50 Inexpensive Things On Amazon That Work So Freaking Well

Transform your routine for just a few bucks.

50 Inexpensive Things On Amazon That Work So Freaking Well
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There’s nothing like a little retail therapy after a long day — especially when you won’t regret the bill. Every item on this list is less than $40, and could be at your front door within a couple of day. Best of all, these popular and economical gems will all make your daily life a little better. So what are you waiting for? Go on and scroll.


These Microfiber Hair Towels That Keep Hair Hydrated

These microfiber hair towels absorb water fast, but they won’t dehydrate your mane. They’re made with a soft and lightweight fabric that keeps you cozy, and they won't shrink or fade over time. After you shower, simply wrap up your hair and secure the towel with its elastic rubber band.


These Silicone Baking Mats That Can Replace Disposable Parchment Paper

Use these silicone baking mats in place of parchment paper for the easiest cleanup ever. They'll withstand temperatures of up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit, and they’re reinforced with fiberglass mesh for durability. Each mat can go in the oven up to 3,000 times; when you rinse them off, food residue simply slides away.


An Adhesive Shower Basket Shelf Made Of Durable Stainless Steel

This shower basket shelf resists rust and corrosion to last for years in your bathroom. Its slotted design drains away water to prevent buildup, and it comes with four moveable hooks for washcloths and loofahs. When you buy, you’ll receive two shelves, which hold up to 20 pounds each, so you can stash all your shampoo and conditioner. With a strong adhesive for installation, it couldn’t be easier to set up.


This Reusable Pet Hair Remover That Works Without Batteries Or Electricity

Clean up clothes and furniture with this pet hair remover. All you have to do is roll it back and forth to pick up hair — no batteries or electricity needed. When you're finished, just press the button to open its chamber and empty it, so you can finally host your BFF with a sensitivity to dogs or cats.


A Snail Mucin Moisturizer With More Than 12,000 5-Star Reviews That Won’t Clog Your Pores

Use this snail mucin moisturizer in the morning or night for a hydrating boost. In addition to snail mucin, it contains nourishing ingredients like shea butter, jojoba oil, and vitamin E. Plus, it’s non-comedogenic, so it won’t clog your pores, making it a great choice for all skin types. No wonder it has racked up more than 12,000 five-star reviews.


This Wall Outlet Extender With Built-In Surge Protection

This wall outlet extender comes with three USB ports and six AC outlets for maximum charging potential. Its built-in surge protector guards your devices against voltage spikes, so they'll charge quickly and safely. You'll also appreciate its built-in shelf, which is especially useful with smaller charging cords.


These Nonstick Liners That Can Withstand Up To 500 Degrees Fahrenheit

These nonstick Teflon liners fit most standard ovens, but you can also trim them for a custom fit. They're heat resistant up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, and they'll catch spills and messes to keep your oven completely clean. Just slide one onto the lowest rack or oven floor, and it'll provide protection without releasing harmful chemicals.


A Popular Digital Meat Thermometer With A Bright LCD Screen

This digital meat thermometer, which has over 8,000 five-star reviews, takes the temperature of your food in just three seconds (yes, you read that right). It's waterproof, so you can use it with drinks and rinse it off under the tap, and it won't get damaged. You'll also appreciate its bright blue backlit LCD screen, which makes it super easy to read.


These Cut-Resistant Gloves That Are 4 Times Tougher Than Leather

Minimize kitchen mishaps with these cut-resistant gloves. They're reinforced with stainless steel thread for extra toughness, so they'll protect fingers and hands against even the sharpest blades. Plus, they're ambidextrous, so you can use either glove on either hand for convenience. Over 28,000 reviewers gave them a five star rating.


These Silicone Bowl Lids That Are Microwave & Dishwasher Safe

These silicone bowl lids come in a set of five, and they’re all different sizes to fit various bowls. Their easy-grip handles are ergonomic for your comfort, and they're made of food-grade silicone that can go in the dishwasher or microwave. When they're not in use, their interlocking lids will save you space in cabinets and drawers.


A Versatile Roll-Up Dish Drying Rack To Maximize Counter Space

This roll-up dish drying rack helps you save precious counter space in smaller kitchens. Its stainless steel material resists rust and water, and it supports up to 33 pounds at a time. Use it to air dry kitchenware, wash fresh produce, or protect your countertops from hot pots and pans.


This 3-Step Knife Sharpener That Cuts Down On Cooking Time

Cutting with a dull knife can drag out your cooking process — invest in this three-step knife sharpener. With three unique slots, it sharpens, polishes, and straightens all the knives in your collection, making it much easier to prepare your ingredients. Its ergonomic handle works equally well for righties and lefties, so anyone can use it.


An Eyelash Curler That Takes Your Mascara To The Next Level

Level up your makeup look with this eyelash curler, which adds serious volume in seconds. Its flawlessly calibrated hinge applies pressure evenly along the eyelid for instant drama. With its premium-grade stainless steel material, it won't rust or corrode, making it a longtime staple in your makeup bag.


This Bag Cleaning Ball To Keep The Inside Of Your Purse Mess-Free

Use this bag cleaning ball to remove buildup at the bottom of your backpack. It picks up dust, dirt, and crumbs while you walk around for a hassle-free clean — and it’s surprisingly thorough. Because they’re so inexpensive, you might as well buy one for each of your essential bags, or invest in the three-pack.


These Food Savers That Work On Produce & Jars

These food savers make your fruits and veggies last way longer. When you buy, you'll receive five food savers in various sizes, all made of stretchy silicone for a snug fit. You can cover up apples, avocados, and all the other produce that tends to go bad fast. They’re also dishwasher safe.


These Heavy-Duty Storage Straps That Can Hold Up To 50 Pounds Each

Keep your cords and cables in order with these heavy-duty storage straps. Their tough polypropylene material resists bad weather and rust, and they'll hold up to 50 pounds each. Hang them up in your shed or garage to make space for more cool stuff (new bikes, lawn equipment, et cetera).


This Trunk Organizer With Adjustable Straps To Fit Any Vehicle

This trunk organizer helps you declutter your car for the best road trips ever. With its adjustable straps, you can resize it to fit your vehicle and secure it in place while you navigate bumpy roads. Use it to organize groceries, cables, or tools, and collapse it down when it's not in use to save space.


A Cold Brew Coffee Maker To Save You Big Bucks

This cold brew coffee maker helps you make barista-level beverages at home, which will save you plenty of money. Just add coffee grounds, pour in cold water, and let it steep overnight for a delicious drink when you wake up. Its easy-pour dispenser and leakproof lid keep coffee from spilling, so your counters will stay clean.


These Long Silicone Oven Mitts That Resists Heat Up To 450 Degrees Fahrenheit

Bakers and chefs will love these silicone oven mitts, which make you feel stylish and safe. They'll guard against temperatures of up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, and their extra length provides additional protection. You'll also appreciate their nonslip grip, which adds control and stability.


This Snap-On Pot Strainer That Works With Most Pots

If your colander takes up too much space, try this snap-on pot strainer. Its universal design clips onto pots, pans, and bowls of all sizes, so you won't have to transfer food back and forth. Its built-in spout maximizes water drainage, and its bright orange hue is so joyful. If orange isn’t your shade of choice, it’s available in four other great colors.


This Detangling Brush That Works With Wet Or Dry Hair

This detangling brush gives you soft, smooth hair without painful tugging or pulling. It separates strands from side to side instead of up and down, gently working through tough tangles. Plus, its firm, durable bristles won’t lose their shape over time, so you can use it for years to come.


This Exfoliating Brush That Help Minimize Razor Bumps & Ingrown Hairs

For a smooth shave that’s kinder to your skin, try this exfoliating brush. Its flexible bristles unclog pores and wash away dead skin, so razor bumps and ingrown hairs will be much less likely to form. Scrub lightly against the grain of your hair, and your skin will feel astonishingly soft and smooth.


An Incredibly Popular Foot Peel Mask That’s Much Cheaper Than A Pedicure

Save money at the salon by switching to this foot peel mask. It’s made with a botanical blend of fruit acids and extracts to slough away dead skin with a little help from Mother Nature. Whether you’re dealing with dry skin, cracks, or calluses, your feet (and your wallet) will thank you. Plus, over 50,000 Amazon customers love them, giving them an almighty five-star review.


These Swedish Dishcloths That Put Paper Towels To Shame

Swap your paper towels for these Swedish dishcloths, which are way more eco-friendly. Not only that, but they’ll pick up spills and scour dirty dishes just as effectively. Their cellulose material is completely biodegradable, and you can reuse each one up to 100 times (which is the equivalent of 15 paper towel rolls).


This Stuffed Burger Press That Has One Reviewer Asking, “Where Has This Been All My Life?”

When you don’t know what to cook for your family, blow them away with this stuffed burger press. You can use them to make both meat and veggie burgers, and their nonstick coating makes them so easy to clean. When you're finished, simply pop them in the dishwasher, and you'll be ready for Round Two. “Where has this been all my life,” questioned one reviewer. “It is so easy to use, and it makes great stuffed burgers. [...] It is so easy to clean, and I am so satisfied with it.”


A Car Seat Gap Filler To Catch Loose Items Before They’re Lost

With this car seat gap filler, you won’t have to fumble for your phone and keys. When you buy, you'll receive two waterproof organizers and spacers to ensure a snug fit. It'll catch dropped items like keys, phones, and loose change, giving you additional storage while you road trip.


This Cuticle Conditioning Serum To Refresh Your Manicure

Show your nails some love with this cuticle conditioning serum between trips to the salon. With active ingredients like shea butter, rice bran oil, and vitamin E, it strengthens and nourishes cuticles for healthier nails. Just apply two drops per finger for a little TLC between manicures.


A Digital Food Scale With A 4.6-Star Rating

This digital food scale will take you right back to high school chemistry (without the stress). Its automatic tare button subtracts the weight of your bowl or dish, and its two large buttons are super easy to use. With its 11-pound weight capacity, you can cook or bake with scientific precision. It’s also earned a 4.6-star overall rating after more than 5,000 reviews.


This Broom & Garden Tool Organizer With 11 Storage Spots

Clear out the clutter in your garage with this broom holder and garden tool organizer. It mounts securely onto your wall, freeing up valuable floor space, and carries up to 35 pounds at a time. Its spring-loaded slots are deceptively strong, so it’ll hold mops, brooms, and more without dropping anything.


A Smart Wireless Doorbell You Can Hear From Across The House

This smart wireless doorbell simultaneously triggers two chimes to accommodate larger homes. Its operating range extends up to 1,000 feet, so you'll hear it ring wherever you are. Plus, its waterproof and weatherproof design withstands temperatures between -4 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit. This doorbell comes with over 50 ringtones and four volume options, allowing you to customize it how you wish.


These Stackable Mixing Bowls With Rolled Rims For Easy Pouring

These stackable mixing bowls take up minimal space in your cupboard or cabinet. They're made of stainless steel with a stunning mirror finish, and their rolled rims let you pour the batter straight into the baking pan with ease. With flat bases to maintain their balance, they'll quickly become a staple in your cooking routine.


These Classic Mason Jars With Airtight Lids To Keep Food Fresh

These classic mason jars are considered a pantry staple for a reason. Their high-quality glass can go in the dishwasher or microwave, and their airtight lids keep meals and ingredients fresher for longer. Pack them in your lunchbox or picnic basket and take them on the go — their wide mouth lets you eat right out of the jar.


These Glass Carafes With Flip-Top Lids That Won’t Leak

These glass carafes will delight guests at your next dinner party. Their flip-top lids let you pour lemonade and iced tea without splashes, leaks, or spills, and they’re light enough for kids (or clumsy adults) to refill their drinks without concern. When you buy, you’ll receive two, so you can keep one at your bedside and one in the fridge.


These Stainless Steel Pint Cups That Work For So Many Drinks

These stainless steel pint cups make cold drinks taste even more delicious. Their heavy-duty material won't rust or dent, making them a great choice for outdoor explorers. They're also free from harmful ingredients like BPA, so you can feel good about using them with your family, and their stackable design saves space in your backpack or kitchen.


A Convenient Foldable Multi-Device Charger That Has Over 42,000 5-Star Reviews

Keep this convenient foldable charger in your bag to power up on the go. It’s specifically designed to power up your smartphone, watch, and earbuds at the same time, freeing up your outlets for other electronics. Plus, its nonslip silicone design keeps your devices securely in place, so they won’t slip or fall out of place. Over 42,000 Amazon customers gave it a five-star rating.


This Lid Organizer To Tidy Up Drawers & Cabinets

If your kitchen drawers are overflowing, invest in this food container lid organizer. With its removable dividers, you can adjust each section to fit your needs, and it fits into most standard-sized drawers. You'll also appreciate its built-in handle, which makes it easy to carry from place to place.


A Fridge Odor Eliminator That Lasts For Up To 10 Years

Instead of covering up bad smells, this fridge odor eliminator actually gets rid of them. It's made with nano-scale catalysts that decompose harmful gases, so your fridge will smell fresher than ever before. Each one lasts up to 10 years — so it’s way kinder to the planet than your average bottle of air freshener.


These Refrigerator Mats You Can Cut Down To Fit Any Shelf

These refrigerator mats help you clean up spills and stains with ease. Simply cut them down to fit your fridge and slide them into place, and you’ll take your kitchen to the next level. You can wipe them down at regular intervals to keep your kitchen cleaner than ever, and they’re waterproof for extra durability.


This Magnetic Car Phone Holder That Hooks Onto Your Dashboard

For hands-free navigation on your next road trip, try this magnetic car phone holder. It hooks onto any dashboard and stays in place through all types of terrain, no matter where the road takes you. It comfortably holds up to 10 pounds at a time, and you can rotate it 360 degrees to find the best route for you.


A Slim Cutting Board Set You Can Stick To The Wall Or Fridge

This slim cutting board set attaches to your wall or cabinet for easy access while you cook. With strong 3M adhesive tape, it stays securely in place, freeing up room for your new kitchen gadgets. The boards themselves are double-sided with nonslip feet, and their textured surfaces keep blades sharp.


This Sink Splash Guard With Spouts That Drain Water Away

This sink splash guard keeps your faucet area clean and dry. Whether you’re cooking dinner, washing dishes, or cleaning the kitchen, its built-in spouts drain water away to prevent buildup. It’s made of a flexible silicone material, and you can also use it as a mini drying rack that takes up virtually zero counter space.


These Stackable Pantry Organizers That Slide In & Out

Even if you’re new to home improvement, it’s so easy to put these stackable pantry organizers together. Once you’ve snapped them into place, they’re incredibly stable, so you’re unlikely to knock them over. Their clear material shows you what’s in your pantry, and they’ll essentially double your storage space.


These Sock Dividers To Breathe New Life Into Your Top Drawer

Take charge of your top drawer with these sock dividers, which lay out your clothes for easy access. When you buy, you’ll receive three dividers, giving you a grand total of 64 cells (so you can use them in multiple drawers). Their durable fabric won't rip or tear, and when they're not in use, you can collapse them all the way down.


A Vegetable Chopper & Spiralizer With A Locking Feature For Safety

Whether you’re allergic to gluten or adding more nutrients to your diet, try this vegetable chopper and spiralizer. With four sharp blades, you can cut and prepare vegetables in a variety of ways, from dicing to spiralizing and everything in between. When you buy, you'll receive two scrapers for an easy clean and a finger guard for maximum safety.


This Mini LED Book Light With A Battery Life Of 80 Hours

This mini LED book light has three color choices and five brightness levels, so you can customize your reading experience. Its long battery life (up to 80 hours) lets you stay up all night with your favorite characters, and it clips securely onto the front or back cover. Pack it in your purse or suitcase to read while you travel.


A Quick-Drying Mat That Absorbs Liquid To Protect Counters

Protect your kitchen or office counters with this quick drying coffee mat. Its dark gray hue hides coffee stains and other messes, so your workspace will look positively pristine all day long. Its rubber backing creates a durable barrier between the mat and the surface beneath it, and its 90% porosity means it’ll air dry super fast.


These Over-The-Door Purse Organizers With 6 Clear Pockets

Put your accessory collection on display with these over-the-door purse organizers. Its transparent material lets you identify the bag, scarf, or towel you need at a glance, and its reinforced stitching can comfortably support heavier items. Just hang its durable metal hooks over your door frame — no contractor or DIY expert needed. With an overall score of 4.6 out of five stars, it has thousands of fans.


This Adjustable Box Organizer That Can Hold Up To 20 Pounds

This adjustable box organizer holds containers of all shapes and sizes, since it’s completely customizable. With its sturdy, nonslip feet, it stays put while you cook, bake, or reorganize your pantry. Plus, its steel wire supports hold up to 20 pounds at once, and you can snap all of its pieces together in less than a minute for the easiest installation process ever.


A Water Bottle Organizer That Holds Up To 6 Bottles At Once

Keep your whole family hydrated with this water bottle organizer. You can lay its shelves flat on the counter or stack them on top of one another, depending on your space and preferences. It’s designed with stability in mind, so it won't topple over when you grab a bottle. You can also use it as a wine rack after hours.


Some Organizing Bins With Convenient Handles For Easy Access

If you can’t close your fridge without something falling out, you might want to try these food organizing bins. When you buy, you'll receive two wide bins, two narrow bins, an egg holder, and a drink organizer; with their crystal-clear material, you'll instantly spot the foods you need. You can also use them in your freezer, pantry, or closet for extra organization.