If You Own A Pissy Cat, You'll Love These Clever Things Reviewers Swear By

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It’s easy to see why so many people consider themselves “cat people.” Cats are largely self-sufficient, quite smart, and oftentimes affectionate. But cats can also be moody: One minute they’re happily accepting pets, the next they’re showing their claws. Sometimes they dutifully play with their scratching posts, other times they’re shredding your furniture. Simply put, cats can be pissy.

But even a pissy cat can be entertained by the right products. Here, you’ll find 25 clever items that reviewers swear by. If you’re looking to stave off kitty boredom, you might want to try an activity board with hidden treats your cat can hunt — or perhaps an automated laser pointer robot. And if your cat is constantly making a mess with their litter, there’s even a speciality box with textured stairs designed to grab excess litter.

With that being said, it’s still important to contact your vet if your cat is seemingly upset — because there might be an underlying cause to their moodiness. But if you get the green light to entertain your pet with the products on this list, go ahead and get shopping; your feline friend will thank you.


This Laser-Pointing Gadget That’ll Give Your Cat Something To Chase

Does your pissy cat need something to chase besides your feet? Consider this hands-free laser pointer that creates random paths to keep your cat entertained. It’s battery operated, and the position of the moving laser can be adjusted. The best part is that it automatically turns off after 15 minutes so that your cat won’t get bored (and the toy remains exciting day after day).

Positive Amazon review: “I have bought several hundred dollars worth of toys for my very picky indoor cat in hopes of finding one that he will play with, but have not had much luck. [...] Finally I have found a product that keeps his attention whilst entertaining him and giving him a bit of exercise.”


A Literal Vault To Keep Your Cat’s Food Fresh

If your pissy cat requires speciality food (or if you’re just a fan of freshness), you may want to consider this pet food vault instead of just storing it in the bag it came in. Made from BPA-free plastic, this container features airtight technology that keeps food fresh, locks bugs out, and controls moisture. It even comes with a scoop.

Positive Amazon review: “A few weeks ago, I discovered that my cat had expertly sliced open the side of the bag of dry food, and had been helping himself to unlimited meals. I bought this food bin to prevent future crimes.”


The Slow-Feeder Mat That Makes Meals More Enriching

If you’re looking for a way to liven up your cat’s mealtimes, try this slow feeder mat. Made of dishwasher-safe rubber, this mat has natural grooves and ridges to help stimulate a cat’s natural feeding habits as if they were in the wild. Use it for meals with wet food, or just for a fun treat.

Positive Amazon review: “My cat literally inhales his food and finishes several minutes before my other cat. Then he’ll go and stare down my other cat until he leaves his bowl without finishing his food. This mat slows my cat down so he finishes at the same time if not after my other cat and it’s made feeding so much easier!”


This Water Bowl That Banishes Drippy Messes

Your cat deserves an ideal drinking experience, and you can give it to them with this slow water bowl. Simply fill up the bowl, and then place the unique floating disc on top. The disc acts almost as a lid, preventing excess water from spilling if jostled. Your cat simply starts drinking, and enough — but not too much — water will come up through the slots in the lid, creating a water drinking environment with less risk of gulping and vomiting.

Positive Amazon review: “Let's just say my cat is a jerk and his favorite game is called let's head butt the water bowl and flood the kitchen. Well, my kitty has met his match! So far he has not found a way to knock the bowl over.”


These Budget-Friendly Springs Your Cat Will Want To Chase

Sometimes, the simplest toys are the most fun. These colorful spring toys are made from nontoxic plastic, and their flexible-but-durable construction means they’ll stand up to lots of playing and pouncing as they bounce across the room. Bonus: They come in a pack of 100, meaning you can easily replace any that you lose under the couch.

Positive Amazon review: “Our kitties get bored quickly but these have proven to be the most used toys. Buy lots because they mysteriously disappear. The next time we move, I expect to find hundreds of these underneath all of the furniture.”


This Banana-Shaped Catnip Toy Your Feline Will Love To Bat & Kick

This banana-shaped cat toy is ergonomically shaped for all of the batting and bunny-kicking your cat does. It’s made of cotton twill and is stuffed full of organic catnip to be extra stimulating for your kitty. It’s even scored an impressive 4.7-star rating after over 19,000 reviewers weighed in.

Positive Amazon review: “Of all the many expensive toys I’ve bought my cat, this has turned out to be his favorite.”


A Ribbon Toy That Encourages Exercise & Bonding

There are lots of cat toys that encourage independent play — but sometimes, you want to be part of the chaos to bond with your cat as they wildly pounce and chase after a toy. For that, you’ll want to try this rainbow cat charmer. It’s made from lightweight and durable fabric that you can swish in unpredictable motions, letting your cat get tons of exercise while they chase it around.

Positive Amazon review: “My cat was getting bored with his toys, even his laser pointer. [...] But when I got this in the mail, he was all over it almost before I got it out of the wrapping. We've been playing with it almost every night for the last month and he still isn't tired of it. Success!”


These Reversible Cardboard Scratchers That “Cats Love”

Have you ever bought your pissy cat fancy toys you thought they’d love, only to find them more interested in the box? Cut out the middle man and just buy these corrugated cardboard cat scratch boxes instead. Made from recycled cardboard, this three-pack of scratchers will entertain your cat and help wear down their claws.

Positive Amazon review: “They love the new boxes! They use them as scratch boxes and also to sleep/lounge on for napping.”


A Variety Pack Of Cat Treats In 3 Flavors: Chicken, Catnip & Cheddar

You may have heard variety is the spice of life — and if there’s any truth to that, your cat also deserves some variety. This pack of cat treats features three different flavors to help keep things fresh: chicken, catnip, and cheddar. And while the center is soft, the outer layer is crunchy to help scrape off tartar, too.

Positive Amazon review: “This was a hit with both my cats. I was shocked, because one of my cats will eat nothing but her specific brand and flavor of cat food.


This Thrashing Fish Toy That’s Motion Activated

If you’re looking to level up your cat’s enrichment with lifelike toys, consider this flopping fish. It’s conveniently rechargeable via USB and is motion activated: Every time your cat touches it, the toy will thrash and flop in an unpredictable pattern. It’s made from plush cotton and even comes with an extra bag of catnip, too.

Positive Amazon review: “I finally found a toy my cat doesn't get bored with within a day! She absolutely loves her fish. I can barely get it away from her to charge it. Will be buying another one for backup!”


A Plush Pillow That Give Off Cozy Warmth

If your temperamental cat is difficult to calm down, try this plush warming pillow. Simply remove the inner pouch and microwave it for 30 seconds, re-insert it, and let your cat snuggle away. Cats often gravitate toward warm spots, so this pillow is an extra-enticing option for soothing and cuddling. It’s machine washable, too.

Positive Amazon review: “Love it because the kittens love it. Love that it can be washed easily as the inside heating part comes out to be heated creating a barrier between the kitten and the heat as well.”


These Cat-Deterring, Scratch-Proof Furniture Shields

Does your pissy cat like to destroy your furniture with claw marks? If so, try these scratch deterrent shields. They’re clear and can be used with most fabric upholstery. Plus, they’re easily installed with adhesive or twist pins. Your furniture will be instantly protected from scratches, and the shields won’t leave behind sticky residue.

Positive Amazon review: “This works! My cats hate it and now leave the furniture alone. The adhesive does work, but just in case a furry critter decides to try to pull it off, there are little pins that screw into the fabric to hold the sheets in place. I haven't needed them, but stashed them in a safe place, just in case.”


A Pad That Turns Any Surface Into A Cozy Cat Bed

If you’re looking to elevate your cat’s sleeping experience, look no further. This portable mat is lined with micro-fleece, and it’s built with insulating layers mean to capture the natural body heat of your pet, store it, and reflect it back to keep them warm without electricity. Just pop it in the washing machine when it needs a cleaning.

Positive Amazon review: “One thing I will say is that my very picky cat, loves this mat. I have purchased more than one cat bed that she’s refused to use, but she loves to sleep on this mat.”


The Solution To Keeping Your Dog Away From Your Cat’s Litter Box Area

This door latch can help create a space that’s big enough for the cat to access (but too small for the dog to slip through). This way, you can put your cat’s food or litter in a spot the dog can’t reach. The plastic anchors are applied via 3M adhesive, and the fabric strap is adjustable and removable so you can easily navigate the space.

Positive Amazon review: “Perfect minimalist solution to keeping dogs out of the room where the cat's litter box is.”


This Multi-Level Cat Tree With A Built-In Scratching Post

There’s lots for your moody cat to love about this cat tree. It’s covered in carpet fabric and features both a tall perch and a rounded hammock rest. Your cat can lounge, bat around the rope toy, or scratch the rope covered scratching pole. Plus, at just over 2 feet tall, it won’t take up too much space.

Positive Amazon review: “Of course a cat is always going to like the box better than anything you purchase for them, but my cat really enjoys this three-leveled cat tree.”


An Irresistibly Charming Banana Bed With A Plush Lining

This super cozy pet bed is made from plush material and elastic sponge. It also features a peel-shaped lid to give your cat some privacy as they doze. It’s available in three sizes — medium, large, and extra-large — to help ensure your cat is comfortable while they relax.

Positive Amazon review: “Cats liked it from day one. After a month or so they are still using it. Most times they lose interest in new items after a week or so, not this.”


This Cat Hammock That Suctions To Your Window

This portable cat hammock lets you turn any window into a window seat. Featuring stainless steel cables and suction cups, it aims to hold up to 40 pounds and will let your cat take sunbathing to new heights. It’s available in two colors (black and beige), and has a 4.6-star rating.

Positive Amazon review: “My cat loves this!!! I have purchased so many cat beds and cat toys and cat perches, that my sweet kitty could care less about. However!! this window perch was a huge success.”


A Slip Cover That Turns Your Couch Into A Scratching Post

If you can’t keep your cat from scratching the furniture, turn your furniture into a scratching post instead. This scratch mat drapes over the side of your sofa and tucks securely under a couch cushion. Your sofa is thereby covered scratch-friendly sisal material which entertains your cat while protecting the fabric underneath at the same time.

Positive Amazon review: “Cat wanted to scratch new chair. I did not want her to scratch new chair. All previous negotiations had failed failed (sticky tape, kitty-no spray, huge scratching post). This item is our compromise. She gets to happily scratch and my chair gets to live another day.”


The Fleece Blanket For Cats Who Like To Snooze On Furniture

If you own a cat, you’re probably no stranger to excess pet hair covering your surfaces. Help neaten up your cat’s favorite spots by laying down this cozy fleece pet blanket. It’s warm and plush and will help protect surfaces from claw marks as well as extra shedding. Its simple design and multiple color options also mean you’re likely to find one that matches your space perfectly.

Positive Amazon review: “I have three cats and one dog who all live on my king sized bed with me. I bought this blanket because the price was outstanding and the reviews were great. Well, immediately, all three cats attempted to huddle on the medium sized blanket. I bought two more, another medium and one large and my cats refuse to sit or lie anywhere other than on these blankets. They are incredibly soft and cuddly!”


A Perfect Donut-Shaped Bed For Cats Who Like To Curl Up

The round, donut shape of this pet bed is ideal for cats who like to curl themselves up into a little circle for naps. Made from a vegan shag fur to imitate litter mates, this bed has a deep well and high walls that can help your cat feel secure. Many users love this bed, and it scored a coveted 4.7-star review after a whopping 54,000 users weighed in.

Positive Amazon review: “My cats took to it immediately. As soon as I got this bed, I threw it on the ground and sat them inside. Normally they’d jump out right away (and be a little indignant), but in this instance they made zero attempt to move. They sleep on it everyday since it’s arrived.”


This Cardboard Box That’s Shaped Like A House

This cardboard cat house might seem simple and charming on the outside, but it actually provides several benefits to your pet. The cave-like structure aims to help them feel settled and secure, and the corrugated cardboard base is a great way for them to scratch and safely sharpen their claws. And yes, there is catnip included as a bonus.

Positive Amazon review: “The cardboard is of high quality and the price is right. I will be purchasing another one when she happily demolishes this one.”


A Rechargeable LED Ball That Rolls Around By Itself

Once fully charged, this interactive ball will roll around the floor by itself and give your cat something to chase. On top of that, it has a built-in LED light that’ll make it glow — and since it’s rechargeable, you won’t have to worry about batteries. Plus, it’s available in four colors.

Positive Amazon review: “My cat is a jerk. I could have a way healthier retirement account if I didn’t keep trying to make his life happier. I saw this and figured it was worth a shot. He loves it.”


This Dome-Shaped Litter Box That Actually Keeps The Litter in The Box

This clever dome litter box is hiding tons of benefits. The partially covered design gives your cat extra privacy, and the textured steps help remove any clinging litter from their paws so they won’t track it around the house. Plus, it comes with a charcoal filter to help reduce unwanted odors. It’s no wonder over 12,000 reviewers have given it a five-star rating.

Positive Amazon review: “These are the best litter boxes I've ever had. The ramp keeps a cat from just hopping out of the typical covered litter box and tipping over a box or spilling litter everywhere on the way out.”


The Cat Scratcher That Blends Into Your Plant Collection

Do you have a cat? Do you struggle to keep succulents thriving? If you answered yes to both those questions, why not give this sisal rope cactus scratcher a try? Not only does it mimic the appearance of a real cactus, but it also features a dangling ball for batting. Plus, its clever design is beloved by many reviewers — and it’s available in two sizes: medium and large.

Positive Amazon review: “I absolutely love that this is a cactus. It is admired by all who come in to the house. It took a few days and placement next to the sofa before my cat understood I wanted her to scratch it and not my sofa. It works like a charm.”


A Little Robot That Dispenses Cat Food On Schedule

You probably can’t be with your cat every single time they want a fresh meal, but this automatic feeder can help do the job for you. Simply fill the top bulb with food and program how often you want the feeder to dispense a meal. The food will stay fresh while it’s being stored, too.

Positive Amazon review: “This cat feeder is worth every penny! I used to have a simple timed feeder that I could use sometimes but my cat easily figured out how to get into it. The game every time I used it for her was ‘When I get home, where would I find the pieces of the feeder today?’ She has not been able to get into this feeder yet!”

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