If Your Home Is Messy AF, These 50 Storage Tricks Are Life-Changing

You’ve never seen storage quite like this.

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When it comes to decluttering your home, organization is key. With the implementation of just a few life-changing storage tricks on Amazon, your space will instantly feel easier to navigate. The simple addition of storage shelves, caddies, and bins can help keep items sorted and accessible, while other organizers — such as clothing dividers or cable ties — provide a place for everything that's out of the way.

To make things easier, I've created a list of storage solutions on Amazon that'll help tidy up your place in no time — and this lineup features an organizer for every area you can imagine.


These S-Type Hangers That'll Create So Much Space In Your Closet

Use these trouser hangers to hang and arrange pants, jeans, scarves, belts, and more. The space-saving design allows you to hand multiple items at once. Made of durable stainless steel, each piece in this three-piece set is strong and rust-resistant.


These Storage Bins That Come With Zippers & Easy-View Windows

These storage bins will help you organize clothing, bedding, blankets, toys, and more. Made of non-woven fabric, these three containers are breathable and come with clear windows so you can view their contents. Each also features a zipper that completely encloses for security.


A Wall Mounted Mop & Broom Holder That Organizes Your Cleaning Tools

Made with four slots and four hooks, this wall-mounted holder stores various household tools such as mops, brooms, dustpans, and more. The spring-loaded slots hold up to 40 pounds in total and feature rubber grips to prevent items from falling. Mount it in your kitchen, laundry room, or garage for easy access.


This Spice Rack That Comes With Labels & A Chalk Marker

This spice rack is a great addition to any kitchen or pantry. It comes with 24 glass spice bottles on a three-tier wire rack, as well as 340 preprinted and 56 blank labels with a chalk marker. Mount it on your wall or place it on a countertop as desired, and choose from black or chrome.


The Organizer That Holds Kitchen Wrap Supplies

This three-tier stand holds aluminum foil, plastic wrap, parchment paper, and other food wraps neatly and securely. Place it in a drawer, cabinet, or countertop for simple access to your food-wrapping needs. It's super easy to snap together and comes in white and bronze to match your kitchen's decor.


The Tiered Storage Rack For Cabinets, Shelves, & Countertops

This expandable storage rack provides great storage for vitamins, medicines, spices, baking supplies, and more. The slim, three-tier design allows you to make more space in cabinets, shelves — and it can also sit on your dresser or countertop. There's no hardware needed to install.


These Paper Organizers That Stack To Save Space

Keep paperwork, mail, and other clutter under total control with this stackable desk organizer. Large enough to fit letter-size papers, this plastic multi-tiered set comes with 80 blank labels that you can write on for convenience. Each tray in this set of 12 can hold up to 200 sheets of paper and nest together to save space.


A Set Of Airtight Food Containers That Are Stackable

These food-safe containers feature airtight closures to help keep cereals, flour, sugar, and other foods fresh and neatly organized. The set comes with eight pieces that are stackable for easy use and storage, and the see-through design allows you to view your container's contents at all times.


These Acrylic Closet Shelf Dividers That Organize Sweaters, Towels & More

Slide these dividers into your closet to separate and organize sweaters, jeans, shirts, towels, and more. The clear acrylic surfaces adjust to clamp onto shelves up to 2.5 inches in width. Simple to use, there are no tools or hardware needed for installation.


This Under-Sink Organizer That Fits Around Your Pipes

Thus under-sink organizer eliminates dreaded bathroom clutter with ease. Made of durable materials, it expands and adjusts in width and height to fit your vanity to perfection — complete with an open spot for your pipes. Match your existing decor by choosing from a selection of bronze, silver, and white.


This Stainless Steel Utensil Holder That Comes In Lots Of Colors

Free up drawer space and keep your counters clean with this roomy stainless steel utensil holder. It’s five inches in diameter to keep plenty of your favorite tools at hand and is available in several colors to vibe with your kitchen.


A Compact Battery Organizer & Digital Tester

This battery organizer case helps keep your batteries organized and within reach when you need them. The 180 inserts hold each battery securely, preventing them from rolling or coming in contact with other batteries. It comes with a digital tester your batteries, so you know when it's time to replace them.


A Portable Label Maker For Storage Boxes, Food Containers, & More

Use this portable label maker to create and print stickers for items around your home. The wireless design connects to your phone or computer via Bluetooth and comes with a rechargeable battery to print for up to four hours. It's small and compact to fit into any bag or purse and comes in four colors for your choosing.


A Set Of Drawer Organizers For Undergarments & Socks

Place these foldable organizers in your dresser drawers for the instant organization of your undergarments, socks, scarves, belts, and more. They are two medium and two large containers in each set with dividers that help keep items neat and organized. Made with non-woven fabric, they're lightweight and can be folded flat when not in use. Two shades of gray are available for your selection.


The Space-Saving Hangers That Can Be Hung Vertically Or Horizontally

These cascading hangers instantly maximize closet space. They can be hung vertically or horizontally and each set can hold up to 50 garments at a time. This space-solution is great for small apartments and homes.


A Collection Of Bamboo Dividers That Adjust To Fit Any Drawer

These bamboo drawer dividers adjust to fit your needs. Use them in your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, or office to organize important items within different-sized spaces. They come in a set of four and are easy to install and remove as needed.


These Drawer Organizers With A 4.7-Star Overall Rating

Create a custom organization solution with this 25-piece drawer organizer set. The pieces comes with non-slip feet to stay firmly in place and the set has earned an impressive 4.7-star overall rating on Amazon. Packs with fewer and more pieces are also available in the listing.


A Set Of Vacuum Storage Bags That Comes With A Travel Pump

These jumbo vacuum storage bags are large enough to fit pillows, bedding, towels, blankets, and more. The strong seal and a valve ensure that every bit of air is sucked out of the bag for easy storage. Six are included in this pack and a travel pump is included for simple packing and transporting.


These Versatile Storage Bins With Built-In Handles

Declutter and organize nearly any space with this two-pack of sturdy plastic storage bins; they can hold shoes and clothing in a closet, onions in the pantry, snacks in the fridge, and more. Each bin is 6 inches deep and features built-in handles that make them easy to move from room to room.


A Ventilated Sponge Holder For Storing Your Makeup Blenders

Use this makeup tool holder to keep your sponge blenders clean and secure. This case is small enough to fit into any purse or bag and features a ventilated design for breathability and easy drying after cleaning. Select from pink, gray, or white.


This Lid Organizer With 26,000+ 5-Star Reviews

End the search for lids with this adjustable lid organizer that will streamline your cabinets. It can hold lids of all sizes up to 9 inches in diameter and features a channel in the center to keep them from rolling around. The five dividers can be adjusted or removed to organize lids by type, too.


A Makeup Storage Bag With Adjustable Dividers

Made of high-quality materials, this makeup bag is durable and space-saving. It features multiple compartments to store your makeup brushes and tools. The container is waterproof and spill-proof on the interior and easy to travel with as needed. Choose from several colors.


This Layered Kitchen Utensil Organizer That Saves Drawer Space

You can easily optimize kitchen drawer space with this utensil organizer. It features five stacked compartments to fit up to 24 pieces of cutlery in a layered matter. The slim design fits into your drawer neatly and can be hand-washed when needed.


A Space-Saving Colander That Snaps Right Onto Pans, Pots & Bowls

Messy cabinets just got neater because this compact colander not only serves its role beautifully when you want to drain pasta or wash veggies, but it has a unique semi-circle design that takes up way less space in the kitchen. It’s just one-quarter of the size of a traditional colander, but its bendy silicone construction that snaps right onto your bowls and pots is still heat resistant up to 440 degrees.


This Highly Rated Mixing Bowl Set That Nests Together

This eight-piece mixing bowl set has everything you’ll need to whip up that meal or dessert. It includes four mixing bowls in varying sizes and a matching airtight lid for each. The set is conveniently dishwasher-safe and nests together for easy, mess-free storage.


These Adhesive Spray Bottle Holders That Stick To Your Cabinets

You can keep your household cleaning bottles neatly stowed away with these bottle holders; just use the adhesive to hang them in cabinets or on walls without damage. Each space-saving hanger holds a spray bottle of up to 32 fluid ounces.


A Metal Hair Tool Holder With 4 Compartments

This hair appliance holder features four compartments including three where you can store blow dryers, brushes, and curling irons, and one roomier compartment for shampoo and conditioner. The durable metal construction is ideal for heat resistance and this compact organizer sits perfectly on your bathroom vanity.


This Sleek Set Of Handy Storage Baskets

With a sleek woven look, this set of six plastic storage bins will fit in anywhere in your home. Use them under sinks to organize toiletries, in the pantry to keep your snacks handy, or on shelves to declutter. They can be wiped clean with soap and water if spills should occur and the set is also available in white and gray within the listing.


This Stackable Shelf Set That Keeps Cans Looking Tidy

Canned foods have the potential to hog so much of your pantry or cabinets, but this multi-tier organizer helps you take some of that space back — while making items super easy to find. It has six adjustable dividers to accommodate different can sizes, and it has a stackable design so you can buy several to save even more space. Best of all, this plastic rack can be assembled quickly without any tools.


A Stylish Woven Basket That Can Stash All Kinds Of Clutter

They say that in a truly tidy home, every item has a designated place — but using pretty storage baskets like this woven one is a low-effort way to keep clutter at bay. Woven with pure cotton rope, this stylish basket comes in several patterns and colorways, as well as in nesting sets. Many of the styles feature two sturdy handles so you can easily transport laundry, extra towels, or any other items from room to room.


This Clever Shelf Organizer That Can Adjust To Fit So Many Different Things

Even with the best of intentions, it can be near impossible to keep boxed pantry items neatly stacked — that is, unless you have something like this adjustable box organizer. With a sturdy steel frame and three adjustable plastic shelves, it can organize everything from tin foil and sandwich bags to pasta and other shelf-stable items. Available in multiple sizes, this organizer also features nonslip feet for plenty of stability, whether you keep it in your cabinet or out on your countertop.


This 2-Tier Organizer With Baskets That Slide Out For Easy Access

Whether you need to tidy up toiletries in your bathroom, spices in your pantry, or cleaning supplies under the kitchen sink, this two-tier organizer is a handy way to keep it all within reach. This two plastic shelves slide out and are also removable for maximum ease. The set has won over 40,000 fans on Amazon, with one reviewer noting, “They hold everything I need them to hold. And they’ve helped me to feel so much more organized and happy.”


The Hard Drive Carrying Case That Attaches To Your Laptop

This external hard drive case attaches to your computer to give you the extra space you need. It sticks to your computer effortlessly via an adhesive that attaches and removes easily. Plus, the compact design holds safely and securely, giving you total peace of mind during use.


This Bathroom Storage Unit That Organizes Your Powder Room

Great for extra toilet paper, towels, and toiletries, this bathroom storage rack helps reduce messiness. The space-saving design features four feet for maximum stability, while the chrome finish offers a nice statement for your home.


A Freestanding Toilet Paper Stand With Top Rack

This freestanding toilet paper stand features a top shelf where you can place items such as phones, towels, and more. It has a single-roll dispenser and a tower that can hold three spare rolls. On top of that, you can assemble it in minutes without tools.


This Plunger & Toilet Bowl Brush Combo That Keeps Both Together

Use this two-in-one toilet paper stand and plunger to save space in your bathroom. Each piece features a comfortable ergonomic design for easy grip and comfort. Plus, the construction keeps the toilet brush hidden, offering sanitary storage. Select from black and white.


A Clear Nail Polish Organizer That's Portable

You're going to absolutely love this nail polish organizer. It keeps all of your polishes in one neat location and also leaves space for other nail tools such as files, cuticle sticks, and clippers. The storage unit is made of strong plastic that opens and closes with ease, and there's even a built-in handle for traveling.


These Stick-On Display Ledges That Won't Damage Your Walls

These display ledges are a great way to show off your favorite trinkets and decor items. They offer damage-free adhesive hanging and are perfect for the living room, bedroom, or bathroom. Sold in a pack of two, each piece holds up to two pounds.


These Organization Racks For All Your Kitchen Bakeware

There’s nothing worse than trying to balance pots and pans on top of eachother in your kitchen cabinet. It can feel like a real life game of Jenga. This bakeware organizer rack makes it simple to store all of your favorite kitchen items, with two separate racks with three slots each.


This Easy-To-Use Sunglass Organizer That Mounts On Any Wall

Place your glasses and sunglasses on this easy-to-use wall mount for space-saving and simple ways to keep track of your accessories. The wood design can hold several pairs at once; mount it on any wall for quick and space-saving access to your favorite spectacles.


These Drawers For All Your Refrigerator Items

A messy fridge can actually be a hazard. Items stacked on top of each other or shoved into the back can result in spoiled food, spills, and a chaotic feel to every time you cook. These organizer bins come in a set of six, sized to hold canned drinks like soda or seltzer, eggs, fruit, sauces, or whatever you have on hand.


The Hanging Handbag Organizer That Holds Purses Of All Sizes

Create tons of extra closet space by using this hanging handbag organizer. The eight pockets can accommodate bags of various sizing while the transparent windows allow you to easily view what's inside. The 360-degree swivel hook hangs on any rod for simple accessibility.


These QR Labels That Keep Track Of Your Home & Office Inventory

The key to freeing up precious closet space is under bed storage. And these under bed storage containers zipper shut to protect your out-of-season clothing or linens and have handles that make it easy to yank them out from under your bed. The smartest part of the design? The whole container has a see-through top so you can easily see what’s inside before opening it.


These Colorful Silicone Twist Ties With Magnetic End Pieces

These magnetic cable wraps neatly tie cables, wires, and other items as needed. Offered in a set of 12, each silicone tie is 9 inches in length. They're brightly colored, soft, durable, and easy to manipulate for many uses.


The Collection Of Food Storage Containers With Adjustable Partitions

These food storage containers come with ventilated lids to extend the shelf life of fruits and vegetables. There are three containers in different sizes with adjustable partitions to keep different foods separated and fresh. Each is also equipped with a filter tray at the bottom that keeps the contents elevated and away from moisture.


A Lipstick Organizer That Allows You To Clearly Display Your Favorite Lip Colors

Whether you're a makeup artist or just enjoy collecting lip colors, this lipstick organizer is going to be right up your alley. It's made of clear acrylic and features 28 spaces to fit your favorite lipsticks, glosses, mascaras, and more. This case is freestanding and can be stacked or laid flat on your countertop or table.


This Vanity Organizer That Holds All Of Your Makeup Palettes

This vanity organizer makes it easy to store your makeup palettes and tools. Made of clear acrylic, there are 10 slots that remove to customize space as needed. Place this in your bathroom or bedroom for easy use.


A Set Of Storage Hooks For Your Kitchen Or Closet

This three-pack of storage hooks is great for hanging mugs, dish towels, and other kitchen needs as well as belts scarves and more in your closet. Each holds up to six pounds in weight and is easy to install without the use of tools. Offered in black and white, these space-saving hooks are must-haves for any home.


A Bottle Holder That Organizes Water Bottles & Other Beverages

Keep your reusable water bottles, sports drinks, or other bottled beverages looking tidy with this bottle organizer. The horizontal storage style makes bottles more visible and easier to grab, and counters and pantries look more streamlined. It fits nearly into cabinets and can also be placed on a countertop or bar for easy access. Made of shatterproof plastic, this stackable organizer comes in six-, nine-, 12- or 18-packs.

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