If You’re Awkward AF, You’ll Probably Love These 35 Things On Amazon

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It’s time to take back the word “awkward” and embrace it. Having a unique style and way of doing things can sometimes be interpreted as being slightly “awkward,” but instead of denying it, be proud — and then find ways to nurture what makes you different. If you’re awkward AF, you’ll probably love these 40 things on Amazon — they’re here to support your affinity for the quirky things in life.

What does a product for the naturally awkward and amazing person look like? Prepare yourself for an incredibly diverse selection of goodies that include everything from off-beat home decor to stress-relieving items and even beauty products that help you get your look right with minimal effort. Let other folks deal with their stress at the gym – your happily awkward soul will prefer one of the awesomely odd stress relief dolls that you can bang around or a positive affirmation button that delivers daily sunshine with the push of a button.

If there’s an awkward scenario you can think of — or, more likely, one that has actually happened to you — there’s a product on this list that will come to your aid. You’ll find genius inventions on this list that keep your coffee and teacups from spilling (even as you’re walking), prevent sweat buildup in hats, or can discreetly get rid of red wine stains from your teeth, even when you’re dining out.

Being your awkward self is endearing, and these are the products that you need in your corner.


The Tumbler That Never, Ever Falls Down

No matter how awkward you feel and no matter how many times you stumble over your own two feet in a day, this tumbler will absolutely never, ever fall and spill, saving you from one less awkward situation. The BPA-free tumbler holds 20 ounces of your favorite beverage and fits into car holders. Designed with “smartgrip” technology, it won’t fall if you have it placed on a smooth surface like your desk or a table. It comes with a flip lid, is dishwasher-safe, and is available in four fun colors.


These Stress Relief Dolls You Can Whack Around

What to do with all of that extra nervous energy? Grab ahold of one of these stress relief dolls and give it a good whack — or pull its legs and arms until you feel a calm sense of peace come over you. They’re funny and adorable, but these dolls actually help you get your feelings, even if you’re stuck in traffic and have to grin and bear it. They have an impressive 4.6-star rating and more than 4,000 reviews.


This Durable Lanyard That Secures Your Phone

If you’re notorious for dropping your phone, maybe it’s time to get yourself a secure phone lanyard. Now you can easily access your phone without worrying about another cracked screen. This set comes with a tab that slides between your phone and its case so there’s no sticky adhesive that could damage your device. It comes with a wrist tether and a neck strap and fits any phone or case to eliminate those akward (and expensive) mishaps.


These Positive Affirmation Cards That Aren’t Corny

You could use some cheering up — some motivation — but you giggle or roll your eyes whenever you read a self-help book or a corny meme. These are the affirmation cards for you. They feature 50 cards that offer helpful, sweet reminders about achieving self-love or finding courage and authenticity in your life, but they maintain a cheeky sense of humor so you’ll get a dose of fun with your inspiration. Each set includes an instruction card to help you live your best life (with help from these cards) and they come in a few different options to fulfill your need for positivity in your own life, at work, among family, and more.


An Eye Mask For A Stress-Relieving Massage

Filled with organic flax seeds, this eye pillow mask is perfect for gently massaging your eye area and relieving tense muscles (that may be caused the stress of navigating this awkward world). The mini pillow has a soft and comfy cover and contains lavender herbs to help relax you and lull you to sleep. It blocks out light, provides light acupressure, and comes in a number of colors.


A Funny Pack Of Giant Sticky Notes For To-Do Lists

This quirky set of large sticky notes features a to-do list that won’t stress you. There are three sections for you to fill in your tasks for the day, under “most critical,” “would be nice,” or “not a chance.” This realistic list can keep your mind from wondering or keep you from feeling overwhelmed by your responsibilities. The note pad comes in five colors.


These Noise-Cancelling Headphones For Privacy

So you love listening to *interesting* music and unique podcasts — embrace your strange. But if you’d rather not broadcast your audio preferences to the world, these active noise-cancelling headphones allow you to maintain some privacy while enjoying the sounds you love. These headphones are wireless with Bluetooth capability and work up to 35 hours before requiring a charge. The noise-cancelling feature is ideal for meditation and quiet time.


A Car Storage Purse To Catch Anything That Drops

From spare change to your keys to your phone, there’s no end to the number of items that seem to get lost in the vast Black Hole that is the area in between car seats. Here’s the simple solution to awkward spills: this car purse that catches anything that falls and holds onto it so that retrieving those items is a breeze. The hammock storage solution requires a center console that opens from the front. No tools are required for the quick installation process and it provides the perfect roomy pocket for your purse, umbrella, and more. When it needs to be cleaned, simply toss it in the washing machine. It comes in black or tan.


This Spill-Proof Drink Carrier

Consider this the most genius invention for awkward coffee drinkers of the world. This drink carrier can be used when you are walking around with your morning coffee or tea to safely get it from place to place without spilling all over the floor and furniture. It has a loop handle for carrying and can accommodate cups, mugs, and small mugs. You can use it to walk faster from place to place without losing a drop of your brew.


This Purse Organizer For Keeping Your Life In Order

How many times have you been standing at the register of a store, awkwardly fumbling through your purse looking for your wallet? Probably too many. This felt bag organizer is a must-have for eliminating those akward moments. It slides right inside a diaper bag or purse and has 12 convenient pockets for extra storage. Plus, the lightweight material and built-in pouches make moving your things from one bag to another so simple. The organizer comes in 20 colors and five sizes to fit any purse.


These Under-Eye Patches For Perfecting Your Makeup

You don’t have to have a steady hand to get perfect eye makeup. These under-eye patches are designed to create a clean line for eye shadow or winged eyeliner, plus they catch flaky mascara or any smudges you may accidentally make. They stick to your skin and when you’re done, just gently peel them off and toss them in the trash. You’ll get 100 patches in each pack.


The Nail Stickers For Creative Manicures At Home

Painting your own nails is tricky and trying to replicate salon-worthy nail art is nearly impossible. These trendy nail stickers will save you money and time by making it easy to recreate nail art looks at home. This pack comes with 50 sheets of 3D nail decals in designs like flowers, stars, butterflies, and more. The pack comes with 50 sheets and 1,500 individual stickers, and all you have to do is apply one to your nail and add the top coat gel to seal it in place.


These Reusable Dry Erase Wall Decals For Reminders

You know that awkward moment when someone shows up for a meeting you completely forgot about? Avoid that tension with this simple solution: giant dry erase sticky notes. These wall decals measure 5-by 5-inches and come in a pack of six. Stick them to your walls, on your fridge, or at your desk to keep track of important reminders. This set comes with two markers with magnets that keep them fixed on the whiteboards between uses. They’re easy to remove: just peel them back and rinse with water to reactivate the adhesive.


These Teeth Brightening Wipes For After Red Wine

Want to avoid stains from drinking coffee and red wine, even when you’re out and about and far from your toothbrush? Simple. Carry around these individually packed teeth whitening wipes and swipe one across your teeth after enjoying these beverages to immediately remove discoloration. Each package comes with 12 preventative wipes that you can stash in your purse or pocket.


A Beverage Clip That Attaches To Desks

Fewer beverage spills means fewer chances of ruining your computer and other tech devices, which is a win. This smart beverage clip attaches to the sides of desks and tables and can fit any cup up to 3 inches in diameter. It clamps tightly to the surface, ensuring a secure grip, and frees up your work space. Reviewers have also repurposed this accessory to use for cosmetics and office supplies.


This Box Of Conversation Starters For Your Next Party

Be prepared for any uncomfortable social interaction with this box of table topics. It features 135 thought-provoking questions like “what do you love about your hometown?” They’re designed to get the conversation started, even in the most awkward situations. Keep everyone engaged by pulling new cards or asking spin-off questions that will help you get to know people better.


These Metal Wine Glasses Holders For BBQs

Crying over spilled milk may be completely unnecessary, but spilled wine? Now that’s a crime. These wine sticks are designed to minimize your awkward encounters with knocking over wine glasses. This pack includes five stakes: four that hold a wine glass and one that can hold an entire bottle of wine. The metal stakes can be secured in the ground with ease to prepare your BBQ or picnic for any potential disasters.


These Inspirational Stress Balls To Ease Tension

Stressed about an upcoming presentation, date, or even family vacation? Working out your hands is a great way to release stress or tension so you can live with less anxiety. Use these stress balls to calm you down. This pack comes with two gel balls that are covered in fabric and feature inspirational quotes. They have a medium firmness and can help treat ADHD, carpal tunnel, autism, soreness, or even help you break bad habits.


A Mixology Set To Keep The Party Going

If you’re nervous about hosting your first party at the new place, get this 14-piece mixology kit to ensure the good times never stop flowing. This set comes with a cocktail shaker, double-sided jig, muddler, spoon, stainer, liquor pourers, ice tongs, a bottle opener, a corkscrew, and cocktail cards packed with delicious recipes. Create custom drinks and wow your guests with your new skill.


A Gentle Cloth Cloth That Gets Rid Of All Makeup

Soap and water can only do so much to tackle your stubborn makeup, while often leaving your skin and eyes dry and irritated. But this makeup removing cloth is kind to your skin, requires nothing but water and not a stitch of cleanser, and effortlessly removes all makeup, including waterproof eyeliner and mascara. The gentle microfiber cloth is reusable up to 1,000 washes and you’ll get two in a pack. You can even choose among seven colors.


The Book With Helpful Tips On Connecting With Others

Lots of awkward people share at least one thing in common: they find it beyond awkward to make small talk at parties and gatherings. But thanks to this self-help book, you will be waxing poetic about the weather and far more fascinating topics of conversation with every stranger under the sun. The popular book reveals 101 tips on how to break the ice at social events, create a great first impression, and make sure it leads to an opportunity to meet again. Social anxiety is real, but this book can help calm your nerves and give you the skills you need to connect with others.


The Stick-On Vanity Lights For Your Mirror

Practice speaking with confidence in a well-lit mirror with these fun vanity lights that just stick anywhere. The ten-foot, extra bright LED lights are dimmable and have easy-to-use touch controls. Designed with an adhesive backing, you can simply stick them on your wall or mirror for custom lighting at an affordable price. They are waterproof and safe to use in bathrooms, with cords that you can simply snip off to fit your mirror.


A Sweat Liner The Keep Your Hats Stain-Free

If you’re a nervous sweater or tend to overheat easily, this sweat liner is designed to protect you from stains. Just peel off the disposable backing and stick the liner to the inside of any hat to catch sweat before it stains, or worse, drips into your eyes. It’s thin and lightweight, so you’ll probably forget it’s even there. This pack comes with six flexible liners to help you feel more confident, wherever the day takes you.


A 5-Minute Journal Designed To Boost Happiness

Journaling has proven to reduce anxiety and boost happiness and this five-minute journal makes it feasible to incorporate the practice into your busy lifestyle. It’s packed with daily quotes and prompts that encourage you to reflect on your life with gratitude. If you take five minutes a day, every day, to fill it out — it will last you six months. It was created with psychological research to promote more joy, optimism, and happiness.


A Double-Insulated Tumbler That’s Leak Proof To Prevent Spills

Make your tea exactly how you like it right in this spill-proof tumbler. The BPA-free bottle is made of temperature-safe Tritan that is resistant to odors, tastes, and stains. Infuse it with fruit or herbs and drink easily thanks to the stainless steel brew filter that’s included in the bottle. It has a flip-top lid that makes it easy to drink on the go and the double-insulated bottle means your drinks stay colder or hotter for longer and your hands won’t burn while you take your time enjoying your hot or cold tea.


This Clear Sunscreen Spray For An Even Applicaton

If you don’t evenly apply sunscreen you can end up with a streaky burn and large red areas where you missed putting SPF. But applying sunscreen can be tricky. The solution isn’t to skip sunscreen, it’s to swap yours for this sunscreen spray that won’t leave any white residue. The fragrance-free formula offers SPF 30 protection, is vegan and free of oxybenzone, and comes in a convenient travel-size spray.


An Affordable Eyebrow Stencil Kit For Perfect Brows

There’s a reason professional eyebrow grooming exists: getting the perfect shape is not everyone’s skill. But you can save yourself money and emerge from the bathroom with brows that don’t look awkward and uneven with the help of this eyebrow stencil kit that features 24 different brow shapes. Simply apply the reusable stencil that appeals to you and tweeze around it to obtain the shape you want.


A Set Of Magnetic Eyelashes That Are Glue-Free

Stop riding the struggle bus when it comes to applying fake eyelashes. That glue and those itty bitty lashes feel impossible to apply in a way that looks real. Now you can ditch the glue and use these magnetic lashes instead, which look just as good and are way easier to use. The secret is in the eyeliner: It's made with ultra-fine magnetic particles that connect with the eyelashes when they're applied. This set includes six reusable pairs.


This Sleep Spray With Lavender And Chamomile

A good night’s sleep makes even the most awkward folks a hundred times more ready to tackle the day. And this sleep spray is packed with sleep-inducing ingredients like lavender and chamomile that will naturally lull you to slumber. A few spritzes of this chemical-free spray on your linens is all you need to create a more peaceful atmosphere. And each spray goes a long way, providing 1,000 applications.


A Phone Screen Magnifier For Movie-Watching

So what if you enjoy watching movies on your phone no matter where you are? Embrace your love of cinema with this phone screen magnifier that works like a mini projector to increase the size of your phone screen so that you can really enjoy that show. The foldable screen is travel-friendly, with a slot for your phone, plus it comes in three colors.


This Little Button That Says Motivational Phrases

Just when you’re feeling unmotivated and ready to call it a day (even when it’s barely noon), this motivational sound button comes around to provide an instant pick-me-up. Hit the button enjoy one of 101 pre-recorded motivational quotes that will make you smile, think, and laugh. It features two sound levels and one reviewer said it was the perfect office accessory to lighten up the mood. If you’re the sort of awkward gift-giver that leaves friends and family on their toes, they’ll be delighted to receive this little gift from you.


An Acupressure Mat Set For Ending Stressful Days

If social awkwardness has you stressed, try relaxing at the end of a long day with this acupressure mat and pillow set. The spiky bed activates pressure points to stimulate nerves and improve circulation — which relaxes your mind while soothing achy muscles. Each mat features more than 6,000 acupressure points, is lined with cotton, and uses a plant-based foam filling for comfort. Just rest on top for 30 minutes each day to feel its transformative effects.


The Bath Pillow That Won’t Budge While Your Relax

Recovering from a tense day? Take your bath experience to the next level with this spa bath pillow. With seven strong suction cups to hold it firmly place, this slip-resistant design allows you to relax and enjoy your bath without worrying about the pillow slipping or moving. It's made with extra thick foam to support your neck, and since it’s waterproof, it dries quickly.


The Book Of Daily Meditation Reflections

Spending just a few minutes a day on self-reflection and mindfulness can add up to more inner peace and harmony. But if you’re never sure where to start when it comes to meditation, or the practice just winds up making you feel awkward, this meditation book is a jewel. It features 365 meditations, so one for every day of the year. You won’t have to plan or think too hard — simply open up this book, get into a relaxing position, and prepare to feel better in just seconds.


An Alarm Clock That Mimics The Sunrise

Why wake up startled every morning when you can rely on this sunrise alarm clock to gently shake the sleep from your eyes? This clock features a light that gradually increases so that, by the time your alarm does go off, your body is accustomed to daylight. It also offers seven different alarm sounds, and FM radio, and you can control it with Alexa voice commands.

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