TikTok's Hilarious "I'm Busy" Challenge, Explained

Even the Kardashians wanted in on the fun.

The celebs are at it again. First, there was the video of the Kardashians prank calling their friends, all six of them staring silently as people like Travis Scott and Jennifer Lawrence answered confused/scared. Then, there was a slight detour and celebrity “Elf on a Shelf” memes flooded our feeds. Now, the celebrity “I’m Busy” challenge is making its rounds and we are once again reminded of two things: famous people love pranking other famous people, and they all apparently have each other’s phone numbers. Stars — they’re just like us!

Singer Justine Skye was among the first to try the new trend with her friends. She FaceTimed everyone from Kendall Jenner to Lil Yachty to Jamie Foxx. When they answered, she responded with some variation of “Hey, I’m super busy right now. Can I call you back?” There was confusion. There was concern. There was Kendall Jenner chilling in a gold bathtub. Then, Skye hung up. Then, she did it again. And again.

The premise is simple: FaceTime your friend. When they answer, tell them you're busy and that you'll call them right back. They'll respond with confusion, probably say that you called them, maybe worry that they somehow FaceTimed you without realizing. Then, you hang up with no explanation. It's exactly what every prank should be: completely harmless, kinda nonsensical, and a little bit better when celebrities do it.

Now the challenge is making its way through famous friend group after famous friend group. Jersey Shore's Vinny Guadagnino posted a TikTok of him pranking the cast of Jersey Shore with the "I'm Busy" challenge. (Oh, to be Snooki drinking a big glass of red wine.) YouTuber and singer Sheena Melwani called people like singer Andy Grammer, telling them she was busy and would call them right back. Too Hot To Handle's Bryce Hirschberg called his castmates from the Netflix dating show, telling them he was busy and would call them right back. Even us non-famous people are getting in on the #ImBusy Challenge, calling our friends and telling them—say it with me — that we're busy and will call them right back.

Consider this a warning to answer all future FaceTime calls with caution lest you be left confused.