If You're On A Budget, These 44 Tricks Can Save You So Much Money Around The House

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Most of us are familiar with classic advice like turning out the lights when we leave a room so our electricity bills stay low (and so we don’t waste energy), or making coffee at home so we’re not tempted to buy expensive handmade drinks when we’re out. These are some tried and true methods that can help us save money, and bonus — they’re better for the environment, too. As it turns out, if you’re on a budget, there are a ton of quick tricks like this that can save you so much money around the house. Often, you can use things you already have, or make simple purchases to get started.

I know, I know — spending money on something when you’re actually trying to save is a bit counterintuitive, but think of the ideas here as investments. If you purchase now, you’re on track to save money down the road. You can’t bring coffee or lunch with you if you don’t have anything to put it in, right? And on a similar note, it’s easier to streamline certain projects and chores when you have the tools to do it. Speaking of streamlining, if anyone needs me, I’ll be saying goodbye to my old worn-out food containers and making room for some fresh ones.


These Reusable Coffee Pods Are Good For Your Wallet & The Environment

This 4-pack of reusable coffee pods goes perfectly with a range of Keurig models, so you can keep buying and using your favorite coffee without having to splurge for single-use pods. They’re even dishwasher-safe, so it’s easy to have them washed and ready each morning.


A Wine Saver Pump So You Never Have To Waste Wine

Never again face the despair of pouring wine down your sink. This wine saver pump gives already-open bottles an airtight seal, making it possible to save remaining wine for up to a week. Even better, it comes with four stoppers, so you can save multiple bottles at once. It’s available in black or white.


This Easy, At-Home Kit That Saves You Trips To The Dry Cleaner

You don’t have to neglect your dry-clean only clothes when you have this at-home dry cleaning kit from Woolite. It tackles stains, wrinkles, and odors, at a fraction of the cost of dry cleaning and for up to 30 items. Plus, stain remover wipes are included, so all your favorite clothes can stay in tip-top shape.


A Knife Sharpener That Extends The Life Of Your Kitchen Knives

This compact knife sharpener comes to the rescue when you’re cooking and prepping. Two slots offer coarse and fine sharpening, and it works on both smooth and serrated knives. It’s available in four colors; black, grey, green, and red, so you can pick a subtle choice that blends into your kitchen or a bright one to stand out.


This Drain Protector That Can Prevent Plumber-Worthy Problems From Even Starting

Clogged drains are not only unpleasant, they can be expensive too, especially when you have to call in a professional. But a drain protector can keep hair and debris from even reaching your pipes, preventing blockages from forming in the first place. Its dome shape also makes it usable with flat or raised drains.


A Wireless Charger That Does’t Strain Your Cables Or Devices

If you’ve ever encountered a frayed charger, you know how much wear and tear they can absorb. On the other hand, a wireless charger simplifies things and doesn’t wear out your cable or require frequent replacements. This one comes in black with three different accent colors to choose from; red, blue, and black.


This Low-Wattage Space Heater That Keeps Your Energy Bills At Bay

This compact purple space heater has a built-in fan and uses only 200 watts of power — much less than other space heaters on the market. Even better, its small and sleek size of 4-by-6 inches makes it easy to adjust and move to wherever you need it most.


A Roll Of Iron-On Clothing Adhesive For Quick & Easy Fixes

When was the last time you went to a tailor? If you have pants and clothes that need a quick fix but don’t want the time or expense of going to a tailor, this iron-on adhesive is a simple solution. No sewing is required, and it comes in black and white.


This Reusable Food Wrap That Replaces Single-Use Plastic

If you can’t bring yourself to buy more single-use plastic wrap or baggies, then these reusable food wraps will have you covered. Three wraps in different sizes come in each set, making it super simple to keep sandwiches and snacks of various sizes fresh when you’re on the go. There are four cute patterns to choose from.


These Soap Savers That Prevent Puddles Around Your Soap & Help Them To Last Longer

The puddles that can collect around soap bars aren’t good for your counters or for your soap. This BPA-free soap saver keeps soap bars just elevated enough to be protected. Each set comes with four, and you can get all one color (grey, dark grey, black, or white), or a mix.


A Set Of Draft Stoppers That Helps You With Temperature Control

Whether you want to keep warm or cold air in, these door draft stoppers can help. They adhere right on the bottom of your door to make a barrier that helps you manage the temperature of your home. They come in white, black, brown, and grey, and there are two per pack.


These Silicone Cable Savers To Protect Your Frequently Used Cords

These cable savers, made of versatile and durable silicone, can extend the life of your charging cords by giving them extra stability and protection. You can get a multi-pack of black, pink, blue, and green, or you can opt for a simpler set of just black or just white savers.


A Cordless Water Flosser So You Don’t Have To Buy Floss

If you’re a regular flosser (as we all should be), then you know that buying floss can add up. Enter this water flosser, which has six different jet tips, and three different spray modes. The best part? The battery is rechargeable and can run for up to two weeks without needing charge.


A Silicone Popcorn Popper To Make All Your At-Home Theater Dreams Come True

Movie fans, assemble. This silicone popcorn popper makes fresh popcorn in minutes. Even better, it can be washed in the dishwasher and folded down for storage. In the long run, this’ll be a lot cheaper than buying packages of popcorn bags. It’s available in five different colors, so you can pick your favorite or plan ahead for multiple batches.


These Self-Watering Plant Stakes That Pair Well With Wine Bottles (Seriously)

If you’re lacking a green thumb like me, then these self-watering stakes could be a game-changer. They’re made to attach to wine bottles and once upside down and inserted into the soil, they give plants the right amount of water they need. They work indoors and out, and they come in a pack of four or 10.


These Produce Savers That Keep Fruits & Veggies Fresher For Longer

It can be tough to toss overripe produce week after week. These produce saver balls can lessen the blow by extending the life of produce by absorbing ethylene gas and slowing the ripening process. Each package comes with two saver balls already filled with an absorption packet meant to last up to three months.


This Bamboo Cutting Board Set For Food Prep Or Serving

Not only are these sleek bamboo cutting boards lightweight, durable, and versatile, but they double as serving trays. They come in sets of three, four, or five boards of all different sizes, and with two corner shapes to choose from. Even better, grooves catch juice and potential messes from reaching your countertops.


These Non-Latex Gloves That Make It So Much Easier To Tackle Chores

A pair of reusable cleaning gloves not only protects your hands (so you need less lotion to help them recover), but they help you power through your cleaning with less hesitation. They’re anti-slip, unlined, and they come in three sizes with four different colors to choose from.


A Shower Curtain Liner That Helps Your Bathroom & Decor Stay In Tip-Top Shape

I’m guilty of remembering shower curtain liners only as an afterthought, so please learn from that mistake. This 72-by 72-inch liner keeps water and moisture in your shower where it belongs, away from flooring and other areas it can damage, and protects any decorative shower curtains you use with it.


These Matching Kitchen Tools That Help You Become The Home Chef You’ve Always Aspired To Be

A good set of kitchen utensils can take your home cooking to the next level, ultimately saving you from ordering in, eating out, and overspending. From OXO, this consistently highly-rated set of silicone tools has a turner, a ladle, and a spoon.


A Set Of Chip Bag Clips That Keeps Your Food Fresher, Longer

Few things are worse than reaching for an opened bag of snacks and discovering that they’ve gone stale. A 10-pack of chip clips prevents such a catastrophe by keeping food bags tightly closed. You can buy a multicolored set or one that’s all silver or all black.


A Smart Bulb That Helps You Conserve & Manage Your Energy Usage

This dimmable LED smart bulb is compatible with Amazon Alexa or can be controlled via the app anywhere you have access. You can also set schedules, dim, or turn lights on and off — all from your phone. The best part? You can expect it to work for 25,000 hours, or up to 3 years, so you can install it and forget it.


This Gadget That Helps You Get Down To The Last Drop Of Your Favorite Products

Your toothpaste doesn’t have to turn into a twisted mess when you have a tube squeezer that helps you get through all of your products neatly. Each set comes with four squeezers, which slide onto the ends of toothpaste (and other similarly-packaged products) to help push out the last drops and save any from going to waste.


A Pair Of Smart Outlets That Allow You To Control Your Electronics & Appliances From Anywhere

A set of smart outlets is an excellent way to manage your energy usage and just make your life easier. Do you want to turn on your coffee maker from your phone? Done. Or use your voice to turn off a lamp? Check. You can also schedule outlets, group them together, and use manual on/off switches, too. You can buy them in sets of one, two, or three.


A Kitchen Sink Sponge Holder That Lets Your Sponge Drain Easily, Preventing Build-Up

If you’re tired of throwing away smelly sponges all too frequently, this kitchen sink sponge holder will be your next favorite purchase. The silicone loop can be shaped and molded to fit over sinks and faucets, allowing sponges of all sizes, and even wands, to drip dry from the perforated holder.


These Solar-Powered String Lights That Give You All The Best Outdoor Vibes

A string of Edison-style outdoor lights powered by the sun are a great way to transform your yard or patio — without being limited to placement by an outlet or having an extension cord crossing your path. They’re fully charged from just roughly six hours in the sun, and you can expect them to stay lit for another five to six hours.


An Under-$35 Bidet That Helps You Save Power & Paper

This simple bidet attachment gives you many of the same benefits as more elaborate models, but without the extensive costs or in-depth installation. There are two spray options, and you can control water pressure. Even better, you can save water by cutting down on extra flushes.


These USB-Rechargeable Lighters That You Can Count On At Home Or While Traveling

Lighting birthday candles, aromatherapy candles, and even campfires just got a little easier. These two rechargeable lighters can be used up to 500 times apiece with a full charge via USB. Better yet, they’re windproof and waterproof, so you’re covered for both indoor and outdoor usage.


A Grout Pen That Freshens Up Your Tiles Instantly

No need to stockpile a slew of grout cleaners, or even worse, schedule a remodel. A simple grout pen can cover up grime and stains and have your kitchen or bathroom tile looking like new again. Both narrow and wide-tip pens are available, giving you between 150-200 feet of coverage.


These Can-Shaped Glasses That Elevate Your Favorite Beverages

An update to your drinkware can make your regular nights in feel fresh and new, and like an even better option than going out. This set of can-shaped tumbler glasses comes in a pack of one, two, or four, and each tumbler is perfectly sized to hold 16-ounce drinks. They’re dishwasher-safe, too.


A Roll Of Bamboo Towels That Does The Work Of Dozens Of Rolls Of Paper Towels

Made of bamboo, these kitchen towels have a lot in common with paper towels; they’re absorbent, they come on a roll, and they handle quick clean-ups and spills. Only, these towels also happen to be washable and reusable, and you can get up to 120 uses out of each towel. Twenty sheets come on each roll, and it’s less than $10.


These Cottons Rounds That Save You From Buying Countless Disposables

A pack of washable, reusable cotton rounds isn’t just good for your wallet, saving you from replacing disposables regularly, but it’s also better for the environment. This set, which includes 20 rounds made of certified-organic bamboo, also features a cotton bag for storage or easy washing. Plus, they’re also biodegradable when after many, many uses the rounds are spent.


A Long-Lasting Iron Skillet To Make Restaurant Quality Meals At Home

With the proper care, a cast iron skillet can last for years, saving you from having to replace it, and giving you reliable tools to cook with at home. Multiple sizes and styles are available, and each comes with a silicone handle holder to keep you safe from burns while it’s in use. This is a tried-and-true favorite with over 16,000 five-star ratings, and you’ll find it performs just as well or even better than your so-called nonstick pans.


A Set Of Cooling Bed Sheets That Help You Stay Comfortable While You Sleep

This reliable set of cooling bed sheets can not only help you get a great night of sleep, they can streamline chores and maintenance, too. They’re wrinkle-resistant, they’re machine-washable, and they have deep pockets to make making the bed simple and easy. Each microfiber set comes with top and bottom sheets, plus two pillowcases.


This Glass & Stainless Steel French Press Coffee Maker So You Can Skip The Coffee Shop

Coffee aficionados, take note. Depending on your preferences, a French press coffee maker can brew an excellent cup of coffee or mug of tea, so you can skip the pricier coffee shop visits. This popular choice holds 34 ounces, comes with two screens for effective filtration, and is easy to be assemble, disassemble, and clean, since individual parts are all dishwasher-safe.


These Flameless Candles That Are Reusable & Battery-Operated

What if I told you there was such a thing as candles that never melted? These flameless candles have the look of real candles, only they use LED lights instead of actual flames. In this set, you get three candles in glass vases, plus a remote control that gives you a variety of settings including flicker or steady flame, as well as timer options.


A Sleek & Shiny Soap Dispenser Kit With Plant-Based Soap

This reusable soap dispenser and refills is not only elegant in appearance, it’s innovative and environmentally-friendly. To make your soap, you simply dissolve one of the included pods in the dispenser, and shake it accordingly. Better yet, two scents are available, and the pump and dispenser are made from recycled materials.


These Wool Dryer Balls That Last Way Longer Than Dryer Sheets

These wool dryer balls function as fabric softener without the waste and additives. Available in packs of four, six, and eight, each ball can last for 1,000 loads, helping clothes dry faster and with fewer wrinkles and static cling. They’re made with New Zealand wool and have earned nearly 19,000 five-star ratings.


A Set Of Transparent, Stackable Bins For Organizing Your Fridge Or Pantry

If you’ve always wanted an organized fridge but didn’t know where to start, these BPA-free, stackable bins might be for you. Each set comes with five wide bins and five narrow bins that hold a range of food and snacks. They have handles, too, so they’re easy to move as needed.


These Glass Canisters To Keep Food Fresh & Your Cabinets Tidy

Storing bulk foods just got a little easier with these transparent glass food containers that allow you to see exactly what you have. They come in sets of three or four, and with blue, light grey, or dark grey airtight lids to keep food fresh and free of pests. Plus, both the canisters and the lids are dishwasher-safe.


A Set Of Drain De-Cloggers That Can Save You From Calling In A Plumber

A clogged drain is never fun, but perhaps even less so when a professional has to be called in. These drain de-clogger tools can snake through your pipes, so you can remove clogs and messes yourself. It’s a lot cheaper than that plumber house call. They’re reusable, and at 22 inches long, they work in most home drains, including showers, sinks, and tubs.


A Cleaning Kit For Smudge-Free & Polished Stainless Steel Appliances

This stainless steel cleaning kit has everything you need to maintain the exterior of your fridge, oven, dishwasher, trash cans, and more. It comes with wipes, a spray that cleans and polishes, and a cloth for wiping and buffing. You’ll be able to keep appliances looking newer for longer and help resist the urge to spring for new ones.


These Furniture Wipes That Keep Your Wooden Furniture Looking Nicer For Longer

Before you replace your furniture, try these cleaning and polishing wipes first. In addition to removing dust and debris, they add a coat of polish and UV protection to keep furniture and woodwork around your home looking shiny and new. Even scratches can be buffed out, too.

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