If You Like To Get Weird, You're Gonna Love These 42 Whacky Things On Amazon

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If you ask me, the weirder you are, the easier it is to buy whatever you want when you’re out shopping. Because it doesn’t matter what anyone says — you do what you want, when you want, however you want to do it. Opinions roll off you like water on a duck’s back. So when I say that there are a ton of weird AF things you can find on Amazon, get that credit card ready — this list is made for you.

But if you think I’m exaggerating? Don’t worry — you’ll change your mind the minute you see the ice molds shaped like skulls. Not only do they add a spooky element to your cocktails, but they also melt slowly so that they dilute your drink less than regular ice cubes. Or, if spooky ice skulls aren’t really your thing, I’ve also made sure to include chopsticks that light up like lightsabers, a spatula made for your pores, and even a whacky little zit-popping toy you can play with at work.

Whether you’re in the mood for the weird or whacky, there are tons of freaky products on Amazon to help you channel your inner oddball — keep scrolling for some of my favorites.


This Projector Casts The Northern Lights Onto Your Ceiling

Whether you’re looking for a night light or ways to set a soothing ambiance, this projector has got you covered. It comes pre-loaded with eight different light modes, while the built-in speaker lets you play music while you’re relaxing. Plus, it even comes with a remote so that you can control it from afar.


A Face Mask Made With Egg White Extract

I have larger-than-usual pores on my nose, and this face mask genuinely helped make them look smaller. It’s made with aloe vera — to help prevent your skin from drying out — while egg white extract helps tighten pores. Many reviewers even raved about how they were able to “see a difference.”


The Night Light Made For Your Toilet

Don’t blind yourself with a bright overhead light — allow this toilet night light to gently guide your way to the bathroom at night. The flexible arm makes it easy to hook onto nearly any toilet, and the brightness is even adjustable up to five levels. The best part? There are 16 different colors to choose from, as well as a rotating carousel mode.


A Card Game That’s Made For Pun-Lovers

If you love a good pun, you’ll probably want to check out Punderdome. One player draws two prompt cards from the deck, then reads them to the rest of the group. Players then have 90 seconds to come up with a pun that combines both prompts together — and whoever the reader votes as the best pun, wins.


These Ice Molds Shaped Like Spooky Skulls

Looking for fun ways to add flair to your cocktails? Search no further than these skull ice molds. They’re made from soft silicone, allowing you to easily pop your skulls out once frozen. And unlike regular ice cubes, these skulls melt extra-slowly to prevent diluting your drinks.


The Chopsticks That Light Up Like Lightsabers

Embrace the force and find your inner Jedi with these lightsaber chopsticks. Not only do they light up like real lightsabers, but each order also comes with batteries included. The best part? They come in seven different colors, including a bright shade of purple.


A Shower Curtain Liner That’ll Hold Your Tablet

It doesn’t matter whether you like to watch videos on your smartphone or tablet — this shower curtain liner has pockets for both. It’s made from high-quality PVC that’s completely waterproof — yet still allows you to use your touchscreen without having to remote your device.


The Pan That Gives Every Brownie A Chewy Edge

The best part of any brownie is the chewy edge that bakes along the side of the pan, which is why this pan has a labyrinth-like design throughout the center. Not only does it add two edges to every brownie, but it’s also made from non-stick, heavy-duty aluminum — so there’s no need to worry about it warping.


These Glasses That Let You Watch TV Lying Down

On those extra-lazy days where you can hardly bear to even sit up, you’ll be glad you grabbed these glasses. The prism lenses reflect your vision, allowing you to watch television while lying down completely flat. They also work great for reading — especially when you’re relaxing in bed.


The LED Strip Lights That Are So Easy To Install

With strong adhesive on the back of these strip lights, all you have to do is peel off the liner, then stick them wherever you like. They look just as great behind your television as they do underneath your cabinets — and since each order comes with a remote, you don’t even have to get up to turn them off.


This Diffuser That Commands Attention

With its chic 3-D glass design, this diffuser commands attention in any room. It’s able to produce up to four hours of mist, while the glass is completely BPA-free. Plus, the automatic shut-off kicks in once the water reservoir runs dry — just to help keep you safe.


A Ladle Shaped Like The Loch Ness Monster

Not only does this ladle look like a cute version of the Loch Ness monster, but it also has feet on the bottom so that it can sit in your pots without tipping over. But if that isn’t enough? It’s also 100% food-safe, resistant to boiling water, as well as BPA-free.


These Sprays That Eliminate Unwanted Bathroom Odors

Keep one of these sprays in every bathroom of your home, and they’ll smell delightful no matter what. Just give the toilet bowl a few spritzes, and the potent formula will eliminate any unwanted odors before they even hit the air. Each order comes with three scents: wild ruby grapefruit, mandarin vanilla, and lavender lemongrass.


A Set Of Magnets That Look Like Cat Butts

Even if you’re allergic to cats, you can still appreciate this set of cat butt magnets. Each order comes with six butts of the most popular cat breeds, and they’re made from tough poly-resin — not plastic. Plus, reviewers raved about how great they work as a gag gift.


The Skin Spatula That Helps Exfoliate Away Blackheads

By producing high-frequency vibrations, this skin spatula helps dislodge stubborn blackheads and exfoliate away old skin (as well as cleanse clogged pores). The spatula head is made from stainless steel that’s resistant to rust, and the vibration intensity is even adjustable up to four levels.


These Dish Gloves With Built-In Scrubber Bristles

Not only are these dish gloves made from heat-resistant silicone, but the palms also feature scrubber bristles to help you clean away dirt and grime. They can also be used to move warm cookware, or even pull away pet hair from furniture — and reviewers raved about how they “work well.”


These Water Beads That Are Surprisingly Versatile

Use them for wedding centerpieces, baby shower decorations, and more — with these water beads, you’ve got options. And since they’re completely biodegradable, you don’t have to worry about their impact on the environment upon disposal. One customer wrote, “These beads start out incredibly tiny, but once immersed in water for about an hour... they become much larger and considerably bouncy.”


A Packet That Adds Fun Colors To Campfires

Simply drop this packet into your campfire, and it’ll turn the flames blue, yellow, purple, green, and other colors. It’s great for people of all ages — and it’s even safe to use on indoor fireplaces, as long as they’re wood-burning. “The colors are insanely vibrant, beautiful, and last for so long,” wrote one reviewer. “I don’t see how anyone wouldn’t love this item if you are looking for a colorful fun fire!”


The Smart Bulbs That Are Compatible With Alexa

Pair these smart bulbs with Alexa or Google Home, and you’ll be able to control them using voice commands — no smart hub required. You can also use the downloadable app to change them to one of 16 million colors, or even set schedules so that your home is bright and welcoming when you arrive.


A Brush That Lets You Lick Your Cat (Not Really, But Still)

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to lick-groom your cat? Now you can with this silicone brush. Simply hold it in your mouth like a pacifier, then drag it across your cat like it’s a real tongue. Think of it as a way to bond with your kitty — even if you’re getting more out of it than they are.


This Table Feeder Made For Squirrels

Birds are always getting fed, but what about squirrels? Now you can feed them too, as this small picnic table gives them somewhere to sit and snack on some corn. Hidden screws on the bottom let you mount it to nearly any tree — and each one is even hand-made right here in the United States.


A Taco Stand Shaped Like A T-Rex

If you’ve got a few picky eaters at home, this taco T-Rex stand can help encourage them to at least try eating tacos. But if they absolutely refuse? You can also use it to hold waffles, nachos, sandwiches, and more. Plus, it’s made from plastic that’s 100% food-safe as well as BPA-free.


A Card Game With Kittens, Laser Beams, & More

Think of Exploding Kittens as a type of Russian roulette, but with a ton of quirky characters that make it fun for the whole family. Players take turn drawing cards. If you pull an exploding kitten, you have to diffuse it using one of the cards in your hand — like a catnip sandwich. The last one left standing, wins.


A Game Where You Throw Burritos At Each Other

The goal of Throw Throw Burrito is simple: nail your friends in the head with a stuffed burrito. But if you actually want to play the game? The rules are pretty easy to follow — collect matching sets of cards faster than your opponents to score points, or play duel cards to hurl burritos at each other and steal points. Whoever has the most points at the end, wins.


This Whisk That Comes With A Handy Wiper

Even though it’s made from tough, rust-resistant stainless steel, there’s more to this whisk than its durability. Each order comes with a wiper attachment, making it easy to scrape each wire clean after you’re done mixing. And if that isn’t enough? It also doubles as a stand, which helps keep your counters clean if you set the whisk down.


An LED Night Light That’s Rechargeable

Having a night light close by can be comforting, which is why this one is completely cordless — and it’s even kinda cute. You can change its color by simply tapping the head, while the rechargeable battery lasts for up to 17 hours. And unlike some lamps, this one is made from soft silicone.


The Blanket That Wraps You Up Into A Warm Burrito

Ever wonder what it’s like to be inside a burrito? Now you can find out with this burrito blanket. It’s made from soft, cozy flannel that’ll keep you warm all year round — and unlike some blankets, this one has the design printed on both sides.


A Throw Pillow With Reversible Sequins

You can add a pop of color to any room in your house with this fun sequin pillow — and since the sequins are reversible, it’s almost like you’re getting two pillows for the price of one. Choose from four colors: rose gold/white, pink/blue, black/white, or green/black.


These Bath Soaps That Look Like Real Roses

Made with invigorating essential oils, these rose-shaped bars of soap are the perfect gift for Mother’s day, Christmas, birthdays — you name it. Each order comes with 18 soap roses, and one reviewer even raved that “I was kind of shocked just how beautiful this locked when I opened the’s ready to give as a gift when you get it.”


This Ice Tray That Makes Cat-Shaped Cubes

Since this ice tray is made from flexible silicone, you can easily pop your cubes out of it once they’re frozen. And unlike some trays, this one creates ice cubes in the shape of small kitties — but you don’t have to be a cat-lover to enjoy them in your cocktails.


A Tin Of Putty That’ll Never Dry Out

If you ever need to fiddle with your hands to get your mind moving, this tin of putty is a great option.The color changes depending on the light — and unlike some putty, this one is made so that it’ll never dry out. The best part? You can also stretch, bounce, pop, and tear it without having to worry about it breaking.


The Handmade Candle That’ll Burn For Up To 60 Hours

Looking for fun candle scents that’ll get the conversation flowing? You can’t go wrong with this candle that smells like the weird scissors left-handed people use — seriously. There’s also a book club-scented candle with notes of red wine, as well as one called “I Don’t Math,” which “smells like tipping fifty bucks on a thirty-dollar check.” But if those scents don’t have you interested? They’re still great candles as they’ll burn for up to 60 hours.


A Fidget Toy For Popping Pimples

There’s just something satisfying about popping a pimple — and now you can do it ad infinitum with this fidget toy. The square features 16 pimples for you to pick away at, and each order comes with an extra bottle of pus so you can refill each zit at least once. Plus, it even comes in two shapes: tongue or square.


This Oversized Hoodie That Feels Like A Blanket

Is it a hoodie? Blanket? Neither — the comfy is both. While you wear it like a regular hoodie, it’s got an oversized fit that wraps you up into a warm hug on chilly nights. The microfiber sherpa lining is incredibly soft, and since one size fits all there’s no need to worry about sizing up or down. Choose from more than 10 colors, including the rich shade of burgundy you see above.


A Wine Stopper Shaped Like A Pickle

You don’t have to like pickles to enjoy this pickle wine stopper — you just have to enjoy the occasional bottle of wine. Each order comes with two, and they’re made from tough silicone that’s 100% food-safe, airtight, and watertight. Plus, you can reuse them as many times as you need.


The Chapstick Collection That Smells Like S’mores

No one will judge you for licking these flavored chapsticks off your lips, especially if you’re a huge fan of s’mores. Each order comes with three sticks that add up to one delicious treat: milk chocolate, marshmallow, and graham cracker. “The flavors are delicious,” raved one reviewer. “The color isn’t too extreme, but it will leave a little bit of tint on your lips.”


A Pack Of Bandages That Look Like Bacon

Bacon is delicious — but don’t try to eat these bandages, even though they look just like real strips of bacon. Each tin comes with 25 bandages, as well as a surprise bonus trinket inside. They work perfectly as a gag gift, stocking stuffer, or even as a genuine present for someone who loves bacon.


These Pizza Socks Made From Soft Cotton

Not only are these socks made from a soft cotton blend, but each pair is designed to resemble a different slice of pizza — pepperoni, veggie, or Hawaiian. They come packaged in a real pizza box, and many reviewers raved about how they’re “good quality” and “super-cute.”


An Octopus Plushie That Shows Off Your Mood

Not only is this octopus plushie adorable, but it’s also reversible — one side is happy, whereas the other is cranky. You can use it to show off your mood, or simply to keep you company while you’re at work. Plus, there are more than 10 vibrant colors to choose from.


A Set Of Utensils That Are Kinda Freaky

With handles shaped like human figures, these utensils are arguably the freakiest, whackiest entry on this list. But they’re just as fun as they are functional — each one is made from heat-resistant silicone that can withstand temperatures up to 392 degrees Fahrenheit. Plus, the nonstick exterior makes them super-easy to clean.


The Gadget That Peels Eggs For You

Just add a little water to this gadget along with your hardboiled egg, then give it a few gentle shakes. The shell will gradually begin to shed away, leaving you with a delicious egg using half of the effort. One reviewer even raved that “most of the time, the shell just slides right off as you are taking the egg out of the container.”


A Cactus That’s Made Entirely Of Coasters

This cactus not only looks great as a piece of decor in your home, but it’s also made out of six coasters you can remove and use for your drinks. Each coaster is made from high-quality EVA that’s heat-resistant as well as waterproof. And if you’re not into cacti? You can also arrange them into nearly any other design you like.

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