I'm A Shopping Editor & Here Are 50 Popular Things That I Can Honestly Say Deserve Their Hype

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In this era of viral TikTok items and Instagram’s transition to a shopping platform, it can be hard to find out what products really, truly are worth your money. Certain items definitely do live up to the hype (like those leggings). But others, well, they turn out too good to be true when they arrive on your doorstep. (See: the talking phone sanitizer I bought earlier this year — it works just fine, but the robotic voice never fails to make me jump.)

As much as we’d like them to, not every online purchase works out for the best. I shop online for a living, and even I could regale you with dozens of tales of online shopping gone wrong. So how are you, as a shopper, supposed to tell the difference between what deserves your money and what doesn’t? Well, you can start right here.

These 50 items aren't flying off the metaphorical shelves for nothing. I’ve done the homework for you, sifting through Amazon’s best-selling items to find the creme de la creme for all your needs. There’s a little something in here for everyone, and everything is sure to live up to their high ratings and glowing reviews. Without further ado, I invite you to read on and find the shopping-editor-approved presents of your dreams, ranging from the fun and slightly ridiculous (these light-up chopsticks) to the tasteful and classic (an Alex and Ani birthstone bracelet.)


These Claw Clips For An Early Aughts-Inspired Look

Y2K fashion is back and better than you remember it, and these oversized claw clips are the proof. Channel the era of velvet tracksuits and low-rise miniskirts by using these for easy and chic updos. Each pack comes with four colors of the large acrylic clips, which securely and comfortably hold back hair of all types and textures, which is why these have earned a 4.8-star rating on Amazon.


This Cast Iron Skillet That Is A Kitchen Essential

Every kitchen needs a cast iron skillet, and the Lodge 10 1/4 inch pre-seasoned skillet is an excellent choice for beginners and experts alike. It heats evenly and stays hot, and comes pre-seasoned with 100% natural vegetable oil. Even newbies need not be afraid, because the oven-safe pan is relatively easy to care for, and can be used to make everything from steaks to brownies and so, so much more.


This Portable Charger That Has Over 31,000 Five-Star Reviews

Frequent travelers, commuters, campers, and festival-goers will all appreciate the practicality of this Anker portable charger. It’s one of the lightest and slimmest portable chargers available while still being very durable. It’s powerful too, offering over two full charges for an iPhone 12 on a full battery, though it’s compatible with most smartphones.


This Easy-To-Use Lip Exfoliator That Will Become Your Winter Obsession

If you have dry skin on your lips, you know how uncomfortable it can be. Luckily, this lip exfoliator from e.l.f. is here to save the day. Infused with moisturizing ingredients like shea butter, vitamin E, and avocado oil, this exfoliator is in an easy-to-apply lipstick tube. Just scrub it on your lips — no need to get your fingers all messy.


The Yoga Pants That Have Gone Viral

If you’ve seen these yoga pants on TikTok and wondered if they’re worth it, just look at the 48,000 five-star reviews on Amazon to get your answer (which is a yes). The high waist is comfortable yet supportive, and the textured fabric is moisture-wicking and lightweight.

  • Available sizes: X-Small – 4X-Large
  • Available styles: 90


A Double-Sided Sherpa Throw Blanket That You’ll Be Obsessed With

I’m a firm believer in the magic of throw blankets, and this sherpa fleece throw blanket is sure to please. It’s made of a double-sided, ultra soft fabric that comes in 24 colors, from neutral gray to rosy red. It is chic enough to display on the couch while still cozy enough to nestle under for a long, warm nap.


These Blue Light Glasses That Prevent Tired Eyes From Staring At Screens

So many of us spend our entire day staring at a screen, so it only makes sense to help them protect your eyes with these blue light blocking glasses. The pack of two glasses do not contain prescription lenses, but instead help alleviate visual fatigue and discomfort that comes with working on a computer. It’s claimed these help you enjoy better sleep and experience fewer headaches, all while looking geek chic thanks to the timeless round design.


The Famous Insulated Tumbler That You Can Take On Any Adventure

Of course if you’re looking for a mug with versatility and durability, the YETI rambler tumbler is your best choice. The YETI brand is well known among outdoorsy folk for their temperature-preserving technology that keeps beverages hot or cold for hours, no matter the weather or the condition of the mug. It’s also shatter resistant, dishwasher safe, and made from insulated stainless steel with a no sweat design to keep hands dry wherever they may go — no wonder it has a 4.8-star rating on Amazon with nearly 20,000 total reviews.


A Bamboo Book Stand That’s Great For Cooking, Studying, & More

This bamboo book stand may look like your everyday cookbook or tablet holder, but it’s managed to rack up an impressive 4.8-star rating on Amazon. Why? Well, the sturdy stand can be adjusted to whatever angle suits you, and has two metal clips to keep your reading experience hands-free, whether you’re cooking, studying, or working. Despite being so useful, this stand only takes up 8 inches, freeing up counter or desk space for whatever else you may need.


A Set Of Swedish Dishcloths That You Can Use For Practically Anything

This pack of 10 dishcloths aren’t your everyday rags — they’re Swedish dishcloths. These super absorbent reusable paper towel replacement can mop up 20 times their weight in liquid and are safe to use on a wide range of surfaces including glass, wood, stainless steel, marble, and tile. They’re soft yet gritty, making them an effective cleaner for your home.


An Electric Can Opener That Saves So Much Time & Effort

If you’re anything like me, you regularly fight with your regular can opener or it always seems to break right when you’re about to make chili for dinner. This easy-to-use electric can opener solves the pesky handheld can opener dilemma. Just insert four AA batteries, attach this opener to the top of your can, press the button, and let it do the rest of the work. Unlike other electric can openers, this one will fit right in your kitchen drawer, which is just another reason why it has over 31,000 five-star reviews on Amazon.


A Warm Beanie That Doubles As A Set Of Bluetooth Headpones

Wearing a hat and a pair of headphones can get really bulky quickly, but this genius beanie is both at the same time. This beanie comes lined with a set of Bluetooth headphones, so you can listen to music and hands-free; the battery lasts for a long time, with up to 18 hours of playback on one charge, making this a great item for skiers or hikers. Control the volume and playback with a simple touch on the right side of the hat.


An Innovative Mug Warmer That Will Keep Your Coffee Hot For Hours

I must be cursed to never finish a hot beverage, as I’m always letting them go cold and forgotten in a random spot in my house. This mug warmer is a game changer in that regard; it can warm a mug of tea or coffee to an ideal temperature in two minutes or less. It has a long power cord for easy desk or tabletop storage, and is easy to tote around and wipe clean as needed.


This Cleaning Putty That Picks Up Dust & Debris From Hard-To-Reach Areas

This interior detail removal putty can help get your car, keyboard, and corners sparkling clean. Just press the gel putty into the surface you want to clean, and it’ll pick up dust, crumbs, and other debris while leaving a light fragrance behind. It’s reusable over and over, so you’ll surely be able to find tons of uses for it all over the house.


A 12-Pack Of Best-Selling Bath Bombs That Are *So* Soothing

Moisturizing and soothing ingredients like cocoa butter, shea butter, and olive oil work together with the fragrances and colors in this bath bomb gift set to create a relaxing, soothing experience. Each fizzy in the 12-pack of bath bombs have a different scent and color, so every bath is different. These are the best-selling bath bombs on Amazon, with a 4.8-star rating and over 37,000 reviews, so you can trust they’re a good time.


These Airtight Food Storage Containers That Have A 4.9-Star Rating

Airtight food storage containers are a worthwhile investment, and according to over 15,000 five-star Amazon reviews, this set of four from Rubbermaid are the best of the best. The lids snap on tightly to help keep food fresh and free of moisture and pets, making it good for baking supplies, pet foods, and other dry goods. The wide openings are easy to scoop from and clean, making this set a must-have for any kitchen.


These Cozy Lounge Socks That You’ll Never Want To Take Off

With these cozy lounge socks on your feet, it’ll be easy to stay warm from head to toe. This five-pack of crew socks are made from machine washable fabric, and are warm enough to wear out on a snowy day, but won’t make your feet hot and sweaty when you return indoors. They’re knitted with an ultra-soft cotton/wool/poly blend, and come in a wide variety of colors for year-round use.

  • Available styles: 26


This Ultra-Absorbent Towel Made Specifically For Shinier, Stronger Hair

Using a specialized towel to dry my hair instead of a regular bath towel has made such a difference in the texture of my hair, and I want to give one of these microfiber hair towels to everyone I know. It’s more absorbent and easier to wear, leaving damaged hair stronger than drying with a traditional towel or blow dryer.


A Roku Streaming Stick That’s Perfect For TV On The Go

Investing in a Roku device is one of the best tech choices I’ve ever made. The Roku Streaming Stick+is arguably the most convenient of their selection, and offers wireless streaming and stunning picture quality in a portable device no bigger than a flash drive. It’s also great for those who aren’t as tech savvy: Setup only requires plugging it into the back of your TV, and combines all TV controls into one voice controlled and buttoned remote for ease of use.


These Sweet Snails That Keep Your Teabag Nice & Secure

Tea drinkers know the pain of a pesky that falls into your mug as soon as you take a sip of your piping hot beverage. These adorable, tiny tea bag holders solve that all-too-common problem. Just slide these lil’ guys on the side of your mug, loop the teabag around your snail, and drink your tea in peace.


These 16 Nourishing Sheet Masks That Are Great For Everyday Use

In a traditional 10-step Korean skincare routine, sheet masks are an essential — while others prefer them as an occasional skin treatment, but this 16 pack of collagen essence masks make a great beauty regimen addition for either purpose. Each mask contains Vitamin E and collagen, and are specialized with other plant-derived ingredients to moisturize, brighten, and plump the skin. They’re lightly scented and cooling, creating a calming beginning or end to your day.


A Rapid Egg Cooker To Make Mornings A Little Less Hectic

This rapid egg cooker is a crowd pleaser: Everyone from picky eaters to large households on the go will appreciate this appliance that cooks up to six eggs at once. It weighs just a pound, and can make eggs hard boiled, soft boiled, poached, scrambled, or in an omelette with the simple push of a button (and sometimes a little scrambling). This egg cooker has earned over 45,000 five-star reviews on Amazon.


A Sherpa-Lined Hoodie That’s Like Wearing Your Fav Blanket Around Town

If you’re obsessed with your sherpa blanket, embrace the cozy with this sherpa-lined zip hoodie. This casual cotton blend hoodie looks normal on the outside, but on the inside it’s lined with a nap-worthy fleece. Go one to two sizes up for a roomy, relaxed look, or stick to your typical size for something you can easily throw on for errands, chilly weather, or an athleisure-inspired look.

  • Available sizes: X-Small – XX-Large
  • Available colors: 11


These Foot Masks That Exfoliate & Moisturize To Reveal Baby Soft Skin

This foot peeling mask look like plastic socks, but inside there’s exfoliating and moisturizing ingredients to address callouses, dry skin, and cracked heels. All you have to do is take a load off and wear the masks for an hour. Within a week or two, the dry and dead skin will fall right off, revealing soft, smooth feet.


This Classic Bar Necklace That You Can Personalize

Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift for your mother, your sibling, or your closest friend, you can’t go wrong with this timeless personalized bar necklace. Not only do you choose the plated finish (gold, silver, or rose gold), you’ll also decide exactly what message. you’d like engraved. Consider their name, a significant date, inspirational message, or an inside joke to be immortalized forever on the 17.5 inch chain.


This Patented Cooler That Makes Iced Coffee In 1 Minute Flat

No need for Starbucks or Dunkin’: Make your own iced coffee at home using this instant beverage cooler. After freezing the beverage cooler, simply pour hot coffee — or your drink of choice — into the chamber, and swirl it around for 60 seconds. From there, simply pour your chilled drink over ice, and enjoy it without dilution or hassle.


This Jade Roller Massage Set That Relieves Tension

This face roller and gua sha set is good for treating so many facial ailments, from puffiness to tension. Both work together or separately to reduce inflammation, lift and firm the skin, and improve headaches and facial tension. The face roller works best on the cheeks and forehead, while the gua sha is most effective on the neck, jawline, and other parts of the body.


A Timeless Bangle Complete With A Birthstone

This Alex and Ani expandable bangle is an elegant, adjustable bracelet that comes complete with the birthstone of your choice, whether you want to embrace your own month or wear the month of someone close to you. You choose a gold or silver finish, and their patented sliding mechanism means the nickel-free bracelet expands from two to 3.5 inches wide to fit a variety of wrists. These pretty bracelets look good on their own or stacked.


This Balm That Prevents Chafing During Workouts & More

Slide a stick of this anti-chafe balm into your bag, and you’ll always be prepared for warm weather and workouts, no matter what you wear. The long-lasting formula can be applied all over the body to prevent chafing from clothing, workouts, and any kind of skin-on-skin contact. Just roll it on — it’s much easier to use than powders, creams, or gels, with the bonus of being portable and effective in both humid and dry conditions.


These Gorgeous Flameless Candles Made With Real Wax

These gold glass LED candles offer ambient light and flicker just like real candles do, making them safe yet stylish home decor. The set of three flameless candles comes with a 10-key remote, which you can use to turn the candles on and off, or set automatic shutoff timers for up to eight hours. They’re made of real wax, and use two AA batteries apiece, so you can use them year after year or give as a gift for those looking for cozy decor that will last.


This Kit That Makes Manicures Last Up To 14 Days

Making a manicure last as long as two weeks is as easy as using this ZOYA mini kit. It includes an incredibly efficient nail polish remover, a base coat, top coat, and nail drying accelerator. Together, these four different steps surround the nail polish of your choice with a barrier, protecting it from moisture, bubbling, chipping, and UV damage.


A Set of Cable Management Boxes That Are Subtle Yet Effective

Take charge of those tangled cables by your entertainment system or home office with this cable management box set. In addition to a box that conceals unsightly plugs, chords, and power strips, the set also includes cable clips, reusable ties, and adjustable cable sleeves for consolidating and organizing the remaining cords. Simply slide a power strip inside the slotted box, plug in your devices, organize them how you see fit, and enjoy a less cluttered space.


This Candle That Truly Fills The Room With Foresty Aromas

If you want to feel like you’re in a cozy pine tree forest 24/7/365, this Frasier fir scented candle is up to the task. The forest-inspired fragrance contains notes of Siberian Fir needles, cedarwood, and sandalwood. It’s made from high quality paraffin wax with a burn time of up to 45 hours and a decorative jar that’s so aesthetically pleasing, which is why this has a 4.7-star rating on Amazon.


This Heat-Retaining Baking Stone That’s A Necessity For Pizza Lovers

Upgrade homemade pizza night with this pizza and baking stone. It makes restaurant-quality pizzas on a thick, heat-retaining stone made from theramite, which also helps to absorb moisture and create a perfectly crisp crust. The set includes a scraper for cutting and cleaning, as well as a recipe book with tons of recipe ideas to take your ‘za to the next level.


A Smart Plug That Pairs With Alexa

Any tech lover or smart home newbie can use this Amazon smart plug to integrate all the electronics in their home. It pairs with Alexa devices, making any outlet voice-controllable. After, control your lights, fans, and appliances in the Alexa app or with your voice, no other hub required. You can even create automatic schedules, routines, and timers to save energy. This simple plug has over 460,000 buyers on Amazon, and a 4.7-star overall rating.


This Fan-Favorite Exfoliant That Works For All Skin Types

Over 37,000 Amazon customers have given five-star reviews to this liquid exfoliant. It features an award-winning formula that improved the skin texture of 90% of consumers in a 30 day study, according to the brand. One swipe of the exfoliant across the skin nightly is enough to unclog pores, remove dry skin skin, smooth skin texture, and brighten your skin tone. Best thing? It’s gentle enough for all skin types.


These Luxuriously-Scented French Soaps That Come In A Fancy Gift Box

This Pre de Provence luxury soap gift box comes with nine sweet-smelling bar soaps, enriched with shea butter for a rich, creamy lather that moisturizes the skin as it cleans. The artisanal soaps come in their own adorable box, and can be used in your bathroom or kitchen for any occasion.


This Cross Body Purse That’s Totally A-Dairy-Ble

I’m an oat milk aficionado, and even I can’t help but love this cross body purse designed to look like a carton of milk. It’s fun, playful, and the perfect size for everyday necessities like a phone, wallet, and keys. Great as a costume piece or as a fanciful accessory, this purse makes a delightful wardrobe addition for all ages.

  • Available styles: 6


An Alarm Clock That Projects The Time Onto Your Wall

This may look like your classic digital alarm clock, but this timepiece is loaded with really clever features. The first is the 350-degree adjustable projector, which can display the time onto your ceiling or wall, allowing you to read the time at ease, even in the middle of the night. You can set two alarms on one clock, which is great for couples or people who really, really hit that snooze button. This clock also features a USB charging port for electronics and runs via AC outlet and battery, so it can still work in the event of a power outage.


These Plush Slippers That Are Lined With Warming Faux Fur

These super soft slippers are padded with memory foam, providing cushion and comfort for walking around the house. What takes these over the top, however, is the plush faux fur lining, which keeps your toes nice and toasty even on the coldest days of the years. These slippers have become a fan favorite on Amazon, with over 23,000 five-star reviews.


This Pack Of Toilet Sprays That Are Perfectly Portable

Take your favorite Poo-Pourri scents on-the-go with this travel pack of five mini toilet sprays. The set contains some of the brand’s best-selling scents in TSA-approved sizes, so you can really use these anywhere. The essential oil-packed formula neatly covers offending bathroom smells with just a few spritzes in the toilet before doing your business.


A USB Charging Station That Holds Enough Devices For An Entire Family

Say goodbye to messy charging stations and desks with this USB charging station, which has six slots and corresponding USB ports to charge and neatly hold all kinds of devices. It comes with seven short cables — three AP USB, three micro USB, and one USB type C — for charging phones, tablets, cameras, power banks, handheld gaming devices, and more from one singular outlet. An LED indicator light in front of each device turns off when it’s fully charged, and the device stops charging then too, keeping your devices safe from overcharging.


These Convertible Wool Gloves That Are Super Warm

These thermal fingerless gloves are editor-approved for cold weather and for scrolling. The fleece-insulated wool blend features a convertible mitten cover to keep your fingertips super toasty when you need to, but you can easily flip them up to skip a song, answer a text, or unlock the front door. These mittens have a leather palm to allow for easy gripping.

  • Available colors: 6


An Eye Mask & Pillowcase Set That’s Made With 100% Silk

Fans of luxury and those who struggle to get a good night’s rest will love this mulberry silk pillowcase and eye mask duo. The pillowcase will make your bed look and feel elegant, all while preventing hair breakage and dry skin. Meanwhile, the corresponding eye mask blocks out light so you can enjoy uninterrupted sleep well into the morning.


This Innovative Blanket Can Be Worn Like A Sweater For Ultimate Comfort

Some would call it laziness, but I would call this wearable blanket a prime example of relaxation innovation. This sherpa-lined blanket has arms, a pocket, and a hood, making it ideal for staying cozy while you work, watch TV, or play games. It allows you full movement mobility, and the adjustable belt means you can make it as tight or as loose as you want for the ultimate level of comfort. Those are just some of the reasons why this giant, warm hoodie has a 4.8-star rating on Amazon.


A Pair Of ‘Star Wars’-Inspired Chopsticks That Make Eating A Blast

These lightsaber chopsticks are an excellent novelty addition to your kitchen, regardless of age. Star Wars fans and those who just love to play with their food will enjoy using these for sushi, noodles, appetizers, and more (and I definitely won’t tell if they decide to have duel with them.) They’re lit up with LED lights and come in 12 bright colors, so you’ll want to grab a set for every member of the household.


This Animal Print Sweater That You Can Dress Up Or Down

This jacquard crewneck sweater with a subdued grayscale leopard print is comfortable enough to throw on, but can easily be dressed up by tucking it into slacks or a skirt — the perfect outfit compromise to soothe any back-to-the-office woes. This pullover has subtle ribbing at the cuffs and hem, and comes in several other colorful prints if leopard print isn’t your thing.

  • Available sizes: X-Small – XX-Large
  • Available styles: 9


This Electric Lighter That Is Stylish & Sustainable

One of these electric lighters is the equivalent of 300 traditional lighters, which aren’t nearly as sleek, efficient, or eco-friendly. It uses plasma ARC tech instead of lighter fuel, and is windproof with tons of built-in safety features including an automatic shut off. Made from sturdy aluminum in an ergonomic design, this lighter is a serious upgrade for candle lovers, frequent barbecuers, or outdoor adventurers.


This Insulated Tea Mug With Its Own Infuser Basket

Tea lovers can brew their favorite loose-leaf blends wherever they are with this steeping cup and infuser. The insulated double wall ceramic mug has an integrated stainless steel infuser basket and holds up to 12 ounces of tea. The lid even doubles as a tray to set the infuser on once the tea is done steeping, so you can tell this mug was made with tea drinkers in mind.


This Tried & True Facial Spray Trio That Comes In Pretty Scents

The Mario Badescu facial spray trio is the best for a mid-day instant skin refresh. Each of the three sprays (chamomile and lavender, rosewater, and cucumber and green tea) provide hydration and infuse the skin with botanical benefits. Use these however you feel best, whether you incorporate into a nightly skincare routine, use as an energizing pick-me-up, or just spritz on whenever your skin needs a bit of brightening.