If You're Lazy But Want To Be Organized, Here Are 44 Things You'll Wish You Knew About Sooner

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If you ask me, a clean home is a happy home — but having to clean up my home never puts me in a happy mood. It’s not that I don’t like living in a tidy space... I’m just lazy. I’ll always go with whatever requires the least amount of effort so that I can get right back to relaxing on the couch. But it’s not always easy to keep your house clean, and that’s why I rely on a variety of clever products that take the work out of staying organized.

Case in point? This dish-drying rack that fits overtop your sink. Before buying it, I was using a large, bulky rack that took up a ton of space. Now, I not only have tons more room for kitchen prep, but it also lets all the water drips fall right into the sink basin. That means less cleaning up for me — and you can even use it as a trivet if needed. Or, if you don’t need a new dish rack, check out this over-the-cabinet basket for all your plastic grocery bags. There’s enough space for up to 50 bags, and the padded hooks shouldn’t leave scratches on your woodwork.

It’s possible to be lazy and organized, but it’s definitely way easier when you’ve got help from all the genius products you can find on Amazon. Keep scrolling for some of my favorites.


These Headrest Hooks For All Your Bags

Pop these hooks onto your headrest poles, and you’ll always have a convenient place to hang your bags. They’re great for keeping your purse off the dirty car floor, and sturdy enough for heavy grocery bags. Plus, the universal fit makes for easy installation.


The Pop-Up Hamper That’s Easy To Empty

Simply undo the zipper along the bottom seam, and all your dirty clothes will easily tumble out of this hamper and into your washer. The pop-up design makes it easy to stash away when you’re not using it — and you can even hang it up in order to help save some space.


A Broom Holder With Space For Extras

If your utility closet is a mess of brooms and mops, try tidying it up with this organizer. Each slot features a non-slip rubber ball that keeps your tools from falling down — and they’re so grippy that they’ll even work with heavier tools, including shovels, baseball bats, and more.


This Organizer That Holds More Than 100 Batteries

Looking for a safe place to store your batteries? Search no further than this hardshell case, as it features space for 180 batteries. The battery storage case has designated slots for keeping AA, AAA, 9-volt, C, and D batteries tidy — and each order also includes a removable battery tester. Mount this case on a wall or store it in a drawer and choose from eight colors.


The Hangers That Help Open Up Cramped Closets

If your closet is overflowing with clothes, make sure to check out these space-saving hangers with 360-degree swivel hooks. You can hang them either horizontally or vertically — and each one has enough space for up to six garments, which means the entire set can accommodate up to 24 hangers.


A Rollout Dish-Drying Rack That Fits Over Your Sink

Many dish racks are bulky, taking up a ton of space on your counters — but not this one. Instead, it rolls out overtop your sink to help save space, allowing any drips to fall directly into the basin. And since it’s made from stainless steel, you can even use it as a trivet for hot cookware in a pinch.


These Drawer Organizers For Socks, Scarves & More

Got a sock drawer that’s in complete disarray? Then you’ll definitely want to check out these organizers. The honeycomb design can be adjusted to fit nearly any drawer, while each partition is large enough for socks, scarves, underwear, and more. Plus, installation is as easy as snapping the pieces together — no tools required.


A Lap Desk With A Built-In Mouse Pad

Don’t have a mouse pad? Not a problem when you’re using this lap desk. Not only does it feature a built-in pad, but there’s also a designated slot for your smartphone. It’s large enough to fit laptops up to 15 inches — and the smooth, flat surfaces allows for proper ventilation.


The Hot Tool Caddy That Fits Over Cabinet Doors

Don’t clutter up your bathroom shelves with hot tools — keep them stashed away inside this caddy instead. The hooks on the top let you hang it over any standard-sized cabinet door, while the padded underside helps prevent scratches. Plus, the stainless steel framework is also resistant to rust.


These Bins That Help Keep Your Fridge Organized

If your fridge is a mess of cans, bags, condiments, and more, it might be time to give these organizer bins a try. Each one is made from clear plastic, helping you see what’s inside without having to unpack anything. The set of six pieces includes an egg holder, drink holder, two wide bins, and two narrow bins.


The Storage Bags For All Your Seasonal Linens

Not only are these storage bags the perfect place to keep seasonal blankets and clothes, but they’re also made from thick, reinforced fabric. The two-way zippers help you seal them shut if you’ve decided to overstuff them — and reviewers even raved about their “large capacity.”


An Organizer For All Your Mismatched Food Storage Container Lids

I’ve got a few drawers that are overflowing with mismatched food storage container lids — that’s why I bought an organizer like this one. The adjustable dividers in the center allow it to work with lids of various thicknesses, while the low profile means it’ll fit in most drawers.


This Weekly Planner That’s Completely Undated

Don’t worry about using this planner consistently — if you happen to skip a few weeks, the undated pages will let you pick up right where you left off. And if you need to organize yourself down to the hour? There’s also space to write down your hourly schedule, from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m..


The Woven Basket You Can Add To Potted Plants

Give any room a little bohemian vibe and keep your floor safe from scratches by putting potted plants into this woven basket. You can also use it for storage, as it’s the perfect size for kid’s toys. “I got the large one for my fiddle leaf and it fits perfectly,” raved one reviewer. “These tend to be really pricey in actual stores...but on Amazon the price is just right.”


An Over-The-Cabinet Basket For Plastic Bags

Instead of letting your collection of plastic grocery bags clutter up a drawer, why not stash them inside of this basket? There’s enough space for up to 50 bags, and it’s designed to hang overtop any standard-sized cabinet door. Plus, many reviewers raved about how it “fits perfectly.”


This Sink Caddy With Space For All The Essentials

Scrubbers, soap bottles, drying rags — this caddy has space for all of them and more. The drain pan on the bottom is removable, making it easy to clean once it gets grimy. And with a handy towel rung in the back, there’s even space to hang cleaning cloths.


A Charging Station To Charge All Of Your Devices In One Place

The best way to organize all of your Apple devices? Keep them juiced up all in one place using this convenient charging station, which can charge up to six devices. This station boasts a 58% faster charging speed, too, making it a perfect replacement from the random charging cables you probably have all over your home.


A Stylish Rack Where You Can Hang Nearly Anything

With its gorgeous bronze finish, this rack will look great no matter where you put it. It’s designed to hang over nearly any door — or, you can break out your power drill and mount it to the wall. And with 16 adjustable hooks, it’s the perfect place to store accessories, coats, hats, and more.


This Shelf That Fits Around Your Sink Plumbing

Organizing the space underneath your sink can be difficult with all that plumbing in the way — so grab this shelf. The U-shaped design allows it to fit around your pipes, while the width, height, and depth are all adjustable. One reviewer even wrote that it “took me longer to rearrange my cabinet than assemble it.”


A Set Of Storage Bins That Are Stackable

Whether you’ve got a mess of art supplies, Lego bricks, or even random junk drawer items, these bins can help you sort things out. The grooves on the lids allow you to stack them on top of each other without toppling over — and one reviewer even wrote that they’re “very practical for home hardware storage.”


The Makeup Organizer With Space For Jewelry

Whereas some makeup organizers only have space for the basics, this one has multiple drawers where you can stash other items, like jewelry. It’s made from sleek acrylic, with padding in each drawer to keep your valuables from sliding around — and it even comes in five colors: pink, clear, orange, diamond, or violet.


A Bedside Caddy For Remotes, Books, & More

Don’t have enough space for a nightstand? Not a problem when you’ve got this bedside caddy. It features two cloth and four mesh pockets, giving you space for remotes, phones, tablets, books, and more. Simply slide the other half under your mattress, and it’s ready to work.


This Remote Holder That Sticks To Your Wall

Always losing your remotes? Just get into the habit of storing them inside this handy caddy. It’s designed to fit remotes of nearly any shape or size, and the bamboo divider is even removable. Plus, it sticks to your walls using double-sided adhesive — no drilling necessary.


A Spice Rack That’s Perfect For Tight Spaces

Don’t have enough counter space for a full-sized spice rack? You can still keep all your bottles organized using this compact version. The drawers pull out, making it easy to see your entire collection — and each order even comes with 100 removable drawer labels.


These Soft Fabric Storage Cubes With Handles

Where you put these storage cubes is completely up to you, but if it were up to me? I’d use them to organize cluttered shelves or to hide away all that junk stashed underneath my bed. The collapsible design comes in handy when you’re not using them — and each one has handles for convenient portability.


A Set Of Storage Cubes That Fit Under Your Bed

With their flat rectangular design, these storage cubes easily slide underneath your bed to stay hidden out of sight. The handles are reinforced, helping to prevent tears as you drag them across carpet — and they feature clear windows so you won’t have to guess what’s inside.


The Organizer For Your Crowded Underwear Drawer

Whether your drawers are cluttered with underwear, bras, or socks, this organizer can help sort them out. It’s made from non-woven fabric that’s resistant to mold — and reviewers even raved about how easy it is to assemble. “You just zipper them on one side, flip over, and your organizer is ready to fill,” explained one customer.


A Handbag Organizer That Hangs In Your Closet

Don’t clutter up your closet shelves with handbags — use this organizer to free up some space. There’s enough space for up to 10 bags, or you can also use it to store towels, sheets, and more. And since the pockets are covered, they’ll also protect your bags from dust.


This Rack For All The Plastic Baggies In Your Fridge

Add this sliding rack to your fridge or freezer, and you’ll instantly have dedicated storage space for 11 plastic baggies. It’s sturdy enough to support up to 22 pounds — and installation is as simple as hooking it onto one of your existing shelves.


A Sturdy Drawer For All Your Coffee Pods

Need somewhere to store all your coffee pods? This drawer not only has space for up to 36 of them, but it’s also so sturdy that you can put your coffee maker on top — without the top bending downwards. The non-slip pads on the bottom keep it from shifting around, while the mirror-finished handles make it a sleek addition to any kitchen.


The Organizer That Can Handle Heavy Pans

This organizer is so sturdy that it can handle heavy cast iron pans without warping downwards. The five dividers are adjustable, allowing you to use it with larger pans if necessary. Plus, it’ll even work with most lids.


These Airtight Containers For All Your Dry Ingredients

Pasta, rice, flour, sugar — these storage containers are perfect for all types of dry ingredients. The 14-piece set comes with containers in five different sizes, all of which include secure lids to help keep everything inside fresher for longer. Reusable labels and a measuring cup are also included.


The Tiered Baskets That Slide In & Out

Need a little organizational help underneath your bathroom sink? These tiered baskets are the perfect pick — they’re slim enough for tight spaces, yet large enough to hold all sorts of toiletries. Each basket slides in and out, and there’s even a divider in the middle to help keep everything tidy.


A Toothbrush Holder That Helps Shield Your Bristles

Not only does this toothbrush holder keep your bristles shielded from dust, but there’s also space on top for smaller toiletries (including your toothpaste). And with zero tools needed to mount it up, installation is a total breeze. Plus, over 1,300 customers have given it five stars.


This Shower Caddy That’s Easy To Install

Secure the tension rod between the corner of your tub and the ceiling, and this caddy will give you tons of space for soap, scrubbers, and more. The wire baskets dry quickly, helping to keep mildew to a minimum — and you can even slide them up and down depending on how tall your bottles are.


An Accessory Tree For Scrunchies & More

Bracelets, scrunchies, hair ties — this little accessory tree is the perfect place to keep all of them and more. It’s made from eco-friendly bamboo, with branches large enough to fit up to 30 scrunchies comfortably. Or, you can even use it with mugs.


The Dividers That Help Keep Shelves Tidy

Tired of finding your linens have bled into each other on your shelves? Use these dividers to keep them neatly separated. Each one is made with non-woven fabric that’s resistant to mold — and the steel frame is sturdy enough to hold up against heavy towels.


A Towel Rack That Also Works With Wine

You’ve got options with this towel rack. Hang it up in your bathroom as a chic place to store rolled-up towels, or even use it for wine bottles in the kitchen. It’s made from tough steel — and each order comes with all the hardware needed to mount it into your walls.


These Stainless Steel Hangers That Help You Save Space

Prefer to hang your pants up instead of fold them into a drawer? Grab these hangers. Not only are they perfect for everything from slacks to denim, but they’ll also help save you precious closet space. “I have to say these were pretty substantial,” wrote one reviewer. “No bending like my hangers did!”


A Desk Organizer That’s Surprisingly Versatile

Desktop getting a little messy? Clean it up with this organizer. There’s space for pens, markers, sticky notes, and more — or, you can even use it to hold makeup brushes on your vanity. The minimalist design takes up little space, and it even comes in two colors: white or black.


This Foot Rest With Hidden Storage Inside

Even though this ottoman is small, it’s still sturdy enough to hold up a number of books, knick-knacks, and other small items so that they are safely stashed away inside. The best part? Its top is padded with soft tufted faux leather to keep you comfortable when sitting. This highly rated pick will help you get clutter under control.


These Magnets That Hold Onto Your Keys

Swap out the screws in your outlet plate with these magnets, and you’ll have a convenient place to hang your keys after you walk through your front door. They’re strong enough to hold up to 3 pounds on each one — and reviewers raved about how easy they were to install.

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