’ll look like the ultimate vino with this cordless electric wine bottle opener. It removes the cork in seconds, and even comes with a foil cutter to easily remove the seal. With a comfortable soft grip handle and long-lasting charge, this opener pairs well with reds, whites, and pinks as a holiday gift.


These ‘90s-Inspired Sunglasses That Are So In Right Now

Giving a pair of these trendy rectangle sunglasses as a holiday gift is the perfect way to embrace the return of the ‘90s. They come in countless colors or sets and feature UV400 protection, block glare, and shatterproof frames. This throwback look makes a great Christmas gift for a Gen Z’er who’s always on top of the latest fashions.


A 24-Pack Of Organic Bath Bombs That Come In 6 Sweet Scents

This 24 pack of organic bath bombs comes as four boxes of six that will make holiday gifting this year a breeze. Each bath bomb is naturally scented with essential oils, such as lavender, rose, lemon, and mint. There are a wide variety of color combinations, each one with different fragrances and effects on the body. But each bath bomb is made of 100% organic ingredients that will leave your skin soft and moisturized.


An Exfoliating Brush That Removes Ingrown Hairs

Who doesn’t love a spa tool they can use to improve their skin? This exfoliating brush helps remove ingrown hair and razor bumps so you can have soft and smooth skin. It also helps increase circulation and unclog your pores. The brush has firm bristles and an ergonomic handle that makes it easy to hold.


These Resistance Bands That Are Perfect For An At-Home Workout

The gym rat in your life will love this set of resistance bands which allows them to workout anywhere, anytime. The set of three bands are three different resistance levels, so you can choose the intensity of your workout. The bands have a nonslip rubber grip, so they won’t fall off your legs when in use.


A Silicone Popcorn Bowl That’s Perfect For Movie Nights

No movie night is complete without a big bowl of popcorn. This silicone popcorn bowl can go directly in the microwave and doesn’t even require any butter or oil for popping (though it can’t hurt either). It holds up to 15 cups of popped corn and the best part is that you can eat out of the same bowl you pop in. It’s dishwasher safe and comes in 15 colors.


A Ring Light That Clips Onto Your Phone For Perfect Selfies

The secret to any good Instagram selfie is this clip-on LED ring light. It snaps into place over your phone’s camera, with multiple light settings so you can always get the right exposure on front-facing and back-facing photos. It softly illuminates the subject and charges easily with a USB charger so you don’t have to worry about replacing the batteries.


This Burt’s Bees Gift Set That’s A Fab Dry Skin Remedy

This moisturizing Burt’s Bees gift set is great for anyone who wants to upgrade their self-care routine. The kit comes with six intensively moisturizing products: shea butter hand repair cream, coconut foot creme, hand salve, lip balm, cuticle cream, and a multipurpose herbal ointment. All are designed to repair tough, dry skin caused by cold weather and hard work. Best of all, it comes nicely packaged in gift wrap, and all the products are formulated with natural ingredients.


A Five-Pack Of Travel-Size Toilet Sprays For Doing Business Anywhere

If your giftee has a sense of humor, they’ll appreciate this travel-size pack of Poo-Pourri toilet sprays, which come in five scents. Spritz a little of the spray before using the toilet to conceal unwanted scents. The essential oil formula forms a barrier on the surface of the water that traps scents in, so they can do their business in peace anywhere and everywhere.


This Tablet Pillow Stand That Can Turn Into The Perfect Viewing Setup

Give the lounger in your life a comfortable TV-watching setup: This tablet pillow stand. This best-selling item rests comfortable on their stomach or another flat surface while they lay in bed or on the couch. It’s great for working as well, and is compatible with most phones and tablets as a universal stand. They can even adjust the angle as needed and use the tablet horizontally or vertically.


A Two-Pack of Microfiber Hair Towels That Are Lifesavers

Making the swap for a microfiber hair towel wrap as opposed to a normal bath towel is one of the best things I ever did for my hair. The fabric dries your hair faster, and absorbs more than 10 times its weight in water. It’s also way more comfortable to wear than a delicately draped full-size towel, and reduces frizz in all hair types and textures. Pro tip: If your hair is especially long or thick, use both of these towels. Put one of them on directly after washing to get your hair past the dripping-wet stage, then swap it out for the other when the towel has absorbed all the water it can handle to get your hair fully dry even faster.


This Small Speaker That Delivers Big Sound

Your giftee will be the life of the party with this highly portable Bluetooth speaker in tow. It delivers exceptional sound quality for its small size, including enhanced bass with zero distortion. It’s also waterproof and dust-proof and can clip on to your bag with the keychain, making it the ultimate travel companion. This small but mighty speaker has eight hours of playback on one battery for long days out.


These Facial Massagers With Built-In Spoons For Skincare Products

This easy-to-clean facial massaging set is versatile enough to fit into anyone’s skincare routine. It comes with two unique facial massagers, including a jaw massager and another that’s precise enough for under eyes. Plus, the handles of these rose gold tools are perfect for scooping cleansing balms or moisturizers.


A Velvety Jewelry Holder That Also Works For Scrunchies

This jewelry holder is perfect for necklaces or for someone who has a bunch of trendy headbands. With the velvety finish, it can even hold onto scrunchies without worrying about them sliding off. Plus, there’s a removable stand, so it’s easy to slide jewelry and scrunchies on and off.


This Adjustable Light Up Mirror That’s A Beauty Lover’s Dream

This light up vanity mirror is an absolute game changer for any makeup lover. 21 LED lights with adjustable brightness gives off the ideal amount of light to complete any look in, no matter their surroundings. And there’s even a 10x magnifying mirror included to help get a close look at the details. It’s compact enough to sit comfortably on a desk or vanity and even to travel with, and the angle can be adjusted as needed.


This Pair Of Sleek Gloves With A Leather Finish

These cozy gloves are overflowing with chic details, like that glossy leather finish that goes with anything. This sleek pair also has a gathered detail for a fitted look and a bit of pleating. Of course, there’s also the coziest lining tucked inside these durable gloves.

  • Available colors: 7
  • Available sizes: X-Small — X-Large


These Bluetooth Earbuds With A Super Secure Design

Grab these earbuds for a Bluetooth earbud option that feels super secure during workouts. Not only do they have a secure design, but they also last for up to 15 hours of gym time. They have a lightweight strap attached, so it’s even easy to wear them like a necklace when you’re done with a podcast.


This Small & Durable Flashlight Set To Stick All Over The House

These LED flashlights are small enough to tuck away all over the place, like in a kitchen drawer or your car, of course. No matter where you stick them, they’re water-resistant, and they even come with compact cases. Plus, they’ll be totally fine after a drop up to 10 feet (in case they fall out of your car).


A Marble Tray For Holding All Your Trinkets

Keep your bathroom accessories organized in this marble tray that’s the perfect combination of utility and style. The tray is made from real marble, so it’s study enough to stay in place. Use it to hold makeup, soap, a candle, or anything else. It can also be used in the kitchen for holding small items like a sugar bowl or salt shaker.


This Chic Organizer To Tuck Away Up To 153 Earrings

This organizer has 153 spots for hanging up earrings and 21 necklace holders, but it doesn’t take up a ton of space because of the fold-up design. Open it up, and there are three different jewelry-holding panels hidden inside, plus a little built-in mirror. It’s also topped off with gold-tone accents and a dust-proof design.


These Ceramic Bowls With Tons Of Uses

These attractive ceramic bowls have a marbled finish and can be used for a ton of different things. Of course they can be used to eat or drink out of, but they’re also an ideal size to be used for homemade candles or to use as a planter for a small plant. They come in a set of two and are available in three colors.


This Tiny USB Fan That Shows You The Time

This LED USB clock fan reminds me of those old-school animated LED lights in my hometown’s bowling alley, only way more functional. It plugs into any laptop USB port, with a bendable neck to keep the fan pointed exactly where you want it and display the time. Give it as a fun stocking stuffer or gag gift they’ll actually use on warm days.


This Suction-Cup Bath Pillow That Is *So* Plush

Give the gift of relaxation — aka, this extra thick and luxurious bath pillow. It sticks to the tub with suction cups and truly stays in place. Not only does this make the bath an even more calming and restful environment, this pillow resists molding with the waterproof material.


This Stainless Steel Utensil Set With Everything You Need

The chef in your life will surely appreciate this stainless steel kitchen utensil set that comes with a holder to keep them all organized. It comes with a set of essential kitchen tool including a ladle, whisk, spatulas, spoons, and tongs. The tools are durable, heat resistant, and are dishwasher safe.


A Portable Party-Starting Disco Light That Syncs With Music

The party won’t stop as long as this multicolored disco light is on. Use the included remote to create different flashing light patterns that sync with the music and keep any gathering lively. The palm-size device works for upwards of 10,000 hours and fits in the palm of your hand, all handy features that make this the best-selling light of its kind on Amazon.


This Spinning Makeup Brush Cleaner

Cleaning makeup brushes is one of the least glamorous but most essential parts of any makeup routine. This makeup brush cleaner spins your brushes in a cleaning solution (that also comes with the kit), using a battery-powered spinner. “This machine takes everything out & it always looks & feels like a brand new makeup brush!” wrote one reviewer.


A Mug Warmer That Holds Onto Your Coffee Cup

This little mug warmer has a small indention to keep your favorite coffee mug super secure. The heating plate is easy to wipe off if a bit of coffee spills. Meanwhile, the rest of this warmer has a sleek design with a simple power button, so it looks chic no matter where you drink your morning coffee.


This Charging Station & Organizer To Stick Under A Desk

Instead of a bulky charging stand, stick this adhesive charging station under your desk because it’s super compact. It adds three USB charging ports to your desk, and it even comes with wire clips to keep the cord hidden. Plus, the sides fold down to hold onto headphones, extra chargers, and more.


This DIY Slime Kit That Can Create Over 100 Different Kinds

This unicorn slime kit is sure to be a hit among all the kids (and kids at heart). It contains everything you need to make slime, foam, and other playful, engaging textures that engage kids’ minds and hands. There are tons of objects included such as foam beads, food coloring, scents, and glitter, making this ideal for creative kiddos and parents to do together.


This Luxurious Blanket That You Can Wear Around The House

This wearable fleece blanket is the ultimate gift for the person who has everything. I can practically guarantee that they don’t own a micro plush blanket with arms, foot pockets, and a pocket for the remote. It’s remarkably soft and cozy, which is why it has a 4.6-star rating on Amazon.


This Chic Set Of 14 Makeup Brushes That Has Everything You Need (And More)

This 14-piece makeup brush set includes synthetic brushes for foundation, eyeshadow blending, and more. It also includes a 150-milliliter bottle of Luxe Cleaning Solution, to help promote brush cleanliness. Reviewers have claimed this set works better than name-brand sets, with one stating “my makeup goes on flawless and the variety of brushes comes in handy.” Plus, they’d look beautiful on top of a vanity.


These Versatile Claw Clips That Give You A ‘90s-Inspired Updo

Claw clips are back in a big way, and you can jump on the trend easily with this four-pack. Made from high quality acrylic material, these durable clips come in four colors and hold hair back securely and comfortably. Use them for a variety of updos for hair of all textures, and you can give them all away as gifts or keep a couple for yourself – I won’t tell.


These Foot Peel Masks That Help Even The Driest, Roughest Feet

Treat someone from head to toe — literally — with this pair of foot peel masks. After wearing these exfoliating and moisturizing socks, they’ll shed all their dead skin to reveal baby soft feet after two weeks. It’s a unique and fun treatment, even for those who usually skip pedicures, and contains natural ingredients such as vanilla and papaya extracts.


This Kit That Produces Edible Mushrooms In Just 10 Days

This organic mini mushroom grow kit can produce edible, delicious mushrooms indoors in under two weeks. Place the box near a window with indirect light, mist it twice a day, and watch mushrooms sprout out within a week. Kids will love seeing the mushrooms grow from start to finish, and adults will love assisting them — and cooking the ‘shrooms, too.


This Versatile Little Table That Works On Any Sofa

This sturdy sofa tray is a go-to gift because it’s versatile enough to fit on any couch — no matter what the armrest situation is. It’s all about the flexible bamboo design that wraps around armrests or sits right on top of sofa cushions for a large non-slip table.


This Rose-Shaped Ice Cube Tray That Makes Any Drink Instantly Elegant

For the cocktail enthusiast, give them an easy at-home upgrade in the form of this rose-shaped ice cube tray. The detailed tray makes four pretty 2 1/2-inch ice cubes, which are the perfect addition for whiskeys, vodkas, tequilas, and other liquors. The silicone tray comes with a small funnel, which makes it easy to channel water into each of the molds without spilling.


A Cactus Coaster Set That Blends In With Houseplants

This adorable set of coasters will blend right in with the house plants in any plant-lovers home. All of the absorbent coasters stack up to create a cactus-shaped decor piece for a coffee table. Plus, these unique and stackable coasters come with a little flowerpot holder.


A Chic Plant Stand With Adjustable Height & Width

Delight the plant lover in your life with this adjustable plant stand. Featuring mid-century modern style, the stand expands between 8 and 12 inches in width to fit pots of various sizes (up to 150 pounds). It can also be flipped upside down to give your plant more height off the ground.

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