If You Have Too Much Stuff, You’ll Love These 40 Genius Organizational Products

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While decluttering has become a virtue nearly on par with good old patience and kindness, the fact is — some of us just like to shop. (Let’s be real, finding a package on your doorstep at the end of a stressful day can put a real spring in your step.) Of course, those small joys can add up to over-stuffed drawers and closets over time, so if you have too much stuff, these genius organizational products will help you get a handle on it all.

On this list, you’ll find a wide range of products to tidy up any space that needs a little extra attention. Some of these products are versatile enough to use in any room — like this slim rolling cart you can put to work in the kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room — and some are designed to solve very specific storage conundrums — like this hanger that holds purses and keeps them from getting crumpled.

So if you’re up to your ears in stuff — and have no desire to get rid of it — rest assured: You don’t have to. These organizational products will wrangle everything you’ve got, and since they’re all on Amazon, you’ll get the thrill of a new package on your doorstep when you order them.


This Organizer That Fits Over Your Cabinet Door

If you’re running out of kitchen storage space for stray items like cutting boards, pans, and cling wrap, this organizer that fits over cabinet doors is a great help. The hooks are padded to prevent damage, and they’re non-bulky, so you can still fully close the cabinet door. Hang it on the inside of the door to conceal items, or on the outside for easy access.


A 2-Pack Of Shelves That Add Vertical Storage

Create some vertical storage space in your kitchen cupboards with this two-pack of cabinet shelf organizers. They’re made from natural bamboo and sturdy metal, and each one can hold up to 33 pounds. Place them side by side, or stack them on top of each other.


These Baskets For Under-Shelf Storage

These under-shelf baskets are a creative way to get some extra storage, and they don’t require any fancy installation — just slide them on. Use them in the kitchen for food wrap and napkins, or in the office for files and desk supplies.


The Shoe Stackers That Double Your Storage Space

Get twice as much shoe storage space in your closet with these shoe racks that let you stack one pair on top of another. Perfect for flats, sneakers, and low heels, each rack has a lip at the edge to keep your shoes securely in place.


These Apothecary Jars For Bathroom Essentials

Instead of keeping cotton rounds, swabs, and bath salts in their store packaging, keep them in these chic apothecary jars that put everything within easy reach on your counter. They’re made from durable and break-resistant plastic, and the set of two comes with labels that can be adhered to the outsides of the jars.


This Slide-Out Organizer With 2 Tiers Of Storage

This two-tier organizer makes use of the vertical space under your sink, and it’s perfect for cleaning supplies and toiletries. The organizer’s two baskets slide out for easy access to items, and the built-in dividers keep the contents orderly.


A Cosmetics Holder That Organizes Your Makeup

If you can never find that tube of waterproof mascara when you need it, this cosmetics organizer is for you. The clear organizer puts everything on display and has compartments on top for brushes, jars, and tubes, and four slide-out drawers on the bottom for compacts and jewelry.


The Honeycomb Organizers For Socks & Underwear

Get jumbled sock and underwear drawers in order with these ingenious honeycomb organizers. The organizers feature cells that separate items, so you can always find that one pair of seamless underwear (or your favorite Christmas socks) without having to rifle through everything.


This Monitor Stand With Built-In Drawers

This monitor stand elevates your screen by 4.7 inches to prevent neck strain while you work, but it also helps keep your desk area tidy — it has two slide-out drawers that are perfect for pens, sticky notes, paperclips, and more. The riser can hold up to 33 pounds of weight and is available in two colors: black and silver.


An Organizer That Frees Up Bathroom Counter Space

If you’ve got a pedestal sink — or limited bathroom counter space — this wall-mounted toiletry organizer will add tons of convenience to your life. It has space for a razor, toothpaste, and manual and electric toothbrushes — and there are even two hooks for loofahs and washcloths. It mounts with the included adhesive, so you don’t have to mess with drilling holes into your wall.


The Hanging Organizer That’s Perfect For Sweaters

Storing sweaters can be tricky — they get wrinkled in overpacked drawers and putting them on hangers can stretch out the shoulders. This hanging closet organizer is a great solution. Made from durable material, it offers six tiers of storage, and at just 12 inches wide, it won’t take up too much space.


An Ottoman That Doubles As Storage Space

Stash throw blankets, toys, and extra linens in this storage ottoman, then use it as a footrest or extra seating when guests are over (it can hold up to 350 pounds). The tufted top adds a nice design touch, and you can choose from leather or linen options in a handful of colors.


This Organizing Case For Your Photo Collection

Photo albums can take up a bunch of bookshelf space, but this organizing case for 4-by-6-inch pictures is a compact alternative that gives you some room back. The large case stores 16 smaller cases, so you can organize your photos by event, and the snap-shut closures keep everything securely inside.


An Organizer For All Your Food Storage Lids

Arguably the worst part of post-dinner cleanup is trying to locate a lid that matches the food storage container in hand. Enter this food storage lid organizer. It fits neatly in a drawer or cupboard and has dividers so you can line everything up by size and shape.


The Rack That Makes It Easy To Access Your Pans

One of the more frustrating parts of cooking is having to unstack a pile of heavy pans in order to reach the biggest one on the bottom. With this ingenious pan rack, you’ll never have to do it again. The five-tier rack lets you slide each pan out with ease, and it’s sturdy enough to withstand cast iron cookware.


The Holder That Stores Hot Styling Tools

Turn your bathroom into a mini salon with this hair tool organizer that keeps your blow dryer, curling iron, and straightener at the ready. The three-compartment organizer has a bottom basket to corral cords, and since it’s made from metal, you can store styling tools while they’re still hot.


These Shelf Dividers That Keep Stacked Items Neat

If you store sweaters and purses on your closet shelf, you know just how quickly neat stacks can turn into messy piles. Keep everything tidy with these closet shelf dividers that slide on easily and keep everything neat and separated.


A Rope Storage Basket That Doubles As Decor

Storage doesn’t have look utilitarian, and this chic rope storage basket is proof. The two-tone basket comes in neutrals like black and natural jute, or cheery brights like white and orange. Use it for laundry, throw blankets, toys, and any other miscellaneous items that need a home.


The Towel Holder That Also Works As A Wine Rack

This wall-mounted towel holder will make your bathroom look like it belongs in a five-star hotel, but it’s also just a great way to get some space back in a crammed linen closet. The six-tier rack comes multiple finishes, like black, bronze, and graphite gray, and (ingeniously) can also be used as a wine rack in the kitchen — so you might want to grab two.


These Stackable Organizers For Corralling Small Items

These clear organizing drawers can be used side by side to corral small items, but they can also be stacked on top of each other to save space on your bathroom counter or dresser. They’re easy to wipe clean — so they’re perfect for storing cosmetics — but they can also be used in the craft room, office, or pantry.


A Set Of 2 Baskets Woven From Seagrass

Use these hand-woven wicker baskets to store spare toilet paper and hand towels in the bathroom, or use them in the kitchen to store napkins. This set is woven from seagrass, but you can also opt for baskets made from water hyacinth or paper rope.


This 5-Pack Of Stackable Jewelry Trays

Jewelry collectors, rejoice: These five stackable trays are designed with compartments of different sizes, so you can have a dedicated spot for each bracelet, necklace, ring, and pair of earrings in your collection. Add this to your cart, and bid adieu to tangles and missing items.


This Closet Shelf That Expands To Fit

This expandable shelf extends to fit just about any size space, so you can get customizable storage any place you need it. The tension rods secure it to walls (much like a shower rod), and you can choose from multiple size options to tackle small pantries and large closets alike.

  • Available sizes: 7


A Jewelry Hanger That Keeps Tangles At Bay

This jewelry organizer features three T-shaped tiers for hanging necklaces and bracelets, and the best part is that it helps prevent tangling. The base of the unit is perfect for watches and rings, and the whole organizer adds a minimalist design element to your dresser.


The Turntable That Makes It Easy To Access Every Item

Keep this lazy Susan in the pantry or in a kitchen cupboard, and you can easily reach any item just by spinning (instead of having to haul out a stepladder to search for the rice vinegar hidden in the back). The turntable comes with three removable bins, so you can pack in items while keeping them upright.


The 5-Tier Shelf That Mounts To Wall Corners

Put that unused space in the corner of your living room to work with this five-tier corner shelf that’s perfect for displaying pictures and tchotchkes. Available in colors like white, walnut, and rustic blue, it comes with all the mounting hardware necessary for installation.


This Entryway Organizer With A Rustic Vibe

This wall-mounted entryway-organizer gives you a convenient space to stash mail, keys, umbrellas, and bags, so they don’t end up scattered all over your table or kitchen counter. Available in black, brown, and dark gray finishes, the organizer has a rustic aesthetic that’ll look great in any hallway.


The Organizer That Keeps Shirts Neatly Stacked

Crammed, jumbled drawers are no match for this clever shirt organizer. It has dividers for stacking up to 10 shirts, and when you want to grab one, you can simply lift up the dividers to reach it... without turning the rest of your neatly folded shirts into a messy, wrinkled pile.


A Purse Hanger That Keeps Your Bags In Good Shape

When you store your purses on a shelf, they can fold over and lose their shape. Keep them from crumpling by storing them on this purse hanger instead. It hooks right onto a closet rod and has six hooks that are rounded to prevent snagging.


This Slide-Out Shelf For Easy Access To Items

With this slide-out cabinet shelf, you can easily access the items stored in the back of a cupboard — without having to crouch down to reach them. It’s ideal for pots, pans, cleaning supplies, and condiments, and the ball bearing system guarantees a smooth glide. Choose from seven sizes to fit any cabinet.


The Caddy That Keeps Your Remotes From Getting Lost

Remote controls have a way of making their way between couch cushions, but storing them in this remote control holder keeps them easily findable (so you don’t have to scrounge around when that one commercial comes on for the seventh time). Made from faux leather, it comes in more than a dozen colors and has space for five remotes.


A Pocket Organizer That Hangs On A Door

Whether you use it in your bedroom, nursery, or craft area, this over-the-door organizer can add some much-needed space to any part of your home. Made from durable cloth, it has four shelves, all with clear windows that let you see exactly what’s inside.


These Drawer Organizers That Snap Together

Instead of getting an organizing tray that may or may not fit your drawer, get this set of interlocking drawer organizers for customizable storage. The set comes with 10 containers in different sizes that snap together — use them for office supplies, cosmetics, or crafts.


The Collapsible Storage Cubes With Sky-High Ratings

These fabric storage cubes are an easy way to wrangle and conceal clutter, and when you’re not using them, they collapse flat, so you can stash them in a closet. Boasting an impressive 4.7-star overall rating after more than 50,000 reviews, the six-pack is available in neutrals like beige and brights like red and royal blue.


An Organizer For Foil, Trash Bag & Cling Wrap Boxes

If your cling wrap, foil, and food storage bags are falling all over the place, give them a permanent place to live in this box organizer. The three-tier organizer has space for up nine boxes, and the non-skid feet keep the unit firmly in place.


This Narrow Cabinet For Extra Bathroom Storage

This narrow bathroom cabinet boasts an ultra-small footprint, and it’s the perfect space for storing spare toilet paper and cleaning supplies. There’s a built-in toilet paper dispenser, and the top shelf is great for air freshener or a box of tissues.


An Under-Sink Organizer That Expands To Fit

There’s a lot of unused vertical space under kitchen and bathroom sinks, and this under-sink organizer makes good use of it. The U-shaped design makes room for a pipe, and since the organizer is height- and width-adjustable, you can customize it for an exact fit. Use this for cosmetics, toiletries, and cleaning supplies.


This 3-Tier Organizer That Stores Shoes & Socks

Whether you use it in the closet or front entryway, this three-tier organizer has two platforms for storing shoes and two drawers for socks and other small items. Made from sturdy metal and breathable fabric, it’s available in five colors.


A Rack With Room For All Your Ironing Supplies

Upgrade your laundry room with this storage rack that has a platform for your iron, steamer, and starch, as well as a hook that’s perfect for hanging an ironing board. It’s available in four finishes, but we’re partial to this metal and iron option that manages to be cozy and modern at the same time.


This Rolling Cart With A Small Footprint

You can pretty much store whatever your heart desires on this rolling cart. Use it for produce and condiments in the kitchen, toiletries in the bathroom, or use it as a side table in the living room. The narrow profile (just 9 inches wide) can fit in even the tightest of spaces.

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